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Chapter 1034

Soon a few men surrounded them.

They looked at Sandy and laughed.

Tonight they rob for money and s3x.

The “gentlemen” the two looked at them, and the tears were about to flow out.

No matter how bad Velador is they say, there will be no robbery as soon as they get off the airport.

Not to be able to go out at night in the bustling main city.

This is the so-called foreign good.

People abroad are noble.

Men are more gentlemen.

Then the reality is not like this.

“We give you money…”

Sandy hurriedly took out a handful of banknotes and handed them to these people.


These men snatched the banknotes, and they stepped forward to pick up Sandy and leave.

The two have no ability to resist at all.

Soon they were taken to a dark place by these men.



Soon there was a sound of torn cl0thes.

“Let go of us! You chopsticks! Don’t want to live!”

“You people are a group of beasts, wild people who haven’t evolved completely!”

“You ba5tards, there is no way to compare with my Velador man!”

“It’s better in Velador, I want to go back to Velador, other countries are all rubbish…”

Sandy and Willie roared.

Soon their voices were overshadowed by the wretched laughter of the wild men.

This is the so-called good.


Only in times of crisis do they think of the land that gave birth to them and nurture them…

Usually only insults and smears against Velador.

Especially when they are abroad, they dare not admit their identity.

Only a few neighboring countries of Velador will disguise themselves as islanders, and they dare not speak Velador.

Because acknowledging the identity will make them feel ashamed.

The departure of Sandy and Willie did not affect them.

The other two bridesmaids were found right away.

Lola and financial manager Malinda Cobb.

Which one is not better than Sandy and Willie?

Still look down on the best man?

The five kings under the command of the God of War!

Invincible presence on the battlefield!

When the identity was revealed, not only Velador, but the whole world trembled.

Not good enough for you?

How can it be?

As the wedding date is approaching, Sarah and Levi have already sent out invitations.

The guests invited by Levi are not just the commander-in-chief of the nine war zones like Kim.

And some of his friends will come to participate.

What really excited Levi was that his mentor Julius Keller would also come to participate.

After enlisting in the army, Julius discovered Levi’s good seed and pulled him up with one hand.

Sarah also invited many friends.

She thought the friends Levi invited were ordinary people.

But how did she know that everyone who was about to attend the wedding was a super person.

As long as the famous name is released, the entire Velador will be shocked, and even overseas will be shocked.

If these people appeared collectively, the whole world would go crazy!

Levi looked at Sarah and smiled: “At the wedding, I will let you know how powerful your husband is!”

At the wedding, Levi will show his identity.

Open everything to Sarah and Logan Mann’s family.

Seeing Levi’s confident look, Sarah also looked forward to it.

The surprise she has been waiting for is finally here!

At this moment, she was looking forward to it for too long.

From the moment Levi was imprisoned, Sarah looked forward to–

One day in the snowy world, Levi returns with his body full of glory! Just to protect his own peace!

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