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Chapter 1050

Wesley and Alton arranged military uniforms for Levi.

The four people stood by and saluted one after another.

Levi returned the gift.

Since they put on this dress, their identities have changed.

It’s not just that they come to change clothes.

Even Kim and others came to change their clothes.

After all, Levi wants to give Sarah the biggest surprise!

The man she was waiting for was already the God of War of Great Velador, protecting the country, being God of War.

When Levi and others changed their clothes, the Logan and Mann families were waiting too anxiously.

“Why are you late? What surprises are you preparing for?”

Dale was so nervous and panting.

The others are not much better.

Even Porter Family, Heavenly Garrison Family’s level is not a surprise.

What else is a surprise?

They can’t imagine.

Everyone is waiting with a dry mouth.

Sarah waiting on the stage was the most tormented.

Obviously it was a few minutes, for her at this moment, it was like centuries passed.

It’s too painful to wait.

Mann and Marshall, who probably knew the truth, were also looking forward to it.

Later, Levi will definitely appear as the God of War.

Afraid that the whole audience will be on the frying pan by then.

Although Ollie and others were excited, she vaguely felt that something was going to happen.

After all, the Garrison Family knew about this.

In the villa.

Levi and his party all changed into military uniforms.

“Come, line up!”

Levi gave an order, and everyone lined up into two teams.

Levi stood in the middle.

“Listen to my orders and go!”


Everyone kicked their feet and headed to the wedding scene.


At this moment, there was movement outside.

Cars parked outside.

Many people got off the car.

Headed by it was Xavion.

At this moment, there are already thousands of people around the Royal Palace Villa.

After all, Xavion’s safety must be guaranteed.

Everyone at the wedding was attracted by the movement outside, and stood up and looked outside.

“What? Is anyone coming to the wedding at this time?”

Everyone is very confused.

“Or is this a surprise that Levi prepared for us?”

Dale and others couldn’t bear it, and stood up to greet them.


But after Ollie and others heard this movement, their faces changed drastically.

The time to come is finally here.

Can’t hide.

“I’m not late, am I?”

At this time, a voice rang out in the field.

Everyone looked over.

They saw a handsome young man walking slowly, followed by dozens of people.

All are Masters, the top Masters.

“Who is this?”

Doubts in everyone’s hearts.

At this moment, Marshall and others stepped forward and said, “Marshall, see Lord Xavion!”

“Lord Xavion?”

Everyone is still confused.

After all, this level is not accessible at all.

Dale leaned forward and smiled and said, “Lord, are you also here for my son-in-law?”

“Yes, it is the case. I came to Levi’s wedding and prepared a super gift for him!”

Xavion said with a smile.

“Please come! Please!”

Everyone greeted Xavion and his party into the arena.

Although they don’t know Xavion’s identity.

But looking at all aspects of Xavion’s dress and temperament, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Identity absolutely crushes the audience.

No one has this display alone.

Xavion did not sit down, but came to the stage, took the microphone from the host, smiled, and asked, “Where is Levi?”

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