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Chapter 1016

“By the way, there is one other place I haven’t checked!”

Wesley suddenly rang.

They searched every corner of the city.

Only one place was not checked-Erick Group.

Wesley hurried to the Erick Group and found Wang Xunyi as expected.

It turned out that after returning to Erick Group, he directly hid in the warehouse.

The most dangerous place became the safest place.

Soon, Wang Xunyi was brought to Levi.

Incidentally, there was Han Ying.


“Levi, what are you going to do? I warn you, it’s all Sarah seduce me, it has nothing to do with me!”

Wang Xunyi’s guilty conscience.


Hearing this, Levi almost breathed fire.

In front of him, he still framed Sarah.

“You don’t want to act anymore, okay?”

Levi suppressed his anger and asked coldly.

“Acting? What kind of play? I tell you, Sarah threatened me with everything. She wanted me to divorce, but I refused, so she threatened me with pregnancy. Hey, I have a family. Can you promise her?”

Wang Xunyi continued to lie without changing his face.

Even Han Ying agreed: “What do you mean, Levi? Why do you catch me? Quickly let me go, or you won’t be able to eat!”

“And why are you arresting President Wang? Sarah is wrong with this, and it has nothing to do with other people!”

Levi glared at her and said: “Your matter will be settled with you later, I will tell him first.”

“Don’t tell the truth yet?”

Levi stared at Wang Xunyi and asked.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand! I know, you are fighting for Sarah, but that’s the truth! What can I do?”

Levi raised a finger and said, “I’ll give you another chance!”

“It’s the same if you give me ten more chances. I’m telling the truth!”

Wang Xunyidao.


Suddenly Levi turned around and hit Wang Xunyi’s face with a punch.


Suddenly, blood splashed, and all of Wang Xunyi’s teeth flew out.

Before Wang Xunyi even had time to scream, he fainted to death.

“Let him wake up!”


A pot of water was poured on Wang Xunyi’s face, and he was awakened by stimulation.

He looked at Levi in horror and said, “I tell you Levi! No matter how you hit me, I won’t obey you!”

Han Ying also said angrily: “Yes, that’s right. Levi, don’t want to use violence to make us succumb, let me tell you, it’s impossible!”

Levi looked at the two and asked, “Are you still not talking?”

“What are you talking about? What do you mean by nothing at all? Your wife is a b!tch, as a mistress to seduce Mr. Wang! She is really a contemporary Pan Jinlian, and it is really a shame in my life that I work under her hands! Such a b!tch Should die!”

Han Ying said angrily.

Wang Xunyi also followed: “Yes, that’s right. It was your wife who seduced me! It’s my shit! To tell you the truth, I also took a lot of videos and photos of your wife, hahahaha…”

There was a cruel arc at the corner of Levi’s mouth, and a bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in his eyes: “I have given you a chance!”

“Let’s take a look outside!”

Hearing Levi’s voice, Wang Xunyi and Han Ying came to the door step by step, pushed the door open, and looked outside.


At this look, the two of them took a cold breath, their faces pale in fright.

Chapter 1017

Because they saw hundreds of people kneeling outside, all covered in blood.

This scene frightened both Wang Xunyi.

How is this going?

“Come, let me introduce to you, this is Han Feng… this is Boyd Heide…”

Listening to Levi’s introduction of the identities of these people, Wang Xunyi’s hearts were shocked.

This fucking person is all involved in the Sarah incident!

Have all been arrested?

What’s the identity of Levi?

so smart?

“They all told the truth!”

Levi approached.

“what about you?”

Levi’s surging murderous aura suppressed Han Ying and Wang Xunyi’s breath.

The two looked at each other and said: “We…we tell the truth…”

They can already predict how miserable they will end if they don’t say it.

Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses.

“Yes, we told the truth! We were actually persecuted, so we dared to frame Logan!”

Levi nodded: “Well, keep talking.”

“Someone who gave me money and threatened me to frame President Logan with my family members. They let me enter and leave which hotel some time ago, and printed out the consumption bill and invoice in the name of the company, and then asked President Logan to sign. It is equivalent to sitting down on me. Entering and leaving the hotel with President Logan…”

Wang Xunyi and Han Ying explained everything.

Including some details, all are explained one by one.

“Mr. Garrison please let us go! We have all explained!”

Wang Xunyi and Han Ying cried.

Levi smiled and asked, “Is it recorded?”

Suzaku nodded: “Well, it’s all recorded.”

Levi looked at Wang Xunyi and Han Ying cruelly and smiled: “I said before that I will give you the last chance! You don’t cherish it yourself!”

“what do you mean?”

Wang Xunyi’s face changed drastically.

There was no blood on Han Ying’s face.

“No, we have explained everything…”

Han Ying said.

“Then I have given you the opportunity.”

Levi smiled and left the room with Zhuque, shutting Wang Xunyi and Han Ying here.

At this time, seven or eight vicious dogs suddenly rushed in outside the door.

Seeing Han Ying and Wang Xunyi, the eyes of these vicious dogs were gleaming.


Suzaku closed the door tightly.



Then came screams from the room.

It lasted for half an hour, and finally there was no sound.

