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Chapter 1046

“Mom, what are you talking about? Are you not attending the wedding anymore?”

Levi and the two looked at Ollie incredulously.

Ollie mumbled: “Yes, I’m not feeling well, so you won’t attend your wedding.”

“Mom, are you okay?”

Both Levi and Sarah were anxious.

“It’s okay, I’m a little uncomfortable, you guys hurry up and prepare.”

Ollie shook her head.

“Hurry up, there are a lot of things over there. She won’t participate if she doesn’t participate!”

Melina said coldly.

Levi didn’t care much either.

After they left, Melina smiled: “That’s right, it’s good for everyone if you don’t attend the wedding!”

“Isn’t it, you are going to the wedding, we must be ashamed.”

“We, Logan and Mann, have to face this level of weddings!”

Faced with the accusations of Logan and Mann’s family, Ollie could only endure silently.

She hid in the corner, silently watching the wedding scene.

My son’s wedding, but I have to secretly witness…

On the eve of the wedding, all guests from all parties entered.

Many media reporters even came.

This was not arranged by Levi.

They were dyed from plums.

After all, Sarah is now a well-known entrepreneur, and her wedding will definitely be followed up and reported.

Melina and the others gathered together, looked at the guests and sighed: “Cheap Levi has come to this kid!”

“Now it’s useless to say anything else! I can only hope that Levi can give us a little surprise!”

Dale shook his head: “My parents, I advise you not to hold too much hope! With my understanding of Levi, he will not have any surprises for us,”

“Hey, wait and see! There is no way!”

Sarah was overjoyed, but the relatives behind her were not happy.

Today, Levi is dressed in a red wedding dress, his figure is simply too suitable.

“God of War, another suit is also ready.”

Wesley said by the side.

The other set of clothes naturally refers to Levi’s five-star Ares uniform!

The only military uniform of Morendam Country with five stars!

At that time, he will appear in front of Sarah in the most perfect posture.

Tell her-this is your husband!

Even the four Azure Dragons will wear military uniforms.

This is the costume to attend.

“Okay, let me know to change when halfway through!”

On the other side, Sarah wore a big red wedding dress with unique Morendam characteristics.

The beauty is suffocating and stunning.

According to Levi’s statement-Morendam people have to follow Morendam characteristics if they don’t come to the West.

Sarah came out and the audience cheered.

They sighed in their hearts that a flower was really stuck on the cow dung.

It’s a pity for Sarah to marry Levi.

“Hey! Sorry! Originally Sarah shouldn’t marry him!”

Dale kept beating the table.

“Isn’t it? Look at the relatives and friends behind Levi? Which one can you get your hands on?”

Doug shouted angrily.

Melina and Mann Jianguo were even more angry.

Today Levi can’t give a surprise.

They must have a statement.

At this moment, hundreds of cars suddenly came outside, and stopped mightily.

Every car is also a top luxury car.

This kind of battle frightened many people, and Doug and them were all stunned.

Doug wondered: “Which relative is this? Why am I not impressed?”

Melina also shook their heads: “We don’t seem to have such relatives?”

Chapter 1047

The next moment, the car door opened, and countless gentlemen and celebrities got off the car and came to the wedding scene.

“Jiang Hai, Frank Xiangqian, on behalf of the Frank Jia, congratulate Mr. Levi and Ms. Sarah on their happy wedding!”

“Jiang Hai and Austin Xuanming congratulate on behalf of the Austin family…”

“Jiang Hai Qiao Huihuang, congratulations on behalf of the Qiao family…”

These people revealed their identities as soon as they came up.


Hearing this, Melina and others went crazy.

This this this…

The top ten kings in Jianghai are here!

Even old Frank came here in person!

This card is too good.

But this is just the beginning.

Congratulations from the quasi-royal family and the big giants.

The top families equivalent to the entire Jianghai came to congratulate one after another.

This…what’s the situation?

