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Chapter 1011

At this time, Han Ying’s wolf ambition was exposed.

Moreover, Dongtian Group has just taken over 100 billion projects, and the future is unlimited.

If Sarah was dismissed, she would be able to take the post easily.

This is a great thing!

At this time, in front of the big office building, there was more and more noisy.

It turned out to be Wang Xunyi’s family.

Her wife, parents, elder brothers and younger brothers, and all the maidens.

In an instant, there were many people in the car, and about a hundred people were about to rush into the company to find Sarah to settle accounts.

Many people still have sticks in their hands, and others have kitchen knives.

If it weren’t for Boyd Sen and the others, they would rush in and kill someone.

“Tell Sarah that b!tch to come out! If you have the courage to do it, don’t have the courage to admit it!”

“b!tch, shameless! Xiao San did not end well!”

“You wait, let me catch you, I have to strip you naked!”

One sentence from Wang Xunyi’s family was worse than the other.

Reporters and media are very happy to see these images.

The shooting of the shooting, the live broadcast.

Spread all the news on the spot.

The heat of this matter is getting higher and higher.

In addition, Wang Xunyi’s wife came forward in person and confirmed the facts.

It was Sarah who hooked up with Wang Xunyi as a mistress!

“Get out of the way, we are going to see Sarah! We are going to kill this b!tch!”

“Yes, let’s teach this shameless man!”

“She is the contemporary Pan Jinlian!”

Wang Xunyi’s parents and his father-in-law were about to rush into the company building.

Boyd Sen and the others were almost unable to stop him.

At this time Han Ying stood up: “I apologize to you! We understand your feelings! But Sarah ran away early, and now we are looking for her too!”

“This b!tch ran away! I will find him even if I dig three feet!”

Wang Xunyi’s wife and family members are as crazy.

Natalie shouted: “Han Ying, don’t make trouble, why are you apologizing! Do you know what happened?”

Han Ying immediately pointed to Natalie and said, “Everyone, this is Sarah’s best friend! She should know the whereabouts of Sarah!”

Suddenly, Wang Xunyi’s family members all rushed to Natalie.

“Hurry up and tell the whereabouts of that b!tch!”

There was chaos in front of the Erick Group building.

Not to mention going to work, everyone’s personal freedom has been restricted.

“If they don’t hand over Sarah, we won’t leave, and no one wants to leave!”

Wang Xunyi’s family members stopped everything.


In the Jinlong Building.

Helen looked at the hot news on the Internet, and she smiled and said: “Sarah, this one hundred billion is very hot, you have the ability to take it, but you don’t have the ability to spend it!”

School Stone echoed: “This time, Sarah was completely destroyed!”

“By the way, has Wang Xunyi hid it?”

Xiao Xiao asked again.

“It’s definitely hidden, in a place they couldn’t think of.”

Helen laughed.

“That’s good! This time the destruction of Sarah will also bring a painful blow to Erick Group. At that time, our acquisition will be easier!”

Levi, who was with Wesley, looked like ice.

Looking at a message, he said coldly: “What should I do next?”

“You have to find Wang Xunyi first! This kid is the key! I heard that he has been hidden!”

Alton said.

Wesley said in shock: “It’s not good, Wang Xunyi has appeared!”

Wang Xunyi appeared in a video.

He admitted his relationship with Sarah…

Chapter 1012

This is a video burst out suddenly by the media.

The person in the video is Wang Xunyi.

The video content is divided into two parts-

First, Wang Xunyi personally confessed his relationship with Sarah, and admitted that the child Sarah was carrying was his. Sarah even forced him to divorce, threatening him with his children!

He even elaborated on some details in great detail. After all, they all work under the same roof, so they naturally know a lot about things.

Second, Wang Xunyi apologized to his family, cried bitterly, and explained all his crimes.

In the end, he said that he would never get dyed with Sarah if he swore to the death…

In his video, everything said, it seems that Sarah persecuted him.

