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Chapter 1076

It can be said that Levi is a big help for Lawrence to take the position of Patriarch.

This is his own flesh and blood, and the only help he can do.

“Hahaha, this wild species is also useful?”

Lawrence also specifically called Levi.

“From this moment on, I have become the Lord of the Garrison Clan! The secrets you hold are no longer a threat to me! You missed the best opportunity!”

Lawrence’s tone was full of arrogance.

“The Lord of the Garrison Clan? Then I congratulate you!”

Levi smiled.

“Yes, that’s right! Now I have the final say in the first family of Morendam, I have reached the top! But don’t be delusional, I will admit your identity!

impossible things! I will never admit your identity in this life, there is only one son of mine, and that is Garrison West! Put away your thoughts! “

Lawrence sneered.

There was a mocking smile at the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Lawrence, do you know who you are?”


Lawrence asked curiously.

“A self-righteous person! Always look at everything with your narrow eyes, as everyone knows that there is a sky outside. You may also be an ant in the eyes of others!”

After Lawrence heard it, he couldn’t help laughing: “Hahaha, I am an ant in the eyes of others? Don’t you understand my identity? I am the head of the first family of Morendam!”

“Well, Lawrence has not much time left for the Garrison Family. During this time, you can gather all your strength and connections to fight against me! Otherwise, once the deadline is up, your Garrison Family will have no chance to regret it!”

Levi remembered saying this the second time.

They are all from the Garrison family.

It is estimated that the Garrison Family’s attitude is the same.

Still dismissive of him.

“Hahaha, shouldn’t it be you? Everyone knows this bet about Morendam. Then it will be your death date. Shouldn’t it be you thinking about how to prolong your dog’s life?”

Sure enough, Lawrence dismissed it.

No matter from which point of view, Levi would not challenge success.

It will not pose any threat to him.


Levi laughed and laughed presumptuously.


Lawrence cursed and hung up the phone.

In his eyes, Levi was a lunatic, an unreasonable lunatic.

Will provoke him everywhere.

Isn’t there such a sentence?

Ignorance is more confident than knowledgeable.

Levi is ignorant.

“Father, don’t be angry! Sooner or later this wild species will understand what heaven and earth are!”

“If he wants to succeed in the challenge, he has only one business path to go. But I just want him to go unsuccessfully! I promise that within a year, his Erick Group will only retreat!”

Garrison West smiled.

He would not give Levi any chance.

Lawrence was very satisfied with Garrison West.

play hard.

To make a big thing.

This is his son.

Next, the development of Erick Group is restricted everywhere, and it is too difficult and too difficult to develop one step further.

Can only be suffocated to death in the area of ​​Jiangbei and Jianghai.

Natalie had a meeting with Levi and Sarah for the first time.

“If there is no accident, it was the Lawrence Group who suppressed it, and they cut off all the lines of the outside world! If this goes on, we can only stand still, and it is impossible to expand outward!”

Natalie expressed her thoughts.

Everyone knew that it was the Garrison Family who was putting pressure on it.

In order not to let Levi succeed in the challenge.

Sarah bit his lip and looked at Levi: “Levi, I want to hear your opinion, what should you do?”

Chapter 1077

No one can do anything at present.

You can only see Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “My suggestion is very simple: you take care of yourself, don’t worry about this. Let them suppress it, and we can develop on the spot!”

Plum dyed during pregnancy.

Levi didn’t want any trouble.

He just wants to take care of Sarah until the child is born.

The things at hand are small things.

But Levi’s attitude changed in the eyes of Sarah and the others.

At this time, Levi shouldn’t be struggling, he should step up to solve the problem.

He turned out to be this negative attitude.

Even withdraw when encountering a problem, regardless of it?

He has a one-year appointment with the Garrison Family!!!

Not to mention being able to challenge and succeed, but at least he has an attitude.

He should work hard to the last moment, which is also a proof and recognition of himself.

I admit if I lose.

But such an attitude is not good!

A year later, what did Levi take to challenge the Garrison family?

It’s ridiculous!

“At this time, Sarah’s body is the most important. Any other things are small things to me!”

Levi said frankly.


