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Chapter 1153

Just as Gao Qingyu made a request, suddenly there was a loud shout outside, like a thunder on the ground.

Suddenly, everyone in the hotel was dumbfounded.

Sarah and Natalie were dumbfounded when they heard the familiar voice.

Is this voice…

Mo… Could it be… that person…

The two looked at each other, their bodies trembling subconsciously.

The child blinked innocently and looked towards the door…

A tall, tall, towering figure appeared.

It is Levi!

Today’s Levi is in the dust, with a gray-headed face and ragged clothes, as if he had just returned from an escape.

However, there was a strong killing air in him, which made his scalp numb and cold all over.

Levi had just come down from the battlefield, too late to clean up and cover up.

Just like this, rushing in the dust.

Looking at Levi, Lin Fengxian and Gao Qingyu were dumbfounded.

who is this?

Where are the refugees?

“Sarah, I’m back!”

Looking at Sarah, Levi said.


Sarah was completely dumbfounded.

Sarah has thought about the scene of Levi’s return countless times.

I often dream about it!

But when Levi really appeared, she was in a daze.

Can’t tell if it’s reality or dreaming.

She just looked at Levi…

Levi saw Fendudu’s child at a glance.

The child is looking at him with big eyes blinking.


so similar!

The child’s eyes and the charm between his eyebrows really resemble him!

The whole facial features and Sarah are carved out of the same mold.

Suddenly, a feeling of blood intimacy surged into my heart, it was so strong.

This feeling is unprecedented!

This is his Levi’s child!

Levi strode forward and picked up the child from the nanny.

Junjun is actually very scary, crying when a stranger embraces her.

But being held in her arms by Levi, instead of crying, she looked at Levi curiously.

“Dad…you are a father…”

Jun Jun shouted suddenly.


Hearing the crisp milk, Levi’s body was stiff and straight, and his brain was blank.

As a father, he has never experienced this feeling before.

The Junjun in his arms, like the most precious treasure in his heart, is the most important piece of meat on his body.

“Dad is back! Dad is back!”

Jun Jun is very clever. He often finds Sarah looking at photos, and he has already noted Levi’s appearance.

Although Sarah didn’t mention who it was in the photo.

But she knew that this was father.


Levi held the child tightly in his arms.

At this moment, he cried!

The upright man also has a tender side…

“Hey, what are you doing? Why are you stealing the child? Give the child to me quickly!”

The babysitter was anxious and shouted at Levi.

Levi said politely: “Hello this lady, I am the father of the child!”

“Bah! The child’s father died a long time ago! This is something everyone knows!”

The babysitter didn’t believe it.

“I am indeed the father of the child!”

Levi insisted.

“Then do you know what the child’s name is?”

There was a cold drink.

Gao Qingyu and Lin Feng walked to Levi first.


Levi really didn’t know.

In fact, Suzaku found out a long time ago, but didn’t tell him.

After all, the child is not surnamed Garrison.

“Are you here to make trouble? There is no room for you to go wild!”

With that, Gao Qingyu gave Levi a push.


I saw Levi staggering, blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

Chapter 1154

No one had expected Levi to vomit blood.

Including himself.

Levi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his expression unbelievable.

He feels physical changes.

Very weak, there is even a ghost in front of me.

He was actually injured?


Although he had fought with the Blood King Palace for a year and a half, he was not injured, and no one really hurt him.

Could it be…

Levi suddenly remembered–

At the last moment of destroying the Palace of the Blood King, Levi alone confronted the Lord of the Palace of the Blood King and the four blood kings.

As a result, Levi had the last laugh, and the HallLord of the Blood King Palace and the four blood kings were all buried under his hands.

But before his death, the head of the Blood King Palace said to him: “I am waiting for you below!”

At that time, Levi only thought he was quick to speak, and didn’t care.

Now the body has this condition…

He immediately understood.

He should be poisoned!

The Palace of the Blood King is the most terrifying force in the dark world of the West, and they do nothing by any means.

Poisoning is a despicable method…

But what kind of poison was planted on him unconsciously, and he didn’t react until this moment?


Levi coughed twice, all with blood.

This poison is so overbearing!

Anyone who knows Levi’s strength knows how strong his physique is?

Not to mention a hundred poisons are not invading, most of the toxins have no effect on him.

In the previous six years of his career, he was not poisoned once or twice.

It has never been like this time.

It is estimated that it was the last moment of the Hall Lord of the Blood King Palace, desperately poisoning me in order to die together.

Perhaps the purpose of the entire Blood King Palace is to kill yourself!

So vicious!

“You… are you okay…”

Sarah and Natalie who reacted quickly asked.

Gao Qingyu was taken aback.

He just pushed lightly, and didn’t make any effort, he vomited blood?

“What did you do? How could it be like this?”

Sarah asked cryingly.

Levi at this time was simply too miserable.

His face was as pale as paper, and the corners of his mouth were still bleeding, and the whole person really seemed to have returned from an escape.

He disappeared for a year, why did he go?

Did you blame him wrong?

Is he going to do something big?

Levi smiled: “I’m fine!”

Afterwards, he adjusted his body, forcibly suppressed the toxins in his body, and soon his complexion returned to normal.

“Dad is okay…”

Jun Jun shouted excitedly.

“Who the hell are you? Give my daughter back to me quickly!”

Gao Qingyu had a cold face and was about to snatch the child from Levi.

Levi took advantage of the situation to hide, and he went into the air.

“Your child? F*rt! This the fuck is my child!”

Levi said angrily.

Gao Qingyu’s face was so ugly that it turned red and purple.

The marriage contract between him and Sarah was made by Mr. Lin himself.

Many people in Beijing and even Morendam knew about this.

Sarah is his woman.

At this time, someone ran out to grab the child.

How can he bear it?

Gao Qingyu stared at Levi.

He also practiced martial arts since he was a child, second only to Lawrencelong, who was second in the list of young Lords.

“You are looking for death!”

“Hurry up and hand over the child!”

Lin Fengxian did not agree either.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

Sarah and Natalie quickly stopped: “Brother, Mr. Gao, don’t get excited! He, we all know him!”

“Who is he?”

Lin Feng asked first.

“He is Levi!”

Lin Fengxian immediately became angry: “Is that the beast who abandoned his wife, children and mother?”

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