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Chapter 111

Wang Teng left arrogantly.

Dale left several people staring at each other.

Edith said helplessly: “Xiao family and Mann family are both big families, and the family style is very strict. This kind of person is the most visible! It’s strange if you don’t get angry!”

Dale stared at Levi fiercely, and shouted angrily: “I really want to kill you!”


Dale slapped him over.

Sarah blocked it.

Otherwise, you have to hit Levi’s face.

“Parents are all right, it’s not a big deal, just wait for two days to apologize to uncle and aunt.”

Sarah persuaded.

“Isn’t this a big deal? Because of him, we lost all our faces in front of our mother’s family! Levi, are you willing to kill us?”

Edith pointed to Levi’s nose and asked.

Levi said helplessly: “Parents, I really want to attend the opening ceremony!”

“It’s not a question of whether or not you can participate, it’s that you made us ashamed, and made us offend people! What if you participated? Are you still a waste?”

Dale said angrily.

Edith was even more furious: “You can participate because you have encountered General God of War accidentally. If you go, they will definitely let you in. But so what? They are still not your contacts, you are just taking advantage of the loopholes. !”

Sarah took Levi away in time.

If this continues, their parents will have to force them to divorce.

Until the afternoon of the next day, Xiao Qin called and told Dale that her parents had died down and accepted their apologies. At that time, they had to take Levi to apologize to them face to face.

But everything will be discussed after attending the opening ceremony.

Dale gave Levi an order—you must follow them to apologize to Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng face to face, otherwise they divorce Sarah.

Levi agreed.

The second day.

It was the day of the opening ceremony of the Kirin Special Forces Special Training Camp.

Alton greeted Levi early and wanted to pick him up!

Levi also said hello to the three of Dale, do you want to go to the opening ceremony with him?

As a result, he was scolded.

Even Sarah was fierce and Levi said a few words, don’t disturb her work.

The other side.

The military region sent a car to pick up Wang Teng.

Xiao Qin’s family of three also got in the car.

Even Xiao Ruomei of a big family felt very excited to sit in a military vehicle.

The soldier who drove smiled and said, “Brother Wang Teng, you are so lucky! This time it is not only the Major General Alton who was the King of the Five Great Wars who trained you personally, but also General God of War will see you and give you some advice.”

Wang Tengxin had already flown to the military area, looking forward to seeing the god in his mind-General God of War.

“Yeah, I never thought that such a big and good thing would fall on me!”

Wang Teng smiled embarrassedly.

“That’s because you are good enough! Otherwise, you won’t be selected!”

Xiao Ruomei smiled.

The driving soldier nodded: “That’s true! The standard of the special training camp is the elite of the elite!”

Hearing this, Wang Teng straightened his waist, feeling happy.

When he looked at Xiao Qin, he was disappointed.

Xiao Qin did not look at him with admiration as he thought.

Xiao Qin was very calm.

Soon after, the vehicle entered the military management zone.

After another hour of walking, he finally arrived at Alton’s training base.

Soldiers with live ammunition are everywhere.

It’s shocking.

The soldiers and their parents who came to the special training camp were arranged in a clearing.

There were a hundred people in this special training camp, and everyone looked around in excitement.

Just like a rookie who just joined the army.

Chapter 112

Someone next to him reminded: “Speak less! Everyone here can’t afford it!”

“Yes! The veterans we have seen are the first special training camps. They are already special forces!”

Hearing the reminder, Wang Teng, who was invincible, had his tail clamped.

Xiao Ruomei was even more frightened.

But they are very excited.

Because either special forces or military leaders come and go here.

As long as you make a few friends, that’s amazing.

“Come, come here, parents come here, soldiers come with me!”

Finally, everyone was divided into two groups, and the soldiers squatted to the front.

As for the parents, they all have stools, and they all sit in the back.

Looking at the soldier in front of the colonel, Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng were very excited.

But suddenly thinking of something, Xiao Ruomei began to search around in the crowd.

After searching for a full circle, Xiao Ruomei sneered: “This Levi really laughed at me, isn’t he coming? Anyone? I didn’t find it.”