This video is really like a steel knife, fiercely inserted into Sarah’s heart.

Push her into the abyss…

As soon as the video was released, there were more and more abuses against Sarah.

On the contrary, many people think that Wang Xunyi is being persecuted.


After watching the video content, Levi smashed the tablet.

“Five Wesley?”


All five took a step forward.

“Check it out for me right away!”

“First, be sure to find Wang Xunyi for me!”

“Second, catch all the paparazzi reporters who filmed the video!”

“Third, the public relations promoters who promoted this matter will all be caught!”

“Fourth, all major media, news websites and newspapers are in charge!”

“Fifth, as far as the black hand behind the scenes can be found, I will move it myself!”

“In a word, I want to see all those involved in this matter! The time limit-before dawn!”

Levi was really angry.

Sarah was so bullied.

How can he bear it?

He naturally knows who is behind the scenes.

This time they absolutely can’t eat it and walk around!

Presumably these people are extremely secretive.

After all, Lawrence Group now knows his identity.

They will target.

Aimed at the point where YiErick Group could not find out.

But they never thought that Levi had another identity!

He is the god of war in God of War!

Checking these is not a piece of cake!


The five Wesley members shouted together.

Tonight they will return Sarah innocence by means of thunder!

Everyone waits for Suzaku to find it.

Suzaku’s hacking skills are among the best in the world.

Soon she found the relevant personnel.

“First, Wang Xunyi has suddenly added one billion in his account recently. He also behaved abnormally, entering and leaving the hotel where you and Miss Logan lived many times. Deliberately created the illusion of entering and leaving the hotel with Miss Logan!”

“Second, the photos and videos of Wang Xunyi and Ms. Logan at work were provided by another vice president, Han Ying, and Han Ying’s account has an extra 500 million.”

“Third, the scene where Miss Logan and Wang Xunyi met in private was filmed by a well-known paparazzi team, and the leader was Boyd Heide.”

“Fourth, the driving force of the whole incident is the well-known public relations company Hongyu Group, and the person in charge is Han Feng.”

“Fifth, 58 media companies and online forums that frequently released news in this incident!”

“Sixth, the major newspapers in Jiangbei and Jianghai keep publishing news!”

“Seventh, Lawrence Group is behind the scenes, mainly Stone Xiao and Helen.”

“Okay, very good. Let’s do it! Everyone must catch me before dawn!”

Levi’s eyes were red, and a cold killing intent filled…

Chapter 1013

Southern Evening News.

It is the largest newspaper in the South.

At this moment, the entire newspaper is working overtime, and the atmosphere is fiery.

There are too many news that can be unearthed in the Sarah incident.

Enough for them.

The performance of these two days is enough for them for a few months.

As the first person in the newspaper to expose the Sarah incident, Stone Ming was surrounded by many people at the moment.

Originally, Stone Ming was a little transparent, and he was in a very low position in the newspaper.

But since he exposed the Sarah incident, the status of the whole person has risen rapidly.

The leaders of the newspapers met him personally.

Even several outside media came to poach him.

Nowadays, the female colleagues of the newspaper secretly gave the Qiubo.

These female colleagues used to be goddesses that he could not afford to climb, but now they are all around him?

This made Stone Ming exclaimed.

Fortunately, during the day the mysterious man gave him the black dye dyed with plums, otherwise he would not have this day?

“Stone Ming will get off work too late, so don’t go home!”

At this time, his female boss came to him and exhaled.

And handed him a room card.

Seeing the charming face of the female boss, Stone Ming’s heart was hot.

Isn’t the female boss who used to beat and scold him obediently now?

Thinking that he was about to spend a wonderful night, Stone Minghun was about to fly.


At this moment, the door of the office was suddenly kicked open.

A man walked in from outside, it was Owen.

“That’s Stone Ming?”

Owen asked coldly.

“This is already twenty-four people looking for Stone Ming today! He really took off! Everyone is looking for him!”

