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Chapter 1051

After hearing this voice, the team who had just walked out of the villa stopped immediately.

“what’s the situation?”

Levi had already noticed a trace of danger.

Owen carefully perceives everything around him.

He sucked in a cold breath and said, “Lord, there are all Lords around! This place is already surrounded!”

“Well, it’s true, there are at least a thousand people, and the number is estimated to be increasing.”

Qin said.

The killing gods on the battlefield had already sensed the existence of Garrison West’s guards.

“What’s the situation in front of Suzaku?”

Levi asked.

“Marshall calls him Lord Garrison West, it should be Garrison West.”

Suzaku answered.

“Okay, I understand.”

Levi approached.

“Then we just kill it now?”

Qin asked.

“No, let’s change the clothes back to what I just did. For the time being, I don’t want to expose my identity to Garrison West. I will show my identity when I hit the door of the Garrison family! Exposing my identity is not appropriate now.”

Qin was surprised: “Huh? Boss! You don’t want the Garrison family to know your identity, but you have promised to surprise your sister-in-law. Do you still want to hide your sister-in-law?”

The others also looked at Levi suspiciously.

“Hey, there is no way. You can only tell Sarah next time.”

“What’s more, Garrison West will never sincerely congratulate my wedding!”

Levi sighed.

“Okay, everyone change clothes!”

Soon everyone changed back to their original clothes.

on the stage.

“While Levi hasn’t come yet, let me introduce my identity to everyone!”

“My name is Garrison West, from the Garrison Clan in Beijing!”

Hearing this, everyone only heard that Garrison West and Levi had the same surname.

Nothing else special.

After all, everyone has no access to the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

Even Frank Lao wouldn’t know much.

Only Ollie and Sarah were scared.

Garrison West smiled when he saw the confused reaction of everyone.

Sure enough, it was a group of wild people.

Ignorance, too ignorant.

Even their Garrison Clan don’t know?

Only Levi, who grew up in this environment, could be so arrogant.

Don’t pay attention to Garrison Family.


A group of frogs sitting on the well and watching the sky…

Garrison West sneered and said: “You may not understand the Garrison Clan, let me tell you, Irving Garrison, a servant of my Garrison family, suppressed the entire Jianghai for nearly 30 years.”

Hearing this, everyone took a cold breath and asked Jiang Hai’s family for confirmation.

Old Frank and the others nodded one after another, that’s what happened.

Everyone was stunned.

How powerful is this Garrison Family?

“My Jingcheng Garrison Clan is also known as the first family in Morendam, the head of the ten thousand clan!”

Garrison West said.


With a clear concept, everyone will be frightened.

Dale and others gradually reacted.

Isn’t Levi also surnamed Garrison?

Is it related to the Garrison Clan in Beijing?

Could this be the ultimate surprise Levi prepared for them?

“Is Levi a member of the Garrison Clan in Beijing?”

Dale asked with a look of ecstasy.

Everyone looked at Garrison West hopefully.

Garrison West smiled and said, “No, he is not qualified to be a member of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.”

Sure enough, these people are all lowly inferior people.

Still want to take off with Levi?


How does the low-level person who came out of this environment compare to him?


Dale and others looked disappointed.

At this time, Levi returned here with someone.

“Garrison West, you are so bold, who gave you the courage to let you come to my wedding?”

Levi roared.

Chapter 1052

Levi looked over, and Garrison West looked over.

The two eyes met, sparks flickered.

In the small space, the eyes looked like thousands of sharp swords collided fiercely.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

This was the first time Levi met Garrison West.

The two half-brothers confronted each other like old enemies.

A familiar and unfamiliar feeling came to my heart.

“Huh? Dare to look at the young Lord? Looking for death!!!”

The Lords around Garrison West refused to agree, and immediately wanted to kill Levi.

In the capital, on the site of the Garrison family.

No one had dared to look at Garrison West like this.

Looking at Garrison West in this way is disrespectful.

If you don’t respect Garrison West, you are dead.

This is the rule of the Garrison family.

All must comply.


