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Chapter 1081

The ruthless man who was second on the list of Lords of the Capital had to personally deal with Levi.

There is a good show here.

The thought of Levi’s attitude just now drove them out.

They were so angry that they exploded.

I really want to teach Levi a lesson.

It happened that Lawrencelong came in person.

Levi had to kneel obediently with three heads and six arms.

Does he dare not tear up the engagement?


Royal Jiang Family Manor.

The woman wore a long white dress, like a fairy descending to the earth.

A melon seed face has clear lines and delicate features, which is so beautiful that it is suffocating.

A pair of apricot eyes seemed to flood a pool of autumn water, revealing a hazy feeling.

Her figure is even more graceful and exquisite, better than a model.

This woman is Jiang Yijun, who has the title of No. 1 Beauty in Beijing.

Is the dream lover of countless men in the capital.

But no one dared to pursue her, even if she liked it, she had to have a crush.

This includes Lawrencelong, who is second in the list of the sons and also from the royal family.

After all, Jiang Yijun and Levi have a marriage contract, and everyone is afraid of the Garrison family.

“Miss, the lord wants you to go over, saying that there is an important thing!”

The servant knew it all.

Jiang Yijun soon came to the Jiang family chamber.

Her grandfather Jiang Wenhan and father Jiang Zhaokong are both here.

Jiang Yijun Bingxue was smart, and immediately asked: “Grandpa, is there something wrong with his father’s retiring?”

“Yes, that’s right. Levi doesn’t promise to tear up the marriage contract unless you find him yourself!”

Jiang Zhaokong sighed.

Jiang Yijun became anxious: “What does he mean? He has a wife and children, why does he bother me? Isn’t it enough for me to hurt me all these years? Is it going to drag me for the rest of my life?”

The Jiang family is the same.

Obviously Lawrence contributed to the marriage contract.

But no one dared to say that Lawrence was not.

Only think that the culprit is Levi.

Think that Levi came to harm her.

So she can’t fall in love, let alone marry.

But Levi didn’t know all this at all.

“We don’t know his purpose either.”

“At present, only two can be guessed. First, he wants to marry you and does not want to void the marriage contract; second, he wants to blackmail us severely through the marriage contract.”

Jiang Wenhan sighed.


“There is such a man! I will never look down upon such a man!”

Jiang Yijun said angrily.

“Then father, what about grandpa?”

Jiang Yijun asked.

“Now it seems that only you have gone to Jiangbei in person. As long as he doesn’t make unreasonable requests, we will try to agree and agree!”

Jiang Zhaokong said.

Jiang Wenhan showed a trace of worry: “I can’t worry about Yijun going alone!”

“Father, don’t worry, I will send more staff, Yijun is safe!”

Jiang Zhaokong said.

“No, I’m not worried about this! I’m worried that Yijun will not be able to solve this matter if he goes.”

Jiang Zhaokong’s brows frowned into a word of Sichuan: “We can’t follow this matter, right? This is not appropriate either!”

“Grandpa Jiang, Uncle Jiang, I will accompany Yijun!”

Along with the voice, a tall figure appeared.

The youth is handsome and cold-looking, and full of air.

He is Lawrencelong.

Jiang Yijun’s eyes lit up when he saw Lawrencelong.

Among her many crushes, she is more optimistic about Lawrencelong.

After all, all aspects are approaching perfection.

Under the family, he ranked second.

“It’s inappropriate for your elders to come forward. It is inevitable that they will be left behind. After all, this is the Garrison family!”

“It’s up to me to solve it! I promise Levi to tear up the marriage contract! After that, the Ling family will come to propose marriage! I will marry Yijun as his wife!”

Lawrencelong promised.

Chapter 1082

Jiang Wenhan and Jiang Zhaokong were very satisfied: “That’s great! If Tianlong goes, this will definitely be resolved!”

If Levi was unwilling, it would be a big deal that Lawrencelong forced him to tear up the marriage contract.

Everyone is very satisfied with Lawrencelong.

Except for the younger brother of the Choe family, he is second on the list of sons!

Fully worthy of Jiang Yijun.

He has also been waiting for Jiang Yijun.

“Okay, the matter of Tianlong is left to you! It is up to you to take Yijun to handle it.”

