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Chapter 1137

“Sarah, let me take care of you? I’m used to taking care of you during this time. It’s good to leave me behind!”

“What’s more, I want to make up for King’s Landing! In this way, after the child is born, I will leave, OK?”

Ollie pleaded.

Edith and Dale also said: “Yes, keep her! She takes care of you well!”

These days, Ollie takes care of Sarah in every possible way.

Everything is done personally, taking care of everything that Sarah does.

They all see it.

Edith asked herself if she couldn’t do this.

It’s not okay to ask a nanny.

“Well, keep her! She really took care of her!”

Melina was also relieved.

But Sarah shook his head: “No! Aunt Porter must leave! Thank you for taking care of so long!”

“But… Aunt Porter, don’t worry, you can see your children in the future! Of course, it’s better not to come!”

Sarah’s meaning is very simple-Ollie can come to see the child, but does not admit that it is her grandson.

Sarah’s attitude is so determined.

This is beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Then I heard Sarah, you go quickly! Your family has no contact with us from now on!”

Edith and Dale drove Ollie away.

Ollie had no choice but to return to Jiangbei.

“Sarah is ready to prepare, we will go abroad immediately! We have quit our job, and the family will stay with you until the child comes out!”

Edith said.

Under the contact of Logan and Mann’s family, a private jet was quickly chartered.

Cross Wentao’s contact is in overseas star countries.

It is relatively close to Morendam and has good medical conditions.

Depart in the afternoon.

The whereabouts of Sarah and Ollie are all in the eyes of people like Watanabe Tenner.

“Dear allies, Sarah will arrive at Star Country at 12 o’clock tonight! This is their road map and personnel deployment!”

“Everyone, get ready!”

“It’s enough to catch one Sarah, Ollie is not needed! But Ollie will also take action over there! Grab two, we are more sure!”

Watanabe Tenner controls everything.

Plum dyeing needs to be caught.

Ollie also wants to catch.

In the afternoon, Logan and Mann’s family and several professional medical staff accompany Sarah to get infected with a private jet.

The private jet will arrive at Star City Airport, the capital of the star country, eight hours later.

They would never think of it anyway.

The entire airport is full of ambushes…

All flights were suspended, and everyone was emptied.

Waiting for Sarah to dye them are Levi’s defeated men…

Thousands of Lords are waiting here.

Just wait for the private jet to land.

They will shoot immediately.

At this time, Ollie just returned to Jianghai from Jiangbei.

On the way to Porter’s Edburgh Manor, there was an ambush.

The Lord arranged by Watanabe Tenner had been waiting for a long time.

It can be said that Sarah and Ollie are both under the control of Watanabe Tenner.

However, at this moment, Levi is in the extreme north, fighting bloody battle with the lunatics of the Blood King Palace…

There is no time to take care of other…

Star City International Airport.

The private flight from Jiangbei landed steadily.

“Plum dye is here, everyone pay attention! Ready! Let’s do it right away!”

Watanabe Tenner sat on the tower, and the situation was at a glance.

“The person I arranged is already waiting outside, let’s get off the plane!”

Cross Wentao urged.

The group got off the plane…

Chapter 1138

The far north of the north.

On the endless ice field, the gunpowder has not yet dissipated, and there are corpses everywhere.

Levi and his brothers had just repelled a fierce attack from the Blood King Palace and were taking a break.

Levi was sitting on a big rock, smoking a cigarette.


Suddenly, he panicked.

Sweating all over!

This is an unprecedented feeling.

It is a special induction in the mind.


problem occurs!

This is a strong hunch!

Mother and Sarah are going to have something!

But this order is the highest level of Morendam and also the most confidential.

It is absolutely not possible to mobilize some people for protection because of his personal affairs.

The only hope is placed on Duan Tianyang.

But he understood that Duan Tianyang’s strength was limited.

Duan Tianyang can’t keep it if he is deliberately targeted.

not good!

Sarah and his mother are definitely in danger!

Levi started to panic!

He was so anxious that he broke out in a cold sweat.

But at this point, he couldn’t go back, so he still talked about how to protect his family?

There can only be one choice between country and home.

In fact, Levi’s situation was the situation of many fighters in Morendam.

Due to the arduous task, he could not go back to obey his parents and take care of his wife and children.

Even miss some very important moments in life.

Sometimes even if you are with your family and suddenly receive an order, you will leave without saying goodbye…

Let the family down, let the lover chill, alienate friends and classmates…

Not understood, misunderstood.

But the soldiers have no other way.

Very helpless.

Crying without tears!

They have to guard the country to have a stable home…

This is not just the fighters, but also people in many industries.

Silently contributed to Morendam, but has been misunderstood…

In this era, someone needs to contribute at all times.

Where you don’t know, there are people who are giving everything silently.

There is no time to be quiet, it’s just that some people are walking forward with heavy loads.

A good and stable life is the sacrifice of many people.

Just like Levi in front of me.

In order to destroy the Blood King Palace, for the safety of Great Xia.

He must give up his family…

Even if the plum dyed his belly, there is still a child who is about to be born.

He also has to give up.

Give up without any complaints.

“God of War, for the sake of our sister-in-law and auntie, we are going to fight it out, and we will fight back against an order!”

The Wesley saw that Levi’s expression was wrong, and immediately asked Ying.

“Yes, God of War, disobey the order once! Let’s go back and protect the sister-in-law!”

“I am willing to accept any punishment!”

Owen covered in blood knelt in front of Levi.

They really don’t want to see Sarah in danger.



Everyone else fell to the ground one after another, begging Levi.

Levi raised his head, not letting tears flow out.

He gritted his teeth and said: “Military orders are like mountains! No one can disobey! Especially me, I must lead by example! No one is allowed to mention this matter!”

When he put on this uniform, from the moment he stepped into the battlefield.

He is no longer anyone’s son, no one’s husband, and no one’s father.

He is a predator of Morendam!

All personal emotions must be discarded!

Suzaku was already crying, “What should I do? Aunt and sister-in-law are absolutely in danger now! It’s been a month, and they definitely did it!”

“Shall we just watch it?”

“Report, the Blood King Palace is coming again!”

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