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Chapter 1863

“Levi, calm down!”

Wen Lei rushed to Levi and knocked him aside.


The rushing Sarah directly smashed a deep pit the size of a basketball court.

“It’s not clear who she is now! She just wants to kill you! You have to calm down! Let’s try our best to control her first!”

“Don’t be afraid to hurt her! We are not necessarily opponents!”

Wen Lei persuaded.


Levi also stabilized his emotions.

Sarah has already killed him.

This time, Levi and Sarah faced each other.


The two sides separated immediately, each withdrew hundreds of steps, but their feet were densely shattered.


It’s really strong!

Wen Lei was horrified!

Is this the second on the top list?

Can you even tie with Sarah?

“Sarah wake up and see who I am! I am Levi!”

Levi raised his tone in an attempt to awaken Sarah.

But when Sarah heard his name and saw his face clearly, he became more and more crazy.


Plum dye is even more intent to kill!

The fighting power is getting more and more terrifying!

“Boom boom…”

Levi played against Sarah, and the two sides fought hard.

The more horrified Levi felt during the Vietnam War.

Plum dye is too strong, right?

What has she experienced?

It’s like an undead monster…

Although Levi fought with him, he was still merciful after all.

This is a daughter-in-law, why is he willing to use all his strength?

But Sarah shot frantically, calling for death, all aimed at Levi’s vitals.

Levi used subtle physical techniques to avoid Sarah’s attack.

He is thinking of a way!

How to control plum dye!

“Help me watch him!”

Levi let Wen Lei watch Ichiro Ono.

He came to deal with Sarah!

His method is consumption!

“Magic Shadow Clone!!!”

Levi used this body technique again.

Sarah appeared in front of him, and he couldn’t capture the truth.


Plum dyed and went crazy.

Begin to fight against Levi’s clones…

Seeing Levi’s routines, Wen Lei sighed: “When this goes on, when will you be tall?”

Soon, Levi and Wen Lei discovered that it was impossible to consume Sarah on this road.

Sarah became more brave as he fought, and he showed no signs of fatigue.

“You can’t bear it anymore! You must do it!”

Wen Lei shouted.

“it is good!”

This time, Levi no longer kept his hands.

Go head-to-head with Sarah.

Turn defense to offense!

Levi strikes hard!



Soon, this place was overwhelmed.

Sarah was hit by Levi’s heavy blow, unexpectedly showing a decadent momentum.




Levi was on the verge of chasing after the victory, and several heavy punches blasted out.

Sarah backed back again and again.

There was a look of horror on the emotionless face.

It is estimated that she was also shocked by Levi’s strength!


Two rays of light came out of Wen Lei’s eyes!

The monster-like Sarah was lost!

Levi is even more monster than monster!

Levi didn’t give Sarah any chance, so he would knock her down all at once.

This is his great opportunity.

Sarah was forced into desperation.


Suddenly, the atmosphere in the court changed.


Sarah let out a roar, his aura soaring.

The body is even more unrivaled!

More than dozens of times more than just now!

She still has the potential to excite!


Sarah hit Levi hard.

Although Levi blocked it, he only felt his chest surge, as if a fire was burning.

So strong?

Levi’s face changed.

Sarah continued to attack.

One move is more ruthless than one!

Levi was unstoppable every time!

“Levi will die for me!”

Sarah gathers all his strengths to make the strongest move.

Levi was not to be outdone, and made the same move.

The two of them hit the earth like sparks.


But Levi vomited blood and flew out.

Chapter 1864


Levi’s body was thrown high and hit the ground heavily.


Wen Lei looks silly!

Levi, who was second in the top ranking, was actually lost?

How did Sarah stimulate the limit in a short time?

Even Levi was defeated?

“Levi, didn’t you keep your hand, didn’t you dare to do your best?”

Wen Lei not only asked.

Levi did not answer.

Because he didn’t keep any hands just now, this is purely because Sarah is strong.

He lost!

He lost to Sarah!


With Sarah’s trick just now, Levi could indeed use speed and magic shadow clone to dodge opportunistically.

Will not be injured in any way.

There is another way he can be undefeated!

That is a taboo technique he has never used before!

The cheap Lord passed it to him.

But I warned him-it’s best not to use taboo for the rest of your life!

Otherwise the whole world will be in chaos!!!

For such a long time, Levi was invincible in the world.

Come and win!

There was no need for taboos at all, Levi had forgotten.

Only when I was under threat and pressure did I think of it.

Today’s battle with Sarah has not yet reached that stage.

Finally, Levi didn’t use the taboo technique either.

He is going to confront Sarah with pure power.

But the reality is cruel, he really lost.

Sarah didn’t give up!

Deceptively, another shocking move fell.


Levi was lost again and flew out.



Sarah showed no mercy.

Just to kill Levi!



Levi fell to the ground dying, gurgling blood in his mouth.

This is the first time he has been defeated.

Turned out to be his own wife!

What happened to her?

Don’t you really recognize yourself?

“Hahahaha… Levi, you are defeated! You damn it! You only deserve to fall under my feet!”

Sarah looked at Levi and sneered.

Levi could clearly feel Sarah’s killing intent.

It seems that I have to use the taboo technique.

Wen Lei couldn’t stop Sarah’s current combat power, and could only add sacrifices.

You can only rely on yourself!

“go to hell!”

Just like a frustrated balloon, Sarah suddenly broke the bank with all his strength.


She staggered to the ground.


At this moment, Sarah returned to normal.

There is no difference from the past.

“No, someone is coming!”

Levi’s face changed.

“Wen Lei, take two people away!”

Levi made arrangements immediately.

Wen Lei didn’t ask anything, and immediately left with Sarah and Ono Ichiro.

They left with the front foot, and the Lords on the back foot surrounded this place.

Everyone was shocked by the ruins in front of them.

When I saw the injured Levi, I was even more frightened.

It seems to have seen the most incredible thing in the world!

Sweeping the top of the sky list all the way, Levi, who was ranked second in the sky list, was hurt like this?


“This… is this Levi?”

“It seems to be… isn’t it… how could he be hurt like this?”

“It’s incredible, isn’t it? Levi was actually defeated? My sky is about to fall!”

The tens of thousands of powerhouses who surrounded him were dumbfounded.

Levi was defeated?

Soon news of Levi’s defeat spread.

Morendam was shocked!

The world is shocked!

The descendant of Cthulhu is defeated!

Cthulhu forces, Levi’s followers are going crazy.

Levi’s defeat was equivalent to the collapse of their faith.

For the Cthulhu forces, Levi could not be defeated.

He represents the evil god Huoyun.

There is no word for defeat in Huoyun Cthulhu’s dictionary.

Levi can’t be defeated!

Can’t be defeated once!

In the field, everyone looked at Levi and sneered: “Have Levi ever thought about it? You will lose one day too! Who hurt you so badly?”

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