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Chapter 1

Velador country.

Over the airport in Case York city.

A private jet is about to land.

There are hundreds of fighter jets circling and escorting around!

The airport was blocked even earlier.

The special fighters with live ammunition stood everywhere, three floors inside and three floors outside.

There are 100,000 rumors outside!

Because a super man is coming.

The Case York upper circle learned about this early, but no one was able to approach the airport for half a minute.

Even the richest man in city came to show his courtesy, but he was taken back at gunpoint.

At the entrance of the passage, five people in suits and leather shoes stood upright like a javelin.

They frowned, and from time to time raised their wrists to look at the time.

Finally, there was movement at the entrance of the passage.

“God of War!!!”

Seeing him coming, everyone shouted.

There was enthusiasm and awe in the eyes of every soldier.

Because this is a myth in the army, it is the God of War of Velador to protect the country.

He is the only five-star general in Velador’s history.

Titled God of War.

Once a pair of iron fists defeated the eighteen countries god-level powerhouses, and fought the gods!

He, overwhelming the world, covers the sky with only his hand, and he is the only one to have no king above him.

It also created the Five Great War Regiment, Sky Tribulation, Eighteen Cavaliers and other iron-blooded legions.

Stepping into his homeland, Levi Garrison was full of emotions.

Once, he was an orphan abandoned on the streets of Case York.

Adopted by city’s Garrison family.

But at Garrison’s house, he has never been seen.

Even his adoptive father and mother treated him like an outsider, scolding him whenever they wanted hit him.

Others are even more bullying.

But he doesn’t care, he was proud of this surname since he was young, and struggled.

He dream of bringing supreme glory to this family in the future.

Finally, he created the “Garrison Group”, the largest dark horse in the Case York’s business community.

With billions of assets, it ranks among the forefront of the business face in the city.

He pushed the declining Garrison Family to the forefront.

He even longed to develop the family to the top of Case York.

But the Family was not satisfied, and jealous of him, treated him as a thorn in his eyes.

It is the King’s Landing Group that greets him even more.

The Garrison family always felt that he was an outsider.

No matter how rich or powerful he is, he does not belong to the family.

Only by controlling these in the hands of Garrison Family, he could be treated as an outsider.

Finally, on the night of Levi’s wedding, the Garrison family framed him. After he was drunk, they threw him on the b3d of his sister-in-law and spread the words that he did something wrong with his sister-in-law…

Was caught in bed by adoptive father, adoptive mother and elder brother…

That night Levi was brutally beaten by the Garrison Family, and was thrown on the road like a wild dog.

His physical disability is even more of an ethical infamy!

Overnight, the upstart in the business world turned into a rat crossing the street.

The next day, he was sent to prison for r*pe and was sentenced to six years in prison.

He will never forget the ruthless and venomous faces of everyone in the Garrison family.

He can’t forget the ridicule of friends, classmates and partners who have fallen into trouble.

He can’t forget the chilling scene of the newlywed wife Sarah Logan…

He regarded the Garrison Clan as his home and worked hard.

But being treated like this!

Whenever he thinks of this scene, his heart is twisted.

Hates it!

But who would have thought that Levi was secretly transferred from prison to join the army.

A few years later, he was at the top of the military, titled God of War, and became the only five-star general.

Now he is back.

The Garrison Family should tremble.

Levi asked, “What happened Wesley?”

Wesley, the head of the Five Great Wars, stepped forward and respectfully said: “Sir we have checked it out. Tonight your wife, Ms. Sarah, may be remarrying, at ten o’clock!”

The husband was sent to prison on the wedding night.

Sarah has been a widow for six years.

Don’t know how much pressure she has endured

What Levi wanted to see most at the moment was Sarah.

Wesley hesitated and continued: “The Garrison family is holding a celebration banquet for the successful listing of the Garrison family at the Sunshine Hotel! Just a lot of people are invited, and someone from the Garrison family invited you too. I did not directly refuse.”

Levi asked, “What about the time?”

“Eight O’clock.”

“Okay, tell the Garrison family that I will attend the banquet!”

The two things did not conflict in time, and Levi agreed.

Sunshine Hotel.

The celebration banquet for the listing of the enterprise was held here.

Through the use of his assets this Group of the family became a giant in one fell swoop.

The crowds are staggered and lively.

