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Chapter 106

The guy in front of him last night everyone thought he was a billionaire worthy of billions, and everyone tried every means to flatter him.

But I didn’t expect it to be a penniless poor man!

Because of him, everyone was lost, and the Logan family lost even a bit of face.

“Levi!!! Tell me what’s going on? You came to take over the company without knowing anything about it?”

“I fucking want to kill you!”

Doug was going crazy.

Earl scolded angrily: “Are you all fucking shit in your mind? Does this company have anything to do with you?”

Mike jumped up with anger: “Because of you, my Logan family’s face is lost!”

Dale and Edith even cried: “How can we spread you such a scourge! Do you not dream all day, please? Please keep your feet on the ground!”

“It’s really bad for us to have a son-in-law like you for eight lifetimes! Don’t say we know you in the future!”

To be honest, Sarah was disappointed with Levi.

This thing is too much to do than anything before.

After all, Logan’s face was lost!

Anyhow, the Logan family also had a certain status in Case York, but it was bombed out by the security guards.

Levi is to blame for all this!

Sarah glared at Levi and said angrily: “How many times have I told you, do things down-to-earth, don’t be too impulsive, don’t always think of something vain! You let me down this time! Don’t give me grandpa upright. Say, let his old man follow us ashamed!”

“But, it’s okay. From now on we can live a simple life! I believe in your ability.”

Sarah turned around and comforted Levi.

This is what Levi likes about plum dyeing.

Disappointment is disappointment.

But always believe him.

It is a very happy thing to have a woman who believes in herself.

“Okay, I will listen to you from now on!”

Levi smiled again: “But don’t worry, I will get the Garrison Group back sooner or later!”

“Don’t brag!!!”

“I really want to slap you to death!”

Earl, Nick and others are going to be angry.

Doug warned again: “Dale is optimistic about your son-in-law, he will have no relationship with the Logan family in the future! Don’t hurt the Logan family if something happens!”

All the members of the Logan family left rushingly.

Dale and Edith stared at Levi: “You are such a complete waste!!!”

After speaking, the two also left.

Sarah comforted: “Levi, my parents are all angry, don’t care, after all, I am also a little angry.”

Levi smiled indifferently: “It’s okay, the past is over.”

Soon after Levi and the two left.

A golden private customized Rolls Royce drove to the door of Garrison Group Building and stopped.

Hua Tianhai and the others immediately greeted them, and Hua Tianhai opened the door in person.

A man in a white suit stepped out of the car. His shoes and clothes were all handmade by the top Italian Lords.

The man helped the gold-framed glasses and smiled: “Levi and Sarah have left?”

The man is not someone else, but Xiao Tianlong!

“Young Shao Xiao and they all left! Levi is like a dog!”

Hua Tianhai smiled.

An icy arc flicked across Xiao Tianlong’s mouth: “Next, I will target Levi and Sarah!”

“Levi, I want to force him to jump off the building like Erick, as for Sarah, I will force her to climb onto my bed obediently, and be happy under me!”

Chapter 107

Hua Tianhai and other younger brothers also showed sinister smiles.

In the past ten years, none of the people who were targeted by Xiao Tianlong had a good end.

Men, whoever offends Xiao Tianlong are either forced to death or disabled.

Women, whoever Xiao Tianlong looks at, can’t escape his clutches.

Hua Tianhai has never seen Xiao Tianlong target anyone so seriously.

He knew that Levi and Sarah had finished dyeing!

They are worse than they were six years ago!

Hua Tianhai couldn’t help asking: “Young Lord Xiao, I heard that Levi has had good luck recently. He has met Major General Wesley many times, and this time he also met General God of War.”

A look of envy flashed across Xiao Tianlong’s face: “Yes, I can see General God of War, I am also envious! We haven’t even seen the richest man in Case York, he actually met.”

Immediately, he changed his words: “But when he meets me, it is the beginning of a nightmare!”

Sure enough, this shameful thing about the Logan family spread all over the circle.

Everyone in the Logan family couldn’t look up.

Even the colleagues from Edith and Dale’s unit pointed out.

