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Chapter 116

With Levi here, Wang Teng was so frightened that he couldn’t stay any longer.

“I won’t eat any more, we will go back first.”

Xiao Ruomei said.

Dale and Edith were anxious: “Brother and sister-in-law, do you forgive us?”


“By the way, you can come to the old lady’s birthday banquet soon! The old lady accepts you!”

Mann Xuecheng Dao.

After this decision was announced, Edith was very happy.

For the first time in more than 20 years, I was able to return to my natal home to attend my mother’s birthday banquet.

“We will definitely go then!”

Dale was also very excited.

In a while, Sarah’s project will be fine, and he will be able to stand up at the birthday banquet.

After Xiao Ruomei left.

Edith seemed to be in a good mood, and took a look at Levi: “Well, I won’t care about you this time.”

Dale looked at Edith pleadingly: “Will my wife allow me to go out and drink with my friends tonight?”

“Well, you go! The bank card is here for you, remember, don’t gamble!”

Edith handed Dale a bank card.

Levi had known before that Dale was a gambler and had lost a lot of money.

Both have paid more than two million for him.

Later, Edith restricted all his entertainment activities and couldn’t go out for drinks with friends!

Today her family agreed to let her go back. She was in a good mood, so she agreed.

“Good Le! I haven’t touched that thing long ago!”

Dale was excited like a child.

Seeing Levi smiled, his typical wife was strict.

Just like that, the four people were separated.

Dale went to play with friends.

Soon after, Dale got together with his friends.

After a few bottles of wine, everyone was drunk.

Wang Zhiguo draped Dale’s shoulders and smiled and said, “Recently, Case York opened an underground casino. Let’s try our luck?”

Dale shook his head: “No! I promised my wife that I will never touch this thing!”

“It’s okay, just play a few games and try your luck. It’s just an addiction! It won’t let you lose!”

Wangzhi National Road.

“Yeah, we don’t have a lot of money, just a few thousand. Try your luck. What if you send it? Old Cross on Dongsheng Street knows? He took three thousand to the new casino and won 80 in one night. Ten thousand!”

“Yes, it’s so envious for us!”

As soon as the east said, and the west said, Dale was moved.

“Okay, I’ll go with you! But if you say yes, I can only take out five thousand!”

Dale said.

“Good, good…”

A group of people hooked up to the underground casino.

After arriving at the underground casino, Dale became excited.

On the second floor of the casino, a man in luxurious clothes shook a glass of red wine in his hand. He looked at the crazy gamblers below, and he smiled: “Dale is here?”

“Young Lord Xiao is here, right there.”

It turns out that these two people are Xiao Tianlong and Hua Tianhai.

Xiao Tianlong’s eyes fell on Dale who was gambling. He sneered and said, “I was thinking about how to deal with you. Didn’t you come to the door?”

Hua Tianhai asked gloomily, “What should Young Lord Xiao do?”

“Lose! Let him lose his family! Let the entire Logan family not be able to pay it back! I will use this gambling debt to kill Levi!”

There was a crazy look on Xiao Tianlong’s face.

Hua Tian Haiyin smiled and nodded: “Young Lord Xiao, I understand, I will make arrangements! Make sure that Dale will faint when he hears the word gambling in the future!”

Chapter 117

Dale didn’t know the danger was approaching at all.

He is playing.

I have won several games in a row, at least one hundred thousand dollars.

After winning ten games in a row, Dale won millions.

Wang Zhiguo and others urged them to applaud.

“Lao Logan, your luck is so good! Go on! Let’s play the big ones! It’s no problem for you to win tens of millions tonight!”

The gamblers who enter the state are crazy.

Dale is confident that he can win tens of millions tonight.


Sarah and Levi were suddenly awakened by the ringing of their mobile phones.

It’s Edith!

Sarah became sober as soon as he answered the phone.

“What? My God!”

Sarah’s face changed wildly, and his mobile phones fell to the ground.

