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Chapter 1056

Domineering and direct.

Make no secret!

He is the prince of the first family of Morendam.

Together with the second family is also under his control.

Who would dare to provoke him throughout Morendam?

So he acted unscrupulously.

No one pays attention to it.

Especially in Jiangbei.

Who can help him?

What does he dare not make at a wedding?


Marshall sighed and stepped back silently.

Persuade not to listen.

what else can we do?

Isn’t this looking for death? ?

“Ollie, don’t you kneel down?”

Melina shouted.

Whether Levi and Logan Mann’s family can fly Huang Tengda is on Ollie’s knees.

So they are more anxious than anyone else.

After all, it involves one’s own interests.

Ollie took a deep breath, and when she was about to kneel down, a big palm supported him.

“My Levi’s mother won’t kneel to anyone! Not even heaven and earth!”

Levi said coldly.

“As for me to kneel to you, it is even more impossible! If you kneel to me now, I might spare your life later!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

The audience was shocked.

Everyone looked at him incredible.

Is this an obvious provocation to Garrison West?

Want Garrison West to kneel down for him?

Are you kidding me?

Go crazy!


Garrison West laughed suddenly.

“Okay, a bit of spine! To be more arrogant and ignorant. You don’t realize how powerful the Garrison Family is and what dangers you are about to face, so those who don’t know are fearless.”

Garrison West sneered.

As for Melina, they are all disappointed.

The opportunity of Feihuang Tengda will slip away like this…

It was clearly between Levi’s thoughts.

He was abruptly let go.

“Lord Garrison West, please give me a chance? Shall we kneel down for you? Our follow-up will take care of Levi.”

Melina pleaded with a group of people.

They don’t want opportunities to pass by like this.

Garrison West looked at Levi and smiled: “Did you see? They are more reasonable than you.”

“But I tell you there is only one opportunity. I gave it, and then there is no.”

This result is unacceptable to the Logan and Mann family.


Endless disappointment!

Is Levi a fucking idiot?

Turn down such a good opportunity?

What pretend to be?

To die is to face and suffer.

Garrison West smiled and said, “Levi, you really have a backbone, but you will still kneel at my feet.”

“Garrison West, today is the day of Lao Tzu’s wedding, I don’t care too much about you, leave now!”

Levi lowered his voice as much as possible and said to Garrison West.

If it weren’t for the big wedding, he would definitely tear Garrison West to pieces in front of everyone.

He has already regretted the wedding with Sarah once.

He didn’t want to regret a second time.

So let Garrison West die first.

After the fall, settle the ledger.

“Levi, how do you drive Garrison Shao away? Are you sick?”

Melina naturally didn’t dare to offend Garrison West.

“Hey, this wedding is not suitable for me to attend. I just came to have a look and give another gift!”

Garrison West ordered: “Come here, bring me all the gifts!”

Garrison West looked at Levi and smiled: “This is a gift I carefully prepared for you. I hope you like it!”

A car drove in.

All the things lifted from the car were moved to the wedding scene.


After seeing the gift from Garrison West, everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Especially Levi…

Chapter 1057

There is no other reason.

Because of the gift from Garrison West.

They are a wreath, a coffin, and a tombstone.

Both the tombstone and the wreath are engraved with Levi’s name.

On the day of Levi’s wedding, Garrison West actually gave these three gifts.

Its sinister intentions can be imagined.


At this moment, there was silence, and the whole audience was sucking in cold air.

Everyone was shocked by Garrison West’s gift.

How can anyone get this to get married?

Sarah was also angry.

After all, her perfect marriage still has to be painted with regret.

Wesley, Alton, Qin and the others were almost furious.

Is there anyone who provokes the God of War like this?

Can’t bear it!

Resolutely can’t bear it!

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in the eyes of the hottest and most militant Owen.

His current idea is very simple-kill Garrison West, and then go to the capital to destroy this first family.

“It looks like you like gifts so much! Then I won’t disturb you getting married!”

After giving gifts and provoking Levi, Garrison West will leave.

He likes to play with dead people slowly.

Instead of solving it all at once.

He wanted to see Levi being angry, but helpless.

What he wanted was to torture Levi alive.

Even those who can’t survive and die…

He concluded that Levi was definitely going to explode now.

But he didn’t have the strength to deal with himself, so he could only endure it silently.

“Boss, let me kill this crap!”

Owen screamed madly.

This time, no one stopped Owen.

Because everyone has the same idea-kill Garrison West.

He has to pay a price for making such a mistake.

“Boss, order it! As long as you order, we promise to level the Garrison Family in Beijing!”

Qin and others pleaded.

They were so angry that they couldn’t bear it.

Especially when Garrison West was about to get in the car.

Levi’s thoughts are similar to everyone’s.

He was about to give an order, but met Sarah’s gaze.


Sarah shook his head.

She motioned to Levi not to be impulsive.

Garrison West’s purpose is simple, to provoke Levi to kill him.

In this way, he had a legitimate reason to kill Levi.

The Garrison family would not bear any infamy.

Garrison West is an extremely clever guy, and his seemingly crazy and domineering behavior is actually in his calculations.

