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Chapter 1123

Sarah’s face was also full of worries, what should Levi do next?

What do you use to deal with the Garrison family?

For almost a year, Levi hadn’t prepared anything.

On the contrary, Erick Group has been suppressed more and more seriously.

Melina and Mann Jianguo stared at Levi and said, “When you bet with the Garrison family, will you run away?”

“Very likely! You may abandon your wife and children and run away! I think you are such a person!”

Doug also agreed.

Levi smiled: “How come?”

Said to protect Sarah for life.

Even when he saw the first beauty in Beijing, he was not moved.

Why would you abandon plum dye?

“Okay, then we will see if you solve the problem or run away?”

Several people said coldly.

It is located in a high-tech conference room in a sea base in Yangguo.

There were a dozen people with different skin colors.

Naturally, they are the people who hate Levi the most, and they are all his defeated men.

Since knowing Levi’s weakness, they have been studying how to target Levi every day.

In short, Levi was immortal, and they were restless.

Want to kill Levi all the time.

The only breakthroughs Sarah and Ollie were aimed at.

“The God of War is in Morendam, we can’t help it at all, the entire army was wiped out last time!”

Someone sighed.

“Unless the God of War is brought out, we have nothing to do!”

“How can I get it out? Sarah is about to give birth recently. There is no special emergency, God of War is impossible to leave!”

Everyone looked helpless.

Finally, he looked at one person-Yokuni’s great army Lord Watanabe Tenner.

This person is not only strong, but invincible in strategy.

Seeing Watanabe Tenner smile.

Everyone knows it well.

Watanabe Tenner must have already found a way.

“If there is no special emergency, then we will create an emergency, so that God of War Levi must leave! Everything will be easy after that! We will send someone to catch Sarah and Ollie, when Levi’s handle is ours In his hand, he, the God of War of the Great Xia Zhen Country, is in vain.”

The corners of Watanabe Tenner’s lips deepened and his smile was meaningful.

“Then what is the specific emergency to make God of War leave Morendam?”

Others asked.

Tianyi Watanabe held a winning posture: “Don’t worry, I have already made arrangements!”

“That’s great! This time, Levi must be called to die!”

Everyone smiled excitedly.

The other side.

The Garrison family used the strongest resources and contacts to inquire about the God of War.

The result was nothing.

The information about God of War is the highest level in Morendam.

Moreover, all the news about the photos of plum dyeing overseas has been blocked.

Therefore, the Garrison Family couldn’t find it at all.

“How can this be good?”

The top of the Garrison family looked sad.

“Well, I will go to Jiangbei in person to meet the God of War! Explain everything face to face!”

Lawrence sighed helplessly.

This time he can only let go of it.

Originally wanted to maintain a little majesty.

“But can God of War see you?”

Garrison West asked.

“How can I say that I am also the head of the first family of Morendam, he won’t give me this face? In my opinion, he is actually equal to me! He is the pinnacle of the military, and I am the pinnacle of the rich family!”

Lawrence showed a domineering dominance.

Chapter 1124

“West’er, you go with me! Letting you meet the God of War in person is an inspiration for you! It will be good for your future!”

“I am full of hope for you! Even if it is not as good as the God of War, besides him, you are the best!”

Lawrence said.

“Father, good!”

Garrison West’s eyes shot out a ray of hot light.

The God of War has always been his goal.

He collects all the information about the God of War and understands everything about him.

For the God of War, he has reached a point of madness.

He must cross this mountain.

Garrison West is also very excited now to hear that he can see God of War with his own eyes.

Seeing him in person, it is estimated that there will be more motivation.

He was already looking forward to it.

In the afternoon, the father and son went to Jiangbei.

This time, Lawrence didn’t hide his whereabouts, but took the posture of Morendam’s first family in a mighty manner.

Hundreds of aircraft escorted.

Thousands of people guarded him when he moved.

The extraordinary features of a thousand-year-old family are revealed everywhere.

Lawrence’s move was to tell God of War that he and he were equal to a certain extent.

“Go, West’er, let’s go see Levi first! It’s only four months since a year ago! See how he prepared?”

Lawrence came behind Jiang, and the first person to look for turned out to be Levi.

“Haha, well, it’s been more than half a year, let’s take a look at him!”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

For the past six months, he has been targeting Levi.

Erick Group has been pressed by him in this small corner of Jiangbei, unable to move.

The line of commerce has been choked to death.

Military and government do not want to use it.

Only Boyd is left.

It is even more impossible for a reliable martial artist to enter the Garrison family.

At least the gatekeeper is extremely scary.

Levi and Ollie were accompanying Sarah to basking in the sun, and Edith followed.

At this time Lawrence came.

As soon as he came, the park was cleared.

Edith and the others were frightened by the battle in front of them.

When they learned of Lawrence’s identity, Edith was terrified.

so horrible!

The Garrison Family was a monster they couldn’t imagine.

Once a servant of the Garrison family could suppress Jiang Hai Jiang Bei could not breathe.

Now that the Patriarch is here, there is still such a big battle, they have not been scared to faint, but their psychological quality is super strong.

Sarah also saw Lawrence for the first time.

She had never experienced the dominance of the king in his body before.

The aura is too strong!

Lawrence is almost a god to ordinary people!

These days, she knows the Garrison Family very well and feels that she has a good grasp of it.

But when she really saw Lawrence, she found that she was wrong.

The Garrison family was more unfathomable than she had imagined.

It even gives everyone an illusion.

A man like Lawrence shouldn’t have only one wife. It was right to abandon Ollie at the beginning!

Because this man is too strong!

He is the first family at the helm of Morendam.


Facing Lawrence’s powerful aura, Melina and others knelt down and hurriedly greeted Lawrence.

Lawrence is like an ancient emperor.

Looking at all beings like ants.

In their eyes, these people in Jiangbei are really no different from reptiles.

No matter how strong Levi was, he was just a powerful reptile.

His gaze gradually fell on Levi, and he asked aloud: “How are you preparing?”

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