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Chapter 1036

Lawrence smiled solidified and said coldly: “What is so flustered? In what manner?”

Just as the servant was about to say, a woman walked in from behind and said angrily: “Something has happened, are you still in the mood to write here?”

This woman wore a luxurious cheongsam, exuding her innate nobleness.

Jewelry is the best description of her.

Although he is older, his charm still exists, especially his noble temperament is simply incomparable.

Long Aoqing.

Lawrence’s current wife is also Garrison West’s mother.

She is the jewel in the palm of the Long Family of Morendam’s second family.

She is also the only woman in the world who can be worthy of Lawrence!

“What happened to Aoqing?”

Lawrence asked.

“Remember what happened more than twenty years ago?”

Long Aoqing glared at him.


How dare he forget what happened more than 20 years ago?

At that time, the blood was just right, and she fell in love with Ollie accidentally.

He almost ruined his own future.

Can he remember?

“What happened more than 20 years ago has been handled properly? What’s wrong?”

Lawrence asked with a puzzled look.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say! Would that b!tch Ollie be locked up in Jiangzhen City for the rest of his life? Will he never take a step?”

Long Aoqing asked.

“Yeah, I know her. She will never take a step out of Jiangzhen. I also had a tombstone erected in front of her.”

Lawrence said.

Long Aoqing snarled frantically: “F*rt! Now the tombstone is broken, and Ollie, a b!tch, has also left. People don’t take you seriously!”

“What? She stepped out of Jiangzhen City? She broke the tombstone?”

“This, this… how is this possible?”

Lawrence looked surprised and almost fell to the ground.

“There is also that wild species, didn’t you say that it was handled properly? Wouldn’t it be alive? Wouldn’t it cause any threat to the Garrison Family?”

Long Aoqing continued to ask.

Lawrence’s eyes showed an incredible look: “You…what do you mean? Could it be…Is that child still alive?”

“Not really! He’s alive! He brought the b!tch Ollie into Jiang Zhencheng. Not only that, he also killed Irving Garrison, and let the Tianfu Garrison Family go home. Even Yun Garrison personally took people to kill him, All limbs have been broken!”

“Didn’t you say that this kid can’t live? Why is he still alive? He has grown to such a point, and this is a big threat to the Garrison Family! You, me, and the entire Garrison Family’s reputation will be stinky! This It’s a huge shame!”

Long Aoqing went crazy and smashed billions of blue and white porcelain to the ground.

Lawrence was not in the mood to feel sorry for the blue and white porcelain.

Lawrence looked confused: “Impossible! This child can’t live!”

Lawrence recalled: “Even though I promised Ollie to let the child go, I had to kill the child just to lie to her. In fact, I abandoned the child in the wilderness and deep in the mountains, not to mention freezing to death and starving to death. Any wild dog can be killed! He can’t live!”

Long Aoqing looked at him angrily and said, “But the reality is that the wild species is still alive and alive well!”

“What’s going on? I personally abandoned the child in the wild and planted it in the mountains.”

Lawrence was very puzzled.

“By the way, I thought of someone! He must have moved his hands and feet!”

Lawrence exclaimed.

Chapter 1037

“Come on, call the housekeeper!”

Lawrence roared angrily.

Soon, a gray-haired old man came to the court.


He knelt down in front of Lawrence and Long Aoqing.

I guess I guessed something.

Garrison is the housekeeper of Lawrence’s house, responsible for daily care.

Unlike Yun Garrison, Yun Garrison is mainly responsible for protecting Lawrence.

Lawrence and Ollie fell in love back then, Garrison saw it in their eyes.

He has been helping to conceal or other things.

Otherwise, their love would have been discovered long ago.

Garrison was very optimistic about Ollie.

Persuaded Lawrence and Ollie to stay together more than once, and even persuaded him not to abandon his wife and children.

“Garrison, you know it yourself, right?”

Lawrence said angrily.

Garrison understood it from the moment the incident broke out.