Subsequently, Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun went to Jiangbei.

Jiangbei is here.

Ollie was dissatisfied with Levi’s refusal to tear up the engagement.

By doing this, Levi was setting up an enemy.

None of the people in the capital can’t afford it.

Erick Group is too weak in front of these people, it is simply vulnerable.

Even Sarah knew about this.

She joked: “You keep the marriage contract, do you want to marry a baby?”

“As long as you agree, I don’t care! Hehe.”

“screw you.”

Sarah pinched Levi fiercely.

“I just can’t understand their lofty attitude. If I don’t bow my head, I will never tear the marriage contract!”

“Anyway, it has no effect on me. My child is about to be born.”

Levi approached.

“You take care of it, just don’t make things bigger!”

Sarah said helplessly.

She was really afraid that Levi would set up other enemies.

After all, these people are all from the capital.

At night, Jiang Yijun and Lawrencelong came to Jiangbei, and a dozen Lords followed them.

“Ling Shao, sister Yijun, Levi is so arrogant, and he drove us out!”

Xia Xuanxuan cried out several people.

“It’s normal, can you make a gambling agreement with Garrison Family if you are not arrogant and arrogant?”

Lawrencelong said coldly.

Jiang Yijun’s pretty face was cold and frosty: “I heard that many people judge him as a lunatic! It’s normal to do such strange behavior!”

“Sister Yijun, if this lunatic still doesn’t tear up the marriage contract, what should I do?”

Lloyd Xiaotong asked.

“Dare he?”

Lawrencelong was angry.

“Let’s go! This time, he was to divorce, he dare to say nothing?”

Lawrencelong shot a wave of cold light in his eyes.

Soon everyone came to the villa area where Levi lived, and they were stopped outside.

“We are from the capital, I am Lawrencelong, let me in quickly!”

Lawrencelong directly stated his identity.

But the guards responsible for defending the villa area sneered and said: “I don’t care where you come from, I don’t know! Everything is in accordance with the rules!”


Everyone is going to explode.

For a long time, their status as the capital, where is not considered a guest?

It was stopped by a few small security guards.

“A small place is a small place, I haven’t even heard of Ling Shao’s name!”

Several people sneered, with a high expression.

People from Beijing have always had a natural sense of superiority to other places.

It is the orthodoxy that they are at the feet of the emperor, and the others are just side support.

Seeing this, Lawrencelong sneered: “Levi came out in this environment, no wonder he didn’t even pay attention to the Garrison Family. Now I understand that these people are completely behind closed doors.”

Jiang Yijun agreed with this point of view: “Isn’t there such a sentence? Those who don’t know are fearless, ignorance really makes people self-confident and arrogant, blindly ignoring everything. In fact, he is only in a small place, not the real world.”

Chapter 1083

“What are you doing? Who are you looking for?”

The security asked.

“Okay, my name is Jiang Yijun and I come from Beijing. I come to Levi, and you tell him my name, and he will naturally come out to see me.”

Jiang Yijun said.

The security guard will be back soon.

“Mr. Garrison said, he is not free, he is still eating, let you wait for a while!”

“What? Levi is deceiving too much!!!”

Lawrencelong was about to explode.

He has always been a decisive man.

This is the least likely to happen.

“Dare to let us wait? He really regards himself as a character? Unreasonable!”

He is the youngest of the royal family in the capital.

It is also the second existence on the capital list.

Let him wait for someone?

How can it be?

Where does this put his face?

Jiang Yijun was cold and angry.

“Forget it, let’s wait! The most important thing is torn up the marriage contract, the other things are small things.”

Jiang Yijun felt that he had to wait.

That’s right.

Levi was indeed eating.

But this meeting has finished eating.

He was chatting with Wesley.

“God of War, I heard that Jiang Yijun and Lawrencelong came, and Lawrencelong is still second on the list.”

Suzaku’s information is first-rate.

From Jiang Yijun and their actions, they are under her control.

Speaking of this, Wesley’s face changed, and the different color that flashed in his eyes was still caught by Levi.

“Wesley, I remember you are from the capital?”

Levi asked.

Wesley nodded.

Levi remembered that Wesley, like him, was a seedling selected in prison.

Of course not everyone has the opportunity.

