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Chapter 1096


Very arrogant!

Does anyone in this world dare to say such arrogant words?

That’s the Velador Sabre List!!!

Almost covers the strongest in the Velador military!

The 100 on the Sabre List are all the gods of war well-known at home and abroad.

Everyone is strong to the extreme.

Velador’s big wealthy families are proud and glorious to have a name on the saber list.

But Levi dared to say such exaggerated words.

He is better than anyone on the list…

Is there still a saber list in his eyes?

In the eyes of Hart Garrison and Lan Logan, the Sabre List is the most sacred existence.

Their goal in this life -either to join the invincible division of the God of War Iron Brigade, or to stay on the saber list.

It can even be said that staying on the Sabre List is even more difficult than joining the God of War Iron Brigade.

After all, there is only one hundred on the Sabre List…

Levi said this.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Cynthia almost fell to the ground in shock.

The strongest sabers in their concept are like the Four Great k!lling Gods in the South.

How strong are they?

The four great murderers once retreated in a siege of 30,000 people, and the 30,000 people on the other side lost tens of thousands of people…

This is the strongest of the saber list!

What’s more, the four major k!lling gods in the southern realm are not at the forefront of the saber list, they are only in the middle.

It is conceivable that the powerhouses in the forefront of the saber list, especially the top ten powerhouses, will be so strong.

At the mention of their names, major overseas national organizations will be frightened.

They are all-powerful against tens of thousands, or even 100,000!

Levi said that he was better than anyone on the List.

How strong is he?

There are still people in this world who dare to despise the saber list?

Don’t say anything else.

Even the Garrison family, the first family of Velador, wouldn’t dare?

Is not qualified at all!

“I laugh! He said that he is better than anyone on the Sabre list!”

Lan Logan laughed.

“Me too, this is the first time I have heard of this kind of thing!”

Hart Garrison also smiled.

Everyone present was laughing at Levi.

“Is Commander-in-Chief Kelber of the Southern Territory strong? Strong enough? It’s only 17th on the Sabre List! Are you a young man who dares to ignore the Sabre List?”

Peter was happy.

“Are you deliberate? Dare to despise the Sabres! Are you looking for death?”

“If you insult the saber list like this, we can be rude to you!”

Levi’s words completely angered everyone.

Some people even want to do it.

Lan Logan stopped everyone.

“Well, well, didn’t you say that you are better than everyone on the saber list? We need you to prove it!”

“I don’t beg you to beat everyone on the Sabre List, as long as you have the qualifications for the Sabre List, we will all be convinced!”

Lan Logan smiled.

He wants to slap Levi.

Let him show his true strength.

Once displayed, it proves that what he just said is a lie.

“Yes, prove the strength! Otherwise, we will not finish today!”

“Dare to ignore the saber list, none of us will agree to it!”

Others echoed.

They stared at Levi fiercely.

Cynthia and Peter also looked at Levi jokingly.

As long as you show your strength, you will be exposed.

Will you dare to speak big words in the future?

“Why? Don’t you dare? The problem of big talk is to be corrected!”

“If you don’t change it, we will personally help you change it to ensure that you will not dare to speak big words in the future!”

Everyone couldn’t help but say when they saw Levi staying still.

“I’m thinking how to show the strength that is stronger than the saber leader? After all, you are too weak!”

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