Garrison Family Patriarch Charlie Garrison blushed: “God bless my Family, the younger generations are all dragons and phoenixes among the people. Now the Garrison Family Group is listed and has become the upstart of Case York!”

Charlie’s three sons and one daughter were full of guests, with big smiles on their faces.

The younger generation of the Garrison family is even more proud and over the moon.

After today, the Garrison family will become a wealthy family!

They will also become the top second generation in Case York.

Most of the guests who came to the banquet were from the top circles of Case York.

Everyone is chatting about what happened today!

“Mr. Garrison, do you know what happened today! Your celebration banquet is nothing at all.”

“That’s right! I heard that it was a super man who came to Case York. There were a hundred fighter jets escorting, and a hundred thousand people blocked the airport!”

“Our richest man in Case York wanted to meet, and was almost killed. He was told he is not qualified enough!”

“What’s this, Case York boss Dean Porter was waiting at the airport five hours in advance!”

Charlie nodded: “Of course I know, I also sent someone to invite this important person to the celebration banquet!”

“Impossible! How could this big man attend such a banquet?”

No one believes it.

Charlie didn’t know the bottom, he just tried it.

At this time, Edmund, the second child of the Garrison family, hurried over: “Father, the big man agreed to attend our celebration party! On the way!”

“What? God helped my Garrison Family!”

Everyone in the Garrison family looked excited.

This is their chance to reach the sky in one step.

The Garrison family juniors gathered together, and everyone was almost laughing into a flower.

Levi’s elder brothers and sisters Van Garrison and Colleen Boyd smiled: “My Garrison family’s rise started from when Levi went to prison…”

“By the way, speaking of Levi, do you know? Today is the day that kid is released from prison!”

Someone suddenly said.

“Really? Too bad, isn’t it? He comes out of prison and we can meet this guy on a happy day!”

“I beg him never to come to the Garrison Family! He is the biggest shame of the Family!”

A sneer crossed the corner of Colleen’s mouth: “Speaking of which, the Garrison family has today’s status, and Levi is a Lordpiece!”

Van: “This is what he should do! An orphan, my Garrison family raises him, so he can’t contribute! What is a billion-dollar Garrison Group? To put it bluntly, he is a dog raised by our family!”

Others laughed and said: “I have been interested in Levi’s wife for a long time. She is still a widow, I am going to marry her!”


Everyone burst into laughter.

“Everyone, stop, I have something to announce…”

Charlie personally announced the news that the big man was coming.

There was thunderous applause in the court.


But after the applause ceased, there were still people applauding.

The sound is clear and loud, from far to near.

A person came and clapped on the red carpet.

He is tall and straight, like a dragon like a tiger.

Just walking gives him a majestic momentum.

Everyone feels breath is stagnant.

“It’s Levi!”

Van and Colleen exclaimed.

In an instant, more than a hundred pairs of eyes were focused on him!

“I forgot that this little beast was released from prison today!”

Levi’s adoptive father and mother spoke in unison.

Levi ignored everyone’s surprised eyes and walked in front of Charlie step by step.

“I heard that the company went public, are you happy Charlie Garrison?”

Levi’s smile is meaningful.

Charlie was very angry, and roared: “You little animal dare to come here? What do you call me?? No big or small dog!”

“Who let him in? Don’t you know he just came back from prison? Too bad!”

Van stood up and said coldly: “Levi, do you still have the face to come back?”

Levi looked at him: “Why can’t I come back?”

“You are an orphan without a father! The Garrison family rose you, but you are too ambitious, ungrateful and want to swallow the family, and you have a bad idea about your sister-in-law! After the defeat, you even want to kill our father and mother . Where is your conscience? Is there any ethics in your heart?”

“You were ruined in the city, everyone knows, you dare to come back, are you shameless?”

Chapter 2

“Now what do you mean by coming back, who doesn’t know? You want to rely on the Garrison family for food and want our money!”

“You beast has been expelled from the Garrison family long ago! The Garrison family has nothing to do with you, a white-eyed wolf! Hurry up!”

Levi’s adoptive father and mother stood up and pointed to his nose and cursed.

The Garrison Family’s reverse operation of black and white was shocking.


Six years later, he thought they would feel a little guilty.

But he didn’t expect it to get worse.

Occupy everything about him, crippled him, and ruined him.

In the end, it turned black and white, and everything was his fault.

The Garrison family has no human touch at all.