Levi immediately asked, “What happened?”

Sarah said in a crying voice: “Dad went to gamble at night, lost 300 million, and he was found out. Now everyone is detained!”

“What? Three hundred million? How did you lose so much?”

Levi frowned and felt that there was a problem.

Dale was calculated.

“where is it?”

Levi asked.

“I don’t know, let’s go to mom and ask.”

When Levi and the two came to the intersection, Edith was already crying.

After Edith gave out the address, Levi drove madly.

After arriving at the underground casino, it was messy, smoky, and very choking.

Several brawny men came to Levi’s trio and shouted sharply: Who are you? “

Levi said directly: “Let’s find Dale!”

“Oh, it’s the old man’s family from the old man, come with me!”

The thugs led Levi to the second floor.

Levi took the opportunity to ask, “What happened to Big Brother?”

“After this kid Dale lost money, he unexpectedly paid out a thousand dollars and was discovered. He lost a full 300 million, and he also made out a thousand dollars. According to the rules, he has to cut off his fingers!”

The thugs laughed coldly.

Edith and Sarah turned pale in fright.

In a large box on the second floor, dozens of people stood fiercely.

Holding a weapon such as a stick in his hand.

A big smell of blood rushed out, very pungent.

There was a person lying on the ground, his body curled up, twitching slightly, and his body was covered with blood.

“Dad! Dale!”

After recognizing that it was Dale, Sarah and Edith rushed forward.

Seeing Dale being beaten like this, Levi’s eyes were full of cold light.

“Save me! Save me!”

Dale saw his family and shouted in shock.

Immediately dozens of thugs surrounded Levi’s group of people.

There was a man sitting on the sofa in front of him, wearing a floral shirt and a string of gold chains around his neck, with a fierce face.

He spit out the cigarette butt in his mouth to the ground and stepped on it with his foot.

Then he raised his head and looked at Levi, “Are you Dale’s family?”

“Well, yes, he is my father-in-law.”

Levi looked at the man.

“Introduce myself, I am the owner of this casino, Wang Laoba, brothers shout for face.”

Myna pointed at Dale and said, “Your father-in-law lost 300 million first, and then came a thousand. According to the rules of our casino! As long as you hand over 300 million and cut off ten fingers, this matter will be cancelled.”

“Otherwise, hum, he’s dead! If you don’t believe me, try it!”

Myna pointed at Levi and threatened a few people.

Sarah and Edith shivered with fright.

Dale was even more afraid of being beaten, shrinking into Edith’s arms, his body kept shaking.

Chapter 118

Levi looked around and sneered: “How do you look at it, I don’t think your casino is like a place where you can lose 300 million?”

“Huh, that’s because your father-in-law played too much. He wants to win 100 million when he wins 10 million. Who is to blame for losing? The key is to break the rules, who can bear it?”

Myna waved.

Several people from Wang Zhiguo were pulled over.

“You guys tell me if what I just said is true!”

Myna asked.

Wang Zhiguo and others immediately said: “Yes, that’s right! When he won one million, we persuaded him to stop! As a result, he was insatiable and won ten million. He wanted to win 100 million, and he deserved to lose. As a result, he was greedy. It’s still a thousand years old! Why do we have friends like you?”

Dale was stunned.

Looking at the Hupengou friends incredible.

“You framed me! You designed to frame me!”

Dale said angrily.

Wang Zhiguo glared at him: “We forced you? Did you do it voluntarily? Have we touched you from beginning to end?”

Dale was silent.

Everything is voluntary.

No one forced him.

Blame him for greed!

Sarah also understood that this was framed. She whispered to Levi: “Should we call the police?”

“No, it will be even more troublesome if you call the police. You can’t guarantee that they will jump the wall in a hurry.”

Levi approached.

After hearing the dialogue, Myna sneered and said: “Call the police? Yes, the money he owes is borrowed from someone, written clearly in black and white. There are also various mortgages of his documents. Everything is a legal procedure. You guys. Although you can call the police, the court will take back all the properties and houses of the Logan family for mortgage at that time!”