First of all, someone who has been wronged like Levi has a chance to be selected.

These matters are clearly investigated above, but they involve confidentiality issues, so they will not announce the unjustified matters.

So Levi knew that Wesley had been wronged when he went to prison.

After being selected, he had lived a life of nine deaths before he had his current status.

“Wesley, why did you go to jail in the first place?”

Levi asked.

Wesley hesitated, then said: “Go to jail for someone!”


Wesley was also wronged.

That’s why he was selected to enter the barracks.

Levi asked curiously: “Don’t mind talking about the details?”

“Yes, it just so happens that Lawrencelong reminds me of some past events!”

Everyone looked at Wesley and listened to his story.

“Actually, my background is not bad! In addition to the top ten royal families in Beijing, my family Qin family ranks first!”

As soon as Wesley said this, everyone took a breath.

It turns out that Wesley still has this background?

“I am the boss of the younger generation of the Qin family, and I am considered to be the heir in terms of ability. According to the rules, I should be the heir, but I have a younger brother, Qin Zhantian, who is better than me in all aspects, so my grandfather directly gave him the position of the heir. He is the future hope of the Qin family!”

“I have to bear with this, who told me that I am inferior to him. But what I did not expect is that Qin Zhantian once committed a major mistake, even the royal family could not keep it, and must go to jail for 20 years! The Qin family actually pushed me out, Go to jail instead of him!”

“Everyone in the Qin family agreed, and my parents can only compromise.”

“What’s even more hateful is that after sending me to jail, Qin Zhantian turned around and married my fiancee! He also said in front of me that he would take care of my fiancee for the rest of my life! What b!tch is also embarrassingly hugging each other!”

Speaking of this, Wesley already has a monstrous anger on his body.

After listening to what Wesley said.

Everyone is short of breath.

Sure enough, the giants are as deep as the sea.

Unimaginable things will happen.

Chapter 1084


It’s too awful!

It turned out that Wesley was no less bearable than Levi.

At least Levi and Sarah waited silently for six years.

But Wesley has nothing.

Only the unfeeling family members and the betrayal of his fiancee.

No wonder Wesley has never mentioned his family for so many years.

So that others thought he was an orphan.

“Qin Zhantian? Isn’t it the Qin Zhantian who is ranked number one in the capital list?”

Suzaku asked.

She already knew everything about the list of young Lords in Beijing.

“Yes! That’s right! Qin Zhantian is super capable! No matter in any aspect! He deserves the first place in the list!”

“He has this capital, which is why the entire Qin family must protect him!”

“Before I met you, I thought Qin Zhantian was the strongest young man in the world! His horror made me feel terrified! At that time, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep up with him.”

Wesley sighed helplessly.

“The most important thing is that my fiancee actually said that only the strongest is worthy of her, and I am not worthy! I don’t want to catch up with Qin Zhantian’s footsteps in my life! But I was unable to refute it because of Qin Zhan at that time. Naivety is too terrifying, one person crushes everyone in the younger generation in the capital! He will make people desperate!”

Speaking of this, Wesley is like going crazy.

“I can only watch this b!tch throw into the arms of others!!!”

Levi stared at him and asked, “Do you still feel that way? Are you still afraid?”

Wesley laughed suddenly.

After these years of experience, both his strength and mood have reached an unprecedented level.

The former Qin Zhantian-his nightmare, is no longer enough to be afraid.

In fact, he was looking forward to a battle with Qin Zhantian in his heart.

To everyone in the Qin family, to that b!tch, to prove that he is better than Qin Zhantian.

Their original decision was wrong!

“Then do you want to go to Qin’s house?”

“Do you want to prove that you are better than Qin Zhantian? Do you want to prove to that b!tch that her choice was wrong? Do you want the entire Qin family to regret it?”

Levi asked again and again.

After hesitating, Wesley nodded.

This has always been his goal.

It is one of his dreams.

How can I not think about it?

Now where his duties are, he can’t go either.

“Okay, I support you! You know, I will go to the capital sooner or later! Then you will be the first to take the Qin family! We will turn the capital upside down!”

Levi patted Wesley’s shoulder heavily.

“Boss, with you standing behind me, I am fearless! I will prove this battle for myself and God of War!”