Van walked quickly to him and looked at him condescendingly: “Huh, don’t you just want money when you come back now?”


Van threw a bank card on the ground, raised his foot, and shook his leather shoes: “My leather is dirty, help me lick it! The one million in this card is yours!”


Everyone burst into laughter, and watching Levi was like watching a dog.

“One million! Enough for him to live, I guess he will agree!”

Colleen stood tall and looked at him playfully.

Seeing Levi staring at him, Van shouted, “Kneel down and lick my shoes!”

Levi didn’t speak, but stared at him coldly.


Van rushed to Levi’s presence and pressed his shoulder to force him to kneel.

Levi remained motionless.

“Kneel me down!!!”

Van tried hard to press Levi.


Levi suddenly slapped Van’s face.

Van was taken away seven or eight meters…

All quiet.

The field has reached the point where the needle drop is audible!


Everyone in the Garrison family was dumbfounded…

What did Levi do?

He slapped Van away?


Van was about to struggle to get up, Levi stepped on him, crushed him.

Seeing Levi coming, Charlie stepped back subconsciously.

Levi came to the stage and adjusted the microphone height.

Everyone looked at Levi, wondering what he was going to do.

“Notify everyone of one thing…”

“Do you remember what happened six years ago? No one is kind to me in the Garrison family. I limit you to one month. Everyone will kneel in front of me for three days and three nights to confess your faults!”

“Remember, everyone in the Garrison family!”

“If I don’t see anyone for a month, the result is very simple. I promise everyone here will disappear!”

Levi’s voice was low.


But as soon as the words came out, everyone leaned forward and backward with a smile.

“Does this kid make people stupid in prison? He uttered wild words as soon as he got out of prison!”

“The Garrison family is now a giant in Case York, and a rap!st wants to destroy the Garrison family, foolishly dreaming!”

“Is this beast’s brain abnormal?”

“Remember, my patience is limited, I only give you one month! Of course you can gather your strength and connections to fight me!”

Levi ignored everyone’s ridicule and left the meeting place.

“Beast stop! Did I let you go?”

Adoptive father Ramond wanted to stop Levi.

Charlie said, “Ramond let him go! Don’t see blood on the day of rejoicing!”

Charlie is afraid that big people will see it, and the influence will not be good.

“Yes, there are so many opportunities to clean him up!”

“The big man is coming soon, so lucky for him!”

In this way, Levi left here under the gaze of the one hundred and ten.

After he left, Charlie asked anxiously: “The second child, where’s the big man, not here yet?”

Edmund looked puzzled: “He should have arrived early in terms of time, let me ask…”

After Edmund finished the phone call, his face was gray: “Dad, the big man has already been here, but he is gone.”

“What? The big man has been here?”

“The big people say that the Garrison family are just a bunch of stupid pigs, they are not worthy at all!”

“I understand, he must have just seen Levi’s brutal trouble scene, and he was angry and left!”

“He definitely think that our Garrison family doesn’t respect him!”

Charlie yelled: “You must die, little beast!!!”

Everyone reacted one by one.

Levi broke the Garrison Family’s major event!

The big shot is gone!

This is tantamount to cutting off Garrison Family’s one-step ascent to the sky.

Levi is the sinner of the Garrison family!

Everyone in the family was eager to split his eyes, and couldn’t wait to devour him alive.

Especially Levi’s adoptive father, adoptive mother and brother-in-law, hated him even more: “Levi, you wait!!!”

After leaving Sunshine Hotel.

The person Levi was looking for was his wife, Sarah.

In this life, he owes no debt to the Garrison family, nor to friends or classmates.

But Sarah is the only one.

The newlyweds went to jail the next day.

Let Sarah lose all her fame and stay alone for six years.

In six years, this woman has been burdened with too much.

But now after the come back, he just wants to hold your hand and rule the world!!!

After hesitating for a long time, he pressed the doorbell.


When the door was opened, the young woman’s phone dropped to the ground.

After seeing Levi’s face clearly, Sarah’s tears fell.

“Sarah quickly came in after taking the courier to clean up. The family banquet is about to begin! Your grandfather will settle your marriage at the family banquet tonight, and remarriage is inevitable!”

“Yes, quickly dress up beautifully! Your grandfather arranged a good fix!”

Hearing the noise, the voices of Sarah’s parents came out.

“Sarah, I’m back!”

Levi said excitedly, and stretched out his hand to hug.