The colleagues looked at Stone Ming enviously.

“Stone Ming is looking for you from a big company again!”

Someone shouted.

Stone Ming stood up and said with a cold face: “I am Stone Ming, what can I say! It really doesn’t work, you can find me tomorrow, I will get off work immediately.”

Owen didn’t speak, but approached him step by step.


Suddenly Owen shot, grabbed his collar, and smashed Stone Ming’s whole body on the desk.


Suddenly, the desk fell into two halves.


Stone Ming let out a scream, his waist should be broken…

The whole audience was shocked!

Owen left the office with Stone Ming covered in blood, as if dragging a dead dog.

Wesley also dragged away the person in charge of the newspaper…

At the same time, in a dilapidated basement, there is Boyd Heide’s paparazzi team.

“Brother, we all got the money, so what are we doing hiding here? Let’s go to the bar!”

Several younger brothers can’t bear it anymore.

“Yes, brother. It must be fine!”

Boyd Heide said with a sullen face: “No, for the sake of safety, let’s hide first! After all, the opponent is not easy!”

“Well, let’s hide, because no one can find this place anyway.”

Boyd Heide couldn’t help laughing.

Naturally, there will be many enemies in this line.

If they don’t hide well, they will easily lose their lives.

This basement is very secret. He has been hiding here for thirteen years and no one has found it.

A younger brother said: “Big brother, I feel something is wrong, let’s change the place!”

He has a strong hunch and danger.

“F*rt, it hasn’t been discovered for thirteen years. Can someone find it now?”

Boyd Heide slapped him.



Suddenly, the basement door was blasted to pieces…

Chapter 1014

A tall and mountainous figure walked in from the outside.

In the basement, he had to keep his head down.

“You… who are you?”

Boyd Heide panicked.

A dangerous breath emerged in my heart.


Without saying anything, Ron stepped forward and kicked Boyd Heide away.

Boyd Heide vomited blood in his mouth and his waist seemed to be broken.

Finally, Ron dragged Boyd Heide away.

Such scenes are being staged in major cities in the south.

Paparazzi or reporters are constantly being taken away.

Jianghai Hongyu Group.

Han Feng put his legs on the desk, humming a little song.

In this Sarah incident, Hongyu Group, as the main driver, has made Han Feng more than seven billion in profits.

And it is still increasing.

“Hahaha, it only took half a day to complete half a year’s performance!”

Han Feng laughed.

As a public relations company that promotes, Han Feng usually makes black-hearted money.

Driven by his company, how many celebrities and wealthy people have been destroyed?

“Sarah is actually very innocent. Who made you obstruct the way of some people?”

Han Feng smiled holding the picture of Sarah.

“Ding Dong…”

At this moment, a mail came from the computer mailbox in front of him.

Han Feng clicked curiously.

The content of the email is very simple-immediately disclose all the truth about the Sarah incident, and publicly apologize to Sarah, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!

When Han Feng saw this email, he was very happy.

“Tell me to disclose the truth? No way! I got the seven or eight billion and I let it fly away?”

“Do you dare to threaten me? Huh, then I will increase my strength a little bit and completely abolish the plum dye!”

Han Feng sneered.

Not only him, the other fifty media companies also received the same email at the same time

The attitude of the person in charge of the major media is the same as that of Han Feng.

They are not afraid of any threats!

They were also irritated.

Increasing efforts to discredit plum dye…

Soon these media received another email.

The content is to limit them to disclose the truth and apologize within one hour, otherwise they will have trouble finding the door.


Han Feng laughed directly.

“What? Sarah can’t solve the problem, so he wants to scare people?”

Han Feng exposed the two emails immediately, claiming to be intimidated by Sarah.

The slander of Sarah has once again intensified, and the insults have escalated again, and the Sarah incident has become even more popular.

After such a short time, Han Feng got another 100 million.