Although the two of Wang Xunyi were not dead, there were wounds all over his body.

Some of the flesh of the body was torn off abruptly.

They convulsed in pain and passed out repeatedly.

This is a punishment for the two.

Until eight o’clock in the morning.

Helen did not contact the major media, and she was already panicking.

School Stone panicked even more.

“Has everyone been found by him?”

“Impossible, I hide it for them, and I can’t find it with Erick Group’s ability!”

Xiao Stone said.

“Our people just sent a message saying that Wang Xunyi is gone, and he is clearly hiding in the Erick Group!”

Helen said.

“Look, all major media and newspapers have collectively spoken out!”

At this moment the assistant suddenly shouted.

Everyone suddenly saw a message swiping the screen.

“The truth about the Sarah incident—just give her back!”

After the news clicked in, it was the truth of the whole incident.

The major media disclosed the truth and apologized to Sarah.

The parties involved Wang Xunyi, Han Ying and others all admitted the fact that Sarah was vilified…

Chapter 1018

The truth is revealed!

Sarah’s grievances were thoroughly washed away.

He also gave Sarah a fair deal!

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

Both Logan and Mann also breathed a sigh of relief.

After the major media apologized, the image of Sarah was brought back abruptly.

She was pregnant without leave.

But the child is Levi.

And she will remarry Levi soon!

By the way, even the wedding date was announced by the media.

All of a sudden, news of Levi and Sarah’s marriage spread.

It is a good thing for Sarah.

As a result, the company expanded its influence.

Secondly, no one can influence her marriage to Levi.

Some are happy and some are sad.

Some people are happy, while others are depressed and sad.

Sarah’s opponents are the most depressed.

Sarah has been smashed into the abyss, and he can still pull it back abruptly!

Does this work?

The most depressed people are Helen and Stone Xiao.

“Is Levi capable of such a great skill? Can this be done? How did he find Wang Xunyi and the others? Didn’t we block all the news?”

Stone Xiao was surprised.

“We underestimated him, he is indeed capable.”

“What shall we do next? Levi can guess that it is us! I guess he will come to us for revenge!”

Helen suddenly panicked.

I don’t think Levi is that simple.

It’s not just the boss of Erick Group.

He may be more powerful.

She understands that Levi is a person who must avenge revenge.

He won’t let himself and the others go easily.

School Stone disdainfully said: “So what? We have left the relationship with Wang Xunyi and these people clean. He couldn’t find any substantive evidence. What can it do to us?”

“What’s more, this is Lawrence Group. What can he do? No matter how powerful he is, can he fight the Garrison Family?”

Helen breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s true! In the eyes of the Garrison Family, no matter how strong he is, he is only like the ants!”

Xiao Stone looked calm: “So, relax, he can’t come! Just a wild species, do you still want to fight against the entire Garrison family?”

In front of Jinlong Building.

Levi and Alton came.

“Stop, do you have an appointment? Just go inside?”

The security guard at the door immediately stopped Levi and the others.

Levi smiled and said, “I am here to kill, why do I need to make an appointment?”


The pupils of the security guards shrank and looked at Levi incredulously.

Dare to come to Lawrence Group to kill?

This is the guts of ambition?

“Stop, dare to come here to make trouble and find death!”

The security guard angered.


With Levi’s words, Alton started.

Alton smashed and swept all the way, and one person broke into the Jinlong Building.

Levi smoked a cigarette and walked behind, full of wailing people under his feet.

“The president’s office is on the 37th floor? Sign up!”

Levi said lightly.

Levi and Alton went directly to the 37th floor from the first floor!

Hundreds of security guards stopped the entire Jinlong Building, but they couldn’t stop it at all.

Their wailing voices are everywhere…

In the president’s office.

Xiao Stone and Helen were together to discuss countermeasures.

“As long as Levi is a smart person, he won’t ask for trouble directly!”

Helen smiled.



But the next moment, the door of the office was blasted open with a kick, and it shattered to pieces.

The huge movement frightened everyone.

Two people came in from outside.

One of them was Levi.

Chapter 1019

Within dozens of seconds, Stone Xiao, Helen and other talents reacted.

“You… why are you here? Garrison… Levi…”

Helen swallowed fiercely.

“Where is the security guard? Why are all the people here? Are you eating dry food?”

Xiao Stone immediately called for security.

No one responded at all.

“Oh, security guard, all lying outside! Is something wrong?”

Levi asked.

“you you you you…”

Xiao Stone looked at Levi’s human and animal smile, and felt a trace of fear.

Levi came to the chair and sat down.

“Get me up. This is my seat. Is this the place you should sit?”

Xiao Stone scolded.

But when he came into contact with Levi’s terrifying eyes, Stone Xiao obediently closed his mouth.

“Do you know why I came to you?”

Levi asked.

Xiao Stone and Helen shook their heads, but they all looked guilty, which could not be concealed.

“really do not know?”

Levi asked.

“do not know!”

Everyone shook their heads.

At this time, Levi suddenly pulled Stone Xiao in front of him and pressed his head on the desk.


He grabbed the computer display and slammed it on Stone Xiao’s head.


