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Chapter 1157

Levi said with a cold face, “Don’t force me!”

There was a violent and terrible breath exuding him.

Everyone’s chest seemed to be crushed by a big stone, and their chest tightness was breathless.

Looking at the beast-like Levi, Melina was angry: “What? You still want to beat me?”

Everyone can clearly feel that Levi has a murderous heart.

At this moment, Lin Fengxian and Gao Qingyu were in a daze.

Standing in front of them seemed to be a peerless Lord…

But it’s impossible!

They know everything about Levi, what’s wrong with him, the peerless grandLord.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes: “If anyone changes my child’s surname, I will kill whoever! I will do what I say!”

“It’s up to you! I’m going to change Junjun’s name!”

“She will be called Gao Wangjun from now on! I said it! My Lin family said it!”

Lin Fengxian was completely enraged by Levi’s words and roared.

“Lin Shao, you are Sarah’s righteous brother! You have the right to change your child’s surname!”

Melina and others said flatly.

“Are you going to kill me?”

Lin Feng first pushed Levi.

Melina and others are happy to see this situation.

They knew Lin Fengxian’s hot temper and terrifying strength.

Levi was a dead end if he provoked him.

Eliminate Levi, and Sarah completely gave up.

“Then you are looking for death!”

Levi’s expression was extremely gloomy.

He was murderous!

This year, he spent all the killings.

The whole person is easily irritable and bloodthirsty.

In layman’s terms, it is a gunpowder keg, which is just one point.

This unrelated person actually wants to change his daughter’s surname.

Can he bear it?

Lin Feng walked up to Levi step by step and said with a sneer; “Come on, want to kill me? Do it!”


Levi roared, and at the same time an overbearing aura burst out, he wanted to slap Lin Fengxian to death.

At this moment, Lin Fengxian actually felt a trace of fear.

It seems that he is really going to be shot to death by Levi.

His face changed wildly.


At the critical moment, a voice sounded.

Ollie rushed over.

He stood in front of Levi, and then slapped him in the face: “You are an unfilial son, you dare to come back?”

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Levi looked gloomy and looked at his mother stubbornly.

He doesn’t blame anyone…

Many fighters are the same, involuntarily, not understood by family and friends.

But there are some things that can’t be said!

This is everyone’s problem!

“What are you doing back? Sarah forgot about you! She will marry someone else right away, and she will live a happy life! Will you destroy anything when you come back?”

Ollie shouted angrily.

In fact, she was not reprimanding Levi.

It is protecting him.

If Levi did it just now, Lin Fengxian would definitely kill him.

So she used bitterness drama to protect her son.

Just now I slap Levi, hurting him and her heart.

“They want to change my child’s surname, I firmly refuse to agree, unless I die!”

Levi looked firm.

“Well, let me ask you, when Junjun was born, where were you? Where were you when Sarah held the full moon child at the gate of the Garrison family to fulfill the betting contract for you? Ask yourself, you are qualified to be one Husband and father?”

Ollie asked.

Sarah cried like a tearful man: “But you don’t even give me an explanation!”

“Sarah, follow me to Garrison’s house in Beijing, I will give you an explanation!”

Levi’s eyes shot out a ray of cold light.

Chapter 1158

Things about the Garrison Family in Jingcheng couldn’t be forgotten.

He also wants to give Sarah an explanation.

He wants to rectify his mother’s name!

Three things can be solved together.

It’s just that when he said this, everyone was stunned.

To the capital?

Go to Garrison’s house?

Is this kid crazy?

Finally, the Garrison Clan in the capital had forgotten about it, and you took the initiative to get beaten to death.

Is that the first family of Morendam?

Even Old Man Lin has to look up.

Sarah looked at Levi with a puzzled look: “You…what are you going to do at Garrison’s house? Didn’t you explain it to me? What’s up with other people!”

“Sarah, give me another chance! If I can’t give you a perfect explanation, I will quit by myself!”

Levi looked at him expectantly.

“What are you? Still more opportunities? Are you qualified?”

This sentence immediately caused dissatisfaction between Logan and Mann’s family, and everyone shouted coldly.

Levi didn’t make any progress at all, every time he kept a few words.

In this case, is there still a chance for it?

Ollie’s eyes flickered, and she was afraid that Levi would impulsively and do something stupid.

“No! Sarah, you can’t give him a chance! What happened this time is unforgivable!”

Ollie’s attitude was so resolute, in fact, to protect Levi.

Lin Feng first looked at Sarah and said: “Sarah, today is the marriage arranged by my father for you. If you give him another chance, the foster father will be unhappy if he finds out!”


Sarah is in a dilemma.

At this time, the high-definition reputation said: “My high-definition reputation has always been unsuccessful or grabbed. I was impulsive just now, and I am so beautiful as an adult! Why not, let’s go to the capital to see his explanation?”

“After all, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage!”

When Gao Qingyu said this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Worthy of being a “gentleman”.

Mr. Lin didn’t pick the wrong person!

“Since Xiao Gao has said so, let’s listen to you and go to the capital to see how you can give Sarah an explanation!”

Lin Fengxian agreed.

This thing is done.

“But there is a condition-you can’t see Sarah and your child before you explain it!”

Dale immediately added one.

“Don’t worry, I received Sarah and the child to live in the Lin family. Even if he has the ability to reach the sky, he will not be able to enter the Lin family!”

Later, Levi and Ollie left.

Sarah and others went to the capital.

“My child, what are you doing? If the Garrison family doesn’t hold you back, you still want to go to the Garrison family?”

Ollie’s anxious tone changed.

Levi smiled and said, “Mom, not only I want to go, you also want to go! Have you forgotten your dream?”


To mention her dream is simply an extravagant hope.


In particular, Levi disappeared for a year and a half, with nothing, what to do to achieve it?

“Mom, this time I will make your wish come true, you are ready to prepare, we can go to the capital!”

This time, he was finally going to attack the Garrison Family.

“Hey, I’m going to die!”

Ollie decided to die with her son.

Levi summoned the Wesley people.

“Wesley, let’s go to the capital soon, are you ready?”

Levi asked.

To solve one’s own affairs, also solve Wesley’s affairs.

Wesley was silent.

“Ready! I’m coming to the Qin family!”

Thinking of Qin Zhantian and his fiancee who betrayed him mercilessly, Wesley almost breathed fire.

For so many years, he has been patient.

I have been waiting for myself to be strong, and this opportunity has come.

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