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Chapter 1041

Naturally, Levi didn’t know that the Garrison Family had been boiling over because of his appearance.

Even Lawrence and Garrison Kuanglan knew of his existence.

Not to mention that Garrison West prepared a card for him to deal with him.

He is still busy with the wedding.

Jiangbei’s wedding room has been completely cured.

Levi is very satisfied, this is how home looks like.

He is in a good mood.

Soon Junhao Luo will go to Jiangbei.

A former brother.

The two hadn’t seen each other for six years, so they were naturally moved.

“Brother, I naturally want to congratulate you on your wedding, but…”

Luo Junhao seemed a bit hesitant.

“What? Lao Luo, you have something to say!”

Levi approached.

“I just came from the capital city, and now the whole capital city knows of your existence! The Garrison Family has a lot of trouble with you. It will be a matter of time for the Garrison Family to find you. Especially Garrison West will not let you go!

“It’s not a good thing to be stared at by the Garrison Family. Brother, I suggest you intercede with the Garrison Family! Don’t ask to enter the Garrison Family’s gate, but beg the Garrison Family to let you go!”

Luo Junhao suggested.

The person Garrison West is staring at will definitely not end well.

They were just lucky and happened to have the God of War seal.

“Plead with the Garrison Family?”

Levi was happy.

“Yes, that’s right. Then you kneel and kowtow and say something nice! The Garrison Family will not embarrass you. After all, everyone knows your existence. The Garrison Family will not move you either.”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes: “I can kneel down, but can the Garrison family bear it?”

Not everyone can bear the kneeling of the God of War.

Even the Garrison family!!!

“Hey, you, Levi, everything is good. It’s just that you are too stubborn, and you can’t change the things you are looking for!”

Luo Junhao sighed and said: “It seems that I’m looking for auntie, so that auntie can beg for mercy at that time.”

Luo Junhao also considered Levi.

As long as he softened to the Garrison Family, the Garrison Family would never embarrass him in this situation.

“Okay, needless to say, I have my own sense of the Garrison family.”

Levi intends to wait for the marriage to stabilize, he will personally take his mother to the Garrison Family in Beijing.

For nothing else.

Just ask Lawrence “Why?”

“Let’s go, let’s go see Erick!”

Later, Levi and Luo Junhao came to Erick’s tomb.

The tomb is now well repaired by the old nine and the others.

“Hey, it’s just a matter of sight, our brothers can be reunited.”

Luo Junhao spilled a pot of wine in front of the tombstone and sighed.

“Jingming, I have been looking for it, and I should be able to find it soon.”

Levi approached.

Jiang Jingming didn’t know where to hide, Suzaku had been looking for it for a long time.

Still not found.

“You should have been searching for a long time, right? Stop searching, you can’t find it. Jingming has cancelled his account. Now he is another person and can’t find it.”

Luo Junhao said.

“Don’t you know?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, I should be able to find it!”

“At the beginning, the three of you had the best relationship. After you and Erick had an accident. Jingming felt that he was useless and couldn’t help at all. Heartbroken, I cancelled my account and lived an anonymous life.”

Luo Junhao explained.

Levi was excited: “Lao Luo, take me to see Jingming!”

“Okay, I didn’t intend to disturb him! It’s better to let your brothers reunite, and I will also ask him to persuade you and give Garrison Jiafu soft. You are brothers, you will listen to him.

Luo Junhao said.

Chapter 1042

Luo Junhao’s idea is very simple, let Jiang Jingming persuade Levi to give Garrison Jia soft.

If Levi keeps going like this, the wedding is going to be a funeral.

So persuade Levi as soon as possible.

When the time comes, kneel down and kowtow to the Garrison Family, and the Garrison Family will never be embarrassed.

Why didn’t Levi understand what Luo Junhao meant?

But he needs to be soft to Garrison Jia?

Who would dare to make trouble at his wedding, who would he kill!

Under Luo Junhao’s leadership, Levi and his good brother Jiang Jingming meet again.

Jiang Jingming now has a family and a lovely daughter, and life is nourishing.

Hearing that Levi was about to get married again, Jiang Jingming was willing to witness to make up for the regret that year.

