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Chapter 1021

In Stone Xiao’s view, Levi would never dare to fight the Garrison Family.

I can only turn a blind eye to these things they do.

If you are wronged, you can only smash your teeth and swallow it in your stomach.

But he didn’t expect him to actually do it.


Levi kicked him out even more.

Xiao Stone smashed his body on the opposite wall and fell to the ground. The wall was covered with blood.

He convulsed a few times and passed out.

“Levi is coming to you…you are so courageous, do you dare to fight with Lord Garrison West?”

Helen shouted.

“You are crazy! If you hit Mr. Stone, you hit the Garrison Family in the face! You’re hitting the Garrison Family in the face! You don’t want to live anymore!”

Others shouted.

They raised the height of the matter to the Garrison family.

Want to use Garrison Family to suppress Levi.

“I slapped Garrison Family in the face!”

Without saying a word, Levi raised his hand on the faces of Helen and slapped them.

The audience was silent now.

“Levi, aren’t you afraid of the consequences? Are you not afraid of the Garrison Family’s revenge? Remember your identity. In the Garrison Family’s eyes, you are just a wild species, not their young Lord!”

Helen shouted.


The answer to her was a slap.

A slap is so close that the smoked skin of the willow will open.

Her entire face was rotten.

At this time, Sarah called and asked where Levi was.

After Levi hung up.

He said coldly: “Fortunately for you, spare your life! But everyone has to leave something!”


Helen all panicked.

“At least one hand or a few fingers! Otherwise, it’s death!”

“Solve it yourself!”

Levi threw the knife over.

After hesitating for a while, Helen picked up the knife and fell fiercely…


She let out a scream like a pig.

Other people can only do this, and take up the knife to solve it by themselves.

The whole room was full of screams, and the smell of blood was permeated.

“Levi, don’t regret it! Starting today, your complete battle with the Garrison family is about to begin! You are dead!”

Helen shouted.

“Well, but you can’t see it! Apologize publicly immediately!”

Levi said angrily.

Finally, under the persecution of Levi, Helen and others disclosed the truth online and apologized.

After this appearance, Helen, Stone Xiao and others were blocked by the entire industry.

Even bear countless infamy.

From now on, you have to walk carefully, and be recognized by others, for fear that you will be beaten up.

After Levi left, everyone was still screaming.

But more is hatred.

Levi instantly pulled them from heaven to hell.

All their lives are ruined!

Soon after Levi left, Garrison West called.

“What’s the matter? Why did you publicly apologize online?”

Garrison West asked coldly.

“Lord Garrison West, listen to us explain that everything is Levi! He did it!”

Xiao Stone said with a cry.

Helen said the matter to Garrison West again with added oil and jealousy.

“Okay, Levi is so good for you! I will come to meet you wild species for a while! I want the whole Garrison family and even the whole country to know that I am better than you wild species! Let father know more , The decision he made to abandon was correct at the beginning!”

Garrison West’s voice was cold, with a trace of murderous aura.


Helen and others cried with joy.

“As for you trash, stop by yourself, don’t force me to do it!”

Chapter 1022

Levi quickly received news that Helen and the others had disappeared after apologizing.

Someone found their bodies in the river.

Levi knew who did it without even thinking about it.

Garrison family is really hot!

No one will let it go!

“Okay, wait for the day when I get into the Garrison family!”

Levi’s eyes were full of cold light.

After Sarah washed his grievances, he returned to the company. After shuffling the company’s senior management, everything was the same as before.

The only difference is that everyone knows the wedding date between her and Levi.

Both she and Levi are actively preparing.

Many of Sarah’s classmates and friends called to inquire.

Many of her classmates who had studied abroad are also asking.

It just so happens that Sarah needs a bridesmaid to get married this time. Most of her age are married and have children.

There is only Natalie as the bridesmaid, so Sarah chose a few friends from the friends he met while studying abroad and asked them to be bridesmaids.

The best man Sarah asked Levi to arrange.

If Levi arranged for his best man, he would have to line up.

With a smile, Levi fell into silence.

