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Chapter 121

After everyone in the Logan family left, Dale took a deep breath.

Temporarily safe.

“Huh, wife, you are so smart!”

Dale did not forget to praise.

“Hurry up and find your brother and sister-in-law! It’s not the money, it’s you who chopped your finger!”

Edith gave him a white look.

The two immediately rushed to the Marriott Hotel.

Xiao Ruomei asked, “Is it something to find us so early?”

“Brother, sister-in-law, I just said it! We want to borrow 300 million from you! Recently, we need money to do business!”

“You don’t have to worry about not getting on, you know that Sarah’s projects are more than one billion, and three billion is definitely no problem!”

Dale and Edith are straight to the point.

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng looked at each other.

“We discuss and discuss!”

After half an hour, the two agreed to borrow 300 million.

Mainly the plum dye project is guaranteed!


Dale was very excited.

But at this moment, Xiao Ruomei’s cell phone rang.

It was from Xiao Tianlong.

Xiao Ruomei connected: “Dragon, what’s the matter?”

“Auntie, I want to tell you one thing…”

Xiao Ruomei’s expression changed drastically as she listened, and she gave Dale a suspicious look.

“Okay, I see, don’t borrow money!”

After hanging up, Xiao Ruomei said angrily: “Are you not telling the truth? You still need money to do business, Dale, you obviously lost 300 million in gambling money!”

After Mann Xuecheng found out, he was also very angry: “Get out! When will the debt be cleared, and then come to see us!”

Dale and Edith were blasted out.

The two were dumbfounded.

I just agreed to borrow it, so why didn’t I borrow a phone?

“What should I do now?”

Dale was sweating in a hurry.

The other side.

Sarah is also trying to find a way, but she can make up 50 million at most.

The other money is invested in the project, there is no way at all.

And if 50 million is taken away, the project will have to be suspended.

Levi left so early to investigate this matter.

But the strange thing is that the other party did not pay a lot of money, it was the money that Dale lost after meeting the Lord.

Obviously it is a design, but it is seamless.

There must be something tricky, and you can definitely find out if you call the police.

But then Dale must go to jail.

That way, Sarah would be sad.

He didn’t want to see it.

In fact, he can pay back three hundred million.

But he wants to find out who made the scheme.

I thought of a way for a whole day, but I couldn’t get any money.

Dale trembled with fright at the thought of his finger being chopped off tomorrow.

“What should I do with my wife? Think of a solution! I don’t want to chop my fingers!”

Dale shouted anxiously.

Edith also frowned. She thought for a while and said: “I heard that Sarah will contact major investors to borrow money, but I am afraid it will take a little longer and it will take several days.”

“How can it work? I lost all my fingers for a few days!”

Dale was sweating.

“So I will find someone to replace you in these few days.”

Hearing this, Dale’s eyes lit up fiercely: “You mean to push Levi out and let him be chopped off my finger instead of me?”

“Then do you think there are other people? Anyway, you have left the responsibility on Levi!”

Edith glanced blankly.

Dale nodded approvingly: “That’s right! He is just a rubbish, it’s useless at all. What’s the point of cutting off his fingers? Anyway, we have to rely on us to feed! This is his greatest contribution to our family! “

Chapter 122

Edith sighed: “The problem is Sarah. If she knew, she would definitely not let it go!”

“Then let’s keep it secret first and tell her that the casino side will hold off for a few days. Let’s trick Levi over here and let him go instead of me!”

Dale said.

“Then you have to call Dad and the others over and put a little pressure on Levi. They have been looking for Levi for a day, but haven’t found it yet.”

Edith said again.

Dale immediately arranged…

After Sarah learned of the postponement for a few days, he felt relieved and continued to think of a solution.

Hearing that Levi had found him, Doug was about to rush over immediately.

Later, Dale called Starling again and asked if he could let Levi replace him.

Myna readily agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Myna called Xiao Tianlong.

“Sure enough, Shao Xiao, as you expected, the Logan family took Levi out to replace him.”

“Okay, then torture Levi slowly, and send me the video of cutting off his fingers tomorrow!”

Xiao Tianlong’s cold and crazy voice came from the other end of the phone.

Levi was looking up, and Dale called.

“King’s Landing is coming! Things have turned around! Come to the casino directly!”

After hanging up, Levi went straight to the underground casino.

After arriving, I found that Doug and them were all there.

As soon as they saw themselves, Doug several people rushed over and pushed and shoved Levi.

“What’s the matter? You beast lost 300 million in gambling money? You fucking killed our Logan family!”

“The Logan family is going to be destroyed in your hands! I really want to kill you!”

At this time, Levi was stunned.

Looking at everyone incredible.

Why did you gamble yourself?

Seeing the unnatural appearance of Dale and Edith not far away, he immediately understood.

They pushed the blame on themselves.

Doug and others who don’t know the truth will definitely vent their anger on themselves.

Dale took the opportunity to come over and said angrily: “Levi, you are responsible for what you do yourself!”

“Yes! You are responsible for this matter yourself!”

Doug and others angered.