Sarah’s circle also laughed at her.

Everything is because of Levi!

Fortunately, not living with Dale and his wife, otherwise Levi would be drowned by Spit Star.

Although it became a joke, Levi was alive and it was enough for Sarah.

Levi ran away early in the morning, and Sarah went to work as usual.

It turned out that Levi came to Alton’s training base.

The 80 mercenaries hired by Garrison Nanhui that day were all detained by Alton and brought back to his training base.

Because these people Levi is useful.

There will definitely be a lot of small troubles in the future. You can’t transfer people from the Case York Military Region every time, right?

Levi also found it troublesome.

He wanted to arrange these mercenaries by his side so that it would be convenient to use.

Upon hearing that he was going to be the bodyguard of the “God of War”, James and other mercenaries almost knelt in excitement.

They all know that the name of the Chinese God of War is the soul of the army in their hearts when they enter and exit the battlefields of Africa and the Middle East.

Do something for him, the ancestral tomb is smoked.

“General, I will give you all! But for me, I have transferred a lot of outstanding soldiers from the surrounding ten major military regions. I am going to train another special force! But the general needs you to sign the transfer order.”

Major General Alton leaned beside Levi and said with a smile.

Alton is a person who can’t stay idle, and wants to train soldiers as soon as he has the skills.

“Come, I sign.”

“By the way, will you come to the opening ceremony when the general comes? Let these rascals look up to you for your demeanor!”


Levi agreed.

Afterwards, all these mercenaries were arranged.

Levi left.

After returning to the Oriental Garden, I found that Xiao Qin was actually there.

“are you not going to school today?”

Levi asked in surprise.

“Those classes are boring. Besides, I can do it! After all, I’m so smart!”

Xiao Qin was drinking yogurt, walking around in the living room with long legs and bare feet.

“By the way, my parents will come to Case York tomorrow. Then I will invite my aunt and them to dinner. Brother-in-law, you should go too!”

Xiao Qin said with a smile.


Levi had vaguely heard that Edith’s natal family was a big family. At the beginning, Edith was with Dale in spite of family opposition, which angered the family.

Six years ago, Edith’s family did not even attend Levi’s wedding.

So Levi had never seen Xiao Qin before.

Chapter 108

At night, Dale called Levi and Sarah to the house.

Dale stared at Levi fiercely: “What happened yesterday morning let it pass, but you must not shame me tomorrow. If you are embarrassed again, I will throw you out!”

Upon seeing this, Sarah asked curiously: “Dad, what will happen tomorrow?”

Levi smiled: “Xiao Qin’s parents are coming over.”

“Huh? You know? Xiao Qin told you. That’s right, they are coming to Case York tomorrow. We will invite our family to dinner tomorrow night.”

Dale said.

Edith said solemnly: “f, you also know that your mother’s natal family is a big family. Your uncles and their identities are too heavy, so I will tell you in advance that there will be no mistakes tomorrow night.”

“I see, mom.”

Sarah nodded.

Levi smiled disapprovingly: “Don’t parents just have a meal? Are you so nervous?”

“Can you not be nervous? Xiao Qin’s parents are not ordinary people!”

Dale looked at the two of them and asked, “Do you know why Xiao Qin adopts her mother’s surname? Because Xiao Qin’s mother, Xiao Ruomei, belongs to the Case York giant Xiao family! It was the Xiao family who asked Xiao Qin to follow her mother’s surname!”

“That’s the case, no wonder Xiao Qin will follow his mother’s surname.”

Sarah knew about this for the first time.

Levi’s eyes flickered, and he secretly said in his heart: “It turns out to be related to Xiao Tianlong’s family.”

“Now you know how serious things are going to be tomorrow night? Xiao Ruomei represents the Case York giant Xiao family.”

After that, Dale asked Levi to leave after thousands of exhortations.

The next day, Xiao Qin’s parents Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei came to Case York, and they stayed at the Marriott Hotel.

Evening dinner is also in the hotel.

A night at the Marriott Hotel costs several thousand, if the presidential suite is at least seventy to eighty thousand.

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng’s standard is to stay in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.

