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Chapter 1125

this moment.

The audience fell silent.

Everyone took a deep breath.

Sarah and Ollie’s face changed drastically.

For more than half a year, Levi hadn’t made any preparations.

Relying on him to challenge success is not enough.

They can only hope that Lawrence will forget more and forget about it long ago.

But now it seems that Lawrence not only remembered, but also specially urged.

This time is completely over!

Being stared at by the Garrison Family really didn’t end well!

Levi looked at Lawrence calmly and smiled: “Don’t bother you, I can still deal with a small Garrison family. These are all trivial matters, and it’s incomparable to the birth of my child.”


Still arrogant!

Even the Patriarch of the First Family of Morendam didn’t pay attention to it.


Totally madman!

In layman’s terms, Levi’s brain is sick!

Even ignoring Lawrence.

Even Sarah was angry.

When are they still making a profit!

Is this interesting?

Say two hard words, others can spare you?


Melina was even more angry.

They were scolding Levi for being ill.

This is your own father. Kneel down and knock your head a few times and talk softly.

Not only was the danger relieved, but he could also return to the Garrison family to be the eldest Lord.

What a great thing!

It’s a pity that this child is not resuscitated, and his brain is just as sick.

“Honorable Mr. Garrison, we apologize for this kid! He is just stubborn! Actually, there is no other meaning!”

“Yes, that’s right! The kid is a good kid! As long as you recognize him, he promises that he won’t cause you trouble!”

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others knelt on the ground and began to talk softly to Lawrence.

This is their only hope.

If Lawrence were really impressed, it would also be a good opportunity for them to become prosperous.

But Lawrence sneered and said: “Give up, I know exactly what you think!”

“It’s impossible to tell you! Don’t say that I admit that he is my son now, even if he succeeds in the challenge, I will not think of him as my son! Unless he is in the top three of the Sabres list!”

Facing Lawrence’s ruthless side, Melina was dumbfounded.

“The top three on the saber list…hiss…”

Melina and Mann Jianguo knew what that meant.

How is Levi possible!

The top three of the saber list must be the genius among the geniuses!

On your own, you can dominate one side.

It can even be said to start a sect and establish a sect and create a wealthy family.

Garrison West looked at Ollie and smiled: “It’s not that his father doesn’t recognize him, it’s mainly that his father’s identity is too high and too high now. Suddenly a son emerges, and he must meet his identity!”

His meaning is very simple, Levi is not worthy.

“Levi, don’t forget, your bet with me in four months!”

“I have put forward all four criteria. If you reach any one of them, even if you succeed. But if you fail, do you remember what you said? You have no face to live, and suffocate yourself!”

Lawrence stared at Levi coldly.

This time, he stopped being merciful.

As long as Levi fails.

Then he has a dead end.

There is absolutely no chance of survival.

Sarah almost fainted…

Does the child have to face the situation where there is no father at birth?

“Well, I know. But I won’t fail.”

Levi smiled.

“Well, well, then I will be waiting for you at the gate of the Garrison family in four months. I hope you will come!”

“Don’t scare away!”

Lawrence laughed.

Chapter 1126

Levi came to escape, not only Lawrence and Garrison West suspected.

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others would think that Levi would be scared away.

At the critical moment, I am afraid that I will abandon his wife, children and mother and run away.

Before there were various reasons, I could cope with difficulties.

But this time I met the first family of Morendam!

Even the secrets Ollie was holding were useless.

“Father, I think the probability of Levi’s escape is 50-50! He originally thought it was okay, but I didn’t expect you to come and watch it yourself!”

Garrison West smiled.

He also felt that Levi would escape.

“Then let’s wait and see!”

“Go, we are going to see the God of War next!”

Subsequently, Lawrence took Garrison West and left.

Edith and Dale stared at Levi and said, “I tell you! You can’t abandon Sarah and your child and run away for yourself!”

“Yes! Even if you die, you have to face it yourself! Never throw the mess to Sarah!”

Everyone ordered.

They were really afraid that Levi would leave.

“Uncles and aunts, mother-in-law, don’t worry about me! My son may not be good, but his character is absolutely good! He is a man of indomitable spirit, otherwise he will be softened to the Garrison family!”

Ollie tried her best to defend Levi.

Sarah touched his stomach and said, “I still believe in King’s Landing! No matter what the difficulties are, he will never leave me and my child!”

For such a long time, Sarah knew Levi’s character quite well.

It is no exaggeration to say that Levi can die for her.

She also trusted Levi enough.

This kind of crisis will never be abandoned.

Melina stomped her feet in anger, “Just wait and see! He will abandon you sooner or later!”

In fact, they were not embarrassed to say what they were saying.

Because Lawrence once abandoned his wife and children for profit.

So adding it to Levi is equivalent to having a criminal record.

His father can do it, and he will probably do it.

And it’s a moment of life and death.

They increasingly felt that Levi would do this thing.

But they dare not say anything about Lawrence.

He can only express his disbelief in Levi directly.

“Grandma, you can rest assured! On the day the child is born, King’s Landing will never leave me a step! I pledge my life and personality!”

Sarah held Levi’s arm and said proudly.

Levi held her hand tightly and said, “Sarah, don’t worry, I will always be with you.”

Sarah trusts Levi’s behavior enough.

If there is a wife like this, how can the husband ask for it?

Levi smiled.

How could a Garrison family let him leave?

Even if the sky fell, he wouldn’t shrink back.

“I hope so, but I think you will be disappointed Sarah!”

Doug didn’t believe it.

“Well, don’t talk about this! King’s Landing will not leave me!”

Sarah asked Levi to support him back to his residence.

Here, Levi received a call from Tianyang in the Jiangbei War Zone.

Duan Tianyang said that Lawrence wanted to see him.

He also asked him if he wanted to refuse?

“See, of course I want to see! I want to see what they are looking for?”

Levi agreed.

In front of Jiangbei Theater.

Lawrence and Garrison West waited silently.

When they came here, the scene of tens of thousands of them escorted was gone.

After all, it’s enough to build momentum.

“Hello, Mr. Garrison, God of War has decided to see you.”

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