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Chapter 1040

Lawrence and Mona looked at Xavion.

The eyes are filled with relief and joy.

This is their pride!

This is their son!

Known as the genius with the strongest blood in a thousand years.

At birth, he is a Lord.

After acquired training, it is even more surprising.

“Okay, Xavion, you can go to the South! These years have trapped you in the capital and restrict your development. You can go outside!”

Lawrence said.

The main reason is that Lawrence’s status is too noble.

Even in the capital, wherever he moves, there are thousands of people guarding him.

This is Garrison Family’s baby.

They didn’t want Lawrence to go outside for fear of danger.

Mona nodded: “Yes, let Xavion go outside! Let the group of frogs at the bottom of the well know what a genius is!”

Immediately, she changed her words: “However, Xavion’s safety must be guaranteed!”

“Well, on the basis of the original, I will send ten times more Lords to protect him! Make sure he doesn’t have any accidents!”

Lawrence said.

Mona was relieved: “I will ask my father to apply again, and I will call out a batch of the Lords of the Long Family and provide them to Xavion.”

Xavion smiled: “Parents, you don’t believe in my abilities too much. With my strength alone, I can absolutely suppress the entire South from raising its head! You don’t need to send someone to protect me!”

“Why don’t we not know your strength when we are parents? Absolutely the first person in the younger generation! But your identity is special, you carry the background of the first family and the second family. You must have nothing to do! There must be no risks!”

Lawrence said.

“Father, I understand! Just wait for the good news!”

“Levi will get married soon, and I will give him a big gift at the wedding!”

Xavion smiled sadly.

“Okay, we wait for you to resolve this matter! You have to let him understand that he is not qualified to laugh at the Garrison Family in this life! Not to mention the ability to step into the Family’s gate!”

Lawrence laughed.

“Mother, what’s the matter with the butler?”

Seeing the housekeeper next to him, Xavion asked curiously.

Mona told him everything.

After listening, Xavion walked to Yariwan with a gloomy expression.


Step on the broken arm with one foot.

Immediately, blood came out.


Yariwan screamed.

He looked at Xavion with a pale face.

This is a more ruthless person than Lawrence!

Completely inherited the cruel side of Lawrence and Mona.

Fall into his hands, life is not better than death!

His fate has been foreseen.

It’s better to die.


Suddenly Yariwan got up and wanted to hit him to death.


But Xavion kicked him away.

“You want to fight me? Impossible! In my hands, you have no chance to die!”

Xavion smiled.

“No! Young Lord Lawrence please give me a happy one! I would like to embrace death!”

Garrison began to beg for mercy.

It’s just that Lawrence looked cold.

Xavion let out a perverted smile: “Don’t, why are you dead? How good is it to be alive?”

“Calculated like this, you are Levi’s savior?”

“You have to wait for Levi to save you! You said that if I tell Levi that you are his savior, will he come to save you?”

Xavion turned his head to look at Lawrence and the two: “Parents, I am taking the housekeeper away, and I will use him to deal with Levi.”

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