“Lord, Garrison understands!”


“Let’s talk about it, what happened back then?”

Lawrence stared at him deadly: “Explain to me why the child is still alive?”

Garrison sighed: “I went back again after you abandoned the child in the mountains, Lord. I can’t bear to watch that child die. That is a fresh life, and even more of your own flesh and blood!”

Long Aoqing immediately warned: “Nonsense! Lawrence has only one flesh and blood, and that is my West’er! What is he? He is a wild species! Not worthy of the surname Garrison! No one will admit that he is Lawrence’s flesh and blood!”

Garrison took a deep breath and continued: “Anyway, I really can’t see Miss Porter’s flesh and blood died in the mountains. So I picked up the child, and finally I abandoned it on the streets of Jiangbei! Give him a chance, he Those who are dead will be picked up, and those who are dead will be frozen to death!

“Now it seems that this child has a big fate and was adopted by the Jiangbei Garrison family! He shouldn’t be dead!”

Even Levi didn’t expect it.

There was one other person who saved his life.

Had it not been for Garrison to carry him to the streets of Jiangbei, he would definitely have died in the mountains and forests.

There is absolutely no way to survive!


After hearing Garrison’s explanation, Lawrence gasped.

“It turned out to be you! You killed me! I don’t want this child to live!”

Lawrence shouted.


He overturned the desk directly.

All the valuable treasures above were smashed to the ground.

He was really angry.

“Garrison, do you know how much influence he will have on me when he is alive?

Bring shame! Is water in your head? “

Lawrence furiously said.

Long Aoqing stepped forward and slapped Garrison’s face with a slap: “What a good thing you mean slave! I can’t wait to kill you!”

“It turned out that you kept that wild species alive! It’s alright now, this wild species appears, all Morendam knows! All know that Lawrence has such an illegitimate child!”

“How can Lawrence take over the position of Patriarch? Will anyone in the Garrison Family be convinced? Can the Garrison Family bear the humiliation?”

Facing Long Aoqing’s insults, Garrison said firmly: “I know the consequences! But that is a living life! Watching him die, I can’t do it! Don’t say it was before, even now I It will be the same choice!”

Seeing Garrison’s attitude, Lawrence and Long Aoqing were stunned.

“At this time you haven’t realized that you are wrong? You are looking for death!!!”

Long Aoqing roared.

She wants to kill Levi’s savior!!!

Chapter 1038

“I don’t think there is anything wrong! Reputation is definitely less important than human life, let alone the owner’s seed! No matter what you say, he is always flowing with the owner’s blood!”

Garrison looked stubborn.

“I will kill you!”

Long Aoqing furiously said.


Long Aoqing pulled out a long knife from the study and slashed at Garrison suddenly.

Habara closed his eyes, he was ready to die.


Lawrence stopped Long Aoqing in an instant.

Garrison smiled.

Because he knew Lawrence too well.

He is by no means a kind person.

He is a cruel, merciless and unjust hero.

Otherwise, how could you personally abandon your own flesh and blood in the deep mountains and wild forests?

He stopped Long Aoqing from killing herself, not to spare her life.

Lawrence never regarded them as human beings at ordinary times, just their slaves.

Even if you want to kill…

“Why don’t you let me kill him? What’s the use of keeping this kind of slave?”

Long Aoqing said angrily.

“You killed him, how do we explain to the father, how do we explain to the Garrison family?”

Lawrence said.

Garrison smiled.

Sure enough, keeping yourself is useful.

I want to push him out of the crime…

Long Aoqing’s complexion changed, and she nodded and said, “I really have to give the Garrison Family an explanation! The thing has happened, we can only face it! When the Garrison Family asks the crime, hand him over! Let him suffer the most cruel criminal law of the Garrison Family !”

“Yes, that’s right! He violated the Garrison family’s house rules! He can’t live, he has to pay for his actions.”

Lawrence glanced at Garrison indifferently.

“No, I can’t stand this breath!”

Long Aoqing was very angry.