But she slapped him open.

“What are you doing back? I forgot about you…uuu…”

Sarah cried silently.

Soon, her parents Dale Logan and Edith Mann walked out.

When they saw Levi, the two were also very scared.

“You still have the face to come back? Do you know how much criticism the Logan family had suffered because of you! Especially Sarah, do you know how much she has suffered in the past six years?”

Dale roared.

Edith also pushed Levi: “When you went to jail, you should understand that you and Sarah are impossible in this life! You are a rap!st! You are a crossroad mouse in Case York! You came to find Sarah to hurt her!”

Levi didn’t know how much Sarah dyed and suffered in six years, and even for him, he didn’t remarry in six years.

Levi looked serious: “I will never leave Sarah again this time. I want to promise her a bright future! Let her own the whole world!”


Dale and Edith roared with laughter after hearing this.

Dale sneered: “You can’t say that Levi, you have been in prison for six years, what do you use to give Sarah the future?”

Edith echoed: “Yes, do you rely on a mouth? There is a limit to bragging!”

Levi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will retake what I lost back then! I will destroy the Garrison Family in a month!”

This time even Sarah couldn’t listen anymore.

She yelled: “Levi, can we be more realistic? It doesn’t matter if you just got out of prison, keep your feet on the ground, start from the beginning, I believe you will have a comeback one day. But can you say this kind of big talk, you know how powerful the Garrison family is now? What’s more? What’s more, today’s era is far from what it was six years ago!”

Levi said seriously: “Sarah, you have to believe me, now I can make the Garrison family bow their heads under my feet!”

Chapter 3


Seeing Levi still talking big, Sarah and the two were almost mad.

Does squatting in prison break your brain?

Sarah directly stuffed the phone to Levi: “Okay, don’t you let Garrison Family bow down with just one sentence? Come, prove! I want to see how you make Garrison Family bow down!”


Levi was stunned.

A word of him can make the Garrison Family ruin.

But he gave the family a month.

It’s boring to let them be destroyed now.

“Look, can’t it be done? Don’t speak big words if you can’t!”

Sarah angrily threw the phone to the ground.

Dale and his wife pushed Levi: “Let’s go quickly, our family doesn’t welcome you, we have to go to the family banquet!”

“No, Mom and Dad let him in!”

“What do you mean, Sarah?”

“I won’t remarry, my husband is back.”

Dale and his wife couldn’t hold back Sarah, so they could only let him in.

Sarah took Levi to the bedroom.

“Since you are back, you are still my husband! I don’t care about the rumors! What’s more, I believe you are innocent, and anyone with a discerning eye can see that the Garrison family framed you!”

Levi’s heart warmed.

She believes in him!

that’s enough!

“But you have to promise me, starting from scratch, down-to-earth, I believe you can do something with your ability! I will give you five years!”

Levi said, “No, you can give me one month, and I will let the Garrison family…”

“Shut up!!! I don’t want to hear you say these are unrealistic! Isn’t it good for us to be realistic?”

“Even if you have nothing now, as long as you take it step by step, I believe you will reappear brilliantly!”

Sarah roared.

Levi shut up obediently.

She took out a suit from the cabinet and said, “I bought this for you six years ago. Change it quickly and come to the family dinner with me!”

“Sarah, what are you doing with him?”

Seeing Levi, Dale and his wife were naturally dissatisfied.

Sarah hugged Levi’s arm: “Parents, he is my husband now! I’ll explain it to Grandpa tonight!”

Dale and his wife glared at Levi angrily, and sighed helplessly: “A sin!”

Golden Pot Restaurant.

The Logan family banquet was held here.

The family is naturally better than a wealthy family like the Garrison Clan, but it is also in the middle in Case York.

They contracted the entire restaurant.

When the four of Dale came to the hall, one after another weird and playful eyes swept.

Sarah and Levi were married before.

Dale’s family reached the highest position in the Logan family.

But after Levi fell into ruin, Dale’s family has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Today, he is the most miserable in the Logan family, and his status is also the lowest.

Every time they met relatives, they were ridiculed.

“Huh? Do you think the person next to Sarah is Levi?”

“Yeah! It’s really him! Is he out of prison?”

Suddenly, eyes fell on Levi’s body.

Doug, the lord of the Logan family, snorted coldly when he saw the four Levi and ignored them.

The father’s favorite now is the family of the eldest Alfred.

