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Chapter 1127

“that is really good!”

There was ecstasy on Garrison West’s face.

He is about to see the ultimate idol-God of War.

This will definitely help him a lot in the future.

Lawrence looked calm.

In his opinion, it was inevitable for the God of War to see him in his capacity.

Nobody can give up any face!

He is the only one who has to give up his face!

“Mr. Garrison, please wait a moment! I will show you the God of War later!”

Duan Tianyang said.

“Then it will be troublesome for Commander Duan!”

Garrison West said politely.

Two people waited in the reception room.

“Is it about to know which branch of the Garrison Family belonged to the God of War?”

Lawrence was looking forward to it.

In any case, he wanted to recruit God of War to enter the Garrison family.

In this way, the Morendam First Family will be stronger.

Can have a place in Dongfangzhou!

Garrison West’s body was trembling all the time because of tension and excitement.

The God of War gave him the motivation to move forward, and also brought him enough fear.

Now that he is going to face each other, how can he not be nervous?

At this time, Levi came to Duan Tianyang.

“God of War, it seems that Lawrence wants you to return to the Garrison family! According to him, the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng is the ancestral line of the Garrison Clan in Morendam, and as long as the surname is Garrison, it can be related!

“So he believes that you are a member of the Garrison Clan and wants you to return to your ancestral line!”

Duan Tianyang smiled.

“He dreams! Impossible!”

“Why? I have nothing to do with the Garrison family!”

Levi roared angrily.

“Then we go over and meet them?”

Duan Tianyang asked.

“it is good.”

Levi really wanted to meet these two people.

Originally, he wanted to wait for Sarah’s child to deal with the Garrison family’s affairs.

But now Lawrence is aggressive, and even ran to threaten, which seriously affected Sarah’s mood and his mood.

So Levi planned to resolve this matter today.

Meet these two people as the God of War?

so what?

He and Duan Tianyang walked to the reception hall.

But at this moment, there was a whistling sound in the sky.

Levi looked up and was surprised; “Bass Helicopter…”

In Morendam, the frequency of Bass helicopters was not high, but very low.

Because Bass helicopters are all special tasks-either transporting particularly important people or resources, or delivering urgent orders.

The appearance of Bass Helicopter must mean that something important and important has happened.


Levi’s heart sank suddenly and realized that something was wrong.

The Bass helicopter stopped on the lawn not far away.

Coming down from the helicopter, two soldiers wearing black combat uniforms with golden dragons printed on their chests.


Levi exclaimed.

Colin Bass was only in Morendam Capital, and he didn’t even have the right to move.

Colin personally came to convey the order, which meant that it was Morendam’s order.

This is to convey the order to myself.

It’s definitely something big!

Bass Helicopter plus Bass Guard, this order is probably a hundred thousand urgent, he has to make it personally!!!

Duan Tianyang was dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, Colin came in person.

What happened?

What Levi had predicted, his face was already pale.

After all, something happened at this juncture…

He might be in an embarrassing situation.

The two Bass Guards quickly rushed to Levi with the transfer order and shouted: “God of War takes the order, this order is urgent!”

Chapter 1128

Levi straightened up and bowed a military salute.

Looked at the two quietly: “Say! What order?”

“Order the God of War war god Levi to start immediately, and lead all your soldiers, including the Five Great War Kings, the Eighteenth Cavalry, the Ghost Army, the Hundred Beast Camp, and the Tianlong Legion, to Base No. 1 in the Far North! This order is one hundred thousand urgent. , Must set off immediately, and those who violate the order will engage in military law!”

Colin gave Levi a death order.

Levi took the order and saw that it was indeed the highest level.

Even he must obey.

“What happened?”

Levi asked calmly.

“God of War War God still remember the Blood King Palace?”

Colin asked.

“Of course I remember that I wiped out three years ago! An extremely difficult opponent! It can be said that the threat of the Blood King Palace is greater than that of a whole country!”

Levi said.

The Palace of the Blood King was once an organization in the Western Dark World, which contained thousands of super powers.

They are a bunch of lunatics, good at assassination and sabotage.

Especially when he started, he was cruel and ruthless.

They do not account for any consequences!

Frequent acts of horror such as the massacre of a city were staged.

Such an opponent is the most terrifying!

After all, those are thousands of lunatics!

Back then, the Palace of the Blood King was the most dangerous organization in the dark world of the West!

Not to mention that other organizations are afraid, that is, all major countries must be afraid.

After all, the threat posed by the Blood King Palace was too great.

Maybe that day will be revenge from these lunatics.

In those years, in the most terrifying rankings selected overseas, the Palace of the Blood King was still ranked in front of Levi.

To be honest, in Levi’s view, the danger brought by the Blood King Palace was greater than that brought by the Eighteen Kingdoms.

“Could it be that the Blood King Palace is here again?”

Levi was surprised.

“Yes, that’s right! The Blood King Palace has resurfaced! Last night we launched several attacks on Base No. 1 in the Far North of the North, and we suffered heavy losses!”

“According to the news, this time the Blood King Palace is much stronger than it was three years ago!”

Colin said.

“What? How could it be? When I completely destroyed the Blood King Palace at the beginning, why did I still surface?”

Levi was very puzzled.

But it should be a conspiracy.

Someone deliberately targeted.

He has guessed it!

Grasping his weakness, it is impossible to just give up like this.

It’s true.

This is what Yogoku’s army Lord Watanabe Tenner’s strategy was like.

It was he who led the blood of the palace…

The fear of the Palace of the Blood King is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and it’s really not something ordinary people can deal with.

At present, only the God of War has crushed it!

No one else has benefited from the Blood King Palace.

Even if Levi completely wiped out the Palace of the Blood King, it took a full year.

So when the Blood King Palace appeared again.

Morendam will definitely order the God of War to destroy it himself.

Therefore, Watanabe Tenner was sure that Levi would definitely be transferred away.

This is indeed the case.

After the Blood King Palace appeared, the first thing Morendam thought of was Levi.

Immediately sent a hundred thousand urgent orders so that he can go and destroy the Blood King Palace.

“God of War, we don’t know this. It is said that it is the remnant of the Blood King Palace, and he has tolerated it for nearly four years!”

“God of War now that you have received the order, you can set off right away! Time is not waiting for me!”

The two Colin urged.

Levi took a deep breath and shouted: “Order Wesley and the others to return quickly and set off with me.”

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