Dale pulled Levi aside and said sternly: “You will go to see mynah in place of me later! If you don’t go! I will let you and Sarah divorce, and I have both your marriage certificate and household registration book in hand. I do what I say!”

Edith also came to say: “As long as you replace your father, you will be our good son-in-law in the future! Even if your fingers are gone, we will not dislike you, Sarah and we will support you forever!”

“Yes, quickly agree! It doesn’t matter if you lack a finger anyway!”

Dale whispered.


So chilling!

What Levi felt was human indifference.

At the critical moment, he pushed himself out!

If it were not for Sarah, he would not be able to stay in this family for a moment.

However, Dale and Edith were also helpless.

“Why are you still hesitating? Let him go out and take care of everything!”

Doug urged.

At this time, Starlings came with people and surrounded Levi and the others.

“he comes!”

Before Levi could respond, he was pushed out by Dale and Edith.

“Levi, right? Take it away for me!”

Myna sneered.

In this way, Levi was taken away by myna’s men.

Dale and Edith breathed a sigh of relief.

They are relieved.

“Hurry up! Be careful to implicate us!”

Dale and his wife left immediately.

I’m afraid the starling will go back.

Chapter 123

After leaving the underground casino, Dale frowned and said, “I wonder if I can push everything to Levi.”

Edith’s face changed slightly: “You mean to transfer the 300 million debt to Levi, and we will let him and Sarah divorce again, and completely separate the relationship?”

“Yeah! If it succeeds, it will kill two birds with one stone-we don’t have to pay back, and we will send this pesky guy away.”

Only Edith’s words made him feel cold: “Take it down, you lose the money, you sign the word. How do you push it to him?”

“Hey, I have to think of a solution.”

In the casino, Levi was taken to a small dark room.

Myna sat in front of him, surrounded by strong men.

A bloodthirsty smile crossed the corner of Starling’s mouth: “Levi, your father-in-law pushes you out and asks you to be chopped off your fingers instead of him.”

“are you ready?”

Myna picked up a sharp machete, glowing with a cold light.

There was another person holding a camera to take the picture.

This is a task arranged by Xiao Tianlong to take pictures of Levi’s finger being chopped off.


Levi said suddenly.

Myna grinned and showed a mouthful of golden teeth: “Why? Scared? Haha…”

Levi didn’t speak, and silently ordered a cigarette.


The next second, everyone was choked and coughed non-stop.

Myna looked at it carefully, and couldn’t help asking: “What kind of smoke are you? Such a charge!”

One of the thugs said uncertainly: “I think mynah is a special cigarette for the military area. A soldier sent me a cigarette, and the smell is awful.”

When it comes to the special cigarettes supplied by the military area, everyone’s complexion changes.

Myna sneered and said: “You can pull it down, he just came out of the prison like this and smoked a special cigarette for the military area.”

Levi took a sip of the cigarette and said in a hurry: “Before I finish smoking this cigarette, tell who instructed you to do this. Otherwise, you will be miserable.”

Hearing that, myna and dozens of thugs all laughed.

Levi’s finger was chopped right away, why did he threaten himself in turn?

Everyone looked at Levi with idiot eyes.

Who is so miserable!

The starling laughed loudly: “Is this kid frightened? Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, just one shot!”

Looking at the burnt cigarettes, Levi said coldly: “There is not much time left for you. If you don’t say anything, you will end up miserably!”

Myna and my little brothers naturally did not believe in evil, and sneered: “Okay, we have to see, what can you do to us after you smoke?”

Dozens of people watched Levi finish smoking the cigarette, threw the cigarette butt underground and trampled it out.

Levi raised his head and glanced at Myna and others: “You will regret it soon!”

“Regret your mother, I chopped off your hand first!”

Myna was enraged and suddenly raised the knife and chopped it down.


But at this moment, the door of the little black house suddenly collapsed, making a loud noise, and the starlings stopped in fright.

In the next second, burly men with different skin colors but uniformly dressed in suits rushed in from the outside.

They are on average more than 1.9 meters tall, standing there like hills.

These people are the mercenary James and others invited by Garrison Nanhui.

They are now hiding in the dark, acting as Levi’s bodyguards.

Just now Levi left a signal, and they found this place.

“Call me!!!”

James gave an order, and these mercenaries were just like the Tigers down the mountain, screaming at the impact.

Chapter 124




Although the thugs of the casino are good players, they are not at the same level as the mercenaries who have been in and out of the battlefield all the year round.

All was knocked to the ground in less than a minute.

James and the others are dead hands.

These thugs were covered in blood, and they were all blurred.

Only Starling was left standing alone.

Levi expressionlessly: “Fight!”

“Boom boom boom…”

James grabbed my starling’s face and gave a heavy punch. After seven or eight consecutive punches, the starling was completely unrecognizable and sank in.

The screams of killing pigs echoed in the small black room.

They never expected that Levi would have so many bodyguards following him.

They are still strong men like foreign soldiers.

The fighting power is extremely terrifying!

Levi looked at the thugs in the same place and sneered: “I said you would be miserable!”

“Say it now?”

After being pushed out by Dale, Levi wanted to understand that instead of investigating, it is better to use violence to get the person to speak out.

