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Chapter 1026

Garrison West supported the gold-rimmed glasses, and there was an inherent aristocratic temperament flowing all over his body.

In his eyes, people are only divided into two types-one is close to him, and the other is a subordinate of a lower race.

Except for the Garrison Family and the Long Family, almost everyone in his eyes was a low-level person.

“Levi! Didn’t you say that you want to keep the Luo family? You also want to ask Luo Junhao to attend your wedding!”

“I just flattened the Luo family today! If you interrupt Luo Junhao’s limbs, I will see how he can go to your wedding!”

Garrison West is a person who says he will do what he says. He said that he was the first one to take Luo Junhao’s operation, and this is coming.


With a graceful wave of Garrison West, his subordinates immediately pushed the gate of the Luo family, and the number one hundred and ten rushed to the Luo family.

When the Luo family saw Garrison West killing, they all knelt on the ground, and they didn’t even dare to resist.

Luo Junhao’s father Luo Dale squatted his head and said: “Garrison Shao please… please give another chance… I am ignorant of the child! Please forgive me!”

“Garrison Shao, please forgive me! My Luo family is willing to offer everything! As long as you say, Garrison Shao, the Luo family’s property is all yours! The money is all yours too!”

The Luo family shouted together.

In order to preserve the family, they fought.

“Haha, can a small Luo family come into my eyes? Am I missing your family business? Do you look down on me?”

Garrison West sneered.

The Luo family was terrified.

Indeed, Garrison West had what he wanted.

Nothing will be missing!

“I came today to make the entire Luo family disappear! To blame, you are related to Levi, a wild species! As I said, I will get rid of everyone who is related to him!”

Garrison West smiled abnormally.

“Garrison Shao, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have anything to do with him! Please let my family go!”

Luo Junhao pleaded.

“If you scold Levi for a hundred wild species in person, I will spare your life!”

Garrison West smiled playfully.

“I…I can’t do…”

Luo Junhao gave up.

“If you can’t, then disappear!”

Garrison West waved his hand, and the Lords behind him pulled out their butcher knives and killed them.

The Luo family is about to die.

“Wait! Let me see who dares to move Luo’s family?”

At the very moment, a sharp shout came.



I saw a soldier in a black combat uniform appeared on the roof of Luo’s house and on the wall.

There is a dragon logo on their black uniforms.

Everyone had a bulletproof mask on their face.

“Huh? God of War War God’s Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army! How could it appear here?”

With Garrison West’s knowledge, he was very precious to God of War War God’s pro-military army.

Because God of War is his ultimate goal.

After the birth of the God of War.

Garrison Kuanglan and Lawrence told him.

To target the God of War!

Although you Garrison West is invincible among your peers.

But compared with the achievements of God of War, it was too far behind.

Garrison West’s achievements are just like playing house.

So from then on, Garrison West aimed at God of War.

What I think every day is how to narrow the gap with God of War.

If you want to surpass a person, you have to understand everything about him.

So Garrison West knew everything about God of War too clearly.

“The native Garrison family Garrison West has met all the adults of the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army. I don’t know what you are here for?”

Garrison West asked.

“Garrison West, go back quickly, you can’t move the Luo family!”

Chapter 1027

One person said.

“Huh? Is it Brother Long?”

Garrison West heard it, this was the voice of his cousin Garrison Long.

Garrison Long is the son of his uncle, who is in the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army.

It is the pride of the uncle and the pride of the Garrison family!

No matter how powerful the family is, it is also proud of the descendants of the God of War!

“Brother Long, understand, I immediately retreat!”

Although Garrison West’s status was against the sky, he did not dare to have any conflicts with God of War War God’s pro-army.

Immediately lead people to leave.

But he was very curious.

How did the Luo family have something to do with God of War War God’s Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army?

Even Luo Junhao was puzzled.

How is this going?

The Dragoons are here?

He even drank Garrison West back.

Could it be Levi?

Levi told him before-he would do his best to the Paul family, and he is not afraid of a Garrison family.

Is it really related to him?

