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Chapter 996

“Yeah, he did the most recent things! We thought he was lucky, but we didn’t expect that he really had two things.”

Yun Lao gasped in pain.

Garrison West’s tone was incredulous: “How is it possible? He is just an orphan, without the network resources and training, how can he be so good? Even Mr. Yun, you are not an opponent!”

Old Yun analyzed: “Although he was an orphan since he was a child, Lord West, you have forgotten that he always has the noble blood of my Garrison Clan flowing through him! Can he be an ordinary person? Anyway, as long as he has the blood of the Garrison Clan, he will definitely do it. Become a hero!”

Garrison West took a breath: “This is true! No matter what, the Garrison family’s blood is always flowing on this wild species! This is an indisputable fact! My Garrison family never produces waste! Even a wild species!”

In the eyes of such a big family.

You will only think about blood problems, thereby denying any effort.

In their view, Levi was able to achieve this because of the noble blood of the Garrison Clan flowing through his body.

“If he has such an achievement, father and grandfather will definitely pick up the Garrison family when they know about it! My Garrison family will not be mediocre, nor will I give up genius. If this wild species comes back, maybe I can do it for Garrison family Point contribution.”

Garrison West said.

The younger generation of Garrison Clan geniuses are like clouds, and they are all the geniuses of the geniuses.

Levi’s ability to clarify these difficulties shows that he has some ability.

Among the younger generation of Garrison Clan, at least they can be sent to the top 50.

At least he was qualified to step into the door of the Garrison family.

“Lord West, you don’t know. Yelang is arrogant if this kid is a little capable! Do you know? He didn’t put Garrison Family in his eyes at all! He didn’t put you and Young Lord Lawrence in his eyes! He is arrogant, and he has to take him with him. Tell Young Lord Lawrence that when we hit the door of the Garrison Family, we didn’t even have a chance to regret it!”

Old Yun said.


Garrison West slapped the table fiercely, and said angrily: “Why! Why don’t you look at Garrison Family?”

“Wild species are wild species after all! Although they have noble blood, the environment and the people they come into contact with are different from ours, even worse!”

“This leads to his narrow and limited vision, just like a frog sitting on a well and looking at the sky, it is easy to develop the arrogant personality of Yelang!”

Old Yun agreed: “Yes, that’s right. He has a little ability, and he feels that the world is under his control, and no one takes it seriously. I don’t know that a place like Jianghai is just a small corner. It’s far from the real world!”

Garrison West sneered: “Yes, once he sees the tip of the iceberg of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, he will regret saying such arrogant and childish words! To put it bluntly, this wild species needs to broaden his horizons, and let him see what is truly powerful .”

Old Yun asked: “Then what will Lord West do next? Do you want to kill him as always?”

“No, I wanted to kill him before because I was afraid that he would bring shame to the Garrison Family. It’s okay now. He has this ability and won’t shame the Garrison Family.”

Garrison West said.

“So what does Lord West do with him?”

“He is so arrogant that he doesn’t even look at the Garrison Family! I will come to him personally to let him know what is truly powerful!”

When he heard that Garrison West was going to teach him personally, Old Yun was agitated.

He couldn’t get used to Levi’s appearance, and even remembered Levi’s abolition of him.

Chapter 997

“Haha, no wonder Levi had two troubles. It turned out to be the boss of Erick Group! So everything can be explained!”

Soon, Garrison West’s identity had been found on Levi’s side.

After all, there are not a few people who know Levi’s identity as the owner of Erick, so it is easy to find out if you want to check with the ability of the Garrison family.

“No wonder, Erick Group, I have heard, basically crush everything here, even Star Country’s Sanxing Group is not an opponent!”

Lao Yun also suddenly realized.

“Huh, the Erick Group is something. But a small Erick Group dare to look down on Garrison Family? It’s ridiculous!”