Sarah sighed at the same time.

Sure enough, Levi flinched when facing the huge Garrison Clan.

“I know what you are worried about, don’t worry, I didn’t pay attention to the Garrison family at all. They should be worried!”

Hearing Levi’s rhetoric, Sarah was very angry.

“I admit that you are very good at King’s Landing. Few young people have your ability! But the Garrison family is too strong. I think if you find time to go to the capital to see it yourself? See how powerful the Garrison family is and you will be at ease. Up!”

Sarah said helplessly.

“Sarah, don’t be angry, I will steadily develop Erick Group!”

In order to stabilize Sarah’s mood, Levi could only pretend to be “struggling.”

“It’s almost the same! At least there is an attitude!”

Sarah is not angry now.

Levi’s policy is to entrust the Erick Group to Natalie and others for development.

This enterprise is his enterprise to promote the development of these places in Jiangbei and benefit the people.

How could he use it privately to deal with the Garrison family.

Besides, it doesn’t need to be mentioned.

He has only one purpose-to take care of Sarah.

Now everyone knows that he and Lawrence have a global bet.

But everyone could tell that Levi didn’t take it seriously.

As if he had confessed his fate.

“I heard that Garrison West’s Lawrence Group has begun to restrict Erick Group in many ways. This Levi has given up!”

“What can I do if I don’t give up? I can only accept my fate!”

On the flight from Beijing to Jiangbei, there were people discussing Levi.

From everyone’s point of view, Levi absolutely gave up.

The opponent is too strong.

He has no chance of success.

At this moment, in the first-class cabin of this flight, there are a few young people sitting.

There are two women and three men in total.

Judging from the dressing and temperament, these five young people have come to be proud of the nobles, and they are not of low origin.

They seemed to be very interested when they heard the talk about “Levi” next door, and the corners of everyone’s mouth rose.

Along the way, they were listening to topics about Levi.

Soon after, the flight landed steadily at Jiangbei Airport.

Five young men got off the plane.

“I hope that Levi won’t let us down, but we have come all the way to Jiangbei!”

One of them said.

It turned out that these young people from the capital were here for Levi.

Chapter 1078

“I heard that Levi’s child is about to be born?”

“Not really! Fortunately! If Levi returns to the Garrison family, maybe Sister Yijun will marry him!”

“Just him? Is it worthy of sister Yijun?”

Several people sneered.

The five are Shao Yangyun, Cox Zhengping, Graham Chengxuan, Lloyd Xiaotong and Xia Xuanxuan.

They all come from major families in the capital.

In the capital, families are divided into five categories.

The first category is naturally a thousand-year-old family like the Garrison family.

The second category is the royal family.

The third category is the royal family.

The fourth category is wealthy.

The fifth category is ordinary.

However, the wealthy family in the capital is stronger than the royal family in Jianghai.

The five people in front of them are from the royal family of Beijing, and the family behind them is stronger than the Garrison family of Tianfu royal family.

So when they came to Jiangbei, they had the arrogance of watching sentient beings.

After all, their origin is above Jiangbei.

Their sister Yijun is named Jiang Yijun.

It is the jewel in the hands of the Jiang family, the royal family of the capital.

In order to coax Ollie, Lawrence made a marriage contract to the Jiang family.

It was Levi and Jiang Yijun who got married.

Although Lawrence was a joke, it was a lie that deceived Ollie.

But his identity is different, the youngest of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

What he said was taken seriously by others.

Especially when it comes to marriage events, the Jiang family takes it seriously.

He also wrote the marriage contract specially, and both Lawrence and Ollie had pressed their fingerprints.

Lawrence didn’t take it seriously.

Because at that time he already knew that the Garrison family would not allow him to marry Ollie.

In other words, this child cannot be alive.

So it’s okay to make a marriage contract.

According to the rules, this marriage contract is valid, even now.

Unless both parties disagree and tear up the marriage contract on the spot, it will be invalidated.

Jiang Yijun dare not marry because of this marriage contract.

After all, this is the marriage contract of the Garrison family.

If the Garrison Family didn’t agree, Jiang Yijun would marry someone without authorization, that would be offending the Garrison Family’s majesty.