Garrison West thought so too.

Not long ago, he and Levi spoke on the phone.

On the phone, Levi also warned him.

And said that he could not touch the Luo family.

Unexpectedly, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army came.

Is he the God of War?

When this thought came into his mind, Garrison West broke out in a cold sweat.

how can that be?

If Levi were this one, the consequences could not be imagined.

He couldn’t imagine that kind of blow and the various effects.

But certainly not!

The Great Xia Kingdom has a history of five thousand years, but the God of War in a country in his twenties has only ever produced such one!

The only one with the title of God of War!

There are so many arrogances in each era of the Great Xia Kingdom.

But the God of War in his twenties came out like this!

Not only personal strength, but also such a god of war created by the luck of a country.

According to the elders of the Garrison family: Morendam’s fortune accumulated for thousands of years has produced such a young God of War.

This person is incredible!

He absolutely possesses Morendam’s noblest and most orthodox bloodline, and even carries Morendam’s luck for thousands of years.

Even the first family of Morendam couldn’t produce such a person, let alone a wild species.

Why is he?

That is absolutely impossible!

In any case, Levi’s lowly bloodline has absolutely nothing to do with the God of War!

So why did the Dragoons want Paul’s house?

Garrison West did not leave.

He was waiting for Garrison Long.

After a while, Garrison Long came into the dark.

“Brother Long!”

Garrison West’s respectful way.

Even if Garrison Long is far inferior to him, the title of Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army is enough.

“Xiaochen, Luo family can’t move in the future!”

Garrison Long asked.

Garrison West nodded: “Understood!”

Immediately, he changed his words: “Brother Long, what is the background of this Luo family? Let the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army come to protect him!”

“I don’t know, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army was ordered to act! But the Luo family used to be a family of military families and obtained the God of War Seal, which is probably related to this!”

Garrison Long said.

“Oh, that’s it!”

Garrison West said.

The Luo Family was actually sealed with the God of War Seal?

Garrison West knew which year God of War defeated the Eighteen Kingdoms, and he deliberately made a God of War seal to reward those families who had made outstanding contributions.

The Garrison family has gotten dozens of them!

The Garrison family has always been proud of this.

After all, it is the Great Xia Kingdom, the family with the most God of War seals.

He didn’t expect that the Luo family would have one too!

This is equivalent to the amulet.

Dragon Cavalry Protection is reasonable and reasonable.

Garrison Long didn’t stay too much, and left quickly.

The Luo family was surprised and delighted.

I thought it was over today.

Unexpectedly, the pro-army of the God of War appeared…

Chapter 1028

“Mr. Luo, our leader said! Next, the Garrison family won’t embarrass you at all. No one will care about what you want!”

After the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army finished speaking, he quickly left.

The Luo family also reacted quickly.

“Could it be the God of War Seal? Not many people have obtained the God of War Seal! No wonder the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army has come to protect it!”

Luo Junhao was overjoyed.

Why is nobody caring?

Then he is going to attend Levi’s wedding.

Anyway, Garrison West won’t embarrass him now.

Luo Junhao immediately called Levi and told him about coming to the wedding.

After Levi received Luo Junhao’s call, he smiled.

“A Garrison West dare to stop my brother from coming to the wedding? Ha ha, it’s too naive!”

Levi smiled.

Who can stop the person I want to protect?

Garrison West, who was far away in the capital, was very depressed.

Just about to take the Luo family to operate, give Levi a warning.

Where can I get the God of War seal of the Luo family?

Even the Dragoons were alarmed.

Good luck too, right?

Garrison West’s eyes were full of cold light, and he said coldly: “But I don’t believe that people who are close to Levi have such good luck! Levi, you wait!”

Garrison West didn’t believe this evil.

It is impossible for people who are related to Levi to have the God of War seal, right?

It’s impossible for everyone to be protected by the God of War, right?

The wedding date is getting closer.

Levi made a lot of invitations and sent them out one by one.

Although it was a remarriage, he was treated as his first marriage.

Sarah treated it the same way.

