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Chapter 1101

“What do you guys think of me, answer honestly!”

Levi gave a few people a glance.

Because he is the God of War.

Can you be scared?

“because of him…”

Garrison Mann subconsciously wanted to tell the identity of Levi.

Garrison Hart responded quickly: “Miss Logan, because Mr. Garrison looks so much like our current Patriarch Lawrence! At the moment I met, I thought it was Patriarch who came.”

“Yes, it’s true. It’s so alike.”

The others wiped cold sweat.

Sarah accepts this statement completely.

In her opinion, these people definitely saw Levi for the first time.

There is only one possibility to scare them-Levi looks like someone.

“That’s true. What’s your purpose this time? Just explain it.”

Sarah looked at a few people vigilantly, always feeling that they had no good intentions.

Levi smiled and said, “Wife, they just came to us for dinner and asked so much why?”

“Hurry up and serve!”

Levi urged.

For this meal, Levi was full of firepower, and Sarah also picked up some healthy dishes to eat.

Garrison Hart and the others were uneasy eating the whole process.

Their minds are completely off the dinner table.

They are covered with sweat stains under their feet…

This meal has a feeling of being with you, like a tiger.

Levi was like a beast, staring at them all the time.

A meal almost killed them half their lives.

“Well, today’s food is delicious, come again next time.”

After Levi had a meal, he took Sarah and left.

Sarah was always puzzled.

Just invite them to dinner?

Nothing else?

“Wife, what are you doing so much? They just invite dinner. Do you think this is good?”

Levi smiled.

At this moment, Sarah felt that his worries were unnecessary.

What if Lawrence’s heart becomes soft by the time?

After all, this is the real flesh and blood.

After Levi left.

Garrison Hart and the others collapsed on their seats.

Everyone was gasping for breath.

To be honest, the Devil Moon just passed has not been so tired.

This meal is a great test of their mentality.

They almost couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Hey, this is the glory of the Garrison Clan and it is also a disaster for the Garrison Clan!”

Garrison Hart sighed.

At this time, the Garrison family actually called.

“Garrison Hart will report your record, right? The family is very concerned! I heard that the instructors of this training camp are unusual!”

Garrison West’s voice came from the other end.

“Well, yes…”

Garrison Hart reported the record to the Garrison family.

“Well, not bad! Quite good! The family is proud of you!”

Garrison West praised.

“One more thing, this time the instructor is the God of War!”

Garrison Hart said this again.

Sure enough, Garrison West was shocked.

There was a long silence.

“God of God of War? Are you too lucky? Are you personally selected by the God of War to join the God of War Iron Brigade?”

“You are the pride of the Garrison family! Patriarch is going to personally praise you at the annual meeting!”

Garrison West said excitedly.

These juniors are too proud, right?

Bring so much glory to the family.

When Garrison Hart heard this, they were also very excited.

This is an affirmation of them.

Especially affirmed by the owner.

This is the biggest compliment in Garrison Clan.

But thinking of what happened just now, Garrison Hart and the others couldn’t be happy.

“Brother West, I want to tell you something, I hope you can convey it to the Patriarch…”

“what’s happening?”

Garrison West was very curious.

“We also saw Levi…”

Chapter 1102

Garrison West asked curiously: “What happened to Levi?”

“Tell the Patriarch for me. I think the Garrison Family should restore Levi’s identity as soon as possible, and the Patriarch himself will come and pick him up. This is good for the Garrison Family, and he can even bring the Garrison Family supreme glory!”

Garrison Hart said seriously.

Garrison West over there smiled: “Hahaha, does Levi have such a great charm? You have been convinced? You have disappointed me too much. But I will tell the Patriarch of this.”

When Garrison West told Lawrence everything.

Lawrence was very angry.

“What’s the matter with these juniors? Actually they would plead for Levi? Just because they met him? It disappointed me too much!”

Lawrence said angrily.

“I heard that God of War gave them the first lesson called Respect! It is probably because of this!”

Garrison West said.

Lawrence looked relieved: “Oh, that’s the case, then it’s normal! It is estimated that after listening to the God of War class, they will respect everyone!”

Immediately he changed his words: “But that is the rule in their army, and it has nothing to do with us! I, Lawrence, have only one principle. I will only respect people who are qualified to be admired by me! It’s impossible to be like Levi!”

“Let me respect him! At least I have to show my true strength!”

Garrison West echoed: “That’s true, even if Levi’s challenge succeeds in one year, we just recognize him stepping into the door. But it hasn’t reached the point where we really respect it!”

“If you want me to respect it, at least it must be the strength of the top ten on the Morendam Sabre List! If Levi has the strength of the top three on the Sabre List, I can provide him!”

Lawrence roared.

This is the standard in his mind.

Because the top three on the Morendam Sabre list are all from the Garrison family.

He knows best how strong these three people are.

He is also a person who admires him greatly.

If Levi really wants him to regret or truly recognize it.

At least have to be the top three of the Morendam Sabre list.

But how is it possible?

The top three in the Morendam Sabre list, at home and abroad, are frightened, and countless countries and forces have headaches.

There is a saying overseas-the peak of the Morendam Sabre List can be worth 100,000 troops!

How can Levi do it?

But what he didn’t expect in any case was that the Morendam Saber List was released by Levi.

Garrison Chenle said: “That’s right, he needs to have the ability of the top three in the saber list, I am willing to give him the position of a future heir!”

Mentioning this incident, Lawrence said: “West’er, I decided to personally canonize you as the heir after the bet with Levi! Hold the heir ceremony!”

Garrison West looked excited and quickly thanked him.

Although everyone in the clan knew that Garrison West would be the next heir.

But there is no formal ceremony, he is not yet.

Today Lawrence finally confirmed the date.

This made Garrison West very excited.

“Father, the day you chose is too good? It just happened to be the day when Levi was challenged!”

Garrison West smiled.

“I just let the world know what Lawrence’s son is like! Not everyone can!”

Lawrence sneered.

“Ollie thought her son could give her a sigh? On that day, I must tell Quan Morendam that my Long Aoqing son is better than Ollie’s son!”

Long Aoqing looked arrogant, she couldn’t wait.

When this news was announced, it was boiling everywhere.

Everyone knows that Lawrence did this deliberately.

No matter what the result of Levi’s challenge that day, he would compare it with Garrison West.

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