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Chapter 101

Levi looked at everyone in the Garrison family and said, “Van, Colleen, Garrison Yufei, Garrison Qianqian, Dong Yulin, Garrison Longxing, Guo Lingfei, Yi Pengfei, Cross Lan! And Garrison Nanhui!”

“Everyone raised their heads for me!!!”

Everyone whose name is pronounced has his heart flying out of his throat.

They all know what this means?

This is equivalent to Wangye Bass marking their names on the book of life and death.

But when he heard Levi’s words, everyone raised their heads!

“You killed Erick, right?”

Levi looked at them and asked.

“Do not…”

When someone was about to deny, they met Levi’s stern look.

Everyone nodded!

Not admitting at this time is worse than admitting!

“Everyone kneeled in front of Erick’s grave and confessed for three days and three nights!!!”

Levi’s voice was extremely cold.

As soon as Wang waved his hand, someone immediately took Garrison Nanhui and others to kneel in front of the grave.

Levi looked at Erick’s grave and smiled and said, “Erick! I have captured all the enemies who killed you. I will let them confess in front of you! I will let these betrayers to accompany you at once! “

Byron and his wife have been crying.

Levi did too much for their family.

Levi looked at the other Garrison family members again.

“Van, Colleen? Remember how you broke my leg that night?”

Levi showed a grinning smile.

Almost scared the two of them to cry.

“Da da da…”

What was even more frightening was that Levi stepped forward.

Van and Colleen wanted to retreat, but there were cold muzzles behind them, and they had nowhere to hide.

Until Levi stood in front of them.

Levi took the baseball bat from Van’s hand, and he looked it up and said, “This is the baseball bat you used to interrupt my limbs six years ago? I didn’t expect you to keep it. I want to do it again today. Do you use it to destroy me?”

“Boom boom…”

Realizing something, the two banged their heads and said to Levi: “Levi, spare us! We will never dare anymore! You just treat us as a dog!”

Levi slapped the baseball bat in his hand and sneered, “Why didn’t you want to spare me the night six years ago? Why didn’t you show mercy?”

“That’s our fascination…”



As soon as Van’s voice fell, Levi smashed a baseball bat on his knee, and it smashed immediately, and he also screamed like a pig.

“That’s what you did to me back then!”



Levi’s four rods broke Van’s limbs, and he rolled and flipped on the ground in pain, his hysterical voice reverberating all the time.

Levi looked at Colleen again.

“Don’t move me, I’m just a woman!”

Colleen blocked herself.

“Then you are also a femme fatale!”


Levi was merciless and interrupted Colleen’s limbs.

Throw the two people beside the grave and confess to Erick.

After all, they were also involved in that matter!

Levi looked at Charlie and his adoptive father and mother again.

Charlie and others lowered their heads, not daring to look at Levi.

“I didn’t expect to have such a day with you!”

Levi laughed at himself.

“I think I’m not wrong! I have been fighting for this family since I was a kid, and I have been aiming to repay you! Who pushed the declining Garrison Family to the front line? Is it me? I have done everything I have done, right?”

Levi asked.

Chapter 102

“Levi, you are not wrong!”

Charlie said quickly.

“No matter how you say it, it’s my former grandfather and parents. I won’t do anything to you! I still have a measure of these things! But I will deprive myself of everything from the Garrison Family! Especially my Garrison Group, I want to get it back!

As for your future life or death, it has nothing to do with me! In addition, don’t do anything with my name in the future, otherwise you will kill you without mercy!!! “

Life and death in one word!

The meaning of Levi’s sentence is very simple.

Garrison family is over!

The Garrison family has suddenly become an ordinary family from Case York giants, and everything has been deprived.

It is equivalent to the eradication of the city Garrison’s family.

For Charlie and others, this is even more uncomfortable than killing them!

This punishment is too harsh!

Charlie and the others worked hard for decades, and finally got the status they are today, but they fell in an instant.

In layman’s terms, the Garrison family’s wealth is now tens of billions, but after Levi said a word, they might not even have 10,000.

No one can accept such a huge gap. It’s better to die.

