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Chapter 1107

Levi’s defeated generals are discussing how to ensure the success rate.

Capture Sarah and Ollie, or one of them.

They have made many plans.

All you need is success!

Levi’s weakness is different.

If it had been before, they couldn’t make any plans.

Where Levi stood and let them kill, no one could kill.

Not only the Eighteen Nations that have been defeated by Levi, but also many national forces are also staring at Sarah.

For example, the Martial State was suppressed by Qin with the Beast Camp.

Not long ago, their arrogant arrogance was defeated by Qin in the West.

After learning about the existence of Sarah this time, they were again crooked.

The country of Boyd is warlike and the people are tough.

People in the martial arts advocate martial arts.

Boyd Kingdom also has a list called Shenwu List, which is similar to Morendam Sabre List.

Everyone regards the Lords on the Shenwu list as beings like gods.

This time, all the 100 Lords on the Shenwu list sneaked into Jiangbei.

Prepare to capture Sarah and Ollie alive.

This time Boyd Guo tried his best to deal with Levi.

Take out all the hole cards.

Not only Boyd Guo, but also many organizational forces are sending people to infiltrate Jiangbei.

So this time there are many Lords against Levi.


Even some killer mercenary hackers have joined them for high bounties.

In short, the dangerous situation is more terrifying than imagined…

Even Levi himself didn’t expect it.

He underestimated how terrible he was in the eyes of the enemy.

Once he has any weakness, the enemy will counterattack and target frantically.

The targeting this time is unprecedented.

The other side targeted him at all costs.

With the passage of time, the information materials of Sarah and Ollie became clearer and clearer.

Even Levi’s life experience has been found out.

Including the Garrison Family’s point was found out.

Originally wanted to use the Garrison family to do things, but after understanding the relationship between the Garrison family and Levi, everyone gave up.

It can’t be used at all, and it’s worthless.

Garrison Clan in Beijing.

Lawrence looked puzzled, he just hung up the phone.

He looked surprised and said: “Is Levi so famous? This is the fifth person to ask me about Levi’s identity…”

Others asked: “What’s the matter with Patriarch? What’s wrong with Levi?”

Lawrence was also full of doubts: “I don’t know what’s wrong? Foreign family forces that have made friends with the Garrison family are looking for me today to confirm Levi’s identity?”

“There are already five of these, and I’m afraid there will be more soon! I thought Levi had some incredible status!”

Lawrence was very puzzled.

Even Garrison West didn’t have this kind of treatment.

Why does Levi have such treatment?

As soon as he finished speaking, he came to confirm Levi’s identity again.

Dozens of people in a row.

One by one is the same as crazy.

“Ah? The foreigners know about the relationship between Levi and the Garrison family? It really means that good things don’t go out, bad things spread for thousands of miles!”

“Sure enough, Levi’s identity as an illegitimate child was passed on, and now even foreign countries will laugh at our first family in Morendam.”

Everyone in the Garrison family was dissatisfied.

They all thought it was Garrison Family’s prestige that was enough to shake both domestic and overseas.

It was everyone who discovered the identity of Levi’s illegitimate child.

At this time, Lawrence received an overseas call.

“Do you have a gambling agreement with Levi?”

After the other party confirmed his identity, he couldn’t help asking.

Chapter 1108

Lawrence replied subconsciously: “Yes. What’s wrong?”

“You’re an idiot! You dare to make a bet with him? Now many people overseas know it!”

After speaking, the person opposite hung up the phone severely.


Lawrence was stunned.

How did this person directly scold him for being an idiot after knowing his relationship with Levi?

This is how the same thing?

The original intention of the man was simple.

Just scolding Lawrence for being so courageous and dare to gamble against God of War, the god of war of Morendam Town?

Is he crazy?

The God of War suppressed hundreds of overseas countries, a nightmare shared by tens of thousands of family organizations.

Lawrence, an idiot, actually bet against him.

Isn’t this stupid?

“Oh, I get it! What he meant by scolding me was that I had such a superior status to bet against a wandering ba5tard. Isn’t this my lowering of status? It is indeed a very stupid behavior!”

“Especially now overseas know about the existence of Levi. In everyone’s eyes, I made an extremely stupid decision! How can Levi have the qualifications?”

Lawrence looked helpless.

But he has nothing to do.

Who told Levi to Lord his secrets, he had no choice but to gamble.

Where did he know, he completely understood the wrong meaning.

Among Levi and him, he is the humble one!

“That’s it! Now our Morendam Garrison family is being laughed at by foreign countries, just because of this Levi!”

“He is the asshole of our Garrison family! Sooner or later, the Garrison family will be nailed to the pillar of shame!”

“Isn’t it, no one knows a genius like Garrison West, but the shame of Levi is known to everyone!”

The Garrison Clan had no idea what was happening in Morendam today.

I don’t even know that overseas is already boiling.

In less than half a day, the world has changed, and even the situation has undergone tremendous changes.

Everything is because of the wild species in their eyes.

Just one person broke the whole world.

Garrison West smiled and said: “Father, I heard that Lawrencelong is going to deal with Levi next. He is not a good person!”

“Haha, it’s okay to let others teach a lesson, lest that kid is crazy.”

Lawrence smiled.

Sure enough, Lawrencelong set out to Jiangbei.

Along with him is Jiang Yijun.

This time Jiang Yijun can be said to be attending in full dress, to see Levi in her most beautiful posture.

Let him understand what regret is!

Next, Levi had no plans to let Sarah and his mother go out. There must be risk factors when going out.

He is always with them and takes care of them.

On the other side, there was news from Suzaku that many Lords had already sneaked into Jiangbei, and it was difficult to find out.

Now there are hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at Levi and them.

There is danger everywhere.

“Suzaku, Jiangbei doesn’t need to be fortified, let them all come in, we can catch them all!”

Levi ordered.

What he wants is to scare this group of people all at once.

They dare not dare to fight.

“With me, Morendam is a forbidden land, don’t you understand?”

Levi felt that he had been silent for half a year, and many people had forgotten what pain was.

In just a few hours, there are as many as thousands of Lords from overseas.

A large part of them are the Lords of the Big Summer Sabre Ranking.

Especially all the Lords of the Martial Arts God Martial Arts Ranking came together.

They had long hidden around Levi and others, waiting for a reasonable time to take action.

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