After knowing the price, Dale and his wife were distressed.

One night is Edith’s three-month salary.

Come to the VIP 888 box in the banquet room on the second floor of the hotel.

There were four people sitting inside.

In addition to Xiao Qin’s family, there is also a man.

Levi saw Xiao Qin unhappy at a glance.

Seeing them coming, Xiao Qin immediately ran over: “Brother-in-law, you are finally here.”

Mann Xuecheng, Xiao Ruomei and the men all stood up.

Mann Xuecheng is steady and calm, with majesty in his body.

Xiao Ruomei was dressed in luxurious clothes, from the inside to the outside, revealing the aristocratic temperament.

Coupled with good maintenance, the whole person looks like a celebrity, jewel-like.

The man was tall and straight, with knotted muscles, and he was about to break his clothes.

Levi could tell at a glance that the man was a soldier.

After the two sides greeted enthusiastically, Dale sat down restrained.

Xiao Qin sat between Levi and Sarah, as if to avoid the man.

As soon as Xiao Ruomei took out her aura, Dale didn’t dare to say anything.

Edith’s eyes fell on the man, and she couldn’t help asking: “What is this kid, brother and sister-in-law?”

Xiao Ruomei smiled very satisfied and said, “Edith, this one is Wang Teng, the son of your brother’s good friend. This kid is amazing. He served as a soldier in the Jinling Military Region, the provincial capital, and got the reconnaissance company in just three years Top ten results. This time, he happens to be coming to Case York to participate in the special forces training camp run by General Kirin! In the future, he will be the king of soldiers!”

Chapter 109

Levi wondered if this was a soldier dispatched by Alton for special training?

Think about it, these soldiers are proud of participating in the Kirin special forces training camp.

Wang Teng held his chest proudly, his head held up, in an unbelievable manner.

Mentioned him, Wang Tengfei also politely greeted Edith and the others.

When his eyes passed Sarah, there was a trace of greed in his eyes.

These two sisters are also beautiful.

“Uncles and aunts, if you have difficulties in the future, Sarah sister, even if you find me, I can definitely settle it!”

Wang Tengfei said.

Mann Xuecheng nodded approvingly: “This kid is extremely capable, and he will definitely be a member of the military in the future!”

Xiao Ruomei smiled and said, “Can the person I fancy be worse? This time he participated in the special forces training camp of General Alton, and that is General Alton. Do you know who General Alton is?”

Dale immediately said: “General Alton is a cronies of General God of War, the commander of the Ninth War Regiment.”

“Well, it seems that your family is still somewhat knowledgeable. Wang Teng will be General God of War from now on. Think about his future?”

Xiao Ruomei asked.

Dale and Edith glared at Levi, shook their heads with a sigh, and said with a smile: “The future is boundless!”

Why is the gap so big?

“That’s not what your son-in-law can compare!”

Mann Xuecheng smiled.

Dale’s expression changed and said, “My son-in-law, he is nothing!”

“Dad, uncle, you are talking nonsense! My brother-in-law is obviously very good!”

Xiao Qin waved his powder fist and looked at Levi with admiration.

After Wang Teng saw it, his heart burst into anger.

He has always liked Xiao Qin, and Xiao Ruomei has recognized him as his son-in-law.

But Xiao Qin didn’t catch a cold to him at all, and never smiled at him.

Now she actually admires a trash who just came out of prison, why is he not angry?

“Xiao Qin, you were deceived by him? He made do with six years ago, and now he is a waste.”

Mann Xuecheng said mercilessly.

“Yes, yes, how can Levi and Wang Teng be compared?”

Dale and Edith smiled.

What Xiao Qin had to say, but was held back by Levi.

The intimate scene between the two under the table happened to be seen by Wang Tengfei.

Wang Tengfei gritted his teeth with anger, clenching his fists tightly.

After he calmed down, he smiled and said, “Uncle Mann, Aunt Xiao is the opening ceremony of our special forces training camp the day after tomorrow. I would like to invite you to visit it. If you are lucky, you can get to know Major General Alton.”