The invincible Garrison Family was destroyed after Levi said a word!

Levi finally looked at Du Yuesheng Baye and others.

He sneered: “The death penalty is inevitable, and the living sin is inevitable! You disturbed my brother, everyone kneeled in front of him all day and night!”


“All kneeling!!!”

Du Yuesheng gave an order, and everyone knelt before the grave.

Du Yue survived: “After the general, we will build a cemetery here, dedicated to Mr. Erick!”

Levi did not refuse.

Finally, Levi looked at one hundred thousand soldiers and said, “Thank you brothers!”

“God of War!!!”

“God of War!!!”

“God of War!!!”

This battle without gunsmoke ended in the shouts of 100,000 soldiers.

Time does not know how long has passed.

Anyway, Sarah dyed his tears and cried dry. He has cried and fainted three times.

Dale called Doug and asked what was going on there.

Doug said, “It seems that it’s over where I just got the news! But I haven’t seen anyone come out, let alone Levi or the like! Presumably, Levi is dead.”

Since Sarah has items on her body, Doug still cares about her safety.

“How is Sarah?”

“Hey, Dad, Sarah has fainted three times!”

Dale said helplessly.

Doug said angrily: “How do you comfort me? Give me a good comfort to Sarah! Levi is going to die! This way Sarah will be able to remarry smoothly! If Brother Earl fails, I will choose a better one for her. !”

“You all remember that Levi is dying, and my Logan family’s chance to take off is here!”

Doug over there was about to laugh out loud.

Once Levi died, he could squeeze and exploit plums to dye the family.

After another while, Sarah slowly opened his eyes.

She looked at Dale and asked, “How’s the situation in King’s Landing with parents?”

Dale sighed: “To be honest, I don’t want to tell you this news!”

“What’s wrong with Dad? Tell me quickly!”

Sarah grabbed Dale and asked.

“Just got news from your grandfather, confirming that Levi is dead!”

After Dale told this fact.

Sarah was just as crazy as he fell on his knees and screamed wildly: “Jun’s Landing!!!”

Chapter 103

At this moment, Levi was kneeling opposite Garrison Nanhui.

Just when he was about to leave, Garrison Nanhui said something was going on.

“Speak? What’s the matter?”

Levi asked.

“Garrison…No, it’s time to call General God of War! General God of War really thinks that everything we could do back then?”

Garrison Nanhui asked.

Upon hearing this, Levi’s expression changed and he realized the problem.

Now think about it, there are many details that are open to question.

For example, it was difficult for the Garrison Family to swallow the King’s Landing Group back then, and a series of things such as his own commercial crimes and r*pe crimes must be secretly operated, and the Garrison Family did not have this ability.

There are still people behind Garrison’s house!

Garrison Nanhui smiled: “In fact, we had this thought a long time ago, but Naihe didn’t have the strength, so he didn’t dare to make a move. But someone suddenly appeared and helped the Garrison family.”

“Who is this person?”

Levi’s voice was like ice.

“It is Xiao Tianlong, a classmate of General God of War and Miss Sarah!”

Garrison Nanhui said it out.

Hearing this name, Levi took a breath.

Xiao Tianlong is his high school classmate and even Sarah high school classmate.

When he competed with Xiao Tianlong for Sarah, he naturally won.

But Xiao Tianlong never gave up Sarah until they got married.

But Xiao Tianlong’s background is very big!

If it is said that the current Garrison family has just stepped over the threshold of the Case York giants.

And Xiao Tianlong’s family, the Xiao family, is the real wealthy family. Not to mention the tens of billions of property, the industry is spread all over the world.

More than ten times stronger than the Garrison family…

The Xiao family belongs to the top ranks of Case York.

Any movement of the Xiao family can affect the economy of Case York. For this kind of wealthy family, the city of Case York will give corresponding policies.

The influence of the Xiao family is definitely not covered.

If Xiao Tianlong had arranged Levi to prison, there would be no problem at all.

Garrison Nanhui said: “Because you and Miss Sarah are married, Xiao Tianlong is very angry, he planned everything! His purpose is very simple is to destroy you!”