“Then chop off his arms!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Lawrence’s eyes.



Long Aoqing raised the knife and fell, and two bloody arrows flew.


Immediately, Garrison’s heart-piercing scream came.

Lawrence comforted: “Aoqing, are you angry? If not, cut off his leg again, right?”

In the eyes of such a big family, human life is like a waste.

Especially such servants are even more humble.

“I’m out of anger, what will happen to that b!tch and wild species next?”

Long Aoqing asked.

“I really want to rush over and kill these two people now! But no, too many people know now. If they are killed at this time, my Garrison family will be laughed to death.”

Lawrence sighed helplessly.

Long Aoqing nodded: “Well, you can’t kill them at this time. How many eyes are you looking at. Not only Morendam, but the whole East is watching our Garrison family! It might be a scandal!”

“What can I do?”

Lawrence was very sad.

“It really doesn’t work, take him back to Garrison’s house! This is safer!”

Said a servant.

As soon as he finished speaking, Long Aoqing slapped her face with a slap.

“What are you talking about? Bring that ba5tard back?”

Long Aoqing roared angrily.

“What qualifications does he have to come to the Garrison family? He is a wild species! Can you step into the door of the Garrison family? I firmly disagree! I think no one in the Garrison family will agree!”

Even Lawrence echoed: “Well, that’s right. In this life he is not qualified to enter the gate of the Garrison family anyway!”

“Especially if you want to enter the Garrison family by my identity, I don’t agree!”

“If he wants to enter the Garrison Family? Yes! Use his strength to speak! Only when he is recognized by the entire Garrison Family can he enter the Garrison Family’s gate!”

Chapter 1039

Long Aoqing nodded again and again: “Isn’t this wild species capable? I want to see how powerful it can be? Can I enter the Garrison family by my own strength?”

“I want to compare with me and Garrison West, he is far behind.”

“However, if he acts in a low-key manner and works silently, it is possible to step into the door of my Garrison family!”

Lawrence said.

No matter how bad this wild species is, his blood will flow through after all.

Can his flesh and blood be worse?

“Impossible! Levi is already floating, he doesn’t care about anyone! Even the Garrison Family, he didn’t care about it!”

At this time Garrison West came back.

“What? Didn’t even look at the Garrison Family?”

Lawrence and Long Aoqing were surprised.

As far as they can remember, in their concept-the Garrison family is the emperor of the entire family of the great Xia family.

There would definitely not be anyone who would ignore Garrison Family’s eyes.

Either the brain is sick or not afraid of death.

“West’er, that YeZhong really said that?”

Long Aoqing asked.

“Father, mother, in fact, I knew about him from the beginning, I just didn’t tell you. He has provoked the Garrison Family more than once, and he even provokes the Garrison Family on the phone with me.”

As soon as Garrison West said this, Lawrence and Long Aoqing immediately asked: “What? He actually talked to you?”

“Yes! I didn’t expect him to contact me. I thought he was going to apologize, but he was provoking me to warn me. Let me tell my father that he and Ollie are alive and well, and sooner or later he will It’s too late for you to regret the name of the Garrison family…”

Garrison West said all the provocative words of Levi recently.


After listening.

Lawrence was directly angry.


He hit the wall with a punch.

“Kacha Kacha…”

Suddenly, a spider-web-like crack appeared on the wall.

“Presumptuous! Too presumptuous! I have never seen such a presumptuous person!”

“I was thinking about walking through the back door. I was not qualified enough to let him enter the Garrison family! I didn’t expect to ignore the Garrison family? Want to call the Garrison family and let us regret it?”

Lawrence almost roared.

Long Aoqing was also extremely angry: “This wild species not only provokes my West’er, but also provokes Garrison Family? What qualifications does he have? Apart from anything else, it is West’er’s arbitrarily made achievements that he can reach in his lifetime !”

“This wild species can only look up humblely behind my West’er in this life!”

Lawrence agreed: “That’s true, no matter how great he is, he is only struggling hard at the feet of West’er.”

