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Chapter 1091

Lawrence said to Garrison West: “West’er, in my name, release the news: Levi has nothing to do with the Jingcheng Garrison Clan at present! He is responsible for everything he does, and his life and death are also related to the Garrison family. No relationship!”

Lawrence’s meaning was very simple-it was announced that Levi had nothing to do with the Garrison Family, and even if he was killed, the Garrison Family would not care.

Lawrence sneered and said, “Levi, I feel that you can’t hold the appointment for less than a year!”

“Indeed, this kid is too capable of causing trouble. Hasn’t this provoke Lawrencelong and the others? Even though people haven’t arrived in the capital yet, they have set up too many enemies!”

“Whether he can come to the capital is a problem, let alone challenge the Garrison family!”

“The Garrison Family’s genius is like a cloud, and a Levi is nothing at all.”

Everyone in the Garrison family didn’t pay attention to Levi.

It is true that the Garrison Clan and the family power geniuses related to the Garrison Clan are too many.

At this time, Garrison Wan, the housekeeper with the highest position in the Garrison family, took a list and laughed in front of Lawrence.

“Patriarch, Garrison Clan adds another good thing!”

“There are a total of 50 people in the Ian Soldier King Training Camp in the Southern Territory. There are six members of my Garrison Clan and 13 members of my Garrison Clan’s affiliated family. And the six members of my Garrison Clan are all in the top 10. Seed players! They are all future soldiers!”

“And it is said that this Ian Soldier King training camp will send a few seeds to the God of War Iron Brigade! We have a great opportunity for the Garrison Clan!”

After Lawrence took over the list, he looked relieved.

He is currently the helm of the entire Garrison Clan.

The younger generation of the Garrison family is stronger, representing the future of the Garrison family.

“Okay, that’s great! In time, I will add a few people from the Garrison family to the Morendam Sabre Ranking!”

Lawrence laughed.

“If you Levi has this ability and can be on the Sabre Ranking, the Garrison Clan will not even recognize your identity every minute?”

The others said coldly.

“Forget about the Morendam Sabre Ranking, if he has the qualifications to participate in the Ian Soldier King Training Camp, he is considered a good seed!”

Lawrence sneered.

Once the news of Lawrence’s arrangement for Garrison West was released, the entire capital was boiling.

Before that, Lawrencelong and the others repeatedly forbeared them, worrying that Garrison Family would blame it if they act on Levi.

Now that this news comes out, everyone has no more worries.

Especially Lawrencelong was most excited to hear this news.

The fact that he was slapped by Levi was well known in the capital, and his face was lost.

Only kill and then fast!

It was only a matter of time before they went to Jiangbei again.

Without the harassment of these reptiles, Levi’s life was quiet.

I accompany Sarah every day to take care of her daily life.

He gave the company full power to Natalie to manage.

This makes everyone very anxious.

Erick Group has been suppressed across the board and has no room for development.

Is Levi not in a hurry?

Did he forget the bet?

A year later, what did he use to challenge the Garrison family?

Can you win sympathy by kneeling?

During this time, Logan Ziyan’s lower abdomen has slightly bulged.

She didn’t want to get angry, it would affect the children in her stomach, so she could only open one eye and close one eye.

That day, Levi received a call from Xiao Juechen, the commander-in-chief of the Southern Border Theater.

“God of War, recently there is a Ian Soldier King Concentration Camp to be held in the southern border, and I plan to recommend a few seedlings to the God of War Iron Brigade. If you have time, you can choose it yourself?”

Xiao Juechen asked.

Chapter 1092

“Okay, I’ll go over and take a look at that time!”

Levi approached.

“If you can give me some advice, that would be even better.”

Xiao Juechen pleaded.

“Okay, Old Xiao, listen to you!”

When Levi agreed, Xiao Juechen looked excited.

“I’m afraid this is the most prestigious training camp in the history of Ian Soldier King. The God of War personally guided and picked people! No, I can’t tell this thing for the time being. I will give these stinky boys a surprise at that time!”

At this moment, Garrison Clan from Jingcheng had just left a car.