“Don’t say anything else, it’s enough for father to crush you in Jianghai’s Lawrence Group! Next, I will inform Lawrence Group and quickly annex Erick Group! I want Levi to kneel in front of me and beg for mercy! Dare to fight Garrison Jia, you even grow up your hair!”

Garrison West smiled.

He had imagined the scene where Levi was kneeling in front of him.

The second day.

Levi and his mother returned.

By the way, I brought the camp of beasts and Zijinwei.

on the way.

Levi asked, “Mom, do you still think of him?”


Ollie showed a trace of hesitation.

“Are you still thinking about marrying him, wanting to really step into the door of the Garrison Family, and let the Garrison Family recognize you?”

Levi asked.

Ollie firmly said: “No! I won’t think about these things anymore, I only have one wish now…but…”

Ollie said, taking a deep look at Levi.

“Say, but what?”

“However, I just think about it. I still don’t say it.”

Ollie smiled.

“Mom, you said, my son will help you realize all your wishes!”

“Okay, mom hopes to take you to the gate of the Garrison family one day, and proudly tell them-this is my son of Ollie, the existence you all look up to in the Garrison family!”

Seeing Levi stunned, Ollie hurriedly said: “Levi, mom is just thinking about it, don’t care.”

In Ollie’s view, this is impossible.

She said that, it may cause pressure and even harm to Levi.

“No, Mom, this wish will definitely come true for you!”

Levi said seriously.

Ollie only thought that Levi was comforting herself.

This kind of wish can only be extravagant hopes and dreams.

Levi is less than thirty, how far can he achieve?

Let the Garrison Family look up?


Sarah put down his work and came to pick up Ollie.

“By the way, how are you preparing for the bidding for that project?”

Levi asked.

“It’s almost there, we will bid on the spot tomorrow!”

Levi reminded: “Okay, come on. But be careful, the woman Helen is unusual.”

“Don’t worry, I did a two-handed preparation. At that time, Natalie and I will be divided into two ways, and we will both bid!”

Sarah looked confident.

“That’s good!”

However, Levi was still not at ease.

At the moment, in the Jinlong Building.

Xiao Stone just hung up the phone.

“Do you know who called me? It’s Garrison West Garrison Lord!”


Everyone took a breath.

Garrison West is very likely to be the next heir to the Garrison family.

Status status is too high.

His words are like decrees.

“What did Lord Garrison West say?”

Helen asked.

“Lord Garrison West meant very simple, let us kill Erick Group in the shortest time!”

Stone Xiao said coldly.

Chapter 998

“That’s great! Tomorrow we will compete with them for the project. This is our first step!”

Helen said.

School Stone nodded: “Well, that’s good. You guys hurry up to make arrangements. I don’t want to see any accidents tomorrow.”

Helen and other senior officials smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you can guarantee that you won’t see them at the bidding site!”

The second day.

Sarah led the senior executives of Dongtian Group to set off.

The security team formed by Boyd Xiao and her comrades escorted all the way.

“Boyd Xiao, please be careful. Someone may be blocking it on the way.”

Before leaving, Sarah also specially reminded.

After all, before bidding or participating in commercial activities, there will be opponents blocking in the middle, in order to delay the time reached, and thus miss the activity.

These are all routines in the mall.

“Mr. Logan, don’t worry, we are here and we will send you to the bidding site absolutely safely!”

Boyd Xiao looked confident.

The Dongtian Group’s convoy set off slowly and headed to the venue.

For double insurance, Natalie also went to the venue from another direction.

Her whereabouts are very secret, no one in the company knows except for Sarah.

So don’t worry, you won’t be able to reach the scene.

There was no problem along the way, but Sarah’s right eyelid kept jumping.

I always feel like something is going to happen.

“Boyd Xiao check if there is any situation around?”

To ensure safety, Sarah asked Boyd Xiao to check.


Boyd Xiao confirmed that it was correct.


But at this moment, a peddler riding a tricycle rushed out of the intersection and ran into him like crazy.


The tricycle slammed into a car in the Dongtian Group’s fleet.