“Do you believe what a trash said? I didn’t take him seriously last night.”

Mann Xuecheng sneered.

Xiao Qin also looked for Xia Levi.

She felt that Levi could come, but she didn’t see anyone.

Wang Teng in front had already seen it for a while, and there was no Levi at all.

He secretly mocked in his heart: “Where is Levi you? A trash, only talking big!”

“Everyone, be quiet, Major General Kylin is coming soon.”

The colonel in front waved, everyone immediately calmed down and waited with breathlessness.

Soon after, a military off-road vehicle drove in.

The soldiers on guard saluted as soon as they saw it!

Everyone watched the off-road vehicles come to the field.

The crowd also clamored: “General God of War is here!”

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng stared at the off-road vehicle closely.

The car door opened, and a young man in a general’s uniform walked down.

With one star on his shoulder, he is a major general.

It is Major General Kylin!

When the soldiers saw it, they showed a fanatical expression of worship.

When the parents saw it, they drew cold breaths and looked horrified.

Such a young major general?

Everyone is still staring at the off-road vehicle closely, because in everyone’s opinion, it must be General God of War who will appear next.

Just let them down.

Although there were people sitting in the off-road vehicle, they did not get off.

Major General Kirin came to the front and said to everyone: “First of all, everyone is welcome to participate in the opening ceremony. Secondly, I want to explain a question. General God of War is in the car. However, the military has confidentiality regulations, and it is not allowed to be directly non-military personnel. See General God of War.”

Everyone knows the confidentiality regulations.

But it is more or less regrettable not to see the God of War.

Even Wang Teng’s face changed.

Next, Major General Alton said: “However, General God of War will meet with the specially trained soldiers later.”

Hearing this, Wang Teng’s eyes showed a fanatical look.

I can finally see the God of War in my mind!

The parents are very sorry, looking at the off-road vehicle with unwillingness, and trying to keep their eyes wide open, wanting to see the appearance of General God of War in the car.

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng also looked hard at the car.

Xiao Ruomei even put on a pair of eyes.

Xiao Qin also looked curiously.

Suddenly, Xiao Qin’s face changed, and she subconsciously said, “How come you look a bit like brother-in-law?”

Xiao Ruomei looked surprised: “Do you think too? I think the man in the car looks like Levi!”

“I’ll take a look!”

Mann Xuecheng put on his glasses and looked hard.

“It’s really a bit like it!”

Chapter 113

Three people you look at me, I look at you.

A thought came to everyone’s mind: “Could Levi be General God of War, right?”

But this idea was quickly rejected.

Because of how you think, Levi can’t be General God of War either.

If he were General God of War, would he let Dale and his wife squeeze in a 100-square-meter room?

Will Dale drive the Haval?

“You said that if General God of War came to the barracks, wouldn’t he not wear military uniforms?”

Mann Xuecheng asked suddenly.

“It must be worn, such an important ceremony!”

Xiao Qin and Xiao Ruomei were relieved.

The person who looked a bit like Levi could not be General God of War.

At this moment, the person in the car opened the door and walked down.

It is a blue dragon in a military uniform.

Upon seeing this, Alton nodded to Wesley.

“This is General God of War!”

Everyone looked over crazy.

In everyone’s opinion, the only person who can make Alton interrupt the speech and nod his head is General God of War.

Little did he know that Wesley was Alton’s eldest brother, and it was normal for him to say hello.

In addition, Wesley came down on the other side of the car, and his military rank was not visible. Everyone thought he was General God of War.

“Let me just say, how could Levi be General God of War! I am satisfied now, and finally I have a glimpse of General God of War’s demeanor.”

Xiao Ruomei was extremely excited.

Everyone thinks they have seen General God of War today!

Little did he know that Levi wanted to smoke, and Wesley got out of the car and opened the car door to disperse the smoke.

The opening ceremony soon ended.

The parents are leaving. Before leaving, Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng got to know Alton as they wished.

Of course, all of this is what Levi meant.

Let Alton find Xiao Qin.

It’s just that they thought they met Major General Alton!

Very satisfied!

After the parents dispersed, the soldiers in special training were gathered together.