The Jiang family will suffer a disaster.

The Jiang family had been worrying about this, after all, they didn’t know the attitude of the Garrison family, and they didn’t dare to ask.

This time, Lawrence and Levi’s global gambling agreement let the Jiang family know the Garrison family’s attitude towards Levi.

So they were going to divorce and asked Levi to tear up the engagement on the spot.

The Jiang family is a royal family in the capital, so it’s so shameless to ask them to come and divorce themselves.

After all, Levi was just a wild species.

So they sent a few young ladies from the royal family to replace them with Levi’s resignation and tear up the engagement.

“I really hate this Levi, because of him, sister Yijun still dare not fall in love!”

“Isn’t it, according to this time, Sister Yijun has already married and had a child!”

The five said angrily.

Xia Xuanxuan smiled and said: “This time, as long as Levi tears up the engagement, sister Yi Jun will be free!”

“Yes, Lawrencelong and Young Lord Ling have been waiting for Sister Yijun for many years! Only Ling Shao can be worthy of Sister Yijun!”

Lloyd Xiaotong looked expectant.

In their mouth, Lawrencelong is the second-ranked existence on the list of young Lords in the capital.

The Capital Young Lords list counts the rankings of other family members in the capital except the aristocratic family.

This is a hundred times stronger than Jiang Hai’s princelings.

It can be said that the most powerful young people in Morendam are all on the list of young Lords in Beijing.

They wanted to tear up the marriage contract as soon as possible so that Jiang Yijun could marry Lawrencelong.

Chapter 1079

Soon Xia Xuanxuan and five people came to the office building of Erick Group.

Looking at the Erick Group, Shao Yangyun sneered and said: “There is one thing to say! Just my Shao family can completely crush the Erick Group!”

“Isn’t it! A small Erick Group, we can use any means to kill it alive.”

“How to fight Garrison Jia? Still challenge? Isn’t this ridiculous?”

“How can such an arrogant lunatic be worthy of sister Yijun?”

Everyone sneered.

Especially after seeing the scale of the Erick Group, I even thought that Levi’s challenge to the Garrison family was a joke.

Such people can’t go far.

When Levi was considering what to make for Sarah to eat at night, Boyd Sen called and said that someone wanted to see him.

Levi came to the lobby rest area full of doubts.

He didn’t know the five young people in front of him.

But they are full of arrogance, obviously from an extraordinary origin.

“Are you Levi?”

Shao Yangyun asked.

There was a trace of disdain in his tone.

“It’s me, who are you?”

Levi asked suspiciously.

“We are from Beijing. We came to you for someone to tear up the baby’s marriage contract.”

Lloyd Xiaotong directly stated the purpose.

“Wawa’s marriage contract? What does it matter to me?”

Levi was really dumbfounded.

His child is about to be born.

Someone told him that he had a doll marriage contract?

Isn’t this funny?

“Yes, it’s your marriage contract! It was the baby kiss that your biological father and biological mother made for you before you were born. Your target is Jiang Yijun, who is known as the number one beauty in Beijing!”

Xia Xuanxuan sneered.

In their view, Levi was just pretending.

Ollie must have told him long ago.

Pretending not to know?

What a shame!

“Huh? Baby? You guys wait a minute!”

Levi immediately contacted his mother and asked her to come here.

Soon after, Ollie came.

“Mom, have you ordered a baby kiss for me?”

Levi asked.

Ollie was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded: “Well, that’s right. He had booked a baby kiss for you at the beginning. It was a girl from the Jiang family in Beijing! My name is Jiang Yijun! I have forgotten about this! What’s wrong?”

Levi glanced at the five people and said, “They are here to break the marriage for the Jiang family!”

Ollie patted her forehead and said: “Oh, I have forgotten about this! In any case, this marriage contract has always existed!”

“Isn’t this delaying the reputation of the other girl? It is estimated that the girl is in the marriage contract, so she can’t get married at all!”

“Sorry, everyone! This matter is my fault!”

Faced with Ollie’s apology, Xia Xuanxuan sneered and said: “You still realize that you are wrong? Do you know how many years have been delayed by sister Yijun? She still dare not marry, let alone fall in love!”