It is mainly Alfred’s son-in-law Earl Cross who is a mixed-race, born rich and lives overseas.

The marriage that Doug Logan arranged for Sarah this time was Earl’s younger brother Gordon Cross.

Gordon has coveted Sarah’s beauty for a long time.

No one cares, Dale’s family can only find a place to sit down.

When about to take a seat, there was a voice: “No, you can’t sit here, the third.”

The reminder is from Mike, the second child of the Logan family.


“The location of this family banquet is exquisite.”

Dale looked puzzled: “What?”

“The family banquet is divided into four tables! It is decided according to the contribution of the family!”

“For example, the first table contributes more than 5 million to the family a year, the second table is millions, the third table is 100,000, and the last table is less than 100,000 or no contribution at all!”

Mike smiled: “Our family has made a good profit this year, and has barely contributed five million to the family. So I am embarrassed to sit at this table.”

“Of course, if your family has tens of millions of billions of assets, you can still sit at the first table without contributing to the family.”

Mike’s wife Meilan sneered and said, “Unfortunately, we can’t know the situation of your family anymore! Now there is one more prisoner from reform through labor. You can only sit at the last table!”

Mike’s son Nick came over with a toast: “Parents, as far as I know, this family has not contributed much to the family in the past year. Instead, the company went bankrupt and borrowed more than two million from grandfather. This is obviously a shame. It’s not fair to the relatives at the fourth table if you’re still sitting at the fourth table!”

“Tell them to add another fifth table, negative contribution!”

“Okay, agree!”

The rest of the Logan family also agreed.

“Okay, just arrange another table as Nick said! This can inspire you!”

Father Doug also agreed.

“Go and sit down quickly, don’t be ashamed of standing.”

Doug glared at Dale.

The three of Dale didn’t dare to say anything, they just walked over.

At this time, Levi grabbed Sarah and suddenly asked, “Thank you, what table should I sit for next 10 billion?”

Levi is the only five-star general.

To him, money is nothing but numbers.

He still doesn’t know exactly how much.

But ten billion can still be taken out casually.

As soon as Levi said this, the audience was stunned.


For dozens of seconds, the whole house laughed.

Everyone laughed so much that their stomachs hurt.

“Ten billion, are you kidding? The rich Garrison family doesn’t necessarily have it!”

“This kid definitely has a rusty head! It’s a shame to run here!”

“Dale, you have a son-in-law worth 10 billion, hahaha…”

Feel the weird eyes and laughter all around.

Dale’s family can’t wait to find a seam to get in.

What a shame!

What a shame!

Sarah was also angry, glaring at Levi.

“It doesn’t matter if you speak big words at home, what is it to come here? Levi, did you intentionally embarrass me? Isn’t it enough for me to be ashamed these years?”

Sarah’s two lines of tears fell silently, her body trembling.

Levi was helpless: “But I really have 10 billion!”

At this time, everyone didn’t even bother to watch Levi’s jokes.

Because today’s protagonist is here.

Alfred Logan’s daughter and son-in-law are here.

Everyone, including Doug, went to the door to greet him personally.

Earl apologized: “I’m sorry, everyone has been waiting for a long time.”

“This plane was nearly ten hours late, what happened?”

Doug asked concerned.

Earl smiled and said, “Don’t you know, Grandpa? A big man came to the city and blocked the the city Airport for eight hours.”

Everyone: “What? There is such a thing?”

Doug smiled: “Earl. What kind of big man is this? Even the airport has to be blocked for eight hours.”

“Not only that, it is said that a big man’s private jet is escorted by a hundred planes, and there are 100,000 people guarding the airport.”



Everyone sucked in cold air.

Earl looked proudly: “This is General God of War, the commander of Velador’s Ninth War Regiment, haha, you may not believe it! I happened to meet this gangster when I was at a foreign party, and we left contact information with each other. Nothing. Thinking of him coming to the city to take up a post, I will ask him to come out at some time. Just give the Logan’s support and definitely have a place in the city.”

“Oh my God! Isn’t it amazing? Can you recognize this kind of character?”

“My brother-in-law is so awesome!”

“My Logan family son-in-law is amazing! Of course, except for someone!”

Everyone was crazy, looking at Earl in admiration.

The old man was even more admired.

Dale and his wife were envious of seeing other people’s son-in-laws doing this.

Sarah is also very envious.