At this time, Garrison West waved his hand to stop the guard.

Garrison West looked at Levi and said, “What about you, worse than I thought!”

“Especially when I see the environment you are in and the people you are in contact with, it makes me even more disappointed!”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips: “You let me down too! You’re just a little kid!”

Although Levi was only two years older than Garrison West.

But his experience in the past six years is beyond the reach of many people in their entire lives.

Even someone with rich experience like Garrison West can still only look up.

So Garrison West seemed to him really like a kid.

Too naive!

Still want to fight him?

He is really not interested at all.

Maybe only Lawrence, Garrison Kuanglan and the like can still catch your eye.

“This is the younger generation of the Garrison family?”

Levi Lin Tan Tan Tan Shou.


Garrison West laughed instead of anger.

“Okay, I heard that you Levi was extremely arrogant, and I saw it today!”

Garrison West’s guards also laughed.

But they were all laughing at Levi.

A wild species looks down on Garrison West?

Is your brain flooded?

Sure enough, people who live in such a place don’t know what heaven and earth are.

The vision is too narrow.

Achievements in this life are also limited.

He is not qualified to enter the Garrison family.

Garrison West stared at Levi carefully and asked, “But are you really capable of saying this to me?”


Just as Levi was about to say, Luo Junhao stopped him immediately.

“Brother, don’t talk nonsense! This is Lord West! You know too little about the Garrison Family, listen to me, don’t irritate him!”

Even good brother Jiang Jingming persuaded: “Jun Lin Ren Yi Ren, he is someone we can’t afford.”

Ollie also came to Levi’s side, making him tolerate temporarily.

When Garrison West saw this, he laughed and said, “Sure enough, there are still smart people. I know that the Garrison family is great!”

“Levi, they are right. I am someone you can’t afford. You know too little about the Garrison Family. As long as you know a little bit more, you will never say anything like arrogance.”

Garrison West looked condescendingly.

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes, and there was a cold arc in the corner of his mouth.

Ollie grabbed him tightly.

“Son, don’t! We can’t afford to provoke it, forbearance!”

At this time, Garrison West’s eyes suddenly fell on Ollie.

“You are Ollie! Tsk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk my father’s eyes were really not so good at the beginning. Or he was blind, how can he look at you?”

“Oh, I see, you must be trying to seduce my father?”

After saying this, Garrison West suddenly felt the temperature around him drop sharply.

Chapter 1053

For an instant, Garrison West seemed to be in the northernmost ice field.

Such as falling into the ice cave.

The strands of cold air penetrated into the body.

This is not a feeling.

It is substantial.

Everyone present can feel the temperature change.

Looking at it, Levi was angry.

Garrison West said this to his mother in front of him.

Just die!

Seeing Levi’s appearance, Garrison West couldn’t help but smiled and said, “What? Are you angry? Is this true? If Ollie hadn’t seduce my father, how could my father fall and you?”

“Why are you wild! It’s hilarious!”

Garrison West’s guards laughed.

“You are looking for death, know?”

Levi suddenly lowered his voice and said in a low voice.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in his eyes.

“Boss, don’t… this is… your wedding…”

Qin and others who were familiar with Levi understood that Levi was really angry.

Garrison West, this kid is considered to have offended Levi’s inverse scale.

According to Levi’s temper on the battlefield, he would definitely slaughter him clean.

None of Garrison West could leave.

But this is a wedding.

Levi can’t mess around.

Sarah and Ollie also clutched Levi tightly.

I was afraid that he would do something impulsive.

“Shinichiren, this is your wedding! Don’t have an accident!”

Hearing this, Levi held back.

He also didn’t want blood to flow in his wedding with Sarah.

“Why? Angry? Want to kill me?”

Garrison West smiled.

Sure enough, he was an uncomfortable character, so one or two sentences irritated him.

Don’t look at who you are facing?

I am Garrison West!

The prince of the first family of Morendam!

At this time everyone has gradually understood.

Levi is really a member of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

It’s just an illegitimate child.


This is indeed a huge surprise!