Suddenly, the hawker was hit three or four meters high, and finally fell to the ground, and soon a large swath of blood was soaked.


All Dongtian Group’s fleet braked to a halt.

Sarah’s face was pale.

Sure enough, Lawrence Group would not let it go so easily.

“Hurry up and see if there is anything wrong with the person?”

Although he knew that this was a conspiracy, the kind-hearted Sarah thought of the safety of life right away.

Even if it’s the enemy.

Everyone quickly got off the car and came to the vendors.

Boyd Xiao took a breath, his face changed drastically.

“Logan…Mr. Logan… the breath is gone…”


This news turned out to be a bolt from the blue for Sarah.

People are dead…

In order to stop himself, Lawrence Group actually spent such a high price?

Too cruel, right?

There have been cases of being blocked by competitors before, but there will never be such serious behavior.

Lawrence Group is too cruel!

“I hit someone to death, hit someone to death…”

Accompanied by bursts of shouts, a group of people rushed out and surrounded Sarah and the others. They held mop and kitchen knives in their hands, and were the residents around.

“Knocked people to death, don’t you want to leave!!!”

Everyone roared.

Sarah said helplessly: “We didn’t bump into it, he bumped into it himself!”

But this explanation is too pale.

There was no monitoring on this section, and the angle of the tricycle happened to be stuck in the blind zone of the dash cam.

No evidence was left.

“F*rt! We just saw it clearly that your car killed him! Do you still want to quibble? Impossible!”

“Yes, so many of us have seen it, we have solid evidence, what else can you quibble about?”

Chapter 999

Boyd Xiao was very pale next to him.

This is her negligence.

She had actually spotted the tricycle, but she didn’t expect him to run into it.

“What can I do with President Logan?”

Boyd Xiao has no idea.

“Acknowledge it! The other party has already made enough preparations to trap me here. There is no other way.”

Sarah sighed.

She was pitying that innocent life.

I would rather not have this project than watch a lively life passing by.

But she doesn’t have to worry about the project.

Fortunately, I did a two-handed preparation.

She can’t go, Natalie will be there too.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave! I will stay to deal with this matter.”

Plum dyed.

This person’s death has something to do with her after all.

She wants to deal with it properly.

The other side.

On the road in the outskirts, a car is speeding.

Natalie is among them.

She went to the bidding site from another direction.

Natalie let out a long sigh when he heard that Sarah had an accident.


The next second, the car suddenly braked.

Natalie took a closer look, and there were a few more people in black in front of him.

“President Fisher, I would like to invite you over for a cup of tea! Don’t worry, as long as two hours are required, I promise that you won’t be embarrassed!”

They walked to the car window and said.

Natalie sighed and finished.

In two hours, the bidding meeting was over.

This was clearly directed at her.

Can you be discovered if your whereabouts are so secret?

But being stopped by someone, there is no way.

Natalie can only go to drink tea.

“Sarah, I can’t help it!”

Bidding scene.

All the top executives of Lawrence Group have gathered together.

School Stone, Helen and the others are holding a winning posture.

There are also several large companies in the field. After hearing that the project was opened, they all came to participate in the bidding.

School Stone looked at these people with a sneer and said, “Listen well, this project belongs to Lawrence Group. If anyone dares to bid, he is against Lawrence Group! That is a dead end!”

In front of everyone, so domineering.

But everyone was helpless, after all, this was Lawrence Group.

Today’s bidding meeting, they just came to fill up the number of people.

“President Stone, Vice President Guan, Sarah and Natalie are all done!”

“They can’t come to bid.”

At this time, an assistant ran over to report.

Xiao Stone and Helen showed successful smiles.

A mere Erick Group fights them?

It’s idiotic about dreams.

“By the way, have you wiped your butt clean?”

Helen asked.

“Don’t worry, everything is handled cleanly, and it is guaranteed that it will not have anything to do with Lawrence Group!”

“In addition, we have blocked all roads, and it is impossible for others in the Erick Group to come if they want!”