The Logan and Mann family looked at each other.

They don’t even know these people.

And also not qualified to know.

Congratulations on all…

Is it because of Levi?

“Jiang Hai Porter’s family come to congratulate…”

Finally, Brandon, Regina and a large number of people came one after another.

Today, Levi still welcomes them.

When they saw Levi come together with celebrities like Jiang Hai, Melina and others went crazy.

This is the surprise Levi gave them?

That’s too much!

“Where is Ollie?”

Brandon searched around.

Someone said: “My mother’s family is embarrassed for abandoning Miss Porter, and deliberately prevents her from attending the wedding!”

Upon hearing this, Levi and Brandon were both angry.

Especially Brandon roared: “What? My daughter of Brandon is not qualified to attend the wedding? What status are you all? Have my daughter noble?”

Hearing this, Melina and others understood.

It turns out that Levi’s wild mother has a great background!

It turned out to be the daughter of Brandon, the Jianghai royal family!

It turns out that Levi is this identity.

No wonder he was surprised.

But for the Logan and Mann family, the Porter family is something they cannot look up to.

This surprise is enough.

But how did they know that compared to the real surprise Levi had prepared.

Porter family status is nothing…

“Hurry up and invite Miss Porter out. How can we prevent her from attending the wedding? Nothing!”

Melina and others immediately invited Ollie out enthusiastically.

Fortunately, Ollie doesn’t make any accounting.

“My family really didn’t expect you to be in this kind of status? You told us earlier!”

Dale, Edith, Melina and many others took a 180-degree turn in their attitude towards Ollie.

Dale even patted Levi on the shoulder and said, “Levi, this surprise you gave is too much!”

“You are worthy of Sarah! Completely worthy, we used to underestimate you.”

Logan and Mann said in a rush.

Levi’s status as Porter’s grandson is too much.

It was beyond their imagination that the top 100 Jianghai giants came to celebrate in person.

This week, the status of the family is so good.

However, the Jianghai Hundred Clan is not at all looking at the Porter family’s face, or that the Porter family is not qualified.

They came to Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “Parents, this is not a surprise, the real surprise is yet to come.”

Levi was happy.

If this is a surprise, then the requirements are too low, right?

“Oh? Is there a surprise?”

Dale and others’ eyes lit up fiercely, very excited.

Melina is also looking forward to it.

Does Levi have other identities?

Or maybe there are other big people here to attend the wedding?

Chapter 1048

“I said King’s Landing is okay, you still blocked me back then.”

“See it now? He deserves it, I approve of King’s Landing!”

Dale sneered and ridiculed others.

“Yes, who is not optimistic about the kid in King’s Landing?”

The Logan and Mann family have completely changed their rhetoric.

Just because of Levi’s status as the grandson of Porter’s family.

There will be such a big change.

Sarah listened uncomfortably beside her.

She didn’t want Levi to rely on this kind of identity, and she wanted to see his own efforts.

But it happened that the family recognized this set…

Sarah looked at Levi’s profile, hoping that the surprise he brought to himself was because of his hard work.

Instead of relying on others…

If Levi’s so-called surprise is like this.

Sarah will be very disappointed.

Then Fu Canglong, the leader of the Southern Alliance, and the four heavenly kings came to celebrate.

This makes Logan and Mann’s family even more excited.

It is the existence they look up to.

Next, someone appeared again.

It turned out to be Marshall from the Garrison Family of Tianfu and his children and grandchildren.


A character of this identity arrived and crushed everything.

Even Old Frank and the others couldn’t sit still.

One after another came forward to say hello.

This identity is terrible.

Melina and others all had their legs trembling, as if they had been injected with lead, they couldn’t move at all.

The surprises are too big one by one, right?

That is the royal family level, surpassing the royal family.

Also congratulated Levi?

What is his identity?

Sure enough, the surprise is behind!