But she also believed that giving Levi five years to make her grandpa proud.

Levi wanted to laugh.

This kid is a little capable, and he knows he’s coming.

But this ability to make lies is even more powerful.

Levi asked: “You said you know General God of War?”

Earl started: “Yes, I had a drink together, what’s wrong.”

Levi smiled: “Then why don’t I know you?”

Chapter 4


Earl was stunned.

The others were also stunned.

What does he mean by this?

Earl frowned: “You mean you are General God of War?”

Levi smiled: “Yes, I am General God of War, but I never knew you.”


The next moment, everyone laughed.

Especially Earl leaned forward with a smile.

Even the old man Doug laughed.

I have seen many sensationalists, and I have never seen such sensationalists.


Levi is a clown alive.

Earl’s wife, Katie Logan, laughed and said: “Sarah, your husband is so funny! To save face and prove himself, he even said that he is General God of War! Do you know who General God of War is? Commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment, known as kill clan. Why? The prison you are squatting in is a war zone? Sarah, why is a husband on the stall, this sister is sad for you!”

Others also babbled: “Sister Sarah, don’t take him out in the future, if you are not ashamed, we are also ashamed!”

“Yes, we must not let him attend such family banquets in the future! Logan family wants face!”

“Dale, your family is really bad, I’m so disappointed in you.”

Doug glared at Dale in disgust.

“Hey! What evil did Dale do in his last life?”

Dale and his wife lowered their heads, their expressions ugly.

This is their most humiliating day!

Sarah sat in the corner, facing all kinds of ridicule, she didn’t say a word, only two lines of tears fell silently.

It turns out that there are more embarrassing moments!

She looked at Levi, even disgusted.

She didn’t care about Levi’s squad in prison, and she didn’t care about Levi’s infamy.

She cares about his attitude.

She thought that after he was released from prison, he would start from scratch.

But now he disappointed her!



To save face!

Like a clown.

Sarah didn’t want to admit that this was her husband.

Earl didn’t really want to let him go. He sneered, “Okay, aren’t you General God of War? There will be a welcome banquet in Case York tomorrow night to welcome this big man! I hope to see you!”

This pine really knows a lot.

There is indeed such a banquet.

Levi wants to live in Case York for a long time, so he was assigned a deputy post in Case York.

This is more reasonable.

After all, such a big figure is swaying, and the purpose is uncertain, everyone is afraid!

It is easy to cause panic.

To this end, Case York will hold a welcome dinner.

When Doug heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “Huh? Earl, can you also attend this kind of welcome banquet?”

Upon hearing this, Earl stood up and smiled: “Just received two invitation letters!”

In fact, Earl specially spent two million to buy two dinner invitations in order to show up at the family banquet.

When these words came out, everyone in the audience looked at him with admiration.

The value of two million flowers!

Doug asked cautiously: “Earl, can I still get this invitation letter? If so, your dad and I will also go to see the world!”

Alfred also looked at Earl expectantly.

“It must be possible!”

Earl agreed.

But it hurts a bit.

It’s another two million!

“I have a phone call!”

Earl called out and bought two more invitation letters.

Katie leaned over to Sarah: “Sarah, can you explain that I can see you at the dinner party? Hahaha…”

Sara dyed her face almost black.

Katie deliberately embarrassed her.

Before long, a black car stopped in front of the Golden Pot Hotel.

Then, a man in a suit and leather shoes walked into the hotel.

“Isn’t this Secretary Marion Bell?”

Seeing the man, Doug immediately greeted him.

Marion Bell is the secretary in the Case York Municipal Office Building, and every day he comes into contact with the Case York high-level.

Anyone who meets will have to give face!

“Hello Mr. Logan, the purpose of my coming is very simple-to send ten invitations for tomorrow’s dinner to the Logan family!”

Secretary Marion left ten invitation letters and left quickly.

This is the task assigned to him by the first secretary of the city.

At this moment, the first secretary of the city was in the car outside.

He was afraid of encountering the legendary General God of War…

He clearly remembered what the big boss told him-tomorrow night’s dinner, important personnel of General God of War’s father-in-law’s family must attend. Give the invitation letter, but don’t give it too obvious. Not to mention the identity.

That’s why he asked Secretary Marion to give it.

Levi saw this scene without speaking.

But Earl was stunned.

How is this going?

Didn’t he just buy two invitation letters?

