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Chapter 1086

This is a shame to her!

Since she became an adult, she has been firmly in the position of the first beauty in the capital.

No one really compares with her!

Even for a woman, comparing her with Jiang Yijun is the greatest honor to her.

You can compare it, but you can’t say that Jiang Yijun can’t compare.

“You must apologize to me about Levi!”

Jiang Yijun stared at him coldly.

“Absurd, absurd! I have never heard of this kind of thing and I have to apologize!”

Levi laughed.

An unprecedented first encounter.

I have to apologize for the first time I heard of comparison.

“Levi, you don’t understand the status of sister Yijun in the capital. You have been the first beauty for nearly ten years! Who dares to compare her? You dare to say that she is not as good as your wife. You are insulting Yi Sister Jun!”

Xia Xuanxuan said angrily.

In fact, she was right. In Beijing, everyone thinks so.

But in Levi’s eyes, these people are just a bunch of neuroses.

“Apologize? Impossible! If it’s okay, I’m leaving.”

Levi turned around and left.

“Stop, did I let you go?”

Lawrencelong roared, stopping in front of Levi.

“Apologize! Immediately! I order you to apologize immediately!”

Lawrencelong was already on the verge of running rampant and couldn’t bear it.

Levi smiled: “What if I don’t apologize?”

“Then don’t make me cruel!”

Lawrencelong clenched his fists tightly, and a crackling sound rang.

As the second in the capital list.

Not only the super strength in other fields, but also the powerful force.

Lawrencelong has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and he has long been proficient in horizontal kung fu, claiming to be invulnerable.

The bullet couldn’t hurt him…

Seeing that the war was about to start, Jiang Yijun quickly resolved: “Okay, I will bear it! You don’t need to apologize, but you must tear up the marriage contract and give me a free life!”

Thinking of the main purpose, Lawrencelong also endured it.

As long as the marriage contract is torn up.

It would not be too late for him to retaliate at that time.

“Yes, quickly tear up the engagement!”

Others urged.

“You also know that you are here to tear up the marriage contract? So why are you talking so much nonsense?”

Levi asked rhetorically.


Several people looked embarrassed.

Jiang Yijun’s reaction was the fastest: “Then you tore the marriage contract quickly, and we will have nothing to do in the future.”

“Now I want to tear up the engagement? I’m afraid it’s not that simple!”

Levi said coldly.

If they talked hard just now, wouldn’t they be tearing up the engagement?

It’s not a big deal, just a little effort.

But how could he bear this attitude?


All of them were dumbfounded and looked at Levi in disbelief.

This is a rascal.

He didn’t even want to tear up the marriage contract.

“You…what did you say? Don’t you want to tear up the engagement?”

Jiang Yijun increasingly decided that Levi was going to marry herself.

He is going to abandon his wife and children.

From the previous look to the present behavior.

But can this kind of person come into her eyes?

It can even be said that Jiang Yijun’s vision is higher than the sky.

Like the top three on the list of Young Lords in Beijing, she didn’t even see it.

She felt that only the sons of a few big families could be worthy of her, such as Garrison West.

A Levi to accompany her?

Just kidding!

“Hahaha… Sure enough, we have already expected Levi what you will do! Let’s talk, what are the conditions to tear up the engagement? Of course it is not acceptable to marry Yijun!”

Lawrencelong asked.

Chapter 1087

Everyone knows it well.

Levi had only two purposes for not tearing up the marriage contract-to marry Jiang Yijun or to blackmail a sum.

“Well, of course it is conditional!”

Levi smiled.

Everyone’s faces twitched.

Sure enough.

“All of you apologize to me, and to my mother, I will tear the marriage contract! Especially you kneel down and apologize to me!”

Levi pointed at Lawrencelong.

When these words came out, Jiang Yijun and the others were stunned.

No blackmail?

It turned out to be an apology?

How is it possible to apologize?

They are the elders and young ladies of the royal family, how can they condescend to apologize to a wild species?

Don’t say they are wrong, even if they are wrong, they will not apologize.

“You want me to apologize on my knees? You wishful thinking, I knelt to apologize, can you bear it?”

