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Chapter 1133

Soon, Sarah and his group came to the provincial capital.

Go straight to the theater compound.

Although this place is dilapidated, Sarah understands that this is Levi’s base camp.

Levi’s secret is hidden inside.

Especially several of his brothers live here.

But when I came to the theater compound, there was no one inside.

Even the dogs in the yard are gone.

Look at the dust, no one has been living for a long time.


Levi wasn’t even here.

Sarah can’t imagine where he went…

At this time, Ollie got news from Jiang Hai.

Jiang Hai also didn’t have Levi’s whereabouts…

This time, it was thoroughly confirmed that Levi had disappeared.


Sarah’s eyes went black, and he fell to the ground feebly.


Everyone rushed up frantically.

When Sarah woke up, she was already lying in the hospital.

“Sarah, you have to hold on, you have to pay attention to your body!”

Ollie grabbed Sarah’s hand and cried.

“Don’t be hypocritical here! You are the same as your son! Get away from my daughter!”

Edith cursed and pulled Ollie away.

“Mom, stop arguing! Don’t blame her, this matter has nothing to do with Mom!”

Sarah persuaded.

“Both, Levi is to blame for everything! This is a beast!”

“Okay, we’ve gotten to throw away Sarah, but even his mother can throw away. What is this not a beast?”

Melina scolded.

Levi’s sudden departure caused Logan and Mann’s family to fall into endless anger.

By coincidence, Lawrence came to warn.

At this juncture, Levi left, just like the Garrison family scared away.

“Coward! Hypocrite! Not a man!”

“Don’t people like Levi feel a trace of shame? He ran away, abandoning his mother, wife and unborn child! What a beast!”

“I am ashamed of knowing Levi! He is not worthy of being a man, not worthy of being a husband, not worthy of being a father!!!”

Cross Wentao scolded again and again.

Boyd Xiao stood up to defend Levi’s image: “Mr. Garrison must be because of something, he will be back soon!”

Because Boyd Xiao knew Levi’s identity, she guessed that Levi should deal with something.

Upon hearing Boyd Xiao’s words, Sarah’s eyes had a color: “Yes, Levi must have taken care of things! I believe he will not abandon me!”

“Sarah is at this time, why are you still obsessed with it? He even cancelled his number…”

“He can’t come back! He is capable of dealing with the previous troubles, but this time the Garrison Family is determined to kill him, so he can only escape!”

Melina poured cold water on plum dye.

Sarah was stubborn: “No, no matter what you say, I think King’s Landing will be back soon! I believe him and will not abandon me!”

“Come back? It’s impossible to come back! If you come back, you won’t leave silently, and you won’t cancel your number!”

Sarah looked at Edith and smiled: “Mom and dad, do you dare to make a bet with me?”

“What are you betting on?”

Dale asked.

“Just bet that King’s Landing will be able to come back within one month?”

“If you come back, you all have to apologize to him!”

Plum dyed.


“If you don’t come back, I believe he abandoned me!”

Sarah used his trust in Levi to make a bet.

Chapter 1134

“Okay, just one month! We will wait and see!”

“In one month, even if he has more things, he should finish it!”

Dale immediately agreed.

They won the bet.

In fact, everyone knew that Levi would never come back.

It’s just that Sarah trusts Levi too much.

There is a glimmer of hope for him.

Waiting for him for a month is a kind of psychological comfort and trust in Levi.

“It just happens that if Levi doesn’t come back in a month, we will take you abroad to have a baby, and no one will stop you!”

Melina looked excited.

Sarah nodded; “Well, if he doesn’t come back for a month, I will go abroad to have a baby! I will trouble my eldest brother-in-law to contact good people!”

“Don’t worry, it’s a matter of one sentence!”

Dale hesitated and said: “Sarah, you have to consider your child’s surname. The Garrison Clan in Beijing has explicitly forbidden the child to be surnamed Garrison! If you go your own way, it may cause trouble! I think follow your surname. Just fine!”

Sarah nodded; “Well, if King’s Landing does not come back for a month. Then the child will follow my last name!”

Now everything is waiting for a one-month deadline.

Ollie was crying when she stood by.

“Son, what are you doing? Come back quickly! If you don’t come back, your child will be named Logan!”

But after Levi disappeared, there were other good things.

For example, the decision-making power of the Erick Group was handed over to Sarah.

And the hundred giants in Jiangbei threatened to protect Sarah to the death, and all those who obeyed Sarah.

This is a comfort to Sarah.

She was a little looking forward to the January period.

She thinks Levi will come back.

At this moment, Levi has come to the far north of the northern border.

Has already played against the Blood King Palace.

The Blood King Palace this time is indeed stronger than it was three years ago!

After Levi was transferred from Jiangbei, countless pairs of eyes overseas focused on Sarah and Ollie.

On an overseas island.

It’s still the group of people with different skin colors that are discussing.

The presiding officer of the meeting was Kenichi Watanabe.

Even if Levi was transferred away, they still did not dare to act hastily.

It must be confirmed that Levi really left.

They had just received news that Levi had reached the far north and had fought against the Blood King Palace.

But they still dare not act immediately.

You have to negotiate carefully and collect good information before you dare.

“Mr. Watanabe, I suggest that you take immediate action and send someone to sneak into Morendam and catch people back?”

Someone urged that they were already impatient.

Watanabe Tenner shook his head, “No, my people found that Sarah was guarded by a Lord around them! Maybe there are other traps waiting for us!”

“Even if we arrest people, the loss is huge!”

Others immediately asked, “What should I do? God of War has been transferred away. Can such a good opportunity be let go?”

“No, I have a piece of news-in a month, Sarah will leave Morendam and come overseas to have children! At that time…”

Watanabe Tenner smiled unfathomably.

“Really? We may not be able to do anything in Morendam, but as long as we leave Morendam, don’t we just do what we want?”

Everyone showed excitement.

“Okay, everyone prepare for me! As long as Sarah leaves Morendam at that time, he will do it right away!”

Watanabe Tenner has made a detailed and proper plan.

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