Wang Teng and others were very excited.

Because I’m going to see General God of War next.

At this time, Levi in the off-road vehicle came out.

He walked over with Wesley.

As Wang Teng station is relatively behind in the array, the line of sight is not good.

With a squint in his eyes, he could only see a general idea.

“Huh? That person looks like Levi!”

Wang Teng frowned, surprised.

Soon, Levi and Wesley stood in front of the team!

When everyone saw the rank of Wesley, they understood that this is not General God of War!

General God of War is a man in casual clothes next to him!

Kirin trot to Levi and saluted: “Report to the general! The special forces training camp is assembled! Please give instructions to the army!”

This action of Alton shows that Levi is General God of War!

Levi said: “Stop!”

All the soldiers made uniform movements.

Everyone was panting, looking at the God of War General who was close at hand!

When Wang Teng in the back row saw Levi’s face clearly, his face changed wildly.

He he he he…

He turned out to be General God of War?

Confirm again, there is no problem!

Levi is General God of War!

No wonder he said that he wanted to participate in the opening ceremony…

No wonder he said that the opening ceremony could not be carried out without him…

Wang Teng’s blood was churning, his throat was sweet, and he was so scared that he was vomiting blood.

He looked at Levi, Levi’s eyes fell on him, and the corner of his mouth looked at him with a smile.

Seeing Levi looking at himself, Wang Teng couldn’t bear it anymore.


His eyes were dark, he fell straight to the ground, and passed out into a coma.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone is very excited, but not to this level.

Levi’s complexion changed, and he said coldly: “Where is this soldier from? The body is so bad?”

Chapter 114

“It’s Wang Teng of the reconnaissance company of the Jinling Military Region, the provincial capital!”

Immediately humane.

Alton said angrily: “How did this physique pass the selection? Send it back to me!”

After that, Levi gave a few words of training, which represented the official start of the special training camp.

When Levi came back in the evening, Dale and several people came to look for him.

Tell him that Xiao Ruomei accepts an apology tonight because they are in a good mood.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Levi agreed and booked a dinner with Sarah at the royal restaurant.

Soon after, Xiao Qin’s family came.

Today’s Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng are all red, with deep smiles.

It’s like eating honey shit.

It was also very polite to meet Dale and his wife.

“What makes my brother and sister-in-law so happy? Saying it makes us happy too!”

Dale and Edith were puzzled.

Xiao Ruomei looked smug and smiled brightly: “Thanks to the child Wang Teng, today we went to the opening ceremony and not only met Major General Alton, but also saw the true face of General God of War.”

Xiao Qin nodded, meaning this matter was true.

“Really? Met General Alton?”

Dale was very excited.

He also fantasized about meeting these big people.

Mann Xuecheng was full of excitement: “Isn’t it, General Alton knows who we are, so he took the initiative to tell Xiao Qin to be like his sister.”

“What? General Alton still knows your identities? My God!”

Dale and Edith looked at each other in amazement.

Xiao Ruomei explained: “They have information about Wang Teng and us, and they know everything about us. They should think we are qualified to associate with him, otherwise why would they take the initiative to find us?”

Mann Xuecheng nodded: “Well, we have this qualification and background. General Alton also said that it is difficult to find him.”

This makes Dale’s envious couple drool.

“Nianzhe is in a good mood today, sister, if you have anything to do with your family in the future, just ask me.”

Mann Xuecheng said.

“Thank you, big brother! Thank you, big brother!”

Dale and Edith hurriedly thanked them.

They just waited for this sentence.

Mann Xuecheng’s eyes fell on Levi: “But, he has to apologize first!”

“Yes, apologize! If you don’t apologize, we don’t recognize your family anymore!”

Xiao Ruomei was determined.

Xiao Qin looked embarrassed, and whispered to Levi: “Brother-in-law, don’t care.”

Not only Dale and his wife, but also Sarah urged: “Apologize to your uncle and aunt!”

“Uncle and Auntie I was wrong yesterday, so I shouldn’t confront you.”

Levi apologized.

“Forget it, I’m in a good mood, I will forgive you.”

Xiao Ruomei waved.