Now Levi has all the people he should invite, and he is waiting for the wedding.

Three days before the wedding.

At the Beijing Airport, a private plane took off, and there were dozens of planes escorting it around.

There are also a fleet of hundreds of vehicles on the land heading for Jiangbei.

This is the arrangement of the first family prince in Morendam.

When he moved, there were tens of thousands of people guarding him, for fear that something might happen to him.

Garrison West was about to come to Jiangbei in person and put on such a big battle, but no news came out.

This is the strength of the Garrison Family, able to block all news.

More than that.

People from the Beijing Garrison Clan in the south have long been arranged to enter Jiangbei in advance.

Pave the way for Garrison West, in order to be foolproof.

“When Levi waits for you to see me in person, you will know what the sky is! You used to just sit and watch the sky!”

Garrison West in the plane sneered.

Looking out the window, Garrison West was curious.

How about the entire Morendam?

Which Tianjiao is better than him?

Except for one person-God of War.

This was an existence that Garrison West couldn’t reach.

Can only narrow the gap with the God of War.

His achievements are really too high!

Only the battle of conferring the gods-a pair of iron fists defeated the powerhouses of the eighteen kingdoms, forcibly restraining the eighteen kingdoms.

Definitely the first person in history!

This achievement is hard to come by.

Sometimes Garrison West was so painful that he wanted to cry.

The footsteps of God of War are too difficult to catch up.

Sometimes it’s good to be second!

“Maybe the God of War sees me as Levi in my eyes, right?”

Garrison West muttered to himself.

“No, Levi is not worthy of being compared with me! He is not qualified!”

Garrison West shouted suddenly.

At this time, Garrison, who was tied to the seat, suddenly smiled; “That’s not necessarily…”


Hearing this, Garrison West was stunned: “What did you say?”

“If you give Young Lord Levi the same resources and environment, you are not necessarily his opponent!”

Garrison laughed and said: “Young Lord Levi can do this if he is abandoned on the street! In the same situation, he will not be worse than you!”

Every word Garrison said was like a knife drawn on Garrison West.

His eyes are about to fly out.

He stared at Garrison in disbelief, “You said Levi is not worse than me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Young Lord Levi wants to have your environment, it’s really not worse than you! Even better than you!”

Garrison laughed.

“What? You said Levi is better than me?”

Garrison West was going to explode.

“Say! Levi is not qualified to compare with me!”

“Say it!”

Garrison West grabbed Garrison’s neck and forced him to say this.

“Lord Levi is better than you!”

Garrison looked at him and laughed.

Chapter 1043



I saw Garrison West grabbed the fork of Western food and pierced Garrison’s body fiercely, splashing blood.

Garrison’s mouth was gurgling with blood, and his body twitched.

“Now, who is strong?”

Garrison West is just like a lunatic.

“Lord Levi is still strong! I support Lord Levi!”

Garrison continued.

Seeing that Garrison West wanted to kill Garrison alive, the others hurriedly blocked it.

“Lord West can’t be killed, don’t you still use him to deal with Levi?”

Garrison West regained his senses.

Soon after, Garrison West came to Jiangbei.

The moment Garrison West stepped on Jiangbei, Garrison West smiled: “Is this the world outside? It really is like a barren wilderness. Poor group of people have never seen the real world! In my eyes, only the capital is the real world!”

“Lord West, that is naturally incomparable with the capital, especially the difference is too much.”

The person next to him said.

Garrison West smiled and said, “Then I understand why Levi became arrogant and arrogant after he made a little achievement. When he rises in such an environment, he easily regards this place as heaven and earth. He doesn’t know that there are people outside the world, and there are heaven outside the world!”

“Levi is coming to me, I will show up for your wedding! A big gift is included!”

As the wedding was getting closer, Levi was still as nervous as the first time.

After all, at this wedding, he was going to confess his identity to Sarah and Logan Mann’s family.

“God of War, everything is arranged for the wedding scene! According to your instructions, there is absolutely no extravagance, but the scene is still very big!”

The Wesley who was in charge of the scene was humane.

“it is good.”

