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Chapter 1155

Before Levi reported that they hadn’t heard him clearly, but now they heard it was him, even Gao Qingyu looked at him in surprise.

Is this the shame?

Known by the world as Morendam’s coward!

Sarah immediately defended Levi: “No, he didn’t abandon us. Didn’t this appear?”

“Ha ha!”

“Where was he when you gave birth?”

“Where was he when you took your child to challenge the Garrison Clan?”

“Where was he when you and Ollie died for him?”

“Where was the child when you pulled him alone?”

Lin Fengxian asked repeatedly, and Sarah was silent.

Everything is fact, she can’t refute it.

“Now that the matter is over, the Garrison family has forgotten, the child has grown up, you have become the queen of business, and he has appeared again!”

“This is a cowardly man, watching the danger pass, and then reappear. Isn’t this all obvious? Do you still believe him?”

Lin Feng asked first.


Plum dye was speechless.

Even Natalie looked at Levi with disappointment.

In her opinion, no matter how important things are, you can’t leave at the most important moment of Sarah, right?

You can leave, at least you have to tell something?

It disappeared for a year and a half and reappeared, what is it?

Now that this kind of moment appears, his attempt can’t help but make people doubt it!

Lin Fengxian said angrily: “Sarah, don’t defend him! You should treat him as a stranger, or even as a dead person! He is dead! This person is not him!”

“This kind of man is not worth your effort at all! He is not worthy!”

Others echoed: “Yes, Sarah, he is not good enough for you!”

Levi looked at Sarah apologetically: “Sarah, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for the second time in this life! I can’t express my apology in a thousand words! I promise there won’t be a third time!”

“If sorry can solve the problem, isn’t it all messed up, I did something wrong, just say I’m sorry? I’m done killing someone, and I’m sorry?”

Lin Fengxian roared.

Even Natalie was angry.

Sarah has done so much, just to hear a few words from you, sorry?

Isn’t it too conscience?

“I promise to come back this time, and never leave you and the child again! I…”

When Levi was halfway through, she was interrupted by Natalie: “Come on, you have said this before! What do you say you want to accompany your son for a lifetime and give her the whole world! You were not there when she gave birth, you take it? What stays with you for life?”

Levi didn’t know the extent of the barrier caused by the disappearance of this time for a year and a half, and the damage to Sarah.

His explanations are all in vain!

“I definitely didn’t mean to abandon Sarah you. Otherwise, why would I come back?”

Levi asked.

Gao Qingyu looked at him arrogantly: “After disappearing for a year and a half, don’t you give Miss Logan an explanation? Just want to go over like this? Is it possible?”

As soon as Gao Qingyu said this, Sarah also looked over.

She was just waiting for Levi to appear and give her an explanation.

Finally look forward to this day.

Natalie also said angrily: “Levi said quickly! Where have you been this year and a half? What did you do? Tell me all in detail. You have to give Sarah this matter anyway, and give Junjun an explanation! “

Sarah also nodded: “Yes, Natalie said what I think! Give me an explanation!”

Chapter 1156

Gao Qingyu and Lin Fengxian looked at Levi jokingly.

They want to see what nonsense Levi will make up?


Levi hesitated.

“Say! Don’t you want to say that you are going to defend your home and country?”

“It’s possible! This kind of person can say anything!”

Levi looked at Sarah and said: “Yes, I am indeed defending my family and the country! I really can’t help it! Because this is the highest level action and needs to be kept secret. So I can’t tell you!”

It’s just that after Levi said this, several people looked at him in surprise and anger.

“Sister, did you see it? Full of lies! He really dares to say when I said to defend the country?”

Lin Fengxian looked angry.

He has a grumpy temper, and he is like a devil in the capital that everyone fears.

Levi is what he hates most.

Even Sarah felt unreliable.

“I asked you to give me an explanation, not to make you fool me!”

Sarah’s eyes flooded with tears and his voice was hoarse.

Lin Fengxian said coldly: “Sister, forget it, we don’t need his explanation! He has nothing to do with you, and it has nothing to do with children.”

“It’s okay? Why is it okay? The child is mine!”

Levi was angry.

“I’m telling you, the child’s name is Logan Wangjun! Understand? Sarah has completely forgotten you, she is dead for you!”

“Where were you when you gave birth? Did you fulfill your responsibilities as a father? Why are you running back?”

Lin Fengxian roared.

“Levi, you beast, dare you come back? I’ll kill you!”

Accompanied by an angry voice, all the people from Logan and Mann’s family came.

Melina was about to knock Levi fiercely while holding the cane.

“Grandma don’t!”

Sarah stopped immediately.

“Levi, I really don’t know what to say about you? Do you dare to show up! Do you dare to entangle Sarah?”

Dale and Edith were so angry to death.

“Now Sarah is the queen of the business world, and the righteous daughter of the third family of Morendam, Mr. Lin. She has long been an existence that you can’t afford to climb!”

“Now I’m running to recognize my daughter and wife. Can you make a face? Get out of here!”

“Look at yourself, just like a refugee, are you worthy of Sarah?”

Doug and others humiliated Levi frantically.

Sarah did not stop.

The main reason is that Levi has done too much.

She thinks what everyone said is reasonable.

“Come on, give me the baby!”

Sarah snatched Junjun over.

“Levi, let me tell you, now, Elder Lin personally arranged a marriage contract for Sarah. The third high-definition reputation in the capital list! You have no chance!”

Melina sneered.

“Dear elders, I only have one request-I hope Junjun can follow my surname!”

Gao Qingyu looked at the crowd and pleaded.

“Okay, we are in charge of this matter! After Sarah married, Junjun’s surname is high!”

“Yes, we decided this way!”

Dale, Edith and others made the decision directly.

They wanted to change the surname of his child in front of Levi.

Besides, the child didn’t have the surname Garrison!

Everyone was discussing fiercely, ignoring Levi on the side.

“Have you ever asked my opinion?”

Levi said coldly.

“Huh? Ask your opinion? Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Junjun’s biological father died long ago! Who are you? We still need to ask your opinion?”

“Get out now!”

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