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Chapter 1093

Now everyone is more curious.

But there is one thing.

They don’t want some unknown people to become instructors.

At least it convinced them!

Hart Garrison and the others got together and sneered: “Brothers, since they are not the strongest instructors in the South, I don’t think this training camp is very interesting.”

Lan Logan from the northwest sneered, “Isn’t it, I’m here for the four k!llers, if they are not here, what’s the point of this training camp? Maybe the instructor is not as strong as me!”

“Which one coming to the training camp is weak? It’s not that anyone can be an instructor!”

“When the instructor arrives tomorrow, shall we prepare a meeting gift for him? If he fails to meet the requirements, he will go back!”

Hart Garrison suggested.

Lan Logan immediately agreed: “Okay, that’s a good idea! Give him a good start!”

“We have to protest in this way, and let them find us the best instructor!”

Fifty people quickly reached a unified opinion.

the next day.

Kelber personally came to invite Levi.

“Sister-in-law, can I borrow the boss for a day?”

Kelber smiled.

Sarah nodded: “Of course you can, but you come with me and I have something to say to you.”

Kelber followed curiously.

“Are you a good brother of Levi?”

Sarah asked.

“Sister-in-law, I have a fateful friendship with the boss!”

Kelber said excitedly.

Not only him, the commander-in-chief of the Ninth Great War Zone, and the guards of the four major gates all have life-long friendships with Levi.

They were all rescued by Levi in the sea of ​​blood in Shale Mountain.

“Then do you want to watch him have an accident?”

Kelber said immediately: “Of course I don’t want to! The boss must never have an accident!”

“You should also know about his one-year appointment with the Garrison Family? Garrison Family proposed four standards. At present, Levi can hope for business. But he doesn’t want to make progress, and doesn’t take it seriously. I want you to persuade him to make him pay attention to this matter, at least you have to work hard.”

Sarah said with a heart and soul.

“This matter is not a big deal to the boss at all!”

Kelber was startled, and thought what was going on…

It’s just a challenge from the Garrison family!

Not to mention Levi, even he can do it easily.

“Huh? Doesn’t matter?”

Sarah was stunned.

How come Levi’s brother is the same character as him?

It didn’t take the same thing at all…

“Don’t you know the Garrison Clan in Jinvale? Didn’t you understand the situation of Levi?”

Sarah felt that Kelber was an ordinary person.

He couldn’t touch the level of Garrison Family at all.

Don’t even know the existence of the Garrison Clan in Jinvale.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will persuade the boss! Make sure that he will solve this matter!”

Kelber reacted immediately.

“Well, pleas, he won’t listen to me, he will listen to you brothers!”

Sarah dyed.

She hoped for Levi’s brothers.

It looks like an ordinary person.

Kelber returned to the car and told Levi about this.

“Boss, when will you reveal your identity to sister-in-law?”

Kelber asked.

“I’ll tell Sarah when I come to the gate of Garrison’s house in person. Now, during her pregnancy, it’s better to be a little more stable!”

Levi approached.

“I see! Boss, there are a few young people from the Garrison family in this training camp.”

Kelber thought of Hart Garrison.

“Hahaha, it’s not interesting anymore.”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips.

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