“Let him go!”

Levi took a deep breath.


Qin and others all sighed.

“Clean up the coffin first! Remember, don’t throw it away!”

“I will use it on Garrison West!”

Levi said lightly.


A glimmer of joy and hope ignited in Owen’s eyes.

Levi is going to settle accounts after Autumn.

Let Garrison West jump for a few days…

Then the wedding continued.

Except for Garrison West’s troubles, everything else went smoothly.

“I’m sorry, Sarah, I have regrets again.”

Levi sighed.

“It’s okay! In fact, there is such a sentence, it is perfect to have regrets! I will forget about this, you have already given me a perfect wedding!”

“If you don’t convince the Garrison Family to lose this point, I’m very satisfied! I will carry it with you if there are any difficulties and dangers!”

Sarah expressed his thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kneel to anyone! I won’t be in this life! And don’t worry, the Garrison Family won’t take me to anything.”

Levi promised.

“I know this. As long as you provoke the Garrison Family, they have no reason to deal with you.”

Sarah turned to the front and asked: “By the way, what surprise you want to give me?”

Chapter 1058

“Of course there are surprises!”

Levi smiled.

Everyone below looked over.

Levi took out his homemade necklaces and rings and put them on for plum dyeing.

Sarah looked at the necklaces and rings polished from bullet shells, full of emotion.

This is more expensive than billions of necklaces and rings.

“This is my favorite gift in my life!”

Sarah clutched the necklace tightly.

Sarah looked at Levi and said, “Isn’t this the surprise you want to give me?”

Levi paved the way for this wedding.

Surprises will never come from these two gifts.

Furthermore, Levi had told them before that he was not in jail, and there must be an explanation for this matter.

“Go ahead, I hope you tell me this surprise in person, I’ve been waiting for too long, too long!”

Sarah looked at Levi expectantly.

Levi looked complicated.

If it hadn’t been for Garrison West to come to the wedding suddenly to make trouble.

Then he will tell Sarah all the secrets and identity.

After all, he even wears a military uniform…

Now the arrow is on the string and has to be sent.

If you don’t reveal anything, Sarah can’t explain it here.

“Actually I… I am the boss behind the Erick Group!”

Levi approached.

For the time being, because of the Garrison Family, he could not reveal his identity as God of War.

But the identity of the boss of Erick Group is okay.

He also knew that the Garrison Family definitely knew.


When Levi said these words, the audience was terrified.

Especially Logan and Mann’s family.

They looked at Levi with shocked expressions.

This gangster who was worthless in their eyes turned out to be the mysterious boss of the Erick Group?

That Erick Group, which is not even an opponent of Sanxing Group?

Melina was so surprised that everyone stood up…

Everyone’s bodies were shaking with excitement.

The same is true for Dale and Edith.

Thinking of the various things in Jiangbei before, Dale’s scalp exploded, and their eyes were about to fly out.

Everyone in Logan and Mann’s family looked at each other.

All sorts of abnormal behaviors of Levi and his actions that didn’t put Logan and Mann’s family in the eyes were all explained.

As the owner of the Erick Group, he does not need to fear anyone.

Especially Logan and Mann’s family, really can’t be regarded by him.

When Sarah heard this sentence.


Her body was trembling, and tears could no longer flow out of her control.

It’s like bursting a bank…

Why did the boss of Erick Group help her again and again without asking for any return?

Why Levi has been in Erick Group as a Hunzi.

Why did Natalie hesitate and conceal it after seeing the boss’s true face.

Why did Garrison Group change its name to Erick Group?

All clues indicate that Levi is the boss of Erick Group.

Except for Levi, no one in this world treated her so kindly.

In fact, when Sarah heard that Levi was about to surprise herself, she vaguely guessed it.

After all, there were too many abnormal clues before.

Especially Natalie’s abnormal behavior after knowing the boss’s true face made her often suspicious.

Sarah thought about it, and all clues pointed to Levi.

So before the wedding, she guessed that Levi’s surprise to her should be his identity.

But she wanted to listen to Levi’s own words.

Now what Sarah wanted was confirmed.

Sarah hugged Levi and cried, “Levi, you are still the hero in my mind!”

Chapter 1059

At this moment, she seemed to see the energetic Levi six years ago.

Don’t rely on anyone, rely on your own hands, and work hard to create the world.

This is what she admires Levi the most.

Six years ago, Levi’s demeanor remained unchanged.

It’s just too restrained and concealed.

His accomplishments, his character is still the same as before, and even a lot more.

Sarah is very satisfied with the current Levi.

Don’t ask for his achievements.

As long as he has the spirit of the past.

“This is the biggest surprise for me.”

Sarah kept crying.

Levi wiped her tears and looked at it with a complicated expression.

He added a sentence in his heart: “In fact, this is not a surprise! The real surprise is not yet known to you!”

But when the Garrison family’s affairs were resolved soon, Sarah would also know.

This day will not be far away!

Although, Levi stated that he is the boss of Erick Group.

But being there, except Sarah felt it was a surprise.

No one else can be happy.

Although Levi is the boss of Erick Group.

In the mainland, even Jianghai and other places, it is also the top existence.

