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Chapter 1049

At this time, Xavion received a call from Lawrence.

“Xavion, I heard that today is his wedding?”

Lawrence asked.

“Father, I’m about to go to the wedding.”

Xavion answered.

There was silence for a while, and Lawrence said: “Resolve it as peacefully as possible, don’t cause death, if he persuades the Garrison family, you can let him go! After all, many people know about his existence, so rashly Killing is bad for the family.”

“Father, rest assured, I will prepare a great gift for this wild species, and I will let him kneel at my feet and struggle. It is not easy for him to beg for mercy. People have to pay pain for their words and deeds. A price.”

Xavion said coldly.

“Well, watch and deal with it yourself! I am mainly afraid that the influence will not be good. As for this person, I didn’t see it in my eyes and let you handle it.”

Lawrence hung up after speaking.

At this wedding, Sarah’s relatives and friends did not change much.

But Levi is too rich here.

A lot more people.

Mother, sister, and a large number of brothers.

Only the brother Erick was missing, but his parents also came personally.

For Levi, this wedding was a complete success.

Enough to make up for the regret six years ago.

The same is true for Sarah.

The wedding ceremony officially began.

Sarah took Dale’s arm and walked in front of Levi.

The two hugged tightly.


At this moment, the two teams of men in black suits came to the court at a uniform pace.

There were still people pushing artillery carts behind.

Of course it’s a firework cannon car.

These people are from the Celestial Dragon Legion led by Hanson.

After they set up the show.


Hanson gave an order.

Fireworks shot into the air one after another.

The momentum is huge.

The atmosphere on site is particularly full.

Compared with six years ago, Sarah is more satisfied.

She burst into tears of joy.

“My wife, don’t get excited, the real surprise is yet to come.”

Levi wiped the tears on Sarah.

“Well, I’m waiting.” Sarah.

The wedding process is going on.

The Logan and Mann families below are getting more and more impatient.

When will the surprise Levi really prepare?

They can’t wait…

The wedding process is halfway through.

“Next, let us all listen to the bridegroom’s true love confession!”

The host handed the microphone to Levi.

After receiving the microphone, Levi first greeted everyone.

Finally, he turned his gaze on Sarah.

“Sarah, thank you, for accompanying me to this step!”

Levi held Sarah’s hand.

“You have suffered so much and wronged over the years, I know it all!”

“Even if I came back down, you didn’t look down on me at all, just wanted me to rise again! I am satisfied with you in this life.”

Listen, Sarah is already crying.

“Sarah, I understand better. You don’t want me to rely on anyone’s help, but you want me to rely on my hands to give you a huge surprise.”

“Now I tell you, this surprise is coming! Please wait for a moment!”

“I will tell you when I come back, your man can rule the world!”

There was a short timeout in the field.

Levi and others went to the locker room.

Everyone put on their military uniforms.

At this moment, Levi’s majesty returned.

He also took the prepared gift in his hand.

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