Sitting in the car were six direct descendants of the Garrison family, and Lawrence personally sent them away just now.

They are the six members of the Garrison family who went to the southern border to participate in the Ian Soldier King training camp.

I was given great hope by Lawrence and the Garrison Family.

The six young disciples of the Garrison Family were all unruly and arrogant in their bones.

After all, it was from the first family of Morendam.

Headed Garrison Hart said coldly: “This time we go to the training camp, but we represent the face of the Garrison clan! Don’t ask for anything else, we must win the first six!”

“We have to take all the quotas for the God of War Railway Brigade! Do you understand?”


Others shouted.

They have a natural sense of superiority.

Never allow them to be weaker than others!

“My dream is to enter the God of War Iron Brigade and follow the God of War! If it succeeds, it will be a matter of supreme glory for me and my family!”

Garrison Kong, the other person, looked yearning.

Garrison Hart nodded: “Well, that’s right. Following the God of War is definitely the supreme glory! He is the idol of the young people in Morendam, even Garrison West!”

“Isn’t it, Garrison West has always targeted God of War! Always struggling!”

These young people looked excited and yearning.

At this time, Garrison Zhaohuafeng turned around and said, “The southern border we went to covers the Jiangbei region. I really want to see Levi!”

“Hahaha, we are also a little curious! Find time to teach this Levi?”

Garrison Kong looked expectant.

“Yes, take the time to find time to teach him a lesson, this kid is too arrogant! Even Garrison West doesn’t take it seriously!”

The other three agreed.

Located in a deep mountain in the southern battle zone, fifty team members from all over Morendam have all assembled.

This is all a bunch of jealous guys.

They come from all major war zones in Morendam, and they are all geniuses among geniuses, and everyone is the treasure of their own team.

All aspects of strength are the top of the top!

Each is arrogant to the extreme.

No one paid attention to it.

Of course they have this capital!

It is very possible that they would not even pay attention to the instructors of this training camp.

You can be an instructor, at least you have to convince everyone, and you have to show your true ability.

Due to the particularity of this team, Xiao Juechen personally came to the court to give them a lesson.

“You are Ian and the hope for the future! Someone will train you next!”

Xiao Juechen smiled.

Garrison Hart asked: “Dare to ask Chief Xiao, is the instructor one of the four great killers in the South?”

There are four great killers in the southern war zone, with fierce reputations and famous at home and abroad.

Garrison Hart guessed who the instructor would be before they came?

High probability is one of the four killers.


Xiao Juechen shook his head.

“Could it be the Eight Great Wars in the South?”

Garrison Hart thought of a few people again.

“Nor! Okay, you will know when the instructor arrives.”

Chapter 1093

Now everyone is more curious.

But there is one thing.

They don’t want some unknown people to become instructors.

At least it convinced them!

Garrison Hart and the others got together and sneered: “Brothers, since they are not the strongest instructors in the South, I don’t think this training camp is very interesting.”

Logan Lang from the northwest sneered, “Isn’t it, I’m here for the four killers, they are not, what’s the point of this training camp? Maybe the instructor is not as strong as me!”

“Which one comes to the training camp is the weak? It’s not that anyone can be an instructor!”

“When the instructor arrives tomorrow, shall we prepare a meeting gift for him? If he fails to meet the requirements, he will go back!”

Garrison Hart suggested.

Logan Lang immediately agreed: “Okay, that’s a good idea! Give him a good start!”

“We have to protest in this way, and let Nanjing find us the best instructor!”

Fifty people quickly reached a unified opinion.

the next day.

Xiao Juechen personally came to invite Levi.

“Sister-in-law, can I borrow the boss for a day?”

Xiao Juechen smiled.

Sarah nodded: “Of course you can, but you come with me and I have something to say to you.”

Xiao Juechen followed curiously.

“Juechen, are you a good brother of King’s Landing?”

Sarah asked.

“Sister-in-law, I have a fateful friendship with the boss!”

Xiao Juechen said excitedly.

Not only him, the commander-in-chief of the Ninth Great War Zone and the guards of the four major gates all had life-long friendship with Levi.