The other two bridesmaids she invited have arrived.

They came back from abroad.

Sarah called Levi to pick up the people at the airport in person.

Jiangbei International Airport.

Two women got off the flight from overseas.

A luxurious brand clothing, a look of arrogance.

Deliberately make some aristocratic etiquette between deportment and deportment.

The two are proud like peacocks!

I’m afraid that others don’t know that they are coming back from abroad.

Obviously, these two girlfriends of Sarah have been influenced and influenced by foreign cultures for a long time.

Has developed the habit of being superior!

It is estimated that people in the country are not pleasing to the eye, and they always feel that they are one level lower.

Levi could deeply feel the way they looked at him.

“Sarah! We didn’t plan to come to your wedding originally!”

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun said.

Sarah’s face changed: “Ah? Why?”

“Sarah said that you are the most beautiful, but you have the worst vision! We are not satisfied with your husband! At first we thought you had another one! But it was him!”

He Yuzhu said coldly.

Zeng Yayun sighed helplessly: “Sarah, you have also studied abroad and received the influence of foreign culture. Coupled with your conditions, your vision should be higher than the sky! How could you choose him?”

“It seems that this is not good at home! If Sarah has been abroad, his vision is definitely not like this!”

He Yuzhu Road.

Zeng Yayun immediately echoed: “Well, that’s right. The domestic environment is harmful, it is better for us abroad. If you have been abroad, would Sarah choose him? Impossible! Sarah’s selection is definitely the best! It’s definitely not such a stall!”

Zeng Yayun also glared at Levi.

Hearing these words, Levi was dissatisfied.

He said coldly: “Excuse me, are you still from Morendam? It is good to have one bite from abroad, is it really good abroad?”

Chapter 1029

Levi couldn’t see these Muyang dogs the most.

Obviously living in the safest and happiest place in the world.

But I feel that Morendam is not good, and that is not good either.

As long as it is from abroad, everything is fine.

The air abroad is sweet and the moon abroad is bigger.

Those who have been abroad have a sense of superiority.

I think Morendam’s people are low-class people.

Isn’t this the same for Sarah’s two friends?

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun were immediately full upon hearing Levi’s scolding.

“Foreign countries are indeed better than Morendam, this is an indisputable fact! You stupid people, don’t you think Morendam is good? I tell you, compared with foreign countries, it’s not a F*rt!”

“Are you asking me if I am from Morendam? I tell you, I really don’t want to be Morendam! I have been applying for immigration procedures recently. After the procedures are completed, I will settle abroad immediately! Who wants to do it again? Morendam? Isn’t it fragrant abroad?”

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun sneered.

For Morendam, they are really repulsive everywhere.

I feel that even the air is muddy when I get off the plane.

If it wasn’t for Sarah’s current worth, they wouldn’t have traveled far and wide to be bridesmaids.

The two looked at Sarah and said, “Sarah, you should also move to live? With your current worth, living abroad is almost a comfortable death!”

“Yes, the foreign environment and other aspects are not much better than the domestic one? Move to the country as soon as possible! If you get a foreign nationality, you will be popular there!”

Sarah refused: “I was born in Morendam, and I live in Morendam. It is impossible to emigrate. Going abroad is a long experience at best.”

Sarah also disagrees with the views of these two people.

But after all, she was hired to be a bridesmaid, she couldn’t tell.

“Hey, Sarah is really sorry! It’s a loss for you to stay in Velador!”

The two sighed helplessly.

He Yuzhu is actually the epitome of many people.

Many young people now admire foreign countries.

The scalp wanted to immigrate to a foreign country.

I think everything abroad is good!

Levi sneered, “You die! It’s impossible for my wife to emigrate abroad! Our Morendam is vast and has a history of thousands of years. How great? Is it necessary to envy foreign countries? Ha ha! “

“Where is Morendam? Haha! Look, Sarah chose you as her husband after being influenced by Morendam’s ancient set for a long time. If you are abroad, you would never have such a thing! Sarah would definitely choose one. A husband a hundred times better than you! Is this okay?”