Instead of panic and anger, Melina and others were ecstatic.

What about Garrison’s ba5tard?

That’s also the Jingcheng Garrison family.

Perhaps the Garrison family is not welcome in the capital, but as soon as the Garrison family has the identity, doesn’t Levi want the wind to get the wind, and the rain to get the rain?

If nothing else, it’s not a matter of a word to let the Logan and Mann family stand on the top in the south.

It’s really a surprise.

It turns out that Levi really didn’t lie to them.

“The surprise you gave to you in King’s Landing is so much. It turns out that you are a member of the Garrison Clan in Beijing!”

Dale almost gave Levi a thumbs up.

“A member of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng? Hahaha…who said that?”

Garrison West smiled.

“Isn’t he your brother? He is a member of the Garrison family in Jingcheng.”

Dale said blankly.

Two cold glows shot into Garrison West’s eyes: “We Garrison Family don’t admit it! Not all cats and dogs can enter the door of Garrison Family! He is just a wild species! What qualifications does he have?

“Ah? This young Lord, can’t it? Why don’t you have the right to enter the Garrison Family’s gate. My son-in-law has at least the Garrison Family’s blood?”

Dale and others all looked at Garrison West expectantly.

“Yes, yes, this young Lord begs you, let my son-in-law enter the Garrison family! He is actually quite capable and can make a contribution to the Garrison family.”

Melina and the others quickly pleaded in order to be able to climb the mountain of Yejia in Beijing.

Almost knelt down.

How can they let go of such a golden opportunity?

Garrison West touched his nose and smiled: “It’s not impossible for Levi to enter the Garrison family, but the conditions must be met…”

Chapter 1054

Melina quickly asked: “Ah? What are the conditions? Lord West, please tell me!”

Everyone looked at Garrison West curiously.

Garrison West looked at Levi and smiled: “I want Levi to kneel in front of me and beg me! If you can kneel for half a day, then plead with me. Maybe I will let you go, and even let you enter the Garrison family. !”

“Either you Levi has enough strength to be recognized by all the Garrison Clan in the capital, so that you are eligible to enter the Garrison family.”

Hearing another condition, everyone simply ignores it.

Want to be approved by all Garrison Clan people in Beijing?

How much did that get?

How could Levi!

His highest ceiling was the King’s Landing Group six years ago.

But in front of the Garrison Family, the King’s Landing Group is not even an ant.

So in everyone’s opinion, there is only one way for Levi to enter the Garrison family: kneel down and plead.

Although this approach is somewhat humiliating.

But in order to enter the Garrison family, this humiliation is nothing.

To be honest, if you can enter Garrison’s house, you can eat shi, let alone kneel down and say a few soft words.

This is the opinion of most people present.

Once you become a recognized member of the Garrison family, you will become the supreme Lord, and you will enjoy endless prosperity and wealth.

This is nothing at all.

Everyone even wants to be Levi.

Kneel down to Garrison West immediately.

Melina stared at Garrison West and asked, “Lord West has to say something. If you want Levi to kneel for you and beg you, can you agree to the promise just now?”

“Hahaha, that’s natural! What’s my identity, Garrison West? My words must be mysticism!”

Garrison West laughed and said, “Besides that so many people are watching, will I harm the Garrison Family’s face?”

“That’s great!”

Melina cried out of excitement.

It turns out that the opportunity to climb to the top of the family is at your fingertips.

At this time, Melina, Doug and others looked at Levi: “What are you doing in a daze? Kneel down to Lord West!”

“Yeah, this kid doesn’t have any eyesight? Kneel down! Lord West said, as long as you kneel down and beg for mercy, he will let you enter the Garrison family!”

Facing the urging of everyone.

Levi didn’t move, staring at Garrison West all the time.

“You don’t pretend Levi. I know you are very eager to enter the Garrison family. It’s about this time. What else can you pretend? I tell you, there is only one chance, and there is nothing to miss!

“Furthermore, once you kneel down and beg for mercy, I will also write off the mistakes you made before! You don’t want your mother’s wife to have an accident because of you, do you?”