Lawrencelong sneered.

Jiang Yijun pursed her lips and said arrogantly and coldly: “Levi, even if you ask for money or something, as long as you say it, we can satisfy you. As for it’s impossible to apologize!”

“We are not wrong, why should we apologize? What’s more, it’s you. If we apologize, wouldn’t we be laughed at?”

Jiang Yijun was firm and could not apologize.

“Yes? Well, since I didn’t recognize the mistake. It seems that I can’t apologize? Then don’t want to tear up the marriage contract!”

“When did you recognize the mistake? Come to me again!”

After speaking, Levi turned and entered the villa.

Lawrencelong was about to stop.


However, they saw a group of figures appearing around them, surrounding them round and round.

“Dare to make trouble in Jiangbei, have you asked us?”

There are hundreds of people around, not to mention.

Lawrencelong was about to get angry and was pulled by Jiang Yijun.

“It’s best to resolve it peacefully! Let’s go back and discuss it first!”

Jiang Yijun doesn’t want things to happen, what if the Beijing Garrison Clan blames it?

“Just bear it like this? I don’t accept it!!!”

Lawrencelong was panicked.

After they go back, they will discuss together.

“We apologize? But what’s the point of our mistake?”

Everyone looked blank.

Usually they are used to being domineering and arrogant.

Treating others is this attitude.

Never felt anything wrong.

After all, when other people saw them, they all had to bow to their knees, and it didn’t matter if they had a strong attitude.

Everyone thought for a long time, but they couldn’t figure out where they were wrong.

At this time, Jiang Yijun suddenly said, “Does Levi think we have a strong attitude towards him? Have you ever spoken harshly to his mother before?”

After Jiang Yijun’s reminder, everyone reacted.

“That’s true! We did murder his mother before! But what we said is the truth, it was his mother who destroyed you, sister Yijun!”

“Isn’t it? Without his mother, Sister Yijun would have married a long time ago!”

Even if they knew where Levi was angry, they still felt right.

“Just take this to make us apologize? Is this kid deliberately embarrassing us? He wants me to apologize on my knees? Impossible!”

Lawrencelong looked aloof.

“Then what shall we do?”

Xia Xuanxuan asked.

Let them apologize, as uncomfortable as eating flies.

Noble, they apologized to a wild species. After this spread, how could they still mix in the capital circle in the future?

“Listen to me, I’ll catch this wild species in a while! Forcibly let him tear up the marriage contract!”

“Yijun, don’t worry, this matter is very simple, don’t have to be so troublesome!”

Lawrencelong sneered.

Jiang Yijun, who had nothing to do, could only agree.

Chapter 1088

At midnight.

Lawrencelong brought all the Lords to the outside of the villa area.

Jiang Yijun and others were waiting outside.

“Yijun, don’t worry, it’s a trivial matter! I don’t care about the little Jiangbei!”

Lawrencelong finished speaking, and when he took his men to catch Levi, the phone rang.

After Lawrencelong answered the call, it turned out that Garrison West called.

“Hello, Shao Garrison!”

The invincible Lawrencelong immediately nodded and bowed as if he had changed himself, with a flattering expression on his face.

No matter how strong his family is, they are all ants in front of the Garrison family.

“I heard you are going to deal with Levi?”

Garrison West’s voice was cold.


Lawrencelong hesitated, but still admitted.

“I know that you like Jiang Yijun, and you also broke the marriage contract for Jiang Yijun! But things have to be handled peacefully, understand? Levi is a wild species, and it has something to do with my Garrison family! You did something extraordinary, that is, threshing leaves. The face of the family, understand?”

Garrison West warned.

At this time Lawrencelong was already in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, it was a step slower.

Otherwise, something big will happen just now.

He hadn’t considered this before…

How about Levi?

But because of the gambling around the world, everyone in the world knows his relationship with Lawrence.

He wanted to do something extraordinary, really just to despise the Garrison Family.

A simple act might kill the Ling family.

“Understand, Shao Garrison!”

Lawrencelong took a deep breath.

“what’s happenin?”