Thoughts returned to the day of marriage six years ago.

His best man is Erick…

It’s a pity that he is no longer there.


Levi sighed.

The other two best men are Jiang Jingming and Luo Junhao.

Jiang Jingming, him and Erick are the iron triangle, from school to workplace.

However, Jiang Jingming was almost reckless compared to Levi’s ability.

For him, Luo Junhao is a relationship of teacher and friend.

Luo Junhao was a few years older than him and helped him a lot on the spot.

According to the information from Suzaku’s investigation, Jiang Jingming and Luo Junhao found many relationships to save him after his accident, but they all failed.

However, Luo Junhao fought for Levi’s sentence to be reduced by two years, which was originally an eight-year sentence.

After that, both of them disappeared, not knowing where they went.

“My important moment, they must be there!”

Six years ago, he had few brothers, just these three.

But enough.

Levi immediately arranged for someone to find the whereabouts of these two people.

Soon Suzaku inquired about Luo Junhao’s message.

Luo Junhao used to be the eldest young Lord of the Luo family in the northern capital, who came to the south to sharpen himself in those years.

After Levi’s accident, he also went back.

“Okay, give me his information.”

Levi dialed Luo Junhao’s phone with excitement.

“Hello, are you?”

A strange voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Lao Luo is me, Levi!”

“What? King’s Landing???”

Luo Junhao’s surprised voice came.

Levi smiled: “Lao Luo really didn’t expect you to be the young Lord of the capital clan! At the beginning I thought you were born in poverty.”

“The capital…I…”

As soon as he heard Jingcheng, Luo Junhao’s tone changed.

Because he also recently learned that Levi is the illegitimate son of Lawrence from the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

And the Garrison Clan wanted to get rid of this ba5tard.

So he was very worried that the Garrison Clan would find out about his relationship with Levi, and he might be angry at the Luo family.

Especially recently, it is said that Garrison West wants to solve this matter himself.

This is a cruel Lord.

If you let him know, the Luo family will be destroyed.

“Do you have anything to do with King’s Landing?”

“Lao Luo, I’m about to get married again soon, and I want to invite you to participate! You must be there!”

Luo Junhao hesitated and said, “King’s Landing, I’m afraid it won’t work…”

Chapter 1023

Where does he dare to go!

Recently, he was in panic when the Garrison family discovered his relationship with Levi.

Because Garrison West threatened to retaliate against everyone close to Levi.

Although he was in the capital, he had a friendship with Levi.

If this is to be known, can Garrison West let him go?

It’s too late to escape.

Let him go to Levi’s wedding?

How dare he!

This is not telling the Garrison Family explicitly—he has something to do with Levi!

Waiting for the Garrison family to destroy the Luo family?

For the current plan, I can only pray that the Garrison family will not find it.

The wedding is impossible to attend.

Although he was a brother to Levi.

But under the oppression of the Garrison family and considering the safety of the family, this brother gave up.

Do not give up the destruction of the family, this is what he does not want to see!


Levi looked puzzled.

“Levi, I knew your identity a long time ago, your relationship with the Jingcheng Garrison Clan! So I am destined to not be able to attend your wedding!”

“I have always regarded you as a brother! A lifetime brother!”

“But, I really can’t participate in your wedding this time! If you let the Garrison family know about my relationship with you, it will definitely target my family! I want my parents to live well, so that there is no disaster for the family!”

“Brother, please understand brother, we will be like this in this life, and we will be good brothers in the next life!”

Luo Junhao chose the former in front of his family’s parents and brothers.

“Lao Luo, you are afraid that the Garrison family will retaliate against your family in the future. That’s okay, there is no reason for the Garrison family to be afraid of me. You can come to my wedding! Don’t be afraid of the Garrison family! Everything is with me, I see Who dares to embarrass you? Who moves you, I destroy who, the Garrison family is no exception!”

Levi quickly understood why Luo Junhao refused.

But what is Garrison West doing?

With him here, let alone Garrison West, Lawrence didn’t even think about turning up any storms.