Everyone looked at Dale suspiciously.

Dale nodded, he really suppressed the real estate certificate company’s industry here.

After losing the money, he deliberately went to his home and Logan’s ancestral home and stole all these documents.

He pledged these things and wanted to come back after borrowing money.

The result was all lost and owed three hundred million at once.

“Don’t tell Dad, if I let Dad know that I mortgage all of the Logan family property, he will kill me!”

Dale quickly said.

Myna looked like a few people, and said with a sneer: “To call the police or another choice, you decide for yourself!”

Now Sarah was dumbfounded.

Levi’s face was gloomy.

He understood that the other party was coming for them, so he planned everything naturally.

“Have you thought about it?”

Myna asked.

“Well, we don’t call the police, we pay back! But we can’t make up 300 million at a time. Can you delay us for a few days?”

Sarah asked.

“OK, no problem!”

Myna sneered again and again: “I’m not afraid that you ran away. If you ran away, I will go to Doug!”

“But can my dad’s fingers be chopped off?”

Sarah asked.

“I will give you a face, and now I can take people away. But if I don’t pay the money in one day, I will cut off his finger, two in two days…”

Myna smiled gloomily.

“Okay, we promise.”

Finally, Levi and several people left here with Dale.

After arriving at the door, Edith cried anxiously: “What can I do? Where can I find three hundred million?”

“Now it’s a slow-down plan, there is no other way but to pay the money.”

Sarah sighed.

Dale saw Levi laughing, and said angrily: “What are you laughing at? Hurry up and find a way? You are useless! If I have a good son-in-law, this matter will be resolved in minutes! How about you, It’s just a waste! You are to blame for this thing today!”

Chapter 119

Hearing this, Levi was stunned.

Looking at Dale incredulously.

It was obviously the money he lost, so how could it be my fault?

Sarah was a little angry: “What did you say, dad? It’s you yourself, what’s the matter with Guan Levi?”

“Why has nothing to do with him! If he was Levi before, wouldn’t he just take out three hundred million? Now there is no three!”

Dale stared at Levi fiercely: “Aren’t you quite capable? You also know General God of War, have the ability to solve this matter?”

“I tell you, if you can’t solve this matter, you will divorce Sarah! I, Dale, do what I say!”

Dale was also shocked, and cast all his anger on Levi.

Edith glared at him: “What nonsense are you talking about? Now I’m trying to borrow money.”

“Let’s go back first!”

After Levi and a few people left.

Myna dialed out a number: “Young Lord Xiao, everything you explained is done!”

“Well, after a few hours, you go directly to Doug!”

There was a voice on the other end of the phone.

After returning home.

Dale said: “Now only your eldest brother and sister-in-law can help us with my wife! Let’s borrow money as soon as they have not left!”

“It’s now in the middle of the night, but it makes people angry when I go there. I’ll see it tomorrow!”

Edith glared at Dale fiercely.

Sarah said with a sullen face: “What the hell is going on with Dad?”

Dale talked about the process carefully.

Dale had good luck at the beginning, winning dozens of games in a row, winning tens of millions, but when he tried to win hundreds of millions while the iron was hot, he lost…

“I found out now that it must have been calculated, Wang Zhiguo, the bastards!”

Dale scolded.

Sarah nodded: “It must be calculated.”

“There are two solutions now-first, pay back the money; second, find the person who framed you, and solve the problem at the root. I personally suggest the second one, not pay the money first, and find out the problem.”

Levi approached.

Dale glared at him fiercely: “Is your kid deliberate? Did they say: Delay a day and chop off one of my fingers? You don’t want to pay back now, but you have to find out the truth. Wait for you to find out. I don’t even have my toes!”

“Okay, stop arguing, and when it’s dawn, first go to the elder brother and sister-in-law to borrow money.”

Edith said angrily.

