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Chapter 1152

The god-like man is back!

Gregory and other soldiers admired this man more and more!

He did it twice in a row that no one in the world could do.

And this time, the Blood King Palace was even stronger!

However, Levi led this iron-blooded team to create a miracle abruptly!

The most important thing is that he did not go to the capital to accept the award, but came to Case York in a low-key manner.

Gregory couldn’t help but think of a sentence–

After the matter is gone, you can hide your merits and fame!


The man arranged by Mr. Wright for Sarah arrived in Case York.

If Sarah had no children, Willard would definitely arrange her for the Wright family’s children.

After all, the Wright family is the third generation of Velador, and the face is still very important.

But this prospective husband was also selected by Elder Wright.

He is the heir of the Byrd family of the Capital royal family.

The Prince of Capital is third on the list.

Not a prodigal, let alone a playboy.

There is no negative news.

Everyone in the capital calls him “True Gentleman”.

So he has a title, called “noble man”.

On the Young Lord’s list, he is not the top in all aspects, but the most comprehensive.

Old man Wright weighted for a long time, and he was the most suitable.

And Marty Byrd is also willing to marry Sarah as his wife and accept her child.

Although marrying a woman with children is a shame to the royal family.

But Sarah is Willard’s righteous daughter after all.

The royal family can only accept it.

Accompanied by Marty was Kerry, the son of Willard.

He has a hot temper and super strength.

In the capital, everyone fears.

But he loves his righteous sister very much.

There used to be several young and old coveted Sarah, and all their limbs were interrupted by him.

So in this year, almost no one dared to provoke Sarah.

When the suitors heard that Kerry had come first, they all frightened away.

Only Marty can catch his eyes.

“Marty, be nice to my sister in the future! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Kerry threatened.

“Kerry, I understand that I admire Miss Logan’s talent and character!”

Marty nodded, but a strange color flashed under his eyes.

The two parties are meeting at York Imperial Hotel.

After meeting, Marty was very satisfied with Sarah.

As for being married and having children, he can tolerate it.

“How? Satisfied?”

Kerry asked first.

Marty nodded: “I am very satisfied! I am willing to marry Miss Logan and take care of her and Aubrey forever. If abrupt, the feelings can be cultivated slowly!”

Sarah and Natalie were dumbfounded.

Is it so direct?

They thought that the other party would hesitate, but they never wanted to be so direct.

Kerry nodded in satisfaction: “Okay, then I’ll be the head of this matter! Father will be very happy to hear it over there!”

This matter was arranged by the Wright family.

There is no need to follow Sarah’s advice.

“Hold on, I have a condition!”

Suddenly Marty shouted.

Even Sarah was stunned.

She was about to shout that she couldn’t do it, but Marty was a step faster than her.

“What are the conditions? Marty, you say!”

Kerry asked first.

“I can marry Miss Logan, and I can take care of Aubrey! But my only request is about the face of my Byrd family! Can Aubrey’s surname be changed to Byrd? This is my only condition!”

Marty pleaded.

After all, the Byrd family is a royal family, marrying a married woman, but also raising children, but even the surname is not high.

“How can the child of Levi take your last name?”

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