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Chapter 1159

Sarah and others came to the capital first and moved into the Lin family.

In the hall, sat a majestic old man.

He just sits, giving people a sense of suffocation like a mountain topping.

Lin Haotian!

Patriarch of the third generation of Morendam.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it is almost a godlike existence.

“What? This brute has come back?”

Lin Haotian said angrily.

He is upright and upright.

Like Sarah’s character, he is also not ashamed of Levi’s abandonment of his wife and daughter.

“Yes, that’s right! I have to break your engagement and even take the kids away!”

Lin Feng first said.

Lin Haotian glared at him: “Where is your temper? Shouldn’t you just break his leg?”

Lin Fengxian lowered his head: “Father, I wanted to abolish him. It’s just that Xiao Gao said to see what explanation he can give Sarah? Xiao Gao is really a gentleman, he still wants adult beauty.”

“Huh, what explanation can this shameless person give? It’s exactly the same as his father, who does nothing to achieve his goal! They have many reasons!”

Lin Haotian sneered.

“Furthermore, what about the explanation? Is he worthy of my daughter now? With this status and background, how can he be worthy?”

Lin Haotian changed his words: “Unless he becomes the young Lord of the Garrison Clan, it is possible, otherwise I won’t agree!”

“If you want to have wives and daughters again, you have to show your true ability. If you don’t convince me, I will never agree to it!”

Seeing Lin Haotian’s angry look, Sarah knew it was bad.

She didn’t dare to disobey his meaning.

After all, Lin Haotian is highly respected and considers her everywhere.

“I heard he is going to Garrison’s house?”

Lin Haotian asked.

“Yes, it is said that I am going to Garrison’s house to give Sarah an explanation, I don’t know what it is.”

“Okay, let’s just wait and see! See what he can do?”

Lin Haotian looked angry.

The other side.

Levi and his party came to the capital.

This is his first time here.

It stands to reason that I have received rewards more than a hundred times.

But every time Levi refused.

I am coming, I conquer.

Wesley stepped on the land near the capital, and the whole person was different.

Clenched his fists tightly.

He is back!

He came to get everything that belonged to him back then!

Qin Zhantian, Xiao Bass and Grandpa are you all ready?

“Boss, let’s go directly to Garrison’s house next?”

Alton asked.

“No, let’s help Wesley solve the problem first, and my business will be pushed back!”

Levi always does this, putting others first.

“Okay, thank you boss!”

Wesley cried with joy, at this moment he waited for too long.

The news of Levi’s return soon reached the Garrison family.

“What? He actually appeared?”

Lawrence was shocked.

In his opinion, Levi would definitely hide for a lifetime and would never appear again.

“Not only did he show up, it is said that he will come to the capital to come to Garrison’s house!”

Garrison West said.

“Is this here to die?”

Lawrence’s eyes were full of cold light.

“I don’t know, but according to the news, Levi looks very miserable, just like a refugee. It is said that he vomited blood after being pushed by someone!”

Garrison West said.

“He came to Garrison’s house, probably to prove something to Sarah? It proves that he didn’t flinch!”

Lawrence snorted coldly: “Huh, use my Garrison family to prove yourself? Extremely naive!”

“Well, now that you are in the capital, don’t even think about leaving!”

Lawrence’s murderous heart has risen.

I will never let Levi go this time!

Chapter 1160

Many people already know about Levi’s appearance and coming to the capital.

After Jiang Yijun found out, he looked happy.

After Lawrencelong knew about it, he also burst into a hot look.

Over the past year or so, he has completely fallen, and has fallen from second to seventeenth on the Young Lord’s List.

In the capital, everyone was insulting him, and even Levi couldn’t deal with it.

He has been subjected to insults and criticism.

Gradually, he became taciturn and often locked himself up.

Even the Ling family thought he was crazy.

Lawrencelong sneered and said: “This time he comes, you will understand everything.”

He was looking forward to Levi’s stirring up the capital.

Let these arrogant and arrogant people know what it means to be someone outside a person, there is a heaven outside the sky.

The other major clan forces knew that Levi was coming to the capital, all with an attitude of watching jokes.

Last year, he has become a shameful joke.

The three words Levi have become adjectives for men.

To describe the worst and most irresponsible man!

Here, Levi and his party just left the airport and met four people head-on.

All four of them were wearing masks, and their breath was cold and terrifying, and a force of murderous aura attacked.

Shura God of War and his three apprentices: Seven Kills, Breaking the Army, Greedy Wolf.


Levi smiled.

“Yes, great!”

Woodrow spoke very little, but he was praising Levi for his achievements in eradicating the Palace of the Blood King.

“Thank you for taking care of my mother, wife and children, Levi owes you a favor!”

Levi bowed deeply to Woodrow.

If it weren’t for him, it would be really dangerous for Sarah to dye them.

He can bear the bow.

Woodrow stared at Levi and nodded: “You do owe me a favor, now pay it back!”

Everyone: “…”.

No one thought that Woodrow would be so direct.

Levi was taken aback: “How to pay it back?”

“Accept my challenge!”

Woodrow’s eyes were firm.

Over the years, he has been dissatisfied with Levi.

I feel that he is not as strong as himself, he is the god of war in God of War.

So Woodrow challenged Levi no less than ten times.

However, Levi took fame and fame very lightly.

Every time he refused Woodrow’s challenge.

Even if Woodrow had a knife on his neck, he did not agree.

Woodrow has never had the opportunity to prove that he is better than Levi.

This time, he finally waited for the opportunity.

“Actually, if you want my position, I can give it to you. I owe you such a great kindness!”

Levi approached.

“No! You let me? Do you look down on me, Woodrow? Your position, I have to rely on real strength to get it back! Not by letting in!

In a word, Woodrow was a little angry.

Levi pursed his lips: “You have misunderstood what I meant. This kindness is too great. I just accepted your challenge and I don’t think it has been repaid.”

“No, I don’t ask you how to repay my kindness, I just want you to agree to accept my challenge, and the two of us will have a good fight!”

Woodrow sneered.

At this moment, the five members of Wesley and the three of Seven Killers were breathing quickly.

They actually want to know who is stronger.

Because opinions differ.

Basically, the two are 50-50.

They desperately want to know who is strong!

Levi took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I accept your challenge!”

“Well, if you lose, give me your position. If I lose, I will obey you for the rest of my life!”

Woodrow shot brilliant light in his eyes.

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