They were all rescued by Levi in the sea of ​​blood in Shishan Mountain.

“Then do you want to watch him have an accident?”

Xiao Juechen said immediately: “Of course I don’t want to! The boss must never have an accident!”

“You should also know about his one-year appointment with the Garrison Family? Garrison Family proposed four standards. At present, King’s Land can hope for business. But he doesn’t want to make progress, and doesn’t take it seriously. Sister-in-law wants to let him. You persuade King’s Landing to make him pay attention to this matter, at least you have to work hard.”

Sarah said with a heart and soul.

“This matter is not a big deal to the boss at all!”

Xiao Juechen was startled, and thought what was going on…

It’s just a challenge from the Garrison family!

Not to mention Levi, even he did it easily.

“Huh? Doesn’t matter?”

Sarah was stunned.

How come Levi’s brother is the same character as him?

It didn’t take the same thing at all…

“Juechen, don’t you know the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng? Didn’t you understand the situation of King’s Landing?”

Sarah felt that Xiao Juechen was an ordinary person.

He couldn’t touch the level of Garrison Family at all.

Don’t even know the existence of the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will persuade the boss! Make sure that he will solve this matter!”

Xiao Juechen reacted immediately.

“Well, please persuade me, he won’t listen to me, he will listen to you brothers!”

Plum dyed.

She hoped for Levi’s brothers.

It looks like an ordinary person.

Xiao Juechen returned to the car and told Levi about this.

“Boss, when will you reveal your identity to your sister-in-law?”

Xiao Juechen asked.

“I’ll tell Sarah when I come to the gate of Garrison’s house in person. Now, during her pregnancy, it’s better to be a little more stable!”

Levi approached.

“I see! Boss, there are a few young people from the Garrison family in this training camp.”

Xiao Juechen thought of Garrison Hart.

“Hahaha, it’s not interesting anymore.”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips.

Chapter 1094

“You don’t need to accompany me later, let me see how many catties these little boys are?”

Levi said.

“Understand, I will arrange for someone to take you to the training camp.”

Shortly after.

Levi was sent to the training camp by others.

He was sitting in the back row, with two people in the front row.

One man and one woman, Jinshan and Yu Xiaoqin.

They are in charge of safeguarding the training camp.

Through the rearview mirror, the two looked at Levi who was asleep in the back row.

“No? Chief Xiao sent him to be an instructor? So young? Isn’t it a mistake?”

Yu Xiaoqin was surprised.

Fisher Jinshan also looked astonished: “Yes, there is no such person in the key South Realm at all. Where did this come from? Chief Xiao doesn’t know what this is going to do?”

Yu Xiaoqin sneered: “This training camp is all thorns! One is better than the other! To be their instructor, you have to rely on your strength to suppress everyone! Only him? Isn’t this sent to be slapped?”

Fisher Jinshan smiled: “I heard that those guys are going to give the instructor a horror! Can he catch it?”

“I guess we may send him away later, or send him directly to the hospital! Chief Xiao’s decision is completely wrong!”

Yu Xiaoqin was ready to send Levi back.

In the training camp base.

Garrison Hart and other fifty people stood up.

But everyone stood lazily, and some even sat on the clearing with grass in their mouths.

Everyone is sitting and not standing, and standing is not standing.

The only thing that is the same is that everyone has an arrogant and domineering face, a look like Laozi is number one in the world.

After all, in the original team, everyone is a thorn.

No one is afraid!

Unless stronger than them!

Otherwise these people will not be convinced.

“Remember, don’t give anyone a good face later!”

Garrison Hart asked.

“Don’t worry, if you want to teach Lao Tzu, you have to ask Lao Tzu’s fist to agree or not!”

Logan Lang lying on the ground sneered.

“I’m coming…”

Seeing the dust not far away, everyone understood that the instructor was coming.

Everyone’s eyes swept over.


The car stopped and Levi was still sleeping.

Yu Xiaoqin shouted dissatisfiedly: “Here is the place!”

“I know.”

Levi slowly opened his eyes.

He didn’t actually sleep, he kept his eyes closed and rested.