Myna frightened: “I dare not say it, it is a dead end if I say it!”

“Fight! Keep fighting, until you say it!”

Levi said coldly.

James were all militants. Hearing the order, they became more violent and beaten up.

It wasn’t until everyone was beaten to death that Myna raised his hand: “I said! I said it all!”

James pulled him to Levi.

“Yes… Hua Tianhai of Garrison Group made us do this! We were also forced!”

Myna said.

Mynah still didn’t dare to talk directly about Xiao Tianlong.

But as soon as he heard of Hua Tianhai, Levi knew immediately that it was Xiao Tianlong.

Levi glanced at the camera on the table and smiled: “He asked you to take pictures of my fingers being chopped off?”


Myna nodded.

Levi glanced at James.

He immediately understood, grabbing Mynah and pressing it on the table, put his hand on the table, and slowly raised the sharp knife.

Another mercenary nearby took a photo with a camera.

“Don’t! Don’t!!!”

Myna realized something and yelled frantically.


Then the starling screamed hysterically.

Later, Levi asked Starling to send the video over.

After Hua Tianhai received the video, he brought it to Xiao Tianlong.

“Hahaha… Levi was so scared that his voice changed! I thought he was not alone!”

Xiao Tianlong smiled happily.

“Tianhai, send the video anonymously to everyone in the Logan family, including Sarah.”

Xiao Tianlong ordered.

Soon, everyone in the Logan family received a video.

Seeing the person in the video cut off his fingers cruelly, Dale’s body trembled and his face changed drastically.

“Horrible! Terrible! Fortunately, it’s not me!”

Edith was also very scared.

“They are here for real!”

Doug was also shocked.

Sarah, who was thinking of a solution, suddenly received this video in his mailbox.

After opening the video, she was so scared that she almost threw away the phone.

“Dad’s finger was chopped? He said that the delay for a few days was to comfort me?”

Sarah immediately called and asked, “What’s wrong with you, dad? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

Dale said.

“Who was the one whose finger was chopped off?”

Sarah asked suspiciously.

“Yes… Levi…”

Dale trembled and said the answer.

“What? Levi??? How come?”

Chapter 125

After knowing the truth, Sarah cried, “Why is it Levi?”

Edith grabbed the phone and said, “Daughter, I can’t help it! Levi took the initiative to replace your dad!”

“How can you do this? Don’t tell me! You wait, I’ll be right back!”

Sarah cried anxiously.

Soon, Sarah returned home.

“Daughter, Levi didn’t let us say it!”

Dale also said: “Daughter, it’s okay if he breaks a few fingers anyway, and your dad is determined to have no fingers.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say, so she couldn’t cry.

“Daughter, hurry up and pay the money back! Levi can still fight for a few days!”

Edith said.

Sarah yelled, “But every time he drags on for a day, he breaks a finger! How can you bear it?”

“Isn’t this something impossible? You can’t watch your dad suffer, right? He is still young and can afford it!”

Edith comforted.

Sarah stared at the two and asked, “Did you force him to go?”

“It was his willingness, and we did not persecute!”

Dale immediately denied it.

After Edith and Dale looked at each other, they couldn’t help saying: “Daughter, after the money is paid off, you will divorce Levi!”

Sarah dyed an incredible face: “What? A divorce? Dad, Levi was the one who suffered for you. He kicked it away after he was done using it?”

“We are not such people!!!”

Dale and Edith hurriedly said, “Daughter, everything that Levi does is in our eyes.”

“We are not ungrateful people either. When the matter is over, we will compensate him with enough money!”

“you guys…”

Today’s parents are so disappointing.

“But, you and Levi must get a divorce! He didn’t deserve you, and now he doesn’t deserve you even without his fingers!”

“I absolutely can’t tolerate my daughter marrying a crippled finger incomplete!!!”

Dale’s attitude is very firm.

Sarah was dumbfounded.

In order to protect themselves, their parents were so cruel to Levi?

“Sarah has happened now. If you want Levi to suffer less, you can quickly pay back the money!”

Edith said.

At this moment, Doug came.

“The turning point has happened!”

Doug looked excited.

“Dad what do you mean?”

Dale asked suspiciously.

“Someone just notified us that someone is willing to help us repay the money, but there is one condition-that is, Sarah must remarry!”

Doug said.


Doug raised the 300 million cheque in his hand: “Everyone has brought the cheque! Now, let’s ask Sarah a sentence, whether to remarry or not to remarry?”

For a while, Sarah was at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t get three hundred million for the time being, the number was too huge.

“Don’t hesitate, agree quickly!”

Dale urged, now time is money.

Edith’s words made Sarah’s body tremble: “You have to agree quickly. If you agree early, Levi will suffer less.”

Suddenly, Sarah’s mind showed the cruel image in the video.

She did it for Levi!

“Okay, I promise to remarry!”

Sarah agreed.

Doug and Dale immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Doug took out a room card and handed it to Sarah: “If you agree, you will go to the Sheraton Hotel to find him! As long as you arrive at the hotel, we have the right to use the check!”

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