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Chapter 1161

“Okay, I agree! But this battle has to be done after I settle my personal affairs!”

Levi approached.

Woodrow nodded.


Everyone took a breath.

This battle is of great importance.

Both of them blocked their possessions.

Whoever loses is an unimaginable result.

The battle between these two people will not only cause a sensation in Morendam, but the whole world will be boiling over.

The five Azure Dragons looked at Levi, and the three of Seven Kills looked at Shura.

Their eyes were full of burning fire.

In this battle, they all hope their boss will win.

But everyone knows that both sides are too strong.

No one knows the specific result.

After leaving.

Po Jun asked, “Lord, how sure are you?”


Woodrow thought for a long time and gave an answer.


The three of them took a breath.

This was the first time they saw Woodrow showing such a heavy expression.

The answer given is only 50%!

Woodrow is a confident and arrogant person.

That said, he is not even convinced by the sky and the earth!

He doesn’t pay attention to any powerful opponents.

But when facing Levi, he actually showed a shyness.

It’s not a demon, it’s not 100% sure.

That means that Levi is too strong.

It was so strong that even Woodrow was afraid of it.

Soon the battle between the God of War and the Shura God of War spread throughout Morendam, and then the Brandon Continent, and then the entire world.

Everyone knows that there is such a battle.

This is most likely a war that will affect the world.

Levi wins, the God of War is like a tiger, and the Shura God of War is in hand, which is a blow to the enemies.

If Levi loses, he surrenders his position and Shura God of War takes over.

At least for Watanabe Tenner and others, it is a good thing.

Although Shura God of War had sufficient combat power, he was still worse than Levi in terms of strategy and overall situation.

So this battle is very important!

“My God, it’s terrible! These two are going to fight a battle!”

Garrison West naturally caught this information the fastest.

After all, he always pays attention to the dynamics of God of War.

“This is the duel of the strongest person in Da Xia Ming? The God of Asura has been waiting for several years, just to prove that he is better than the God of God of War!”

Garrison West was already looking forward to it, he wanted to witness this duel.

“Haha, I’m also looking forward to it! The God of War must win this battle! After all, I belong to the Garrison family!”

Lawrence looked expectant.

The news of this battle is still fermenting, and its influence is growing.

Sarah was surprised when he heard the news.

After all, she had met Shura God of War.

“The God of Asura is really bloodthirsty and cruel as everyone said? Like a demon? No, he saved me last year!”

Sarah didn’t understand everyone’s evaluation of Asura God of War.

Although she had been in contact once, she felt that Shura God of War was very human.

“It shouldn’t be. It is said that Shura God of War is a ruthless and unrighteous person, no different from a robot. What happened to you that attracted his attention, and he also helped you? It’s incredible.”

Lin Haotian said in surprise.

They know Woodrow better.

An ordinary person’s affairs will never attract his attention.

“Yes, it seems that Asura God of War is deliberately protecting Sarah!”

Lin Feng first raised a mouth.


When Sarah heard this, his body trembled, revealing an incredible expression.

“No way, could it be…”

Chapter 1162

Sarah thought of a possibility.

Will the Asura God of War really come to protect himself?

After all, according to everyone’s opinion, even if a person died in front of him, the Asura God of War did not blink his eyelids.

Would that come out because of her?

There must be a reason for this.

Could it be arranged by Levi?


The God of Asura was not convinced even the God of God of War.

How could he listen to Levi to protect himself?

Even if Levi has an identity again, it is impossible!

The other side.

Levi separated from Wesley.

Wesley wants to go to Qin’s house alone.

It happened that Levi wanted to see his old friend Qin Beishan.

There were many people in the house of Qin Beishan tonight.

There are a total of eight people in Jiaqin Beishan.

But everyone is a medical Lord.

The eight people are among the eight famous Chinese medicine doctors in Morendam.

Eight people are the top in all major fields of medicine.

Including experts in Western medicine and Lords of Chinese medicine.

When Levi appeared, Mr. Qin Beishan was very pleasantly surprised.

He quickly invited Levi into the house.

First, I introduced you to Levi’s identity.

The remaining seven people were shocked.

Actually ran into the God of War!

“This is Brown Dingwen!”

“This is Medicine Wang Sun Siwei!”

Qin Beishan introduced seven people one by one.

They are all the top Chinese medicine practitioners in Morendam.

The strongest of Chinese and Western medicine!

It is a treasure of Morendam.

Levi respected: “Junior Levi has seen all the seniors!”

“I can’t make it, I can’t make it, God of War!”

Everyone got up immediately.

“Recently, there was a four-year medical conference in the capital, so my old friends can gather together, otherwise there will be this opportunity!”

Qin Beishan smiled, explaining why so many of them are here.

“Then I’m really lucky! The first time I came to Beijing, I was able to meet eight Chinese doctors!”

Levi looked sincere.

For these old seniors, he always held a respectful attitude.

Nowadays, the people’s living and working in peace and contentment and the prosperity of Morendam are inseparable from these devotees.

It’s great to have them!

The two sides talked a lot, and Levi also gained a lot.

After all, he knows a little about medical skills, but Frank Feng taught him everything, he just didn’t have time to study it.

The other side.

In front of a quaint house, Wesley stood.

Almost ten years have passed.

He finally went home.

However, this family gave him too much damage.

First, his patron was taken away, and then his fiancee betrayed and turned to marry his brother.

In the end he was forced to go to jail for his brother for twenty years…

His fiancee’s words like a knife echoed in his ears.

“She is only worthy of the strongest, he is not worthy! He will never want to catch up with Qin Zhantian’s footsteps in his entire life!”

He couldn’t forget the scene where his fiancee Xiao Bass fell into Qin Zhantian’s arms!

He couldn’t forget the scene when he was sent to the prison by the Qin family!

For several years in prison, no one from the Qin family came to visit him at all!

It was Qin Zhantian who was supposed to go to jail.

He continued to sit firmly on the list of sons, and he was accompanied by beauties.

“Kacha Kacha…”

Thinking of all these things, Wesley squeezed his fist and made noises.

“Today, I am back! You bitches wait for it!”

“Qin Zhantian, aren’t you my nightmare fear? I’m here to challenge you!”

Wesley walked towards the door step by step with a sullen face.

“Boom boom…”

Wesley knocked hard at the door.

After the door opened, several guards came out.

“Knock what? Do you know where it is?”

“Huh? Young Lord? Young Lord is back!”

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