Dale wiped his cold sweat: “Levi, you are really amazing. In the future, you will have the final say on all matters of the family!”

“Yes, everything about Logan and Mann’s family will be left to you in the future.”

Doug and Mann Jianguo agreed.

At this time, all the snobs were fully reflected.

Just not let Ollie attend the wedding…

Only Sarah and Ollie were uncomfortable in the field.

The two looked at each other and sighed.

It would not be a good thing that someone from the Garrison Family in Tianfu would come.

They didn’t know the relationship between the Garrison Family of Tianfu and Levi, they just assumed it was sent by the Garrison Clan of Jingcheng.

Sarah wouldn’t take this as a surprise at all.

Levi smiled and said, “Dad, this is not a surprise I prepared yet, far away!”

“This kid, why isn’t this a surprise? This is the royal family! The royal family has come to celebrate! What more surprises?”

Dale laughed.

Levi also smiled.

Marshall’s identity is nothing at all.

Over there, Qin, the commander-in-chief of the nine major war zones and the four guardians, which one does not crush the audience?

“Levi said that there are surprises, what do you suspect, just wait.”

Melina glared at Dale.

Both Logan and Mann looked forward to the surprise behind Levi.

Sarah is also looking forward to it.

She didn’t want Levi to prepare such surprises.

She wanted to see Levi’s surprise with both hands.

Soon all the guests arrived.

The wedding is about to begin.

And on the other side of Jiangbei.

Garrison West also went out.

“According to the time, the wedding has almost started, and it happened to be able to catch up in the past!”

Garrison West smiled.

“Yes, Lord West!”


“Are all the gifts ready?”

Garrison West asked.

“It’s all complete!”

The corner of Garrison West’s mouth showed a strange arc: “Levi, I think you must like the gift I prepared for you? Hahahaha…”

“Happy wedding!”

Garrison West laughed presumptuously.

Chapter 1049

At this time, Garrison West received a call from Lawrence.

“West’er, I heard that today is his wedding?”

Lawrence asked.

“Yeen, I’m about to go to the wedding.”

Garrison West answered.

There was silence for a while, and Lawrence said: “Resolve it as peacefully as possible, don’t cause death, if he persuades the Garrison family, you can let him go! After all, many people know about his existence, so rashly Killing is bad for the Garrison family.”

“Father, rest assured, I will prepare a great gift for this wild species, and I will let him kneel at my feet and struggle. It is not easy for him to beg for mercy. People have to pay pain for their words and deeds. At a price.”

Garrison West said coldly.

“Well, watch and deal with it yourself! I am mainly afraid that the influence will not be good. As for this person, I didn’t see it in my eyes and let you handle it.”

Lawrence hung up after speaking.

In this wedding, Sarah’s relatives and friends did not change much.

But Levi is too rich here.

A lot more people.

Mother, sister and a large number of brothers.

Only the brother Erick was missing, but his parents also came personally.

For Levi, this wedding was a complete success.

Enough to make up for the regret six years ago.

The same is true for Sarah.

The wedding ceremony officially began.

Sarah took Dale’s arm and walked in front of Levi.

The two hugged tightly.


At this moment, the two teams of men in black suits came to the court at a uniform pace.

There were still people pushing artillery carts behind.

Of course it’s a firework cannon car.

These people are from the Celestial Dragon Legion led by Tatsuno.

After they set up the battle.


Tatsuno gave an order.

Fireworks shot into the air one after another.

The momentum is huge.

The atmosphere on site is particularly full.

Compared with six years ago, Sarah is more satisfied.

She burst into tears of joy.

“My wife, don’t get excited, the real surprise is yet to come.”

Levi wiped the tears on Sarah.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

Plum dyed.

The wedding process is going on.

The Logan and Mann families below are getting more and more impatient.

When will the surprise Levi really prepares?

They can’t wait…

The wedding process is halfway through.

“Next, let us all listen to the bridegroom’s true love confession!”