“No, brother, I can’t afford to bet! Garrison West has been eyeing me recently!

My brother finally advises you, be careful of Garrison West, he is about to find you. This is an extremely powerful and ruthless guy! Hide if you can! It’s up to your good fortune if you can’t hide it! “

After persuading, Luo Junhao hung up the phone.

Levi listened to the blind tone, feeling lost.

Since Luo Junhao was unwilling, he didn’t force it.

He also respected Luo Junhao’s choice.

It is right to choose parents and family members.

Garrison family?

The Garrison family actually scared the Luo family like this!

But understandable.

After all, the Garrison family is the head of the ten thousand clan and the first family.

No one dared to offend him.

Suzaku said next to him: “God of War, Garrison Family Garrison West released a message: He will find anyone who is related to you one by one! This kid is about to get rid of all the people related to you!”

“No wonder Lao Luo was afraid of being like this, it turned out to be Garrison West!”

Levi shot out cold light in his eyes.

In order to get rid of himself, Garrison West really did not scrutinize any means.

You have to deal with anyone who has a relationship with you.

Garrison West, you are looking for death!

He didn’t pay attention to the entire Garrison Family, let alone Garrison West.

“Suzaku helped me find Garrison West’s contact information, and I want to talk to him.”

Suzaku quickly found Garrison West’s contact information.

After Levi dialed the phone, Garrison West’s voice came from the other side: “Hello, hello, who are you?”

“I am Levi!”

After Levi revealed his identity, the other end of the phone was silent, only a heavy gasp was heard.

Chapter 1024

After a long time, a voice came from the other end of the phone: “You…you dare to contact me?”

Levi smiled: “Why don’t I dare to contact you?”

A little thing really considers itself a character?

Your old man and your grandfather dare not talk to me like this!

“Hahahaha… I really didn’t expect that you would contact me anyway!”

The opposite Garrison West burst into laughter.

“Why? Are you begging me for mercy? Are you aware of your stupidity? Knowing that the Garrison Family mountain is unattainable! I can accept your begging for mercy, but you must kneel! Hahaha…”

Garrison West asked.

“Pray for mercy? You should beg me for mercy, right?”

Levi said coldly.

“Not begging for mercy, then what are you looking for me for?”

The voice on the other side was obviously surprised.

“I heard that you want to get rid of everyone related to me?”

Levi asked.

“That’s right! I have to get rid of everyone related to you! I found out that Luo Junhao in the capital used to be brothers with you, and I was the first to have him operated on! What do you think?”

Garrison West let out a perverted smile.

“you dare?”

Levi said angrily.

“What can I not dare? Still want him to attend your wedding? Impossible! With me, I think he dares to attend your wedding?”

Garrison West sneered.

The corners of Levi’s lips smiled deeper: “Okay, then you just wait and see! I want him to attend my wedding! Besides, if you dare to touch a vellus hair from someone related to me, I will definitely kill you! Here!”


Garrison West on the opposite side obviously didn’t take Levi’s warning into consideration.

“Is anyone in this world warned me Garrison West? You are the first in Morendam!”

Garrison West sneered.

Garrison West is the prince of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

His father is the heir of the Garrison family, the first family of Morendam.

The mother is the princess of the Long Family of Morendam’s second family.

It can be said that Garrison West has the strongest and most noble blood.

The strongest gene combination of the first family and the second family.

I have been loved by all since I was a child, and I have what I want.

Coupled with his superpower, who does not know Garrison West’s prestigious capital?

No one in this world can threaten him!

He represents the first and second family of Morendam.

This kind of identity background is the only one in the whole university!

Who dares to mess with?

“Levi, you’re a wild species, and you compete with me? Ask yourself, are you worthy? Do you have any qualifications?”

“My mother is the jewel in the hands of the second generation of Morendam, and she has the supreme blood. Only she is qualified to marry her father and enter the Garrison family!

Your mother’s status is low, her bloodline is inferior, she is not worthy of marrying into the Garrison family, and she is not even qualified to be a concubine for my father! “

“In terms of ability, a boss of the Erick Group of yours is insignificant? I am a thousand times stronger than you! Erick Group can be crushed to death with one finger!”