Why did ten letters come all at once? Or was it from the secretary?

The next moment, Doug laughed loudly: “It’s really my good grandson-in-law! In one word, let the secretary in the municipal office building send ten invitation letters at once! Loose, my Logan family is proud of you! Really give us Long face!”

Alfred smiled into a flower.

“I’m going, brother-in-law is too awesome, right? I admire too much!”

Nick looked at Earl with worship.

“Sister Katie married a good man! You are the happiest woman! That’s like Sister Sarah, marrying a rap!st!”

Katie said: “Sarah, I’m sorry, my husband is a bit good! If you need our help in the future, just speak up. But I dare not get too close to you. He had thoughts about sister-in-law, and it is inevitable that he will also have some thoughts about my sister-in-law. idea…”

Sarah was about to explode.

Isn’t this a blatant insult to her?

But helpless!

Earl is simply amazing.

After a phone call, the secretary of the municipal office building personally came to give the invitation letter. Isn’t this relationship too hard?

An invitation letter for a banquet of this level is not available to the Logan family.

Dale and his wife are even more envious.

If there is such a son-in-law, I guess he will wake up with a smile when he sleeps?

From now on, just count the money every day.

By the way, isn’t Earl’s brother falling in love with his daughter?

But the two of them couldn’t hold back Sarah, so they didn’t say anything.

Earl was completely stunned.

Where does he have contacts in the city?

Someone must have made a mistake.

But at this moment, he can only admit it.

Anyway, he is even more prestigious!

Earl smiled: “Grandpa is embarrassing me, could only get ten. After all, there are not many places for this kind of banquet.”

Doug laughed from ear to ear: “It’s amazing! Come on, grandpa toasts you a glass!”

Upon seeing this, Dale was even more envious.

Earl said, “Grandpa, you can distribute these ten invitations!”

“it is good.”

Doug has four children in total, except for Dale’s family.

The last few cards left were given to Nick’s outstanding juniors.

“Thank you Grandpa!”

Nick took the invitation letter and dangled in front of Dale’s family.

Dale’s family bowed their heads and remained silent.

In the eyes of his father, they are not as good as a junior.

But they also recognized it. Who told them to be worthless?

At this moment, Levi asked suddenly: “Why doesn’t the invitation letter belong to our family?”

Chapter 5


Everyone laughed together again.

“You don’t want to think about what qualifications your family has to get the invitation letter? Have you made any contributions to the Logan family?”

Nick responded directly.

“Yes, you think it is really beautiful! You are so embarrassed that you still want to get the invitation letter?”

Mike questioned without concealment.

The three of them were desperated.

The eyes that looked at Levi had nothing but disgust.

Levi sneered and said, “Because this invitation letter is given to you because of my face! The invitation letter is mainly for my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, and I will give you a few by the way.”

Alfred couldn’t help it anymore: “Levi, do you want to point your face? This invitation letter was clearly obtained by my son-in-law’s relationship, and it has a trivial relationship with you!”

Earl was also very angry: “What are you? You dare to take credit from me?”

Mike pointed at Dale and said, “Dale, take a look at your son-in-law! Hurry up and take him home! Don’t bring him with you in future family banquets! We can’t afford to lose this person!”

Levi was about to say something, but Sarah held him back.

“Come with me!!!”

Sarah can no longer afford to lose this person.

Come to the outside of the hotel.

Sarah was already crying and pears raining: “Levi, I beg you, don’t let me ashamed anymore, I really can’t hold on with you like this!”

Levi wiped away her tears and asked, “Sarah, do you want to go to the dinner party?”

Sarah angrily said: “Who doesn’t want to go? Didn’t you see the eyes of your parents? But what can you do if you want to go, can you get it?”

“I can!”

Levi is decisive.

Sarah’s emotions came up again, and she turned to leave.

“Sarah, why don’t you believe me?”

Levi asked.

Sarah asked, “Why do you make me believe you like this?”

Levi smiled and said, “I will definitely let you attend the dinner, and I will do what I say!”

Sarah nodded: “Okay, I will believe you one last time! If you can’t do it, I will be like a passer-by with you in the future!”

“A word is settled!”

Sarah wiped her tears: “Okay, I’m free, I don’t want this face! I want to continue to participate in the family dinner, and I also want to tell all of them that my husband can also get an invitation to attend the dinner!”