Everyone looked at Lawrencelong suspiciously, his face turned pale.

“Levi can’t move! I have to find other ways to solve it!”

Lawrencelong told everyone Garrison West’s warning.

“What can I do? Is it all left to apologize?”

Everyone looked helpless.

The next day, Levi took care of Sarah as usual.

As for this matter, he almost forgot.

After all, a group of insignificant people is not worth taking care of.

At this time, Jiang Yijun and his party found him again.

“How? Realized the mistake?”

Levi asked.

Jiang Yijun’s attitude was quite gentle this time, and he nodded: “Well, we realize that we were wrong!”

“Mr. Garrison is here, I apologize to you and your mother. We had a bad attitude before, and ask for your forgiveness!”

In order to tear up the marriage contract and restore freedom, Jiang Yijun went out.

Bear it!

Just eat a fly!

Others also apologized reluctantly.

Apologizing to Levi was too shameful for them.

They fought for Jiang Yijun to tear up the marriage contract!

Even Lawrencelong whispered: “I’m sorry, I had a bad attitude before!”

“Say what? Your voice is too low!”

Levi approached.

“I am sorry!”

Lawrencelong was taken aback for a moment, then raised his tone.

Levi smiled: “It seems that you are really aware of your mistakes.”

Jiang Yijun smiled and immediately asked: “So you are willing to tear up the engagement?”

“Of course you can tear up the engagement! But your apologies are not enough!”

Levi said coldly.

“What? Are you going to turn back? We all apologized!”

Jiang Yijun was anxious.

Levi’s gaze fell on Lawrencelong’s body: “Have I said to make him kneel and apologize?”


Lawrencelong exploded with anger.

Originally apologizing to this wild species was the most humiliating thing in his life.

Ask him to kneel down and apologize to Levi?

impossible things!

“If he knelt down and apologized, I would immediately tear up the engagement!”

Chapter 1089

Hearing Levi’s affirmative answer, Jiang Yijun and others looked at Lawrencelong in unison.

“No, no, no…how can I kneel to him? Yijun can’t do this!”

Lawrencelong looked at Levi again: “You change your terms, kid, I promise you!”

“No, I just want you to kneel down and apologize!”

Levi was determined.

Lawrencelong really wanted to kill Levi on the spot.

But thinking of Garrison West’s reminder, he still held back.

“Brother Tianlong, please help me this time! I really don’t want this marriage contract to consume me again!”

Jiang Yijun pleaded.

Lawrencelong hesitated for five minutes before taking a deep breath and agreeing.

“Okay, I will help you!”

Lawrencelong knelt down in front of Levi with a thud, and said loudly: “Mr. Garrison, I was wrong! I apologize to you and ask you to forgive us!”

This kneeling meant that Lawrencelong’s dignity had been trampled on.

It was equivalent to Levi stepping on his face with one foot.

But for the beloved woman, he endured it.

“Well, it’s almost the same!”

With that, Levi took out the marriage contract and tore it up in front of Jiang Yijun.

“Jiang Yijun, listen carefully. From then on, our baby is torn up. I have nothing to do with you anymore. I hope you will not harass me again!”

Levi said coldly.


This made Jiang Yijun stunned.

Shouldn’t she say this?

Why did you become Levi?

“Don’t worry, I won’t harass you. Because you are not qualified!”

Jiang Yijun said proudly.

“Yes! I think this is the biggest difference in history, there is no one!”

“Sister Yijun and you are like a toad who wants to eat swan meat!”

Xia Xuanxuan shouted several people.

Jiang Yijun sneered: “Levi, you said I’m inferior to your wife, but I want to see where the inferior is? It’s no exaggeration to say that for so many years, I have never seen a better woman than me!”

She was scrupulous about the marriage contract just now, and now that the marriage contract is torn up, she dare not say anything.

“Well, that’s right! Don’t say that I am married now. Even before I got married, if you and Sarah were two people, I would choose Sarah! Because she is better than you!”

Levi said.

The words came out.

The audience was silent for a few seconds.

Jiang Yijun looked incredible.

In Levi’s heart, her first beauty is really inferior to his wife?