Levi nodded in satisfaction.

This time, he is going to give Sarah a wedding that he will never forget.

But it is definitely not about spending huge sums of money to create an atmosphere.

For example, the rings and necklaces he prepared for Sarah were polished little by little with bullet shells.

This is a gift he has prepared for a long time.

“Boss Qin, they will be here tonight!”

“This time the commander-in-chief of the Ninth Great War Zone and the four guardians are here. These good brothers have not seen it for a long time!”

Levi smiled: “At night, I will pick it up personally!”

The next day was the wedding, so today all relatives and friends came.

Although Mann’s Melina and others were unwilling, they still came.

Levi had promised them before that he would tell them some secrets at the wedding.

They wanted to see what surprise Levi would bring.

“Levi is not willing to marry Sarah to you when we can come! We want to see what surprises you give us at the wedding. If we are not satisfied, you still don’t want to marry Sarah!”

Melina threatened.

Dale shouted coldly: “Yes, that’s right! If you cheat us, the child in her belly will be named Logan in the future, even if the surname is Mann, he will not be named Garrison!”

They have already thought about it.

But as long as Levi dared to deceive them, there were many ways they could do it.

Levi smiled and said: “Mom and dad, all of you are mentally prepared! I’m afraid that when I say it, you can’t bear it, what should you do if you faint? After all, you are getting older.”

Melina stared at Levi fiercely: “Huh, tomorrow I need to know who you are? Can I be scared to faint?”

Everyone disagreed, and didn’t take Levi seriously.

But Levi could imagine that he revealed his identity.

A scene of a group of people kneeling down and a group of people passing out.

Chapter 1044

Sarah looked at Levi.

She is looking forward to it.

The day she was waiting finally arrived.

Her lover will trample on colorful clouds to marry her.

Ollie was the happiest person in the field, with a red face full of joy.

Being able to attend her son’s wedding was something she had never imagined in her entire life.

Melina is checking the wedding process.

“Huh? You have to attend the wedding too? You have to speak?”

Melina looked at Ollie and asked.

“Well, auntie, yes.”

Ollie nodded.

“That won’t work!”

“If you are on stage, others will know everything. What is Sarah now? What is your identity? I don’t know how many people are staring at tomorrow’s wedding? Many people want to dig out Sarah’s black material.”

“Yes, you must know that Levi has such a mother, which will cause a lot of trouble to Sarah.”

“Sarah was targeted, don’t you want to?”

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others all targeted Ollie.

“I… I understand… what should I do?”

Ollie naturally didn’t want to bring any bad things to Sarah.

“What about you, don’t go to the wedding tomorrow.”

Melina said.


Ollie hesitated for a while.

She wants to witness her son’s wedding with her own eyes.

“If you don’t agree, then your son shouldn’t marry Sarah!”

Melina has a tough tone.

“I do!”

Ollie could only agree.

Melina asked: “Well, let’s put it this way, you can’t attend the wedding! You can’t tell Levi and Sarah about this!”

“Well, auntie, I see.”

Although Ollie was aggrieved.

But for the sake of my son’s smooth marriage, I can only bear it.

“Huh! Levi’s wild mother doesn’t attend the wedding, we are not so embarrassed!”

Everyone in the Mann family laughed.

at night.

Levi went to the airport to pick people up in person.

Cross Wentao and Concubine Mann Jun came to pick up the people. They were relatives of the Mann family, and they were both big shots.

Hearing Sarah’s current worth, they took the initiative to attend the wedding.

Soon, the person they picked up arrived.

One by one dressed in jewels.

They are all good Lords.

Cross Wentao glared at Levi and said: “Levi, take a good look, all the relatives who came to the wedding behind Logan and Mann’s family are big people. What about the relatives and friends behind you? Who can I get your hands on?”

The Wesley and others at Levi’s dress are plain, and they are indeed incomparable to the wealthy relatives of Logan Mann’s family.

“I’m afraid that the person he’s here to pick up this time is just a friend of a dog friend, right?”

Concubine Mann Jun sneered.

Soon, Qin and others walked out of the airport.


Qin and others greeted excitedly.

