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Chapter 1092

“Okay, I’ll come over and take a look at that time!”

Levi approached.

“If you can give me some advice, that would be even better.”

Kelber pleaded.

“Okay, Elder Kelber!”

When Levi agreed, Kelber looked excited.

“I’m afraid this is the most prestigious training camp in the history of IV Soldier Kings. The God of War personally guides and pick people! No, I can’t tell this thing for the time being. I will give these stinky boys a surprise at that time!”

At this moment, Garrison Clan from Jinvale had just left a car.

Sitting in the car were six direct descendants of the family, and Lawrence personally sent them away just now.

They are the six members of the Garrison family who went to the southern border to participate in the IV Soldier Kings training camp.

They are given great hope by Lawrence and the Garrison Family.

The six young disciples of the Garrison Family were all unruly and arrogant in their bones.

After all, it was from the first family of Velador.

Headed Hart Garrison said coldly: “This time we go to the training camp, but we represent the face of the Garrison clan! Don’t ask for anything else, we must win the first six!”

“We have to take all the quotas for the God of War Iron Brigade! Do you understand?”


Others shouted.

They have a natural sense of superiority.

Never allow them to be weaker than others!

“My dream is to enter the God of War Iron Brigade and follow the God of War! If I succeed, it will be a matter of supreme glory for me and my family!”

Kelver Garrison, the other person, looked yearning.

Hart Garrison nodded: “Well, that’s right. Following the God of War is definitely the supreme glory! He is the idol of the young people in Velador, even Xavion!”

“Isn’t it, Xavion has always targeted God of War! Always struggling!”

These young people looked excited and yearning.

At this time, one of them turned around and said, “The southern border we are going to covers the Case York region. I really want to see Levi!”

“Hahaha, we are also a little curious! Find time to teach him something?”

Kelver Garrison looked expectant.

“Yes, take the time to find time to teach him a lesson, this kid is too arrogant! Even Xavion is not taken seriously!”

The other three agreed.

Located in a deep mountain in the southern battle zone, fifty team members from all over Velador have all assembled.

This is all a bunch of jealous guys.

They come from all major war zones in Velador, and they are all geniuses among geniuses, and everyone is the treasure of their own team.

All aspects of strength are the top of the top!

Each is arrogant to the extreme.

No one paid attention to it.

Of course, they have this capital!

It is very possible that they would not even pay attention to the instructors of this training camp.

You can be an instructor, at least you have to convince everyone, and you have to show your true ability.

Due to the particularity of this team, Kelber personally came to the court to give them a lesson.

“You are IV and the hope for the future! Someone will train you next!”

Kelber smiled.

Hart Garrison asked: “Dare to ask Chief Bell, is the instructor one of the four great k!llers in the South?”

There are four great k!llers in the southern war zone, with fierce reputations and famous at home and abroad.

Hart Garrison guessed who the instructor would be before they came?

High probability is one of the four k!llers.


Kelber shook his head.

“Could it be the Eight Great Wars in the South?”

Hart Garrison thought of a few people again.

“Nor! Okay, you will know when the instructor arrives.”

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