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Chapter 1105

When she wanted to read the following comment, suddenly this comment was deleted.

All she saw was a blank page.

She refreshed again.

It was discovered that it was not just this comment that was deleted.

Together with other comments are gone.

She quit and took a look, and the number of hundreds of millions of likes was gone.

Everything is back to normal.

As if nothing happened.


Sarah was relieved.

“It turned out to be a system failure, which scared me! I can’t even think of hundreds of millions of likes!”

Sarah smiled.

Many softwares in the past also had this kind of system failure.

Many people have problems with their data.

Sarah has also met, so she quickly relieved.

It turned out that things continued to ferment, and some people on Morendam also discovered that Sarah’s account was immediately blocked and protected.

“My husband, let me tell you one thing! I just posted a picture of us on an overseas account, but the system broke down. There were hundreds of millions of likes and tens of millions of reposted comments. The comments are particularly interesting. What is the God of War in Morendam Town… …”

Sarah told Levi what had happened just now.


After Levi heard it, he was stunned on the spot, his face also a little ugly.

He is not afraid!

But after all, if you expose them to plum dyeing, the danger still exists.

This is something he doesn’t want to see.

Especially Sarah is still pregnant.

In this case, the risk factor is greatly increased.

After all, the opponent is different this time.

Not a wealthy family.

That is 18 countries, even hundreds of countries, and there are tens of thousands of organizations.

It is possible to start.

The opponent is too strong.

Don’t know who it is yet?

When and where will it be shot…

Everything is unknown.

The unknown is the most frightening thing.

He is by Sarah’s side and can block everything for her.

What if he is not here?

He has to consider many factors.


Levi took a deep breath.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you?”

Sarah saw Levi’s abnormality and asked curiously.

Levi smiled: “Is there still such a thing? Hundreds of millions of likes?”

But worry belongs to worry.

As long as anyone dared to do something, Levi would definitely tell them to come back.

Even if it reaches ten days and nine places, it will be killed.

The land under his feet, his relatives, wives and children, don’t even want to move a finger.

To anger the demon king, that is to find death!

“Well, the system is malfunctioning. I have encountered this situation before! It’s a pity, I haven’t seen many comments!”

Sarah expressed regret.

“Okay, pay attention to your body! When the child comes out, you can take enough pictures!”

Levi smiled.

Many people now like to show their babies.

He could already imagine Sarah showing off his baby every day after the child was born.

What Levi wants to ensure is that Sarah will never cause any problems during her pregnancy.

Even if the danger comes, it must be strangled in the bud.

Never let Sarah know the slightest.

He wants to make Jiangbei, and even the entire Morendam, as infallible.

No one is allowed to cause trouble.

“Compared with my current situation, Lawrence really counts nothing!”

Levi smiled.

Everyone thought the Garrison family was his biggest obstacle.

But in fact, it’s nothing compared to what it is now.

The Garrison Family simply ignored it.

He thought he would wait until the child was born.

Later, Levi found Wesley and others.

“Now the situation is more severe, we have to prepare early!”

Levi ordered.

Chapter 1106

“Understand, we are in danger from now on!”

“Even if we stop it, some people will enter Morendam after all!”

Suzaku frowned.

After all, if the enemy wants to really deal with Levi, he will never send mediocre people.

The one who can come is definitely a strong one!

So the burden on everyone’s shoulders is not easy.

Levi sighed and said, “I don’t want to bother too many people with this matter. Let’s mobilize my own people! Suzaku will check that the team has recently taken a break?”

Suzaku smiled relaxedly and said, “Report to the God of War that the Ghost Army just completed the mission.”

“Okay, let the Ghost Army come! Adding the Eighteen Tribulation Cavaliers is enough!”

Levi approached.

In fact, the number of Ghost Army is not large, only fifty.

It is a special team formed by Levi.

As the name suggests, they are like ghosts, moving on the battlefield.

He often kills people invisible and can play the role of an assassin.

The Ghost Army is extremely terrifying.

The point is that the enemy doesn’t even know that such a team exists.

Seeing it means you are about to die.

No one knows about the ghost army under the command of God of War.

No one even knew what they looked like except Levi.

Including Wesley et al.

They directly obeyed Levi’s orders.

Although the existence of the Ghost Army is unknown to others.

But the enemy knows that such a small team exists, and it can be said to be extremely scared.

Probably, I was caught by these battlefield ghosts that day.

With the ghost army and the Eighteenth Heavenly Tribulation Cavalry, plus he himself, no one can touch Sarah.

Sarah didn’t even know that a photo would bring such a big turmoil to the world.

Thousands of overseas organizations are ready to move.

Countless pairs of eyes are staring at her.

Her value has also risen rapidly, reaching hundreds of billions…

Overseas has issued a bounty order-the specific information provided by Sarah has a bounty of hundreds of millions. If the bounty is hundreds of billions, whoever kills Levi will receive a bounty of 200 billion.

And the number of bounties is constantly rising.

At this moment, it is located on a small island in a foreign country.

This is the territory of the sea country.

Haiguo was once one of the eighteen countries suppressed by Levi.

There is a helicopter parked on the small island, and there are also luxury yachts around.

There was also a fully armed guard standing on the island.

In the island villa, dozens of people are discussing issues.

On the big screen are photos of Sarah and Ollie.

They were all defeated by Levi.

The former eighteen nations.

It has been almost five years since Levi has been crushed.

I can’t look up at all.

This time the photos of Sarah were exposed, and they were the most excited.

They are also the first to take action.

“We must rush to the forefront! As long as we kill Levi, our shame will be washed away!”

“Well, next we will send 30 top powerhouses to Morendam and capture these two women!”

“Wait, is only thirty people enough?”

“Enough. The 30 top powers selected this time are comparable to those on the Morendam Sabre List! Thirty teamed up, plus we are in the dark, and we will definitely succeed!”

“Not enough, I will send hundreds of Lords to disrupt Levi in advance, and let these thirty people take the action, so the chances of success will be much greater.”

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