After all, his company is a hype topic, and the hotter the topic, the higher the profit.

These two emails have undoubtedly become useful tools for hype topics.

Other media companies have also exposed these two emails.

They are as happy as Han Feng.

“Come on, threaten me, the more you threaten me, the more I can make money!”

Han Feng laughed.

In the office, everyone else was laughing.

Instead, they want more mail.

They are struggling to work overtime.

Soon, the hour set by the email arrived.

Han Feng got up and said with a smile: “Isn’t there a one-hour deadline? One hour has passed. What about the consequences? If you say it, you are at your own risk?”

“Mr. Han, they are just intimidating, so there are consequences?”

Everyone laughed.

Han Feng came to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at the night view of the city from the fifty-fifth floor.

“What about the consequences?”

He shouted.


Suddenly the French windows shattered…

Chapter 1015

Han Feng watched the floor-to-ceiling windows in front of him burst open, and the glass slag stuck in his face to bleed, and he didn’t respond.

Because I was frightened by the scene in front of me.

A dozen people jumped in from the fifty-story building.

Surprisingly, it was the brothers of Alton with the camp of Hundred Animals.

Han Feng could not imagine.

How did they get in?

This is fifty floors!

“You…you are…”

Han Feng’s mouth trembled, his face extremely pale.

“Is the previous email sent to you in vain? Why don’t you listen to the apology for telling you the truth?”

Alton laughed.

“I, I, I…”

When Han Feng saw this scene, he realized that the other party was not easy.

“Did you say that you are at your own risk?”

Kirin said coldly.

“What are you doing? Sarah clearly did this kind of thing by himself, and let us publicly apologize for the truth? Why?”

Several others were obviously dissatisfied.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you know it in your heart? I don’t believe you don’t know about Miss Logan?”

Alton asked with a cold face.

The expressions of these people were obviously stagnant, and what the truth was, they were like Mingjing in their hearts.

“Of course it was Sarah as a junior, to seduce married husbands!”

Several people sneered.


Alton said nothing, and kicked Han Feng away.


Han Feng was directly kicked out several meters away, smashing the desk into pieces, covered in blood, and screamed like a pig.

“Now? What is the truth?”

Alton asked.


The others all knelt down in front of Alton and pleaded: “We were wrong! Someone deliberately tried to frame Miss Logan in this matter. We were just following orders…”

“take away!”

Alton’s eyes shot out cold light.

Next, the major media companies, like Han Feng, are clamoring about the consequences?

The next moment, they were all attacked by the Camp of Beasts and Zijinwei, and all the people involved were taken away.

That night, Helen and Stone Xiao didn’t sleep either.

They all continue to increase the heat of the plum staining incident.

Strive to completely kill Sarah before dawn.

“Huh? What’s the matter? It all stopped?”

Helen was surprised to find that the major media companies had stopped their actions and would not continue to ferment the incident.

This makes Helen very puzzled.

She contacted immediately and found that none of them could be contacted.

“Should something happen?”

Helen’s heart beat fiercely.

“But can Levi’s ability catch them? It’s impossible, I can’t find it.”

Helen said.

At four o’clock.

There were already a lot of people kneeling in front of Levi, all the people involved in this incident.

Everyone has swollen nose and face.

Levi said coldly: “Who can tell me the truth?”

Everyone was silent.

“Very well, each one’s mouth is hard enough!”

Levi smiled, and suddenly a cruel arc crossed the corner of his mouth.


He raised his foot and kicked Boyd Heide in front of him.


After Boyd Heide landed, blood was gurgling in his mouth, and his body twitched violently.

“I said!”

“I said!”

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

Everyone is willing to tell the truth.

“it is good!”

“Everyone is there, where is Wang Xunyi?”

Levi asked.

“Wang Xunyi doesn’t know where he is hiding, he is still looking for it!”

Several people in Wesley lowered their heads, looking ashamed.

“Look, find him for me quickly!”

Levi roared.

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