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Chapter 1131

Levi, who was on his way to the north, suddenly his cell phone rang.

This sound also broke the silence of two hours of silence, and all eyes fell on Levi alone.

Levi took out his cell phone and took a look. The word “wife” was displayed on it.

Levi just wanted to press the connect button, but he hesitated.

Tangled, struggling…

Levi’s veins violently violently, his face full of grimness.

After taking a deep breath, he decided not to answer.

As long as the call is answered, he will never let it go.

Even he couldn’t leave.

In fact, this is a choice for him, whether to go to the north or choose Sarah and his mother.

The Blood King Palace was raging, more terrifying than before.

He is a warrior, the god of war in Morendam Zhenguo.

There is no choice for this kind of crisis!

Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety can’t have both!

For Morendam, he must go to the north.

There is a country first, then a home.

He must guard the country!

Before the summer, he must give up his wife and mother…

Levi held the phone tightly until he squeezed the phone.

“Mom, I’m sorry, my son is not filial! I can’t protect you well!”

“Sarah, I’m sorry, I can’t take care of you anymore!”

“My child, I’m sorry, but my father is afraid that he won’t be able to witness your birth with his own eyes!”

Levi held back his emotions and meditated silently.

When the incident happened suddenly, he didn’t have time to guarantee Sarah a few people.

He really couldn’t find someone temporarily.

After all, the enemy is too strong!

Most people can’t handle it at all!

He has only one idea now-to go to the north immediately, destroy the Blood King Palace, and return as soon as possible.

He wants to shorten the time to the minimum…

“Huh? It’s strange! Why doesn’t King’s Landing answer the phone?”

Sarah made several consecutive calls, but Levi did not answer.


Her heart sank, and she already had a bad premonition.

“Huh? Don’t you answer the phone?”

Ollie also tried to call Levi.

The result is that the call you are dialing is turned off.


Ollie’s heart tightened.

Sarah’s face became difficult to look.

Before, the phone was connected and no one answered, but now it is turned off.

It shows that Levi is deliberate!

He doesn’t want to answer the phone…

The problem is big.

It is probably the last thing she wants to see…

Melina called Levi one after another, but they were all turned off.

“Look? I was right. Levi was scared away by the Garrison family!”

Melina said coldly.

“This time Levi must have ran away! Didn’t you realize that after Lawrence’s warning, Levi disappeared? It has been a few hours… He must have ran away…”

Cross Wentao sneered.

Think about it, everyone.

That’s true.

As soon as Lawrence left after warning, Levi disappeared.

“Ollie, didn’t you say that your son is a man upright? He will never run away? What about the others? Give us a reasonable explanation!”

“Isn’t it? I haven’t left Sarah for a long time in the past few months. I can’t wait to follow along when I go to the toilet. It’s been a few hours, and the phone is turned off!”

Mann Jianguo and Doug said one after another.

But their analysis makes sense.

Ollie could not refute.

She was pale and trembling.

She said silently in her heart: “Son, you must never abandon your wife and children and run away like Lawrence!”

“I sent someone to look around, and I didn’t see Levi at all!”

Dale rushed in angrily.

Chapter 1132

Hearing that Levi disappeared, Dale immediately sent someone to look for it.

Levi’s footprints were not found everywhere.

Xiao Qin’s parents also contacted the Xiao family to find Levi’s trace.

The Xiao family looked around but couldn’t find it.

Besides, the Xiao family also knew the identity of Levi.

“No one knows where Levi has gone!”

Hearing this fact, Sarah’s body trembled.

“Impossible! King’s Landing will not abandon me! Even if he dies, he will not abandon me!”

Sarah said with certainty.

Ollie gritted her teeth and said: “Yes, I believe my son, he can’t leave! I guess it’s just something!”

The two of them who believed Levi the most in the world.

“Are you still fantasizing? The facts are in front of you! Why doesn’t he answer the phone? Why does he turn off the phone? Why does he leave for so much time? You know better than anyone in your own heart! It’s just a brave thing!”

Concubine Mann Jun shouted mercilessly.

Sarah and Ollie looked at each other, showing helplessness.

Although they believed in Levi, the truth was cruel.

“Let me ask Natalie! She should know where King’s Land is?”

Sarah immediately thought of Natalie.

“Ah? I don’t know? Why? The boss is gone?”

Natalie’s tone was very surprised.


Sarah’s heart was cold again.

“Natalie I can’t find Levi here anymore, he just disappeared. He still doesn’t answer the phone. You can find a way to find it!”

Hearing Sarah’s request, Natalie went to look for it immediately.

Ten minutes later, Natalie called: “Sarah, I can’t find it at all. And I have bad news for you…”


Sarah’s heart sank.

“I just contacted President Graham Nanxuan, and his contact information was cancelled…”

“I checked again, and Levi’s contact information has also been cancelled…”

Because of Levi, they had to receive the highest-level order.

That is top secret.

So any previous information must be erased.

The logout number is the most basic operation.

When Natalie finished speaking, Sarah’s mobile phone fell to the ground with a clatter.

The news was like a bolt from the blue to her.

I remember Levi said that Graham Nanxuan is his best brother, almost inseparable.

Now Graham Nanxuan also has the same situation…

That shows that the fact that Levi disappeared and escaped was settled!

“Sarah, did you hear that? Levi really ran away! He ran away really fast! Even his company can’t even take care of it!”

“You keep saying that you believe him and won’t abandon it! What about now?”

“And you—Ollie, how about your son? Did you see it? That’s ridiculous! Abandon your children at critical moments!”

Faced with the accusations from everyone, Sarah and Ollie lowered their heads and did not speak.

They are really powerless to refute.

After all, the facts are in sight.

All languages ​​are so pale and weak.

“Sarah, I can only say that you read the wrong person! To put it bluntly, Levi followed his father’s character and it is normal to abandon you!”

Dale said.

Everyone was relieved.

If there is a father, there must be a son.

Lawrence can abandon his wife and children, so can Levi.

Even Ollie couldn’t refute it.

Is Levi really the same as Lawrence?

“No, I still don’t believe it! I’m going to find him! I know a place, I can definitely find him…”

Plum dyed up.

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