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Chapter 1031


Suzaku even took a Western knife and inserted it halfway into the table.

“As long as you talk a lot of nonsense, who is talking about a man?”

Suzaku asked coldly.

On the battlefield, the enemy could not give her wrongs.

In reality, can these two women be bullied?

Suzaku played with the fork flexibly.

As if he could penetrate the necks of He Yuzhu at any time.

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun were immediately frightened.

The two looked at each other and smiled: “In fact, my sister is not bad too! We are very satisfied!”

They were frightened by Suzaku.

Don’t say anything…

These two are also bullying and fearing hardship.

The more Sarah compromised like this, the more they demanded.

As violent as Suzaku, they were immediately scared.

The main reason is that Sarah values ​​love and justice, and asks them to be bridesmaids, so he opens one eye and closes the other.

Otherwise, Sarah’s current strong character would have driven them away long ago.

“For the best man, just switch to another batch! I don’t like this batch!”

Can’t offend Suzaku, He Yuzhu immediately shifted the target to the Wesley people.

Zeng Yayun nodded: “Yes, the best man is really not good! Look at the four people, earthy earth, black black, and this kind of big guy, just like a cow. It’s uneven! This is not harmonious with us bridesmaids. !”

The main members of Wesley are dressed in plain clothes, all with short hair of three millimeters.

There is another fierce aura, which is not easy for people to approach.

They really look down on it!

“Sarah, you just listen to us, pick a few foreign models, where to put them. How much more face?”

Zeng Yayun suggested.

“No, your wedding must be the best. How can you talk about these best men, Sarah?”

He Yuzhu sneered.

Sarah smiled awkwardly: “I think it’s good, they are all brothers and friends of King’s Landing! It’s normal for them to be best man!”

He Yuzhu’s two faces expressed his stance: “No! They must not be the best man! We strongly disagree with this kind of best man!”

“Their eyes are not right! I have to suspect that they have a bad heart, this kind of person is not worthy of us!”

The Wesley people were very angry.

Such spooky women lack education.

A few slaps down, you’ll be honest.

But these are Sarah’s friends.

They dare not speak.

Can only endure silently.

Natalie also sighed helplessly: “You will just leave! It’s just the best man and bridesmaid, don’t think too much!”

He Yuzhu sneered and said, “Sarah, we can choose not to choose the best man, but at least we have to find someone who satisfies us! If you have to choose them as the best man, then the two of us are not bridesmaids!

Zeng Yayun also nodded: “Yes! If you insist on choosing them, we won’t be bridesmaids! You can find someone else! Humph!”

Sarah immediately said, “Don’t, everyone and the friendly ones, let’s discuss it again!”

Sarah didn’t want to be embarrassed on both sides, and tried to solve it peacefully.

But this kind of compromise will only make them worse.

“No way! Sarah you have to choose! Either choose them as best man or us as bridesmaid! You can only choose one of our two groups!”

He Yuzhu and the two moved forward and asked Sarah to make his own choice.


Isn’t this embarrassing plum dye?

How can she choose?

“Okay, just get out if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! Who is rare?”

At this moment, Levi was suddenly angry and shouted at the two.

Chapter 1032

Levi screamed suddenly, scaring everyone.

“I have tolerated you for a long time! I give you respect, how about you? Aggressive, showing your vixen side to the fullest!”

“I don’t want to be a bridesmaid! We are not rare! I really think that we can’t get married if you don’t be a bridesmaid?”

Levi said loudly.

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun were both stunned.

Sarah never said anything.

In the end, Levi was angry.

In a full minute, the two people reacted one after another.

“What? Do you dare to let us go?”

The two looked at Levi incredulously.

“Well, just get out of here if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! Sarah asked you to treat her as good friends. How do you treat her?

We can endure all kinds of rude requests, food and accommodation. Want to choose a best man? Is Sarah getting married or you guys? “

“Have you ever respected Sarah a little? Did you treat her as a friend? We asked you to be bridesmaids, not your ancestors!”

“Our wedding round is up to you to choose here? Do you want to change my bridegroom?”

Levi kept asking questions.

Both of them were dumbfounded by Levi.

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun stood up, looked at Sarah and asked, “Don’t you want us to be bridesmaids? In the end you will still choose them, right?”

“Sarah, if you treat us as friends, just say something! If you really treat us as friends, you will know who to choose!”

The two forced Sarah to make a choice.

Sarah said with a cold face, “If you treat me as a friend, you won’t let me make this choice!”

“You don’t treat me as friends, and I don’t have to treat you as friends! You go!”

Sarah was also intolerable, and finally made a decision.

The two looked at Sarah incredulously.

She did not expect that she would make such a decision.

The main reason is that the two of them have thoroughly understood Sarah’s character to be so presumptuous.

I don’t know that during this time, Sarah has changed a lot.

Especially in terms of personality, there are many changes.

“Okay, very good! You didn’t choose us as bridesmaids? You will regret it!”

He Yuzhu angrily said.

“Yes, that’s right! Without us, do you still have a bridesmaid?”

Levi smiled: “Two-legged toads are hard to find, but aren’t there many women with two legs? There will be a lot of bridesmaids as long as they want to find them!”