“Okay, you go in first and I’ll make a call.”

After dialing the phone, Levi said, “Wesley, tell Mayor Dean that I will attend the dinner he will host tomorrow evening.”

“Huh? General, you promised to attend the dinner! It’s great! The above were also worried that you won’t give Dean this face!”

“Well, I want to participate, but some people absolutely can’t participate…”

“General, your subordinates understand, let’s make arrangements!”

Back in the hotel lobby.

Levi saw Sarah hold her head, proud like a peacock.

Obviously she has already told the story.

A pair of eyes fell on Levi.

“You said how can this guy get the invitation letter? Just by stealing it?”

“Maybe to buy it just to pretend to be forced!”

Earl laughed: “You don’t know that the price of this invitation letter is more than one million!”

“Dale’s family still owes grandpa two or three million, so why buy an invitation letter!”

The Logan family said to everyone.

The family dinner begins.

Start serving.

“I think the four of them should just have a bowl of noodles each? Is it necessary to serve food?”

Mike asked.

Earl smiled and said, “Give them a table of food! Otherwise, it seems that Grandpa is not good to their family!”

“it is good.”

The other four tables were toasting each other and it was too lively.

Only Levi came to this table, and the four of them were silent.

In particular, everyone was pleased with Earl, and the scene was enviable.

Dale glanced at Earl, then at Levi, and sighed: “Hey, is envy useful? It is just fate!”

Edith glared at Levi in disgust. It was really embarrassing today.

And the old man didn’t say to let go, they didn’t dare to leave at all.

Can only continue to be angry.

Earl came with a wine glass, followed by a large group of courteous people.

He crossed Levi and came to Sarah: “Sarah, originally, I wanted to introduce my younger brother to you and let you remarry. He is much better than me! But now it seems you don’t have such a blessing. Your vision is too bad!”


Dale and Edith sighed again and again.

If Levi did not appear.

Sarah could be with Gordon.

Their family was about to develop.

So envious!

But they are just poor!

After the family dinner.

“Everyone, come to the old house. Tonight, I’m going to talk to my grandson-in-law about the future development of the Logan family and tomorrow’s dinner. You have to listen to it. It’s good for you.”

Doug ordered arrangements.

Dale and Edith looked at Doug expectantly.

If the Logan family helped them, their lives would be better.

But Doug looked over and said, “The third one, your family, go back yourself!”

Dale hesitated a little: “Dad, I…”

“What are you? I don’t need you here, and your good son-in-law just came back from prison, too unlucky, I’m afraid it will dirty my place!”

Doug dropped a word and left with everyone.

Before leaving, Earl and Katie came to Levi and shook their hands: “Don’t let me down tomorrow night. If you can’t get in then, don’t say I know you, I can’t afford to lose face infront of people.”

Levi sneered: “Who can’t get in then isn’t sure.”

“Well, well, then we will wait.”

Everyone took the invitation letter and left happily.

Dale left behind and sighed and groaned.

He took a deep look at Levi.

What if he could win honor to his family?

It’s a pity that he just got out of prison and his survival is a problem.

Levi followed Sarah home.

Compared to the Garrison family, this is his home.

There is a woman who has been waiting for him for six years.

After returning home, Levi took the initiative to hit the floor, but Sarah let him sleep in bed.

After that, Levi lay on the bed.

Sarah continued to write the plan at the desk.

“what are you doing?”

Levi asked.

“There is an ecological park development project in the west of the city! I am writing a plan and I am going to try out the bidding! Although there is not even a 1% chance of success!”

She smiled.

Until the next night, Sarah didn’t complain about him, nor did he pull his face.

The time for the start of the dinner is getting closer and closer.

Sarah finally couldn’t help it: “Levi, I believe you so much and bet everything on you. But how do you make me believe you now? The invitation letter? I thought you would find a way to get it. A few, but since your return last night until now, you haven’t even been out of the door, and you haven’t made a single call. I want to ask if your invitation will fall from the sky?”

Even Dale and the two also came over: “What are you waiting for? Sarah praised her man last night. If you don’t realize this, we won’t have a place to survive in Logan’s house in the future.”

Levi glanced at the clock: “It’s almost time, just follow me.”

With Dale’s Haval, everyone came to the Grand City Villa, the venue of the welcome dinner for General God of War.

“Sarah, I will prove to you now if I can do it?”

He held her hand and walked to the door.

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