“That’s why you are willing to tear up the engagement?”

Jiang Yijun asked coldly.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“You will regret it! When you arrive in the capital, you will understand that you made a terribly wrong decision! You will regret choosing her and not me!”

Jiang Yijun roared.

This time she came to Jiangbei, she came out without makeup, her hair was messy, her clothes were simple and she didn’t dress up at all.

Very low-key.

In order to prevent Levi from thinking about her in any way.

How could this be the result…

But now after Levi tore up the marriage contract, her heart was unbalanced.

She even had the urge to let Levi choose her.

After all, she can’t lose to Sarah.

“The day you came to the capital, I will appear in the most beautiful posture, then you will know what amazing is! You will be ashamed of what you said today!”

Jiang Yijun was ready. Next time, he packed up the tickets and stood in front of Levi, making him regret it.

“Yijun don’t need it, I will make him regret it now!”

Lawrencelong couldn’t bear it anymore.

He looked at Levi murderously.

Chapter 1090

He can no longer care about other things.

He could suffer humiliation himself, and even knelt down to Levi.

But you can’t stand Jiang Yijun being cancelled.

He was full of thunderous aura, pressing towards Levi step by step.

Thinking of everything before, he couldn’t wait to kill Levi.


Jiang Yijun and others wanted to stop it, but it was too late.


Just heard a clear slap in the face.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Lawrencelong was dumbfounded.

Because it was Lawrencelong who was beaten.

This is what no one expected.

Lawrencelong himself did not react.

“You…do you dare to hit me?”

Lawrencelong stared straight at Levi.




Levi opened his bow from left to right and slapped Lawrencelong’s face fiercely for several consecutive slaps.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Really dare to do it…

Soon, Lawrencelong’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, and there was blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

He stood in front of Levi, breathing heavily.

A torrent of anger emanated from him.

“I will kill you!”

Lawrencelong was as crazy as he was, and he was bound to kill Levi.


Jiang Yijun quickly stepped forward and hugged Lawrencelong tightly.

If this kills Levi.

Then the Garrison Family must blame it!

No one can afford to…

The persuasion of several people poured cold water on Lawrencelong, which made him sober a lot.

Thinking of Garrison West’s warning, he could only endure it.

“You… wait for me, one day you will die in my hands!”

Lawrencelong left a word and turned to leave.

Jiang Yijun looked at Levi with a complicated expression.

It stands to reason that after tearing up the marriage contract, she has nothing to do with Levi.

But she was not convinced.

She vowed to let Levi see her most beautiful side and make him regret it.

After the group left, Wesley walked out.

“The boss should have let me come just now!”

“I want to hit the list of young Lords in Beijing from beginning to end! Let the Qin family know what regret is!”

Wesley was obviously holding a breath.

“Don’t worry, your chance will be indispensable then!”

Levi smiled.

Jiang Yijun and his party returned to the capital.

And the story of her tearing up the engagement with Levi quickly spread.

It even reached Lawrence’s ears.

“Even so, let the family divorce? It’s really useless. How can I, Lawrence, have such flesh and blood?”

Lawrence was extremely angry.

It was Levi’s inability that caused the family to divorce.

“Indeed, it’s shameful! Even though he is a wild species, he represents the face of my Garrison family!”

“This time tearing up the engagement will make us a joke in the capital!”

The others were dissatisfied.

Long Aoqing said: “It is true, even if we don’t say it, others will regard him as related to our Garrison family!”

“For example, Lawrencelong’s face was swollen when he was slapped by this wild species, but he did not dare to fight back, so he could only endure it!”

When Lawrence heard it, he immediately said: “This is not good, how can I let this wild species do things under the banner of the Garrison family? In this way, no one dares to move him, and he still doesn’t do what he wants?”

Garrison West argued: “But father, he has something to do with the Garrison Family after all, and when it gets bigger, it is the face of the Garrison Family!”

Garrison West advocated that no one else could move Levi, so he called Lawrencelong to warn.

“Who said he is the face of the Garrison Family? Only after a year’s time is he succeeded in the challenge. At present, he has nothing to do with the Garrison Family!”

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