“It’s you who ruined her for a while, and people like you will be punished! You can’t die!”

“Yes, it was you, this woman! Without you, there would be no marriage contract! Now you don’t want to withdraw? Do you want him to marry sister Yijun? We all understand your purpose! Enter the Garrison family?”

The five began to blame Ollie in turn!

Levi was angry.

“Fuck, this baby was ordered by Lawrence, why don’t you go to Lawrence?”

Levi’s words left everyone speechless.

Where did Lawrence dare to look for it?

“What’s the matter with Mr. Guan Garrison? Blame your mother! Hurry up and break the marriage contract in front of us!”

Chapter 1080

Even if everyone knew that the marriage contract was agreed by Lawrence.

It has nothing to do with Ollie.

But in the face of powerful power, they can only point all the problems to Ollie, and they dare not have anything to do with Lawrence.

Everything is Ollie’s fault.

With that, Xia Xuanxuan handed the marriage paper to Levi and told him to tear it up on the spot.

The others took out cameras to take pictures.

Ollie sighed: “King’s Landing, tear up the marriage contract. We owe other girls for this matter! We have to give them a free body!”

“Well, this is the attitude of admitting mistakes! I don’t blame Yijun for delaying Sister Yijun for such a long time. Hurry up and tear up the marriage contract and don’t pester Sister Yijun in the future!”

Lloyd Xiaotong said with a cold face.

“Tear it, what are you doing in a daze? Tear it quickly! We have to go back!”

Seeing Levi staying still, everyone urged.

But Levi crumpled the marriage contract into a ball and put it in his pocket.

This scene stunned everyone.

What is he going to do?

“Levi is here for you… what are you going to do?”

Xia Xuanxuan scolded angrily.

Even Ollie was puzzled.

“Listen well, I’ll keep the marriage contract first! It’s okay to divorce or tear up the marriage contract! Can you let me come? What are you guys, you dare to point me to my mother!”

“Or, you can go directly to Lawrence to resign!”

Levi looked at the crowd and said coldly.

If this group of people speak well.

He also tore up the marriage contract.

Dare to blame his mother.

He refused to agree.

The marriage contract is not so easy to tear up!


Everyone stared at Levi.

“you dare!!!”

Lloyd Xiaotong shouted coldly.

“Hurry up! If you want to tear up the marriage contract, let Jiang Yijun come personally! Others don’t count!”

Levi said angrily.

“You… I think you just don’t want to divorce! Deliberately take the marriage contract! Just want Sister Yijun to marry you, right?”

“Levi, don’t be shameless, you are not worthy of sister Yijun! She is the number one beauty in Beijing, and the jewel of the royal family Jiang family! What qualifications do you have?”

“Yes, not to mention that you have a wife and you are pregnant. Even Ling Shao who likes sister Yijun can torture you!”

Everyone shouted angrily.

“Hehe, the more you are like this, the less I can tear the marriage contract! Unless Jiang Yijun comes in person!”

“Boyd Sen, see off!”

Levi gave an order.

Boyd Sen immediately led the people to drive these five people out of the Erick Group.

Although the five were angry.

But I also know the reason why the dragon can’t suppress the snake.

“I think that Levi has an idea for Sister Yijun, even if he doesn’t want to marry her, he still has to use the marriage contract to blackmail Jiang’s family!”

Xia Xuanxuan analyzed.

“What shall we do now?”

Several others asked.

“Hurry up and tell Sister Yijun and Jiang’s family the matter? Let them decide to deal with it!”

Lloyd Xiaotong said.

Just then, Graham Chengxuan’s phone rang.

“It’s from Shao Ling! He has been paying attention to the divorce situation!”

Graham Chengxuan answered the phone.

“Shao Ling had an accident. Levi didn’t want to divorce, so he took away the engagement! He asked Miss Jiang to come and divorce herself!”

Graham Chengxuan told Lawrencelong everything.

Lawrencelong on the other end was about to explode.


“You stay in Jiangbei for the time being, I will personally resolve this matter with Yijun!”

Lawrencelong’s icy voice came.

Everyone was happy.

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