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Chapter 1135

Sarah did not know that the greatest danger had come quietly.

The danger is not the Garrison Family.

And overseas.

Cross Wentao thinks that he has a wide range of contacts at home and abroad.

Little did he know that his every move now was controlled by many people.

Sarah didn’t even think that a month later, it would change a lot.

But for the time being he is safe.

Duan Tianyang and many people are secretly protecting, they have to defend their lives at the end of their lives.

There happened to be another Zijinwei taking a break, and for the time being, Sarah was safe.

Duan Tianyang is very worried that a powerful enemy is coming.

But the secret order that Levi was transferred was of the highest level, which meant that this matter needed to be kept secret.

He did not dare to tell others.

I can only hold on myself.

Soon, news of Levi’s disappearance and escape spread to the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng.

“What? We really got it? This kid really ran away?”

Lawrence and Garrison West were very surprised.

The two of them just said casually, but they didn’t expect it to be fulfilled.

“Yes! Levi has run away now! Even the phone calls have been logged out!”

Hear the affirmative answer.

Lawrence smiled: “This is Ollie, your son? Coward, wow! Still want to be my son? Is it qualified?”

Garrison West sighed: “I thought he was a kind guy! He would come to challenge him if he said challenge! I didn’t expect to be scared away when he was warned by your father!”

“That’s it, I want to be a member of the Garrison Clan? What a shame! His surname Garrison is the biggest shame to the Garrison Clan!”

“Shame! What a shame! I was scared away!”

The people of the Garrison tribe sneered.

Originally they were aloof, Levi’s series of tough behaviors, in their eyes, were like struggling reptiles and ants.

Now, the reptile ants have been scared away.

They are naturally even more disdainful.

“Want to bet against me? Still want to challenge the Garrison Family? Still want us to regret? It’s ridiculous!”

Lawrence turned around and said, “West’er, go and check where this kid has escaped?”

“Okay, I must get him out! Want to escape? It’s not that easy! I want him to be nailed to the pillar of shame! Become a joke for the entire Morendam!”

Garrison West’s eyes were full of coldness.

Time passed day by day.

Levi did not appear again.

He seems to have evaporated from the world.

No traces were left at all.

During this time, both Logan Mann’s family and Natalie were looking for Levi’s whereabouts.

But nothing was achieved.

It’s not just them.

Even Garrison West couldn’t find the slightest trace.

Can you find it?

This is the highest level of secrecy, and it is strange that they can find it out.

“It’s really weird, Levi is running away so secretly? I can’t find the slightest with all my strength!”

Garrison West was very puzzled.

“Anyway, this kid is really running out of sight! He’s really going to laugh at me!”

Lawrence couldn’t help laughing.

I remembered all the rhetoric that Levi and Ollie had said to him before.

Now it seems that it is just one joke after another.

Levi ran out of sight…

time flies.

In a blink of an eye, it was almost a month.

There is only one day before the January period.

Sarah dragged his heavy body and was still waiting.

Looking forward to the appearance of the hero.

This month, she was waiting.

“Sarah give up! He didn’t come!”

At night, Levi never showed up.


Sarah’s illusions and expectations were shattered.

Chapter 1136

She waited for thirty days!

But he didn’t wait for Levi’s return.

He really disappeared!

The nasty thing is that they abandoned their wife and mother and ran away by themselves.

Everyone knows in his heart.

In this case, it does not appear for a month.

He will never show up again.

Even if Sarah believed in Levi, he had to accept this reality.

Levi really left.

Sarah was very calm, did not show any anger, only two lines of clear tears ran across his cheeks.


Ollie’s eyes went black and she fainted.

She could not accept this fact.

Levi will learn from Lawrence to abandon his wife and children for his own benefit.

Boyd Xiao and Mann were anxious.

They guessed that Levi definitely had a mission to leave without saying goodbye.

But they couldn’t directly tell the identity of Levi.

Can only be in a hurry.

“Good thing! Actually, it is a good thing that Levi disappeared!”

“If he is there, it will be detrimental to us, especially the Garrison Family!”

Mann Jianguo and Doug almost cheered.

“That’s right! Lawrence said at the beginning, as long as the child doesn’t have the surname Garrison, it will be fine!”

Melina was also very excited.

Although he couldn’t climb Yejia in Beijing.

But now the Erick Group and the top 100 Jianghai giants are in the hands of Sarah.

This is enough!

How many times better than they didn’t know before…

“Sarah, just accept this reality! Levi really abandoned you! You have to put him down and start life again!”

“Yes, put him down for the sake of your child!”

Everyone persuaded.

Sarah wiped away his tears, and said with a firm face: “Parents, I lost the bet with you!”

“I now believe that Levi abandoned me! He really ran away!”

You can see from Sarah’s sad expression how disappointed he is with Levi.

This time, she was hurt enough by Levi.

I was really heartbroken.

In the sixth year, Sarah knew that Levi was framed.

So she has been waiting.

But this time the situation is completely different…

Ollie awoke sobbing into tears.

Everything went in the direction she didn’t want to see.

Come back soon, son…

Sarah glanced at the crowd and said: “From now on, I announce that – Sarah has nothing to do with Levi. He is no longer my husband, nor the father of the child in my belly!”

“Do not…”

Ollie shouted, but it didn’t work.

“Secondly, after the child in my stomach is born, I will be named Logan after the birth!”

“Third, from now on, I will go abroad to prepare for pregnancy until the child is born!”

Sarah announced the three most difficult decisions in her life.

But she said it in one breath.

Because the person who accompany her to guard her life actually flinched, abandoned her and ran away.

“Okay, great! Sarah, you finally saw it!”

“After so many years, you finally see the true face of Levi!”

“Just look at the nature of Levi’s beast!”

Edith and others were very excited.

“And you, leave Sarah immediately! From then on, our family has nothing to do with you! Especially the child in Sarah’s stomach has nothing to do with you!”

Melina’s eyes fell on Ollie.

“Mom… Auntie, leave! Go back to Jianghai! See you later if you have a chance!”

Sarah’s address to Ollie has been changed.

She also wants to sever ties with Ollie.

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