The assistant laughed.

Helen said with an arrogant expression: “I hope that someone from Erick Group will come, so that we will not be lonely. Unfortunately, Erick Group is too incapable of coming, so how can you fight with me ?”

Xiao Stone smiled and said, “Yes, Erick Group is too weak. We will be swallowed by us sooner or later!”

At this time, Fan Yibin, the person in charge of the project, came out.

“Mr. Stone, the time for Mr. Guan is coming soon, shall we go in?”

Xiao Stone laughed, “Isn’t I waiting for Erick Group?”

“Mr. Stone, it is true that the Erick Group has encountered a situation on the road and cannot participate in the bidding meeting. Please please.”

Fan Yibin led the way.


But at this moment, suddenly bursts of huge roar came from the sky, like thunder.

“Look at the sky, look!”

Someone exclaimed.

Chapter 1000


The movement in the sky is getting bigger and bigger, just like thunder.

Everyone looked up into the air and saw a few private helicopters hovering in mid-air.

Everyone was taken aback when they saw the words sprayed on the private jet.

“Erick Group???”

Everyone was stunned.

Because helicopters are all written by Erick Group, doesn’t it mean Erick Group?

After Stone Xiao and Helen looked at each other, they were shocked.

They sealed all the roads where Erick Group came to the bidding site to ensure that they would not come here.

But never thought they could still come from the sky…


The private helicopter hovered and landed, and the wind and waves created by the propeller swept the entire field.

Stone Xiao, Helen and others were battered.

Everyone was forced to retreat by the wind and waves and evaded one after another.

Especially Stone Xiao, who are known as noble blood, ran faster than anyone else, and crawled around.

Run slower, you will lose your life.

Coming from the sky, they didn’t expect it.

They can block every road on land.

I didn’t expect that the Erick Group would have a private helicopter, coming from the sky.

Several private jets parked in front of the venue, and Levi and Alton got off the plane.

“It’s you… Levi…”

Helen was surprised.

“Is he Levi? Lord Garrison West told me that he is actually the behind-the-scenes boss of Erick Group.”

Stone Xiao explained.

Helen looked astonished.

“But Lord Garrison West said, he is still not worth mentioning, let us annex Erick Group as soon as possible!”

School Stone sneered.

“Okay, I’m more interested.”

Helen stared at Levi with bitter and bitter eyes.

After getting off the plane, Levi glanced at the time and smiled: “Just right!”

Fan Yibin’s face was a little ugly.

As the person in charge of the project, he is more inclined to Lawrence Group to get this project.

Because he can’t afford to provoke this group of people in Lawrence Group.

When the Erick Group is here, this matter is not easy to handle.

“Everyone is here, everyone, please!”

Fan Yibin led the way.

Several people from Stone Xiaoguan Liuyan came to Levi’s side deliberately.

“I persuade you to give up! Fighting with us didn’t end well! You don’t know the strength and background of Lawrence Group at all!”

School Stone sneered.

Helen echoed: “And soon even the Erick Group is ours. What are you arguing for?”

Seeing Levi’s dismissive look, Helen suppressed his anger and said, “It’s good for you to give up early! You are indeed the boss of Erick Group, but don’t think you are invincible. In the eyes of real big people, you are still an ant! This world is much bigger than you think!”

School Stone echoed: “I heard that you look down on the Garrison family? Haha, you are too naive. You can’t imagine the tip of the iceberg of the Garrison family! Boy, recognize the reality, don’t sit and watch the sky.”

Levi smiled and looked at Helen and Stone Xiao with contempt.

When he arrived at the entrance of the venue, Levi suddenly said, “Okay, you can stop here! You don’t need to go in!”


Helen and the Stone Xiao group were taken aback, looking at Levi incredulously.

“You won’t let us in?”

Helen asked.

Fan Yibin was also stunned.

He doesn’t have this right!

“Kirin watch them, don’t let any of them come in! I said it!”



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