Mann Xuecheng suddenly asked, “By the way, didn’t you mean that you also went to the opening ceremony today? Why didn’t we see you?”

Xiao Ruomei also looked at him jokingly.

They want to see how Levi made it up?

“I went, but you are not qualified to see me.”

Levi told the truth.

But after this sentence came out, Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei exploded.

They stared at Levi, wishing to kill him.

Dale and his wife were even more frightened.

The relationship finally eased, because Levi ruined it with a single sentence.

Sarah was dumbfounded.

Didn’t expect that Levi could say such a thing?

Just when Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei were angry.

The hotel box door was pushed open, and the two mobile phones said: “Mr. Mann, Mrs. Xiao has a bad event. Young Lord Wang Teng was sent back by the Case York Military Region! He said he was too poor to participate in the training camp! Bring it up!”

Chapter 115

After hearing the news, the two people’s faces changed drastically.


“Too bad physique? Not eligible to participate in the training camp? That’s right?”

The eyes of the two of them were full of weirdness.

They knew Wang Teng’s strength.

Absolutely strong enough!

How could it be disqualified?

With the dumb efforts of the two, the box door has been opened.

Two waiters carried Wang Teng in on the stretcher.

There were also people from the military area who sent Wang Teng back.

“Is it really sent back?”

“What’s the matter with Wang Teng?”

Xiao Ruomei asked hurriedly.

But when Wang Teng was about to speak, his eyes were to see Levi not far away.


He was so scared that he fainted again.

The military district soldier who was responsible for sending Wang Teng back sneered: “Look? I fainted eight times a day. How can I participate in the training camp with this physique?”

They also wondered why this soldier had such a bad physique?

As long as General God of War is mentioned, he fainted.

This time General God of War passed out without mentioning.

Xiao Ruomei asked the military district representative: “Comrade, let me ask, does Wang Teng have a chance to participate in the special training camp?”

“Impossible! He actually fainted in front of General God of War, and has violated the majesty of General God of War! Major General Alton is very angry, and it is estimated that Wang Teng will be ruined in this life!”

The representative of the military region relentlessly said.

“This is not giving face to General God of War, he is so courageous!”

The other person sneered.

When Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng heard this, they were frightened in a cold sweat.

Offend General God of War?

Not to mention them, even the Xiao family and Mann family can’t afford it!

The representative of the military region left, Xiao Ruomei and her husband had no interest at all to go to dinner.

Soon after, Wang Teng woke up.

Seeing Levi and almost fainting again, Levi quickly said: “You can’t faint anymore.”

Only then did Wang Teng stabilize his emotions, but his expression was frightened.

There was nothing in his brain.

“What’s the matter with the child?”

Xiao Ruomei asked.

“I…I saw General God of War…”

Wang Teng stammered.

“Seeing that General God of War is normal, won’t you faint, right?”

Mann Xuecheng and the two were very curious.

“Because General God of War is… yes yes yes…”

With that, Wang Teng looked at Levi in horror.

He wanted to say that General God of War was the one in front of him.

But the words came to the lips but couldn’t come out.

Confidentiality regulations emerged in his mind.

If the identity of General God of War is revealed, he is equivalent to leaking military secrets!

Even Xiao Ruomei and Xiao Qin looked at Levi.

An idea came to their minds: “Is Levi the God of War General?”

Because they have seen someone who looks a lot like Levi in the car…

Everyone looked at Wang Teng nervously and expectantly.

Wang Teng finally said: “General God of War is… my idol. My physique is not good. When I saw him, I fainted and I was embarrassed.”

“Oh, that’s why I was so scared that I thought Levi was General God of War.”

Xiao Ruomei took a long breath.

“It’s okay, just take a good rest, and don’t participate in the special training camp.”

Xiao Ruomei comforted.

Mann Xuecheng glanced at Levi and asked, “Wang Teng, did you see him at the training base during the day?”


Wang Teng glanced at Levi with a complicated expression.

“What? Did you really go?”

Xiao Ruomei looked unbelievable.

“Aunt Xiao, Uncle Mann, please carry me away first, I want to rest.”

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