Fire was burning in Wesley’s eyes.

He can’t wait any longer.

The conversation between Levi and the brothers quickly passed.

Jiang Yijun, who was waiting at the entrance of the villa area, broke down.

No one was seen for half an hour.

No one was seen for an hour.

No one has been seen in the past three hours.

If it weren’t for Jiang Yijun to hold Lawrencelong tightly, I’m afraid that this man would have rushed in and overturned the villa area.

“Eat a meal for three or four hours? Who believes it, this is intentional!”

Everyone is in a state of rage.

“After Yi Jun will ruin the marriage contract, I will find Levi to settle the account again! If he gives me ten bangs, this matter is endless!”

Lawrencelong roared angrily.

Finally, after waiting for another half an hour, Levi appeared.

“Sorry, everyone has been waiting for a long time!”

Levi smiled.

Chapter 1085

“I’m so sorry to forget that you are still waiting for me!”

Levi walked up with an apologetic expression.


Hearing Levi’s words, everyone was like a gunpowder barrel being lit.

He forgot?

Almost four hours!

They stared for too long.

The most important thing is their identity.

The young ladies of the two great royal families and five great royal families in the capital.

After seeing Levi clearly, Lawrencelong’s eyes were breathing fire.

“Let’s wait for nearly four hours and give me a reasonable explanation!!!”

Lawrencelong roared.

Originally, he was impatient, and it was really tormenting for him to wait for four hours.

He had the heart to kill Levi.

Jiang Yijun pulled LaLawrencelong and motioned him not to mess around.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this! I will tear up the engagement right away! I order you, right away!”

Lawrencelong condescendingly looked at Levi.

Levi’s expression turned cold: “Who the hell are you?”

“I am Lawrencelong!”

“I haven’t heard of it, go away and let Jiang Yijun come in person!”

Levi didn’t give Lawrencelong any face.

Everyone: “…”.

They were all stunned.

They looked at Levi incredulously.

Lawrencelong was ignored. This was the second time today.

Second in the list of Princes in Beijing, heir to the royal family.

Wherever you go, you don’t want the wind to get the wind, but the rain to get the rain.

In a small place like Jiangbei, it has been repeatedly ignored.

How can this be called Lawrencelong?


“You are looking for death!!!”

Lawrencelong’s murderous aura enveloped Levi.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

“I’m Jiang Yijun!”

Jiang Yijun stood up in time.

She and Levi looked at each other.

But Levi’s look made her very uncomfortable.

As if seeing her through at a glance.

He has a wife, so he still looks at people like that?

“What do you mean? Why are you staring at me? Please take care of yourself!”

Jiang Yijun stared at Levi in disgust.

The look seemed to say: Even you want to marry me? Toad wants to eat!

She secretly said a bad voice, Levi was afraid that he didn’t want to ruin the marriage contract, and even wanted to marry her.

Especially after seeing her face, I am afraid that I don’t want to give up on myself.

After all, his biological father would abandon Ollie’s mother and son for Long Aoqing.

Presumably Levi would do the same, for she would abandon his wife and children.

Levi just wanted to see the No. 1 beauty in Beijing, what’s the matter?

It was misunderstood.

“The number one beauty in Beijing? But that’s it, it’s even worse than my wife.”

After examining it carefully, Levi came to this conclusion.

He didn’t want to say at first, but this woman has such an attitude.


Jiang Yijun looked angry.

Sure enough, Levi hated it very much.

When Lawrencelong heard that his beloved woman was said by Levi, he became angry on the spot.

“Apologize! Apologize to Yijun immediately!”

Lawrencelong pointed at Levi and roared.

Levi frowned: “Apologize? Why should I apologize?”

“You just said that Yijun is inferior to your wife. This is the biggest insult to Yijun! You must apologize to Yijun!”

Lawrencelong was tough.

“Yes, there is something better than Sister Yijun in this world? Impossible!”

“You must apologize to Sister Yijun first!”

Several others had to force Levi to apologize one after another.

Jiang Yijun thought the same way.

Because she was held in the palm of her hand by the Jiang family since she was a child, a true jewel in her palm.

No woman can compare with her.

In the end, Levi said that his wife was better than her.

Jiang Yijun refused to agree.

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