The host handed the microphone to Levi.

After receiving the microphone, Levi first greeted everyone.

Finally, he turned his gaze on Sarah.

“Sarah, thank you, accompany me to this step!”

Levi held Sarah’s hand.

“You have suffered so much and wronged over the years, I know it all!”

“Even if I came back down, you didn’t look down on me at all, just want me to rise again! I am satisfied with you in this life.”

Listen, Sarah is already crying.

“Sarah, I understand better. You don’t want me to rely on anyone’s help, but you want me to rely on my hands to give you a huge surprise.”

“Now I tell you, this surprise is coming! Please wait for a moment!”

“I will tell you when I come back, your man can rule the world!”

There was a short timeout in the field.

Levi and Wesley went to the locker room.

Everyone put on their military uniforms.

At this moment, Levi’s majesty returned.

Levi also took the prepared gift in his hand.

Chapter 1050

Wesley and Alton arranged military uniforms for Levi.

The four people stood by and saluted one after another.

Levi returned the gift.

Since they put on this dress, their identities have changed.

It’s not just that they come to change clothes.

Even Qin and others came to change their clothes.

After all, Levi wants to give Sarah the biggest surprise!

The man she was waiting for was already the God of War of Great Xia, protecting the country God of War.

When Levi and others changed their clothes, the Logan and Mann families were waiting too anxiously.

“Why are you here? What surprises are you preparing for?”

Dale was so nervous and panting.

The others are not much better.

Even Porter Family, Tianfu Garrison Family’s level is not a surprise.

What else is a surprise?

They can’t imagine.

Everyone is waiting for a dry mouth.

The plum dye waiting on the stage was the most tormented.

Obviously it was a few minutes, for her at this moment, it was like centuries passed.

It’s too painful to wait.

Mann and Marshall, who probably knew the truth, were also looking forward to it.

Later, Levi will definitely appear as the God of War.

I’m afraid that the whole audience will be frying pan by then.

Although Ollie and others were excited, she vaguely felt that something was going to happen.

After all, the Garrison Family knew about this.

In the villa.

Levi and his party all changed into military uniforms.

“Come, line up!”

Levi gave an order, and everyone lined up into two teams.

Levi stood in the middle.

“Listen to my orders and go!”


Everyone kicked their feet and headed to the wedding scene.


At this moment, there was movement outside.

Cars parked outside.

Many people got off the car.

Headed by it was Garrison West.

At this moment, there are already thousands of people around the Royal Palace Villa.

After all, Garrison West’s safety must be guaranteed.

Everyone at the wedding was attracted by the movement outside, and everyone stood up and looked outside.

“What? Is anyone coming to the wedding at this time?”

Everyone is very confused.

“Or is this a surprise that Levi prepared for us?”

Dale and others couldn’t bear it, and stood up to greet them.


But after Ollie and others heard this movement, their faces changed drastically.

The time to come is finally here.

Can’t hide.

“I’m not late, am I?”

At this time, a voice rang out in the field.

Everyone looked over.

I saw a handsome young man walking slowly, followed by dozens of people.

All are Lords of top Lords.

“Who is this?”

Doubts in everyone’s hearts.

At this moment, Marshall and others stepped forward and said, “Marshall, see Lord Garrison West!”

“Lord Garrison West?”

Everyone is still confused.

After all, this level is not accessible at all.

Dale leaned forward and smiled and said, “Lord, are you also here for my son-in-law?”

“Yes, it is. I came to Levi’s wedding and prepared a super gift for him!”

Garrison West said with a smile.

“Please come! Please!”

Everyone greeted Garrison West and his party into the arena.

Although I don’t know Garrison West’s identity.

But looking at all aspects of Garrison West’s dress and temperament, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Identity absolutely crushes the audience.

No one has this battle alone.

Garrison West did not sit down, but came to the stage, took the microphone from the host, smiled, and asked, “Where is Levi?”

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