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Chapter 1072

He didn’t dare to move his mother.

Then there is only one possibility-to find out if you know the secret.

He was sure all at once.

Mother saved him with the secret.

Lawrence looked a little unnatural, with a complicated expression, probably embarrassed how to speak.

He even wanted to knock on the sidelines and ask them out.

“Have your mother told you about me?”

Lawrence sighed and asked.


Levi smiled.

“Then did she say something secretive?”

Lawrence was short of breath, staring at Levi.

Levi smiled: “Of course there is, my mother has told your many secrets.”


Seeing Levi’s ill-intentioned smile, Lawrence’s scalp exploded, and his heart swelled.

Levi gave an ambiguous answer.

It seems that he knows the secret.

But not necessarily.

Ollie might have said other secrets.

“What are the secrets?”

Lawrence asked bitterly.

Levi smiled: “Don’t you know your own secret?”


Lawrence broke out in anxious cold sweat for a while.

He couldn’t be sure now whether Levi knew the secret?

To k!ll or not to k!ll?

This problem is very tangled.

“Why? Want to k!ll me?”

Suddenly Levi’s voice rang in his ears, making him tremble all over.

The murderous intent exuding from his body just now was caught by Levi?

“Come if you want to do it! After all, you do whatever you can to achieve your goal!”

When Levi said this, he had concluded that Levi must know his secret.

What he fears now is-what if he wants to enter the Garrison Family if he threatens him with this secret and scornful face?

How could this wild species be eligible to enter the Garrison family?

The Garrison Family wants a face!

“I’m telling you! Levi, you don’t want to use this to threaten me, and want to enter the Garrison family! I tell you, even if I am punished by the family rules and ruined! I will definitely not let you enter the Garrison family!”

Lawrence gave it up.

It would be better for the Garrison Clan to know his secret.

He was unwilling to let Levi enter the Garrison family.

It’s impossible to have him!

Upon hearing this, Levi smiled.

“I will use this secret to threaten you in order to enter the Garrison Family? Impossible! Lawrence, let me tell you, I don’t pay attention to a small Garrison Family. Don’t say anything else, even if the Garrison Family comes to invite me!”

Levi sneered.

“You… are so arrogant! One day you don’t know how you die!”

Lawrence roared at the weather.

Levi smiled: “Isn’t the purpose of your coming here to confirm whether I know your secret? The answer is I know. But I will not use this secret to threaten you, because you are not qualified to let me do this!”

Lawrence was short of breath.

He really wanted to k!ll Levi on the spot.

But he was afraid that this secret was not only known to Levi.

All he had to do now was to stabilize him and Ollie.

After he settled down as Patriarch, even if this secret was exposed, it would be useless.

“Well, I believe you! As long as you don’t tell the secret, I will never move you and your mother!”

Lawrence said.

He endured it again.

In a few days, he will take the position of Patriarch.

At that time, Levi would have nothing to do with him.

At that time, he took Levi’s operation again.

Levi sneered and said, “Next, I have a few things to tell you!”

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