Lawrence’s greatest pride in this life is Garrison West.

According to the Garrison family elders, Lawrence gave birth to the first genius of the Garrison family in a thousand years.

Levi, a wild species with his West’er?

Is it comparable?

absolutely not!

Garrison West smiled: “Father, mother, don’t be angry! I just treat Levi as an incompetent wild dog!”

The two nodded in satisfaction.

“Father, mother, don’t worry, I will take care of this matter myself!”

“I will prove it for you! Father, you were right to abandon their mother and child! He is not a wild species! I am better than him!”

Garrison West roared.

“Well, this is my son! No wild species can compare!”

Lawrence was very pleased.

“Don’t worry, father, when I meet him, I will let him know what is strong, and I will make him feel inferior to the point of being unable to survive in this world!”

A cold light flashed in Garrison West’s eyes.

Chapter 1040

Lawrence and Long Aoqing looked at Garrison West.

The eyes are filled with relief and joy.

This is their pride!

This is their son!

Known as the genius with the strongest blood in a thousand years.

At birth, he is a Lord.

After acquired training, it is even more surprising.

“Okay, West’er, you can go to the South! These years have trapped you in the capital and restrict your development. You can go outside!”

Lawrence said.

The main reason is that Lawrence’s status is too noble.

Even in the capital, wherever you move, there are thousands of people guarding it.

This is Garrison Family’s baby.

They didn’t want Lawrence to go outside for fear of danger.

Long Aoqing nodded: “Yes, let West’er go outside! Let the group of frogs at the bottom of the well know what a genius is!”

Immediately, she changed her words: “However, West’er’s safety must be guaranteed!”

“Well, on the basis of the original, I will send ten times more Lords to protect him! Make sure he doesn’t have any accidents!”

Lawrence said.

Long Aoqing was relieved: “I will ask my father to apply again, and I will call out a batch of the Lords of the Long Family and provide them to West’er.”

Garrison West smiled: “Parents, you don’t believe in my abilities too much. With my strength alone, I can absolutely suppress the entire South from raising my head! You don’t need to send someone to protect me!”

“Why do we not know your strength when we are parents? Absolutely the first person in the younger generation! But your identity is special, you carry the background of the first family and the second family. You must have nothing to do! A little bit! There must be no risks!”

Lawrence said.

“Father, I understand! Just wait for the good news!”

“Levi will get married soon, and I will give him a big gift at the wedding!”

Garrison West smiled sadly.

“Okay, we wait for you to resolve this matter! You have to let Levi understand that he is not qualified to laugh at the Garrison Family in this life! Not to mention the ability to step into the Garrison Family’s gate!”

Lawrence laughed.

“Mother, what’s the matter with the butler?”

Seeing the housekeeper next to him, Garrison West asked curiously.

Long Aoqing told her everything.

After listening, Garrison West walked to Garrison with a gloomy expression.


Step on the broken arm with one foot.

Immediately, blood came out.


Garrison screamed again.

Garrison looked at Garrison West with a pale face.

This is a more ruthless person than Lawrence!

Completely inherited the cruel side of Lawrence and Long Aoqing.

Fall into his hands, life is better than death!

His fate has been foreseen.

It’s better to die.


Suddenly Garrison got up and wanted to hit him to death.


But Garrison West kicked him away.

“You want to kill you? Impossible! In my hands, you have no chance to die!”

Garrison West smiled.

“No! Young Lord Lawrence please give me a happy one! I would like to apologize with death!”

Garrison began to beg for mercy.

It’s just that Lawrence looked cold.

Garrison West let out a perverted smile: “Don’t, why are you dead? How good is it to be alive?”

“Calculated like this, you are Levi’s savior?”

“You have to wait for Levi to save you! You said that if I tell Levi that you are his savior, will he come to save you?”

Garrison West turned his head to look at Lawrence and the two: “Parents, I have taken the housekeeper away, and I will use him to deal with Levi.”

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