The relatives Cross Wentao received smiled contemptuously: “Isn’t this the same flight as us? They are all in economy class!”


Mann Junfei and Cross Wentao both laughed.

The same are relatives and friends.

This is first class.

It’s in economy class over there.

The gap is too obvious!

After Qin and these people unloaded their uniforms, they were really no different from ordinary people.

Sitting in economy class again would be misunderstood.

But Mann Junfei, Cross Wentao and others would not know.

Everyone standing in front of them is a key weapon of the country.

Commander-in-chief of the Nine War Zone.

The four guardians of the Great Xia and the famous warriors of other major legions.

A single person from it was enough to make Da Xia tremble.

These dozen or twenty people stood together, enough to panic at home and abroad.

Chapter 1045

But after they unloaded their uniforms, they were the same as ordinary.

Fly in economy class at your own expense, and don’t engage in pomp.

Everything is low-key and simple.

Never use any privileges and occupy a little public resources.

This time, they came to Levi’s wedding as brothers and friends.

The relatives behind Cross Wentao said coldly: “Looking at a person, it depends on the environment and people around him. From this point of view, Sarah’s marriage is completely inappropriate!”

“Isn’t it? A big man can come behind Levi, count me as losing!”

Among the relatives and friends of Levi who came to attend the wedding, there is only one Luo Junhao who can be recognized by Melina.

Others, the Logan and Mann family really want to drive away.

Qin and the others saw that Levi was in this position at home.

A little angry.

Is the dignified God of War being bullied like this?

Got it?

No one agreed.

“Don’t worry, I will tell them everything tomorrow.”

Levi smiled and said.

Even he himself was a little looking forward to it.

After returning home.

Levi enthusiastically introduced Qin and others to Sarah and others.

“Good uncles and aunts, good sisters-in-law. I am Qin, from the West.”

“I am Wei Xiaotian, from the North.”

“I am Chu Jianghe, from the east.”

“I am Xiao Juechen, from the South.”

“I am West Hexuan and I come from Central.”

The commander-in-chief of the Nine War Zone introduced himself one by one.

The four guardians also introduced themselves.

“Morendam East Gate Muyelong.”

“Morendam Ximen Yin Tianlei.”

“Cao Gaofei at the South Gate of Great Xia.”

“Morendam North Gate Jiang Wudao.”

Morendam has nine major war zones, as well as four major gates-four gates from east to west, north to south.

The national gate is the most border guarded gate in Morendam. For thousands of years, countless invading enemies have been blocked from the four major gates.

These four are the four guardians of the Morendam State Gate, protecting Morendam’s land from foreign enemies.

Next, Levi’s other brothers also introduced themselves.

Of course it is a more obscure introduction.

Insiders know what’s going on as soon as they hear it.

But other people will be confused.

Dale looked surprised: “What are the North and South, East and West? It’s all messy!”

The same goes for plum dye.

Hearing in the mist.

Edith even had a hint of anger: “Sure enough, there are friends of all kinds of people, a group of unreliable guys!”

“Isn’t it? What kind of mess is this? People who don’t know think you are all gangsters!”

The Logan and Mann family became more and more disgusted.

Who are Levi’s relatives and friends?

Just forget the few unreliable and unpleasant ones.

Dozens of them came all at once.

Only Sarah and Ollie warmly received Qin and others.

In the evening, Mr. Qin Beishan congratulated Levi on the video.

He is too busy to get away at the moment.

“Old Qin, I will visit the capital in person in a while, and I will find you at that time, haha.”

After hanging up Qin’s video, Xiao Qin called and congratulated Levi.

It stands to reason that she is here to attend the wedding.

It’s just that because of what happened last time, Xiao Qin still didn’t come.

“Where are you?”

Levi asked.

“I am in the capital.”

Xiao Qin answered truthfully.

Originally, she was in Jianghai to avoid Levi.

But then she heard about Levi in Jiangbei many times, so she went directly from Jianghai to the capital.

“Okay, I will visit you if I have a chance.”

Next, there were many people who couldn’t come to congratulate Levi.

No words for a night.

The wedding officially began on the second day.

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