Levi finally understood why the Garrison family would choose to do it on his wedding night.

It turned out to be Xiao Tianlong.

It is strange that he is not angry when he sees his beloved woman getting married!

Garrison Nanhui said desperately: “If the Garrison Family can’t afford to be evil, he won’t have a chance! After all, it’s the Garrison Family’s fault!”

Levi glared at him coldly: “It’s good to know.”

Until the evening, Levi hadn’t come back.

Sarah has to accept this reality.

Doug also specially held a dinner party to celebrate.

Sarah was taken to the banquet by Dale and Edith in a daze.

“The purpose of today’s dinner is very simple. First, to restore the identity of Sarah and Logan’s family. Second, to celebrate the liberation of Sarah. Third, the future development of the Chengxi project will be done by the Logan family and Sarah together. Come, let’s do it together! “

Doug raised his glass and shouted.

The other Garrison family members also raised their wine glasses, with smiles all over their faces.

The Logan family today is the same as the Chinese New Year.

Dale and his wife forced a smile.

Only Sarah lost his soul.

Doug’s eyes fell on Sarah: “Sarah, Levi is gone, so just remarry? With so many talents in Case York, you will definitely find a better one!”

“Who dares to let my wife remarry?”

At this moment, a cold voice came.

Everyone looked at the door one after another.

Where Levi stood, alive.

“Garrison… Levi?”

Doug didn’t stand firm and almost fell to the ground.

“Are you a man or a ghost?”

Earl was so scared that he almost hid under the table.

Everyone was puzzled and horrified.

After all, a dead person is back!

Chapter 104

“Do you see me like a ghost?”

Levi walked in, and amidst waves of panic, he came to Earl.

Earl tremblingly touched Levi’s hand.

He said in surprise: “It’s hot, you are still alive? Impossible!”

Levi sneered and said, “Do you want me to die?”

“Huh? No!”

Earl was panting.


At this time, Sarah rushed over and hugged Levi tightly.

Levi also hugged her tightly: “It makes you worry, it’s my fault!”

Doug suddenly asked: “It’s impossible! Garrison Family and Du Yuesheng can’t let you live!”

“Yeah? Garrison family wants to deal with you, why are you still alive? Impossible!”

Others also said.

Even Sarah in Levi’s arms raised his head and looked at him doubtfully: “Yeah, how did you solve Levi?”

Levi touched her head and smiled: “I told you a long time ago that I can solve this matter.”

Sarah suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help saying: “The army we met on the road this morning? It seems to be the same location as Erick’s grave! Could it be them?”

Levi smiled: “Yes, that’s right! The Soviet-York Military Region was doing military exercises today, which happened to be at the location of Erick’s grave. As a result, they met the aggressive Garrison family, so they were all handled. Fortunately, Major General Wesley knew me. After knowing the cause and effect, he severely punished the Garrison family and wanted to return the Garrison Group to me.”

After listening to Levi’s explanation, the Logan family were dumbfounded.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

Is the King’s Landing Group going to regain his hands?

Isn’t he worth billions?

Has he become the look-up Levi before?

“King’s Landing, I…”

When Doug was about to curry favor with Levi, he finally left with Sarah.

Everyone in the Logan family rushed out.

Doug shouted: “From now on, Levi is the pride of my Logan family! Quickly catch up!”

It’s just that there are still two figures of Levi.

In the evening, Levi took Sarah to the revolving restaurant in Case York Center to celebrate.

This night, Doug made dozens of phone calls.

The others went to Dale’s house again and again.

They wanted to curry favor with Levi.

In the end, Levi was forced to become impatient and could only say: “Tomorrow, Sarah and I will go to take over the Garrison Group. If you want to come, follow along.”

Everyone in the Logan family gave up.

But everyone didn’t fall asleep all night of excitement.

The next day, early in the morning.

Everyone in the Logan family followed Levi and Sarah to the Garrison Group.

Even Doug followed.

This is such a glorious thing.

He can’t miss it.

Looking at the dozens of floors of office buildings in the Garrison Group, everyone in the Logan family was extremely excited.

Even Sarah was very excited.