He Yuzhu sneered.

Sarah quickly stopped: “Okay, choose the most suitable one!”

He Yuzhu glared at Levi, but did not speak.

Zeng Yayun asked: “Sarah, are you looking for your best man? I heard that Morendam’s wedding custom is a bad habit of a best man bullying a bridesmaid!”

“Yes, yes, many of the videos of weddings, the best man is arrogant to the bridesmaids! Foreigners think that we are like this, which makes us ashamed!”

He Yuzhu frowned.

Sarah smiled and said, “Levi has already found a good groom! They must all be well-behaved and this will not happen.”

“The best man he was looking for?”

The two of He Yuzhu looked at Levi suspiciously.

“Isn’t that similar to him, even worse than him! I can’t see Morendam’s men, they are far worse than foreign ones!”

“No, the best man has to arrange it ourselves!”

Chapter 1030

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun resolutely said: “Sarah, let’s choose the best man! Your wedding is so big this time, many people are paying attention. The card must be in place, and we choose a few foreign models to be the best man!”

“Yes! Only foreign models can be worthy of us bridesmaids!”

The more they talked, the more vigorous they became.

Anyway, Sarah will have to change her husband.

“You arrange for the best man? Impossible! I would rather not be your bridesmaids, and the best man does not need you to arrange! Let alone a group of Gentiles!”

Levi was determined.

Sarah saw that both sides were going to quarrel.

She immediately comforted He Yuzhu and others.

“Okay, we don’t need to arrange for a best man. But Levi, your best man must let us pass, and we can only do it after we approve it.”

He Yuzhu said.

Zeng Yayun echoed: “Yes, it’s not worthy of us, let’s not say, at least let us pass! Who knows what the best man he is looking for is a cat or a dog!”

Sarah said helplessly: “Levi, just call the best man you are looking for to take a look!”

“Well, then I will let them come over!”

Levi’s four best men are Wesley and Alton, and Suzaku is another bridesmaid.

“Sarah, where do you arrange us?”

He Yuzhu asked.

“Arranged in a five-star hotel!”

Plum dyed.

Zeng Yayun asked: “Is it a foreign brand hotel?”

Sarah shook his head: “No, it’s a domestic brand, but it’s also a five-star.”

“That won’t work! We are used to it abroad. If it is not a hotel on a foreign platform or a villa with a foreign style, we are not used to it!”

“Yes, the customs and culture are completely different. It has a great influence on us!”

He Yuzhu said the two.


It’s so hypocritical!

Do you even have to choose a place like this?

“Well, I’ll arrange a foreign hotel for you! How about the hotel waiters and managers are all foreigners?”

Sarah didn’t want to be upset because of this, so he could only compromise.

“Well, it’s almost the same!”

Only then did He Yuzhu agree.

In the evening, He Yuzhu and the two said that they were not used to domestic food and had to go to a western restaurant.

After eating Western food, the two were very satisfied, and praised the foreign food again and again.

Very noble, domestic is vulgar.

Soon after, the five members of Wesley came to the western restaurant.

When Sarah saw these people, she was very satisfied.

Although I don’t know what they do.

But every time I met her, she was very polite.

“Levi, can you introduce me?”

Levi quickly introduced the five Wesley people.

“Wait, this is also a bridesmaid? Too dirty, isn’t it? Looks like a man-in-law? A bridesmaid like us?”

When He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun heard that Zhuque was also a bridesmaid, their expressions changed immediately.

Natalie is the bridesmaid, they reluctantly accept it.

But Suzaku looked cold and dressed cool, they couldn’t accept it.

Suzaku is actually very beautiful, at least better than these two.

But she was born in the military, and she was like a female Yama on the battlefield.

It is definitely different from ordinary women.

It looks like a man-in-law.

“Sarah, I thought you would find a very good one for the last bridesmaid? Don’t ask to be like us, but at least it should be the same? That’s it?”

“Is this also worthy of being a bridesmaid?”

The two made no secret.


Suzaku patted the table suddenly.

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