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Chapter 1129

In front of Da Xia Tune Ling, there is no time to delay.

The same is true of Levi.

After he gave the order.

The five kings of his subordinates and others gathered in the shortest time.

“set off!!!”

Without any hesitation, Levi immediately ordered the departure.

“God of War, wait for a while!”

Wesley immediately said.

Others also seemed to be hesitant to talk.


Levi shouted impatiently.

“God of War, if you leave like this, don’t you care about Miss Logan? She will have a baby soon. What’s more, this is a conspiracy of the enemy to transfer you away! Then come and arrest them!”

Wesley said loudly.

“Yes, that’s right! At least let us keep a few people! Shall we protect my sister-in-law?”

Although Owen was militant, he chose to protect Sarah on this issue.

Levi shook his head: “No! The order I received is to lead all his subordinates to the north! No one is missing!”

“What about the sister-in-law? What about the child? Don’t you want to see the child born with your own eyes?”

“Yes, that’s right! It took a full year to destroy the Blood King Palace last time! This time the Blood King Palace is more powerful, and it may take longer for us! At least one and a half years!”

“At this juncture, it is terrible to be away for a year and a half!”

They really don’t want to see Sarah being abandoned here for a year and a half, and he is about to have children.

Too cruel to Sarah’s mother and son!

And this walk is dangerous.

“Should we stay?”

The Eighteenth Heavenly Tribulation Cavalry, who has always been silent, also spoke.

“Are you going to disobey my orders?”

Levi roared.


At this moment, everyone stood up straight and stopped talking.

They dare not disobey the military orders.

“All of them, listen to my orders and set off to the north!”

Levi ordered.

No one had any objections this time, and they all got on the transportation, ready to set off.

Levi did not go to see Sarah and his mother, nor did he make any arrangements.

He also drove right away.

Leave without any nostalgia.

Go to the far north of the north.

Because one hundred thousand is in a hurry!

No one knows how terrifying the Blood King Palace is better than Levi.

What a loss he will cause if he goes a little bit late.

So there is no time to delay and dare not delay for a moment.

Even Sarah can’t see them…

Looking at Levi who was leaving, Duan Tianyang secretly said, “I will try my best to protect it!”

But he knows that his ability is limited…

This incident, in Levi’s expectation, was also unexpected.

He understands that his defeated generals will never let go.

Will also try to separate him from Sarah and his mother.

But he hadn’t thought of what the other party would use before.

After all, the border is now stable and there are no major events.

He must not be transferred.

But I never expected that the Blood King Palace would come back and be stronger than before.

The appearance of a Blood King Palace was enough to transfer him away from Morendam.

Because he was the only one who defeated the Palace of the Blood King, not anyone else.

This was beyond his expectation.

It coincided with Sarah’s most critical moment when such a major event happened.

Under this highest-level order, he didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Sarah and the others…

This matter really made Melina’s prediction right.

Levi really disappeared at this moment.

And will disappear for more than a year…

Chapter 1130

According to them, Levi was scared away by the Garrison Family.

In order to survive, Levi abandoned his wife and children and disappeared and fled.

No one in the team spoke.

Everyone had a cold face.

Especially the Wesley people sitting next to Levi dared to breathe.

This sudden transfer order caught everyone off guard.

Levi didn’t even arrange the time for Sarah to dye a few people.

They were afraid to ask Levi’s next arrangements.

Everyone understands that Levi’s current goal is only one-destroying the Palace of the Blood King.

The thing that Wesley and others worry about is Sarah’s safety who will guarantee their safety?

In the reception hall, Lawrence and his son were still waiting.

But hearing something outside, the two walked out.

Saw the chariots leaving quickly.

“This…Is something wrong with this?”

Lawrence and the two were shocked by the battle in front of them.

“Mr. Garrison is really embarrassed, the God of War temporarily received an order to go to the north! I can’t meet you anymore.”

Duan Tianyang was very regretful.

“Ah? What’s the big deal? You want God of War War God to go there in person?”

Lawrence was surprised.

Garrison West also became nervous.

Let God of War be dispatched, this is definitely a big deal.

“It’s classified, I can’t tell you! Please go back!”

Duan Tianyang Road.


Seeing the chariot that whizzed past, Garrison West was in a daze.

“I seem to see a few acquaintances…”

Garrison West muttered to himself.


Lawrence asked.

“I seem to have seen it before, at Levi’s wedding?”

Garrison West seems to have met a few people at Levi’s wedding.

“impossible things!”

Lawrence didn’t even think about it, and said directly.

Garrison West didn’t think about it anymore.

After all, this is impossible.

The God of War went to the north, and they were meaningless in Jiangbei.

“By the way, I have to find Levi!”

Lawrence suddenly remembered something.

The Garrison Clan made a decision-Levi’s surname for the child to be born.

Anyone whose surname is Garrison will have something to do with the Garrison clan.

This is what Garrison Clan doesn’t want to see.

So this child must not be given the surname Garrison when he was born.

When Lawrence and his party came again.

Sarah and the crowd began to fear.

“Where is Levi? Let him come out!”

Lawrence shouted.

“Jun Lin… he’s not here…”

Ollie swallowed her saliva.

For several hours, I haven’t seen Levi.

She still wondered, what did Levi come to do.

In the past few months, he has been by Sarah’s side, and he will not be away for more than ten minutes.

Garrison West smiled and said, “Is it possible that Levi was scared away?”

“Haha, it’s possible!”

Lawrence nodded.

For some reason, Melina panicked.

It seemed that Levi really disappeared and escaped.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Sarah asked.

“I came to him for a very simple purpose. After the child in your stomach is born, you can’t be named Garrison! My Jingcheng Garrison Clan is the ancestral line of the Morendam Garrison family. We decide who the Morendam surname is Garrison! Levi’s child The surname is not Garrison!”

Lawrence was extremely domineering.

“My child’s last name has nothing to do with you!”

Plum dye is extremely tough.

“Your surname is Garrison, it’s against the Garrison Family! If you don’t believe it, wait and see!”

After Lawrence finished threatening, he left here.

Sarah thought for a while and called Levi.

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