After finding the receptionist in the lobby, Levi directly stated his purpose: “I am Levi, I will take over the Garrison Group today!”

Only the front desk gave him a blank look: “Are you sick? I have never heard of anyone coming to take over the company.”

Sarah immediately said: “No, didn’t the Garrison family quit the Garrison Group?”

“Yeah, the Garrison family has withdrawn! But most of the directors are still there, not to mention that they have taken back all the shares of the Garrison family.”

The front desk said blankly.

Sarah’s complexion changed: “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know that there is an absolute controlling company behind Garrison Group?”

Asked the front desk.

Levi immediately understood.

Xiao family!

The Xiao family has a controlling stake in Garrison Group!

So Garrison Group is not from the Garrison family, but from the Xiao family!

Chapter 105

Doug and others immediately asked: “What’s the matter?”

Katie just checked it with her mobile phone and immediately said: “Tianqi Investment has absolute control over Garrison Group! After Yejia handed over the equity, Garrison Group is completely owned by Tianqi Investment!”

“Isn’t Tianqi Investment the company of the wealthy Xiao family?”

Mike immediately said.

Doug frowned and asked the front desk earnestly: “In other words, Garrison Group has always belonged to the Xiao family! Has no relationship with Levi?”

The front desk nodded: “Yes! The Garrison Group has belonged to the Xiao family since six years ago, and has nothing to do with Levi. I don’t know where your courage to take over the company?”

At this moment, a group of people came to the company with Hua Tianhai, the CEO of Garrison Group.

The chairman of Garrison Group is Xiao Tianlong, and the executive president is Xiao Tianlong’s confidant, Hua Tianhai.

Hua Tianhai was also busy all night.

I received the news last night that when the Garrison family and Du Yuesheng jointly dealt with Levi, they accidentally bumped into a military exercise in the Case York Military Region, which even angered General God of War.

General God of War was angry and personally disposed of the Garrison family.

Ask the Garrison Family to surrender everything.

He was busy all night and took over all the equity of the Garrison family.

Xiao Tianlong also sighed to him: The Garrison family is a bunch of idiots, and you have to provoke General God of War.

Xiao Tianlong also said that Levi was very lucky, and he was about to die, but he met General God of War.

But how do they know that Levi is General God of War!

At a glance, Hua Tianhai saw a dozen of Levi gathered together.

He frowned, walked over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The front desk immediately said: “Mr. Hua! These people have come to take over the company indiscriminately! It is estimated that they are here to make trouble!”

Hearing this, Hua Tianhai looked at Levi and Sarah, and he sneered: “Who am I? So it’s Levi!”

He was involved in the events back then, and he naturally recognized Levi.

“People from the Xiao family?”

Levi sneered.

“Yes! I heard that you came to take over the company? You are very fast. You came as soon as the Garrison family fell?”

“But let me tell you! Garrison Group has nothing to do with you, Levi! The law is the same! We have absolute control over Garrison Group!”

Hua Tianhai shouted.

“Levi, you really look like a bunch of fools! Why do you still want to make a fortune with the Garrison Group? A bunch of fools!!!”


The people around laughed so much that their stomachs hurt.

Doug, Dale and others felt the ridicule of the people around them, and bowed their heads one by one.

What a shame!

It’s like the first time a soil bun enters the city.

From now on, the Logan family will not be able to mix in Case York, and this will become a laughing stock.

“Hurry up! Garrison Group does not welcome you!”

“The security blasted them out!!!”

Hua Tianhai gave an order, and countless security guards popped up around him.

In the end, Levi and everyone in the Logan family were blasted out by the security guard.

“A group of poor people!!!”

The security guard did not forget to curse.


This is the biggest shame in the history of the Logan family!

I’m ashamed and thrown home!

It will become the biggest joke in Case York in the future!

Levi had a sullen face and did not speak.

The reason he didn’t solve it was simple. He wanted to play with the Xiao family slowly, so that the Xiao family could spend it in despair.

Xiao Tianlong, wait for me!!!

After being bombarded, everyone felt ashamed and left home.

Everyone looked at Levi one after another.

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