At the same time as the blood splashed, the display screen burst open.

This scene scared everyone.

Especially Stone Xiao’s screams made Helen and the others palpitations.

“Do not you know?”

Levi asked again.

“I don’t… know, I know…”

Before everyone could speak, Stone Xiao had already shouted.

“But Shao Garrison, this matter has nothing to do with us!”

Xiao Stone began to deny it.

“It has nothing to do with you? Helen, do you think it has anything to do with you?”

Levi asked.

“No, I know you will doubt us, but we really didn’t do it. We are Lawrence Group, but the Garrison family behind us, would you do such a thing?”

Helen flue.

“Yes, how noble are we? How can we do such a thing?”

Others said one after another.

“It really has nothing to do with you, right?”

Levi asked.


Everyone shook their heads.


Levi suddenly grabbed a signature pen and inserted it into Stone Xiao’s palm.


Xiao Stone let out a heart-piercing scream.

Helen’s faces were pale and cold sweat broke out.

“Does it matter?”

Levi continued to ask.

Although Helen was afraid, they gritted their teeth and insisted: “No…no!”

“Kirin, bring the knife!”

Levi stretched out his hand.

Alton took out a special saber.

Levi was playing with it in his hand.

He looked at Alton and asked, “The spy of the enemy country was responsible for how many swords I cut last time?”

Alton thought for a while and said, “I remember it was three hundred and twenty-eight dollars! That is the hardest person I have ever seen. After so many knives, he confessed everything!”

Levi looked at Alton with a smile and said, “You may not believe what Alton tells you! I use a scalpel better. If I cut a person with thousands of knives, he will not die. I can avoid the key with the knife! That spy It disappointed me. In fact, I can draw a thousand dollars.”

“Boss, I really don’t believe it!”

Alton didn’t believe it.

Levi turned his head slowly, looked at Helen and the others with a smile: “Don’t believe me! I will use this saber to experiment on them. I promise everyone will not die if they are cut thousands of knives. !”

Alton immediately said: “Okay, I’m so looking forward to it!”

Chapter 1020

Hear the terrifying conversation between Levi and Alton.

The people in Helen had been trembling with fright, their faces had long since disappeared.

“Who is you the first person? Let’s get the operation on you!”

After Levi glanced around in the field, his eyes finally fell on Stone Xiao.


School Stone was so scared that he peeed his pants on the spot.

“Please forgive me, I will say anything! We did everything! I framed Miss Logan!”

Xiao Stone, who was kneeling on the ground, explained everything in an instant.

Helen and the others followed closely, kneeling on the ground and confessing everything.

“We did it! We are sorry, Miss Logan!”

Levi smiled and said, “Huh? Right? You noble people can do this kind of thing!”

Everyone bowed their heads and looked embarrassed.

“Your mouth is a little harder, okay? It’s a thousand dollars, but I didn’t even start! You admit it?”

Levi looked disappointed.

He thought someone could hold dozens of knives and hundreds of knives.

The result is a bunch of useless, soft eggs.

“Then what do you think should be done about this matter? You have caused my wife to be wronged, so you can’t let it go.”

Levi asked.

After Helen looked at each other, Helen said: “We apologize publicly, and then compensate Miss Logan!”

“What do you lose?”

Levi asked.

“Of course it’s losing money! You give a specific number! One billion or billions will do!”

Helen said directly.

The wealthy Lawrence Group can afford to pay for it!

“No, no money, I am not short of money!”

Levi approached.

“Then you… what do you want?”

Helen noticed something wrong.

“I want you to pay for your life!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.


Hearing this sentence, everyone fell to the ground with a puff of fright.

Helen had a strong hunch that Levi really dared to kill them.

Helen asked Shiye Levi: “Do you dare to kill us?”

“What dare not!”

“We are the top of the Lawrence Group! You know who the Lawrence Group belongs to! It belongs to Lawrence, the heir of the Garrison family! We are directly under his jurisdiction, and Lord Garrison West is also supporting us! You dare to kill we?”

Helen said coldly.

As soon as Helen said this, the others reacted instantly.

They were shocked by Levi just now.

In fact, they don’t need to be afraid at all.

They are members of the Lawrence Group. To put it bluntly, they are backed by the Garrison Family in Jingcheng.

Who in this world is so courageous and dare to move them?

After figuring it out, everyone stood up and stopped kneeling for Levi.

Even Xiao Stone took a sigh of relief. He stared at Levi and said, “We apologize verbally for this matter, and then compensate Sarah for some money. You can accept it if you can accept it, even if you don’t accept it!”

“Levi wants to move us, you can think about it clearly, you are fighting against Young Lord Garrison West, against the entire Garrison Family!”

Helen sneered: “I admit that you really made me look at me! But compared to Garrison Family, you are still like an ant!”

“So you plan to end this matter in a scribbled way?”

Levi asked.

“Otherwise, do you really want to fight against the Garrison Family? Just listen to me, that’s all for this matter. You have to endure how many wrongs you have!”

School Stone also patted Levi on the shoulder.


But the next moment, Levi shook his backhand, and he snapped his wrist…

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