Garrison West said.

Sarah looked at Levi nervously.

She was afraid that Levi would kneel down for Garrison West.

What a proud man he is.

If he kneels, Sarah will have to consider whether he can get married.

At that time she would look down on Levi.

She also believed that Levi would not kneel down.

But the situation is different now.

In the face of powerful Garrison West, Levi will be soft for her and her mother.

She is worried…

“What are you waiting for in King’s Landing? Kneel down and get soft, nothing is going on.”

Luo Junhao and Jiang Jingming also persuaded.

In the eyes of almost everyone, Levi can use everything at the top as long as he kneels and kowtows.

In everyone’s opinion, kneeling is nothing…

But how do they understand.

In Levi’s eyes, this is dignity!

Comparable to the dignity of Morendam Mountains and rivers!

This life worships heaven and earth, worships parents.

How can you surrender to others?

Chapter 1055

Levi was still standing, without any intention of kneeling down.

Dale and others were anxious, they wanted to press Levi on the ground.

Garrison West looked at Levi and asked, “Are you kneeling or not?”

“Levi, what are you thinking about? Kneel down!”

Melina urged loudly.

Just as Levi was about to speak, Ollie stepped forward and said, “Lord Garrison West, can I kneel for you?”

“Our family doesn’t want to enter the Garrison family. I can’t even think about this extravagant hope. I only ask the Garrison family to let us go and stop embarrassing us! We promise that we won’t cause any trouble to the Garrison family!”

After a brief contact, Melina knew that Levi was a man with arrogance in his bones.

Never bend your spine!

I will not kneel down to others!

So she is willing to kneel for her son.


When Garrison West saw this scene, he smiled.

“Really? Are you willing to kneel for Levi?”

Garrison West asked.

“As long as Lord Garrison West promises to let us go, I am willing to kneel and kowtow for you!”

Ollie said.

As a mother.

She has taken dignity very lightly.

Her only belief is that Levi and Sarah are living well.

So let her do anything.

This is a mother.

For the sake of children, willing to give everything selflessly.

“Okay, you can kneel down, it’s the same who you and Levi kneel down.”

“As long as you kneel in front of me and kowtow, I will let you go.”

Garrison West smiled abnormally.

He likes the feeling of playing with people between applause.

He knew that for Levi, letting Ollie kneel in front of him would be more humiliating than kneeling himself.

After all, no one would stand by and watch his mother suffer humiliation.

Especially Levi who is extremely arrogant.

The more I feel the shame.

Garrison West looked at Levi with a sneer and said, “Levi, your mother is about to kneel down for me, do you want to watch it?”

“But the effect is the same. If your mother or you kneel down on me, I will let you go! Even I can let you into the Garrison family!”

Garrison West was actually stimulating Levi.

“If Levi doesn’t kneel, your mother will do the same. Kneel down and kowtow!”

Melina and others hurriedly urged.

Others also persuaded.

As long as Ollie knelt down, this matter would be easy to handle.

Levi might not be able to fall down, and could not kneel down.

But what face does Ollie have?

Kneel down quickly.

“Can’t kneel!”

Brandon, Regina and others hurriedly dissuaded Ollie.

How could the mother of the dignified God of War kneel to other people?

“Is your Porter family really going to fight my Garrison family to the end?”

Garrison West sneered.

“Miss Porter can’t kneel! Never kneel!”

At this time, Frank Lao and other big families in Jianghai also blocked the road.

Resolutely not let Ollie kneel down.

Garrison West saw everything in his eyes: “Well, all of your Jianghai families are crazy, right? I will find you one by one to settle the accounts!”

Garrison West looked at Ollie again and said: “My patience is limited. I count three and two to one. If you don’t kneel down, you won’t have a chance.”

“Lord Garrison West is not allowed, I advise you, you leave as soon as possible. After all, this is someone’s wedding!”

Marshall stepped forward to persuade.

He was really afraid that Garrison West would die here.

“Hahahaha…wedding? I just want to make trouble at his wedding!”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

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