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Chapter 1146

The sound was like a thunder on the ground.

Bombarded wildly at the crowd.

Everyone was shocked!

Especially the Garrison family.

Everyone was smiling, and the smile instantly solidified.

Mona, who was just talking, was directly dumbfounded.

As if struck by lightning.

Xavion changed color.

Lawrence changed color.

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically at this moment.

Thousands of eyes in the field glanced at the sound source.

“Huh? It’s wrong, it seems to be a female voice…”

Next, everyone reacted.

Seems to be a female voice just now?

Not Levi?

At first hearing, everyone thought it was Levi coming.

Ollie also showed ecstasy.

The next moment, they saw a woman coming, still holding her baby in her arms.

Isn’t it Sarah or someone else?

She was the one who just spoke!

“What? It turned out to be her!”

Lawrence took a breath.

Xavion’s face was ugly.

What is Sarah doing?

Ollie immediately rushed forward.

“You…what are you doing?”

She was terrified.

Sarah smiled and said, “I will fulfill the betting contract for my husband -challenge the Garrison family!”

This is the reason why Sarah returned from Star Country.

It stands to reason that she is still going to confinement in the star country.

Today was supposed to be the child’s full moon banquet. She deceived Logan and Mann’s family and came to the capital.

To fulfill the agreement.

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Sarah said this, the audience was shocked.

Everyone looked at her incredulously.

“My husband can’t do anything, so my child and I will fulfill the agreement for him and challenge the Garrison family!”

“Our family has never been an unbelieving person!”

“Please put away your insults to my husband!”

Sarah shouted.

Ollie couldn’t control it anymore, tears burst into her eyes.

Sarah has not forgotten Levi!

Instead, she has always been in love with him.

Even this kind of moment, challenged him instead!

Rovena, Bayler, and others were very moved.

Lawrence looked at her in surprise: “Are you going to challenge Garrison Family for Levi?”

Many people present looked at her curiously and surprised.

A woman to challenge the Garrison family?

Or did you come for your husband?

Sarah nodded affirmatively: “Yes, that’s right!”

“Have you seen Levi, a coward? Your woman and one-month-old child have come to challenge you, how about you? You are the worst man I have ever seen!”

Lawrence laughed.

Xavion said with a cold face: “This is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen!!! Levi, you really can! You ran away and disappeared, let your woman and the child bear all this for you? You really are not worthy to be a husband and father! I despise you in my heart!”

“Yes, that’s right! Does Levi want to be compared with my son just like that? Is he worthy?”

Mona was also mocking.

Ollie has cried into tears.

The son is not proud, but also ashamed.

Sarah glanced at everyone coldly: “Nonsense! My husband is not a bully, let alone a person who has not taken responsibility!”

“I tell all of you, he just has important things and can’t come back. He is the most responsible man I have ever seen. His spit is all nails! Anyway, we are all a family. He didn’t come, and I came differently ?”

Xavion shook his head speechlessly: “Sarah, you know what’s going on, do you still believe him? Don’t deceive yourself!”

“Yes, I always believe in my husband!”

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