He heard all the words of Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan just now.

After getting out of the car, under the leadership of Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan, Levi came to the training team.

Seeing the team’s lazy appearance, Levi’s eyes flashed with anger.

No rules!

As a soldier of Morendam, he must always remember the military rules.

What kind of system is this?

This is a training camp, not your kitchen. You can come wherever you want…

Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan were amused.

This bunch of thorns really won’t make this instructor feel better.

He is in big trouble.

When everyone in the training camp saw that their instructor was a strange and young Levi.

No one agreed.

It doesn’t matter if he is not a famous warrior.

Did you send a mediocre young man to be an instructor?

What are you doing?


This instructor was worse than they thought.

What kind of instructor is such a young man?

Do you have that strength?

This is to look down on them!

Fisher Jinshan coughed and said, “I will introduce you to everyone. This is the chief instructor of the Ian Soldier King Training Camp! Welcome everyone!”

But after Fisher Jinshan finished speaking, no one paid any attention.

Chapter 1095

Everyone is still standing, sitting, sitting.

All looked at Levi arrogantly.

Yu Xiaoqin reminded: “Everyone, give some face! After all, this is the instructor!”

But no one responded.

Yu Xiaoqin looked at Levi triumphantly.

The look seemed to say: see? Not everyone can be an instructor!

Where Levi stood, there was no response at all, and both Yu Xiaoqin were embarrassed for him.

Seeing the appearance of these people, Levi was really angry to the extreme.


No respect at all!

Not to mention the strength of this instructor, but once you have this status, you must be respected.

Furthermore, the Southern Border would not woo a person to be an instructor casually.

The instructor was standing here, that must have been selected by Xiao Juechen, and could afford this position.

“Stand up for me!”

Suddenly Levi roared.

This sound scared everyone.

People like Logan Lang and Garrison Hart wanted to stand up subconsciously.

“The future Ian Soldier King? Still want to enter the God of War Iron Brigade? Look at what you look like, do you match it? No respect at all!”

Levi said coldly.

These few sounds are considered to have calmed some people.

Logan Lang sneered and said, “Then look at yourself, are you worthy to be an instructor?”

Garrison Hart agreed: “We are here to participate in the training camp to improve! Not to go through the scene! Not all cats and dogs can be instructors!”

Garrison Mann also sneered: “Yes, respect you? You have to have the strength to let us respect you!”

Levi smiled meaningfully: “Do you think I am not worthy of being an instructor?”

“Is it worthy? You look only thirty. You still want to be an instructor at your age? Do you have enough strength?”

“Maybe you didn’t inquire about it before you came, who are we? We come from all over Morendam, and we were the strongest in the previous team! Because there is no opponent, we will come to the training camp to seek a breakthrough!”

Everyone arrogantly expressed their thoughts.

After all, they all have great strength!

In the future, it may be a big responsibility!

They will never allow such people to be instructors!

Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan were very happy when they saw that the gang of thorns were making trouble.

Because I couldn’t get used to Levi’s cold look.

Here, it won’t work without real power.

“Hahaha, do you think I can stand here, not worthy of being your instructor?”

Levi was happy.

“Of course! If you want to be our instructor! Not to mention the four Great Killing Gods in the South, you have to be of the Eight Great War Sovereign level, right?”

Logan Lang laughed.

Garrison Hart glanced at him and said, “Give him a specific standard! To be our instructor, there is only one standard-the Morendam Sabre List!”

The Four Great Killing Gods they said are all strong on the Sabre list.

“Yes, yes, you must be the strongest on the saber list!”

Logan Lang looked at Levi and asked, “How many places are mud in the saber ranking?”

Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan were both happy.

The one hundred members of the Sabre List are as precious as they are.

Levi in front of him was not at all.

Levi shook his head: “I’m not on the saber list!”

Not only him, no one in his God of War Iron Brigade is on the Sabre List.

After all, for privacy protection.


Hearing this, everyone laughed.

But Levi immediately said: “Although I am not on the list, I am better than everyone on the Sabre List!”

As soon as the words came out, the whole audience was silent.

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