“You, a wild species with a lowly bloodline, dare to compare with me? I want to prove for my father that he was right to abandon you at the beginning! The noble bloodline is stronger than the lowly bloodline! I am like a dragon in the sky, and you , Just a crawler on the ground! Always look up to my existence!”

Garrison West roared wildly.

“Okay, very good. Then don’t hesitate to come if you have any means! I want to see how many catties the genius of the noble blood of the Garrison Family is!”

Levi smiled.

He was looking forward to seeing this real dragon from the Garrison family!

Whether it is the same as what he said, it is a thousand times stronger than yourself.

“Well, Levi is waiting for you, I will let you kneel on the ground and surrender me!”

Chapter 1025

After Levi hung up.

With a gloomy expression on his face, Owen pleaded: “God of War, I will rush to the capital to kill this ba5tard now!”

Levi glanced at Owen deeply.

If it’s about strength.

Owen could definitely kill Garrison West in Morendam First Life’s house and retreat all over his body.

However, he had to take care of the Garrison Family’s affairs himself.

He even wanted to defeat Garrison West personally.

Let Lawrence know, let the whole Garrison family know.

The so-called “wild species” in their eyes is stronger than their noble blood, and it is a thousand times stronger!

Make them regret their decision!

Let Lawrence lie on the ground and confess!

Make the whole Garrison Family regret it!

Let the world know that ordinary people can also create miracles!

“By the way, Garrison West should start with the Luo family! He warned me like that just now, and he will definitely do it!”

Levi said.

“How can that be good?”

Everyone asked.

“Suzaku check, is there any of my people near the capital?”

Levi ordered.

During the past six years, Levi has built many predators and teams.

Although the number of each team is small, each of them is extremely powerful.

“Report to the God of War, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army is in the capital!”

Suzaku found the news soon.

“Okay, order the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army to protect Luo’s house secretly, and nothing can go wrong.”

Levi gave the order.

Suzaku gave the order and said, “God of War, what I never expected was that one of the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army was from the Garrison Clan of Beijing.”

After listening, Levi smiled.

This Garrison Clan disciple of the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army is afraid that he is a genius that the Garrison Family is proud of!

But that was just one of Levi’s subordinates!

Great summer capital.

Luo family.

Luo Junhao was kneeling in the discussion hall at this moment.

The elders of the Luo family scolded one after another.

“Look at the good things you do! Tell a wild species!”

“Do you know that you have harmed the family? Garrison West has just sent an order that he is coming to the Luo family soon!”

“I think I came from the military family of the Luo family, and I was given the God of War Seal a few years ago. I didn’t expect that your generation will not only break this status, but also destroy the clan.

The Luo family wailed.

The God of War Seal was printed a few years ago when the God of War defeated the Eighteen Nations. To celebrate, the God of War Seal was specially printed and distributed to military families who made outstanding contributions as a reward.

The Luo family also got one, and has always been proud of it!

“What’s the use of the God of War seal? Encountering such a prodigal! It’s going to be annihilated! Why are you getting acquainted with such wild species!”

The Luo family cursed.

Luo Junhao was about to cry.

In the capital, the Luo family is just a small family with eighteenth lines.

Compared with the first family, it’s just like a little ant.


Several cars stopped in front of the gate of Luo’s house.

A handsome and unparalleled man got off the car, but he looked fierce.

He followed hundreds of super Lords all over his body, and hidden hundreds of Lords in secret, all protecting his life.

In addition, there are convoys waiting in the surrounding streets, and they will definitely arrive within five minutes.

Even not far away, there are dozens of private helicopters hovering, and they will definitely arrive within one minute.

Only one can have such a big battle.

Garrison Family Garrison West!

He came to eradicate the Luo family.

He is now the treasure of the Garrison family of the first family and the Long family of the second family!

No one wants him to do anything.

So this protection is natural.

Even Garrison West has a few dead ghosts with him at any time, and they will die for him at critical moments.

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