Then Levi left quietly.

Sarah felt unsafe, she wanted to find other ways, and left.

In the morning, everyone in the Logan family’s ancestral home was still immersed in sweet dreams.

With a sudden bang, the door was blasted open.

Dozens of brawny men with tattoos rushed in from the outside, menacingly.

They came directly to the Logan’s hall.

The startled Doug and others came right away, and seeing these people made them frightened.

“What are you doing? I tell you not to mess around, you are trespassing in private houses!”

Doug scolded.

Starling said nothing, immediately threw the IOU to him.

After Doug and the others finished reading, his face changed drastically.

“What? Dale owes 300 million? Take the Logan family enterprise property and all the real estate as collateral?”

Doug’s eyes went dark and he almost fainted.

Mynah smiled and said: “Well, now all of your Logan family properties are mortgaged with me, including this big house. Dale has mortgaged the real estate certificate and other documents to our company! All the formal and legal procedures are taken!”

Chapter 120

At this time, Doug immediately went to find these mortgage documents.

It turns out that all have been stolen!

“I said the third child came here secretly last night? It turned out to be stealing documents!”

Mike said angrily.

“Now, the real estate certificate, as well as the various asset certificates of the Logan family enterprise are with me! You can pay back the money quickly, if you do not pay back, we will take back your company house soon! The court will come by then. Up!”

Myna smiled.

Doug was silent.

Because he didn’t actually distribute the property of the Logan family.

As his heir, Dale’s signature is valid.

“Dale, you little beast!!!”

Doug is really going to vomit blood.

“You are limited to repay the money within one day, otherwise you know the consequences!”

Myna sneered and left.

The Logan family are crazy.

“Go, go to Dale!”

Just before dawn, Dale and Edith were about to go out.

“Boom boom boom…”

There was a violent knock on the door.

After Dale opened the door, a bunch of people rushed in, and the headed Doug slapped Dale’s face.

“You prodigal!!! What did you do? Huh?”

Doug slapped Dale’s face several times.

“Dad…you know everything?”

Dale asked, covering his face.

“I almost demolished the house early in the morning, don’t I know?”

Doug was gasping for breath.

Alfred asked with a gloomy face: “Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”

Mike sneered: “I heard people say that you lost the gambling? You and your son-in-law are both natural labor reformers!”

Doug stared at him fiercely: “If you don’t know what to say today, I will chop you off!”

Dale glanced at Edith and said, “It’s all caused by Levi!”

“What? This matter still has something to do with Levi?”

Doug asked in surprise.

Dale nodded: “Isn’t it? Levi went to gamble and lost. They are going to cut Levi, otherwise I would dare to steal these things!”

Now the Logan family is murderous, and Dale understands that if he tells the truth, he will definitely be beaten to death.

So first shift the responsibility to Levi.

The Logan family don’t believe what Dale said, everyone looks at Edith.

Edith gritted her teeth and said: “Yes! Levi! My family hasn’t gambled in Dale for six years. Levi has been gambling privately in order to get rich. Dad, do you remember the money we paid back?”

Doug nodded: “Of course I remember, could it be that Levi’s gambling money came from that five million?”

Edith nodded: “Yes, he made a bet, not borrowed money. I didn’t expect to lose 300 million this time.”

Mike raised doubts: “But I checked, is it the money he borrowed?”

Edith asked in turn: “Second brother, do you think he can borrow money without mortgage?”

Mike was relieved: “I understand, this kid has been gambling money! The bank only lends money if he has the ability to pay back.”

Everyone in the Logan family believed Edith’s words.

Dale secretly gave his wife a thumbs up, and his wife’s mind turned too fast.

This reason was seamless, and it was all pushed to Levi.

Dale struck the iron while it was hot: “Did you see that Levi is not there? He ran away early!”

Doug was angry and roared: “Levi is here, you little beast, I will kill you!”

“Go, look for Levi!”

Everyone left aggressively.

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