Levi had already figured out who the bridesmaid would look for.

Hart Zihan and others, which one is not better than these two?

If it wasn’t for Sarah’s old feelings, could he take their turn?

“Huh, what are you Sarah? You are a second marriage, understand? It’s so grand, you are really not afraid of embarrassment!”

“Yes, do you really think of yourself as someone? If I were you, I would be absolutely ashamed, and still have a wedding? Is it shameless?”

The two simply tore their faces and sneered.

“This is Velador! The second marriage is so grand, are you not afraid of people making jokes? Can this atmosphere compare with foreign countries?”

“Hurry up!”

Sarah roared with anger.

“If you let us go, let’s go? If we don’t go, what can you do?”

“We are going to leave by ourselves, not for you to drive us away!”

He Yuzhu sneered.

Levi said coldly: “If you don’t get out, throw them out!”

“Well, I’ve seen these two items upset!”

Ron urn sounded the way of urgency.

Chapter 1033

Even Natalie had the urge to throw them out.

Not to mention the men like Wesley.

He was grumpy.

“Dare you?”

“Try one of our fingers?”

He Yuzhu said the two.

“Sure enough, Morendam’s men are a bunch of reckless men, one by one, like barbarians, without manners! There is no even the least manners!”

“I suggest you learn from men from abroad, all gentlemen, never like you! Just like barbarians! Disgusting!”

The two said to several people in Ron.

With the influence of many years of foreign culture, they have pride in their bones.

I look down on Morendam’s everything.

Everything is to be compared.

Especially people.

They think that people abroad are more noble.

In this case, this prejudice will intensify.

“Look at this group of people, I thought it was not Morendam, but primitive society? They were all barbarians!”

Levi’s eyes were cold: “Throw it out!”

After receiving the order, Ron no longer bears it, picking up one with one hand, and walking outside.

“let me go…”

The two struggled.

But it’s useless.


Finally Ron threw them out to the door like dead dogs.

The two of them were in pain, and they were dumbfounded.

They were thrown out like garbage.

“You wait for me, you low-ranking untouchables and barbarians of Morendam, I want to expose you to the world!”

The two were still cursing.

“This kind of chaotic place and country is not worthy of us. Let’s leave this barbaric place!”

The two left cursingly.

He threatened to come back for revenge.

Levi winked at Wesley again.

Wesley manipulated it a bit, and the two men were immediately deported.

They were forced out of Morendam.

Before leaving, the two still cursed: “Don’t worry, we will never come back to this kind of broken place! A group of barbarians can only be low-level people in this life!”

It wasn’t until they got off the plane and came to a foreign country that they were in a good mood.

“I’m finally going abroad, finally breathing the sweet air! Look at the moon in this foreign country!”

He Yuzhu murmured with enjoyment.

“As soon as I leave the wild land like Morendam, my mood improves! The air is so fresh!”

“Isn’t it? Looking at these familiar black and white faces makes me feel good. Morendam’s yellow skin makes me sick at a glance!”

The two vented their anger frantically, and all kinds of foul language came out.

The two left the airport and did not directly take a taxi back.

Instead, walk back.

They claimed to use fresh foreign air to purify the pollution and bad luck in Morendam.

In the eyes of the two, Da Xia was extremely humble and humble.

“In this life I will never admit that I am a Morendam, this is a shame for us!”

Zeng Yayun said coldly.

“En, I am a foreigner, a nobleman. Morendam is not worthy!”

He Yuzhu also echoed the road.

At this moment, a few foreigners came to face each other.

With a fierce look, especially when seeing two charming women, a few foreigners immediately beamed their eyes.

Several people held daggers in their hands and quickly surrounded them.


Seeing this scene, the two panicked in their hearts.

Patroned to vent and didn’t notice these people.

Although they said that foreign countries are good, they encountered robbery the first time they came to foreign countries.

In the following years of living, he encountered dozens of robberies, even in the bustling main city.

They dare not go out at night abroad.

They forgot about this tonight.


Soon a few foreigners surrounded them.

Chapter 1034

These foreigners looked at He Yuzhu and laughed.

Tonight they robbed of money and sex.

The “foreign gentlemen” in the two populations of He Yuzhu looked at them, and the halazi was about to flow out.

No matter how bad Morendam they say, there will be no robbery as soon as they get off the airport.

Not to be able to go out at night in the bustling main city.

This is the so-called foreign good.

People abroad are noble.

Men are more gentlemen.

Then the reality is not like this.

“We give you money…”

He Yuzhu hurriedly took out a handful of banknotes and handed them to these people.


These foreigners snatched the banknotes, and they stepped forward to pick up He Yuzhu and leave.

The two have no ability to resist at all.

Soon they were taken to a dark place by these foreigners.



Soon there was a sound of torn clothes.

“Let go of us! You chopsticks! Don’t die!”

“You foreigners are a group of beasts, wild people who haven’t evolved completely!”

“You bastards, there is no way to compare with my Morendam man!”

“It’s better to Morendam, I want to go back to Morendam, foreign countries are all rubbish…”

He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun roared.

Soon their voices were overshadowed by the wretched laughter of foreign gentlemen.