But a Beijing Garrison Clan emerged.

This made Levi’s achievement look eclipsed.

In the face of the huge Garrison Clan, a Erick Group may not even count as a dime.

The most important thing is that Levi still has such a big hatred and relationship with Garrison Clan.

Every next step is dangerous.

In front of the Garrison Clan, this identity is different from ordinary people.

“Hey, brother! We are very happy to hear that the Erick Group belongs to you. But are you using this strength to fight against the Garrison Family? It’s a foolish dream!”

Luo Junhao knew Garrison Family’s strength too well, knowing that Levi’s confrontation with Garrison Family was tantamount to hitting a stone with a pebble.

Even Ollie also said: “Son, my mother is very happy to see your achievements. But I just met the Garrison family. Son, you can ask your mother to ask the Garrison family! Is our stable life bad?”

Melina and others immediately said, “Yes, that’s right! What if you kneel and kowtow to Lord Garrison West?”

“Can you eat for that little dignity? To put it bluntly, you are too good-looking!”

“Isn’t it? As long as you kowtow to beg for mercy, you are the young Lord of the Garrison family. You have a wealth of wealth, isn’t it good to be rich and wealthy?”

“Don’t you want Sarah to live this dangerous life with you? Maybe someday Sarah and the children in his stomach are both in danger? Why don’t you think about it?”

For the Logan and Mann family, they prefer to climb to the Garrison family in Beijing.

As for Levi’s identity, it’s completely useless.

He couldn’t protect himself.

Not to mention making them soar.

“Levi, you are very good at others, but there are two points-first, your vision is still too narrow; second, you don’t know how to judge the situation.”

Mann Jianguo said coldly.

“Just like what Garrison West said, your environment and the people you are in contact with determine that your horizons are too limited. You should maintain a humble heart. There are too many people stronger than you. Just like the Garrison Clan. , You are so arrogant that you want to challenge it?”

“Secondly, the Garrison Clan doesn’t care about your identity and is willing to take you back. It just makes you kneel and kowtow! Can’t you understand this situation?”

Everyone agrees with what Mann Jianguo said.

Levi is too arrogant and will not work around.

The result of this is likely to be the same as six years ago.

Chapter 1060

Doug stared at Levi fiercely and said, “The final result of Levi is likely to be that you and Sarah are both in danger! At that time, life is gone. What do you need to do with dignity?”

“Yes, in the face of such interests, dignity is a shit!”

“Levi, you are such a smart person, don’t you understand this?”

“As the saying goes, tiger poison does not eat seeds, and the Garrison Family is unwilling to accept you, mainly because your status is too humble and lowly. And what you have made is like nothing in their eyes.

The Garrison Family is aloof, face is the first thing, and will not take down your identity to pick you up. What about you, as long as you are soft and say good things to your father, don’t you go back to the Garrison family? What’s wrong with kneeling? That’s your family too! There is no shame! “

Everyone accused Levi one after another.

In the eyes of almost everyone, kneeling and kowtow is too easy, right?

Is dignity still valuable in modern times?

In the current climate, no one takes this seriously, right?

But why is it so difficult for Levi here?

Why does the illusory dignity have such a heavy weight?

Levi glanced at everyone and said, “First, they didn’t regard me as family, nor did I regard them as family. Second, I think dignity is very important, at least I can’t lose Levi!”

“You… are stubborn!!!”

Doug was so popular that he was almost shabby and cursed.

“Your achievements in this life will only stop here! Never go one step further!”

Melina shouted.

“When will the dignity score? At this time, the dignity of a F*rt!”

Mann Jianguo banged the table fiercely.

Sarah was on Levi’s side, and she said: “I also think Levi is right! It’s just that little dignity that I think is the most important thing!”

“Why do we have to compromise, lay down our dignity and be treated as a dog by others?”

Luo Junhao sighed helplessly: “Brother sister, to be honest! Being a dog in the Garrison family is really good, I don’t know how many people are fighting for the bloodshed dream!”

Melina and others nodded one after another.

They think Luo Junhao is right!

Even a dog of the Beijing Garrison Clan is supreme.

What’s more, Levi is the son of the next heir to the Patriarch!

“You are still too young, and you are still too idealistic about things. You have to face the reality even more, you will definitely regret it when we are our age!”

Sarah looked at everyone incredulously.

No one even regards dignity as the same thing.

He even wanted to be a dog of the Garrison family.

Fortunately, Levi kept this pass.

“Okay, don’t talk about it! Everyone has different ideas, and we will fight if we continue.”

Sarah said coldly.

This is how the wedding ended.

But for Sarah, there is no regret, but all she wants.

“No matter what the road is, I will accompany you down!”

Sarah smiled.

“Don’t worry, with me, you and your child will never be wronged at all.”

The other side.

“Lord West, this Levi is a bit stubborn!”

Garrison West smiled and said: “After all, keeping the blood of my Garrison family, it’s normal to be unruly! But I want to see how long he can be tough. I want him to understand the cruelty of reality, so I bow to me and abandon dignity. This kind of thing!”

“Lord West, we are looking forward to it! Hehehe…”

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