The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1103 – 1104

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Chapter 1103

When Ollie heard the news, she just sighed.

She had never expected that the identity of this heir was Levi.

She just wanted Levi to be able to be recognized by the Garrison family.

“Mom, we don’t have to compare, we just have to live it well by ourselves.”

Sarah persuaded him.

Comparing and comparing, the one who feels low in the end is oneself.

Especially the object of comparison is still such a terrifying existence of the Garrison Family.

“Yes, just a few of our family have a happy time!”

Ollie smiled and looked at Sarah’s belly with excitement.

“Come on, mom, let’s take a group photo!”

Sarah now likes to record the changes every day, taking a lot of pictures as a souvenir.

“Levi, you too!”

Sarah shouted.

Levi had no choice but to run over and take a photo with them.

After Sarah took several pictures, it was posted on overseas social accounts-a happy family of four.

Sarah usually doesn’t like to post to Moments, and he also uses overseas social accounts to post.

After all, there are few acquaintances, and neither friends nor family can see it.

Just after Sarah released this status, something she didn’t expect happened.

These photos broke up in overseas social networking, and they were forwarded to tens of millions in just ten minutes.

And it is still increasing.

It is estimated that in less than an hour, the number of viewers will exceed 100 million.

There is no other reason.

It’s because of one person in the photo-Levi.

In Morendam, any information about Levi is confidential.

His photos will be automatically blocked as long as they are uploaded to the website.

Unlike overseas, Levi’s information is not confidential.

So when Sarah sent out the photos, people abroad soon recognized Levi among them.

After they spread, more and more people knew about it.

At this moment-the whole world is boiling.

Hundreds of countries and overseas dark worlds, mercenary circles, and killer circles, tens of thousands of organizations, large and small, have all exploded.

Morendam’s God of War, God of War, has a wife and is pregnant…

The news spread, the whole world really trembled.

too frightening!!!

The God of War of Morendam Zhenguo once overwhelmed the Eighteen Kingdoms, and the deeds of making the gods in the First World War have been passed down as legends by countless people abroad.

He is a nightmare in hundreds of countries overseas.

There is an iron rule among the major powers: God of War is in power, Velador is a forbidden land and must not be violated.

So foreign countries really hate and angry with Levi.

Countless people hope that Levi will die!!!

If he were there, no one would dare to have the slightest idea about Da Xia, and he would be too late to hide.

Someone has done statistics, hoping that Levi will die more than 10 million people…

Therefore, until now, the number one international assassination list has always been Levi.

Assassination bounties amount to hundreds of billions!!!

Whoever kills Levi can get a huge bounty of hundreds of billions.

Despite the great temptation, no one can complete it.

Did Levi encounter fewer assassinations?

A lot!

Too much.

There are people who want to kill him all the time.

Want to take this huge bounty.

But there is no way.

Levi is like a god.

There are no loopholes from beginning to end.

This is a person without any weakness.

How to kill him? ? ?

Countless people have been studying Levi for several years, with no results at all.

To sum it up-Levi is a god, and mortals can’t kill a god.

But today all this has changed because of a photo.

Levi also has weaknesses-he has a pregnant wife…

Chapter 1104

Many people abroad have inquired about Levi’s information, including his history and anyone related to him.

But Levi’s data files in Morendam are blank, and no one can find it.

Later when I heard that Levi was an orphan, many foreign enemies were desperate.

This is a god without any weakness.

There is no way except being stronger than him.

But now it’s different.

This photo reveals everything…

Levi has not only a mother, but also a pregnant wife.

This is his weakness!

Fatal weakness!

There is Levi in Morendam, which is a forbidden land.

When he was there, hundreds of overseas countries had a headache, and he could only watch, but couldn’t do anything to Levi.

But now it’s different!

Finally found the weakness of the God of War of Morendam Zhenguo.

The Eighteen Nations that were once defeated by Levi began to boil…

As for Levi, they are quick to get rid of them, the opportunity is here…

For a while, I don’t know how many pairs of eyes fixed on the first place in the international assassination list…

Quite a few people are already taking on this task!

It is even more rumored that dozens of rich people overseas will increase their rewards for the assassination list.

The bounty for killing Levi soared all the way, increasing by tens of billions in an instant.

They wanted to kill Levi with one blow, and they didn’t give any chance.

Levi’s presence has harmed the interests of too many people.

His enemies want to get rid of him.

This opportunity is here, how can I let it go?

From the moment Sarah sent the photos, the moment he was discovered, the overseas was really boiling, and countless people were cheering.

In their opinion, Levi’s death is an indisputable fact.

Just a matter of time.

As long as Levi fell.

The interests of many people came back.

Those who have a crooked mind towards Morendam will also take action.

No one will stop them anymore.

The scene of the Eighteen Nations attacking Morendam will also be staged.

And the surrounding hostile forces will also be ready to move.

In short, as long as Levi fell.

Countless enemies will come back…

One can imagine how terrifying Levi is.

One person suppressed one life.

He is alive, and no one dares to invade hundreds of countries and tens of thousands of forces.

This is the might of God of War!

The state of plum dyeing continues to intensify and heat up.

Sarah turned on the phone and looked at the overseas account. She almost smashed the phone to the ground in fright.

“This…what’s the situation? My God!”

“Huh? No? Hundreds of millions of likes? Tens of millions of reposts and comments?”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

In her normal state, there are more than one hundred likes.

How come today’s photos are hundreds of millions of likes when they are posted?

What’s going on here?

Sarah counted again without confirming.

Make sure that there are hundreds of millions of likes!

There are tens of millions of reposts and comments.

Probably broke the record of this overseas social software, right?

How is this going?

Sarah suspected that he was wrong, but everything was true.

This has absolutely nothing to do with yourself!

It has nothing to do with Ollie, she has been banned for nearly thirty years.

Is it Levi?

Sarah can only think of him.

If these likes and reposted comments are true.

That can only show that it has something to do with Levi.

Does Levi have such a big influence overseas?

Sarah wiped his eyes.

Again, it’s all right.

“By the way, aren’t their any comments? Let me read the comments!”

Sarah began to open comments.

“Morendam Zhen Country God of War?”

She said silently.

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