This is the so-called foreign good.


Only in times of crisis do you think of the land that gave birth to them and nurture them…

Usually only insults and smears against Da Xia.

Especially when they are abroad, they dare not admit their identity as Morendam people.

Only a few neighboring countries of Morendam will disguise themselves as islanders, and they dare not speak Morendam.

Because acknowledging the identity of Morendam people will make them feel ashamed.

The departure of He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun did not affect them.

The other two bridesmaids were found right away.

Hart Zihan and financial manager He Tiantian.

Which one is not better than He Yuzhu and Zeng Yayun?

Still look down on the best man?

The five kings under the command of the God of War!

Invincible presence on the battlefield!

When the identity was revealed, not only Morendam, but the whole world trembled.

Not good enough for you?

How can it be?

As the wedding date is approaching, Sarah and Levi have already sent out invitations.

The guest invited by Levi is not just the commander-in-chief of the nine war zones like Qin.

And some of his friends will come to participate.

What really excited Levi was that his mentor Zhong Longchuan would also come to participate.

After enlisting in the army, Zhong Longchuan discovered Levi’s good seed and pulled it up with one hand.

Sarah also invited many friends.

She thought the friends Levi invited were ordinary people.

But how did she know that everyone who was about to attend Levi’s wedding was a super person.

As long as the famous name is released, the entire Morendam will be shocked, and even overseas will be shocked.

If these people appeared collectively, the whole world would go crazy!

Levi looked at Sarah and smiled: “At the wedding, I will let you know how powerful your husband is! How strong!”

At the wedding, Levi will show his identity.

Open everything to Sarah and Logan Mann’s family.

Seeing Levi’s confident look, Sarah also looked forward to it.

The surprise she has been waiting for is finally here!

At this moment, she was looking forward to it for too long.

From the moment Levi was imprisoned, Sarah looked forward to–

One day in the snowy world, Levi returns with his body full of glory! Just to protect my own peace!

Chapter 1035

According to the current situation, her wish is getting closer and closer.

Levi hides a lot of secrets.

He will announce it on the day of the wedding.

Her waiting, her persistence is right!

The news that Levi was alive and the news of his wedding finally reached the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng.

The Garrison Clan in Beijing shook up and down…

Even the whole Garrison family of Morendam was shocked.

After all, this is the illegitimate son of Lawrence, the next Patriarch of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

Soon it was the ceremony date when Lawrence became Patriarch.

At this point, the explosion of this incident is simply too influential.

Almost all Garrison’s family have exploded!

There was a lot of noise throughout Morendam.

Some time ago, after the Garrison Family’s successive assassination defeats, Levi was already unable to kill.

At this juncture, he couldn’t move him even more.

Garrison Kuanglan’s angry voice came from the Garrison Clan in Beijing: “You knew the existence of this wild species a long time ago, why didn’t you tell me?”

He is blaming Yun Garrison these people.

I knew Levi was coming tomorrow morning, but I kept hiding it.

And he didn’t handle it well, which caused the situation today.

“Die all to me!”

Garrison Kuanglan roared again and again.

This time, it will put the entire Garrison family in shame!

“Patriarch, the situation may be a little better! This wild species is not doing nothing! He is the boss of the Erick Group, and even the top hundred giants in Jianghai listen to him!”

Yun Garrison immediately explained.


Garrison Kuanglan’s expression eased slightly after hearing this.

“But this feat is simply vulnerable in front of the Garrison family! What about the boss of a group? What about Jiang Hai? My Garrison family is a small servant, and Jiang Hai can’t hold her head up! Wild species are still wild species! “

Garrison Kuanglan said angrily.

“Yes, that’s right! The reason why he has a little grade is because he has the noble blood of the Garrison family! Otherwise, he would have starved to death on the street!”

The Garrison family was very dissatisfied with this matter.

In a very luxurious villa somewhere in the capital.

In a study room, the walls are covered with the top and most expensive calligraphy and paintings, each of which is definitely tens of millions or even billions of dollars in price.

There are also various blue and white porcelains in the room, which are even more shocking collections.

One of them is as high as 2.7 billion!

But in this study room, you can place it at will…

This is more like a private collection of calligraphy and painting antiques.

However, this is just a study room.

A tall and handsome middle-aged man is practicing calligraphy.

The momentum of sweeping a thousand troops with a pen every stroke!


He is writing a “leaf”.

This leaf character represents his current state of mind and the current situation.

Because he is about to become the next Patriarch of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

The position of Patriarch is about to arrive, and his mood is already impatient.

He is Lawrence.

Levi’s biological father!

After he finished writing, he smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Soon, he will ascend the position of the helm of the first family of Morendam.

When taking over as the head of the Patriarch, it is the time when all ethnic groups come to worship.

At that time, he will become the most powerful and noble person of the Morendam Wan Clan!

“Someone once asked me, do you want a country or a beauty?”

“At that time, my answer was Jiangshan, and now my answer is the same-Jiangshan!”

“What is a beauty if you have a country? Not everything?”

Lawrence laughed.

“The big thing is bad! The big thing is bad!”

At this time, there were voices outside.

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