The opening ceremony of Alton’s training camp did allow soldiers to take their families to participate. Originally, Wang Tengfei wanted to take his parents.

Now, I will give the opportunity to Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei.

“I also received news not long ago that this training ceremony will even be attended by General God of War, the commander of the Ninth War Regiment. There is little chance of getting to know General God of War, but there is no regret in this life to be able to admire the honor of General God of War.”

Wang Tengfei is looking forward to it.

Since he became a soldier, he has regarded General God of War and his Five Great War Kings as idol soldiers.

To meet these people is his greatest wish.

Now that the wish is about to come true, can he not be excited?

“What? Is this true? Not only can you see Major General Alton, but you can also see our God of War protector of Velador?”

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei almost stood up excitedly.

“Yes! It is stipulated that each soldier can bring up to three people to participate in the opening ceremony, and then Sister Xiao Qin will also go.”

Wang Tengfei did not forget to glance at Xiao Qin.

Chapter 110

“Okay, then we will definitely go! It’s great! What if I get lucky to get to know General God of War? I will be able to walk upright in the future even in the Xiao family.

Xiao Ruomei began to fantasize about the scene after getting to know General God of War.

“I really envy you! Let’s not talk about this life, we won’t have this chance in the next life!”

Dale and Edith were envious.

They also want to meet a legendary character.

Plum dyeing doesn’t feel much.

Xiao Ruomei said with an arrogant expression: “Alan, we can’t do anything about this. After all, isn’t this kind of training ceremony that anyone can go to?”

At this time, Levi suddenly smiled and said, “Isn’t it just an opening ceremony? We can participate if we want to participate!”

As soon as Levi said these words, the audience fell silent.

Everyone looked at him.

Even Sarah frowned.

Levi’s problem with casually talking big words really couldn’t be corrected.

Wang Teng suddenly laughed: “Hahaha…what are you talking about? Do you want to participate in the opening ceremony? It’s really a laugh at me!”

“Do you know? Who are the people participating in the training camp this time? Each military district selects the best ten people to participate! You are nothing, you want to participate?”

Levi smiled: “Yes, someone invited me to participate. It can be said that this opening ceremony cannot be carried out without me!”

Byron Mann and Xiao Ruomei’s face changed drastically, and they stared at Levi angrily.

The faces of Dale and Edith were going dark.

Sarah lowered his head, wishing to find a place to sew in.

He is getting more and more outrageous.

The opening ceremony could not be carried out without him?

Not to mention other people’s belief, she didn’t believe it.

Even Xiao Qin felt that Levi was a little big talk.

She was embarrassed for Levi.

Wang Teng laughed loudly and said, “I really laughed at me. I can’t go on without you? Do you think you are General God of War or General Alton?”

Xiao Ruomei looked at Edith and her husband with majesty: “Edith, Dale, your family style is really worrying! I am so embarrassed for you!”

Dale was really going to explode, he said angrily: “What did I tell you last night? Did I tell you not to speak big words? You didn’t put me in your eyes!”

“I won’t bring you here if I knew it, I always do something embarrassing!”

Edith glared at Levi fiercely.

Levi sneered: “Whatever you say, I will go to the opening ceremony.”


Mann Xuecheng slapped the table fiercely and said angrily: “Is Dale your son-in-law like this? Are there any elders like us in your eyes?”

Xiao Ruomei was also very angry: “Your son-in-law is so good, you don’t have to eat this meal. Your family’s status is high, we can’t afford it! Go, stop eating!”

No one thought it would be such a result.


Dale and Edith were terrified.

I wanted to use this opportunity to ease the relationship with my mother’s family.

Let my brother and sister-in-law help me out.

Unexpectedly, Levi’s situation would be disturbed.

Their faces were cold, like falling into an ice cave.

“Xiao Qin persuades your parents to stop them from getting angry! We were wrong tonight, and when your parents died that day, we will apologize specifically!”

Their hopes are pinned on Xiao Qin.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

Xiao Qin glanced at Levi with a complicated expression.

Wang Teng leaned at the door and looked at Levi with a sneer: “I hope to see you at the training ceremony the day after tomorrow!”

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