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Chapter 1163

Soon, the entire Qin family was boiling.

The lights in the house are all on.

Almost everyone in the Qin family came out.

Familiar faces appeared before Wesley’s eyes.

Cowardly parents, uncles and aunts who have fallen into trouble.

The grandfather Qin Longfei who deprived his heir.

Qin Zhantian and Xiao Bass appeared last.

Xiao Bass snuggled in Qin Zhantian’s arms, an indescribable affection.

The experience of these years has brought Wesley’s state of mind to a supreme state.

It can be said that Taishan collapsed in the front without chaos.

But seeing the former enemy, Wesley was not calm, his fist was tightly clenched.

“Huh? It’s really you? What’s the matter with you? Haven’t you been in jail for twenty years? I haven’t arrived in the past ten years. Why are you back?”

“You didn’t escape from prison, did you run back? In that case, you are harming the Qin family!”

When Qin Longfei and others saw Wesley, they were afraid that he would come back from prison.

Wesley shook his head: “No, I’ve been out of prison long ago!”

Someone from the Qin family immediately checked, nodded and said, “Yes, he has indeed been released from prison.”

Qin Longfei looked at him with a sneer and said, “It seems that you performed well in prison. You came out more than ten years in advance!”

“I almost forgot about this person, why is he here?”

Second Uncle Wesley, Qin Fengliang, Qin Zhantian’s father, sneered.

Over the years, the Qin family has been under the control of their father and son.

Wesley was no longer in his eyes.

“That’s right, he came out of prison, so bad luck!”

“Go away, I’m afraid of bad luck!”

“It’s better not to enter the gate of the Qin family. My Qin family is the first royal family in the capital. How can a prisoner who has been in jail do it? Don’t let people laugh at death?


Everyone is extremely indifferent!

He went to jail for Qin Zhantian!

And a full twenty years!

Not only were these people not grateful, they were also mocking themselves.

He even told him not to step into the door of the Qin family.

Damn it!

Wesley looked at Xiao Bass and Qin Zhantian.

Qin Zhantian still had a lofty air.

After all, the son is number one on the list, who can be the enemy?

In his eyes, Wesley didn’t even have the qualifications to be an opponent.

As for Xiao Bass snuggling in Qin Zhantian’s arms, a sneer evoked at the corner of her mouth: “What? After a few years of prison meals, did you become such a waste? You are a waste! My original choice was right. My Xiao Bass is going to be with the strongest man!”

The current Wesley is the same as Levi, with ragged clothes and a slumped face.

After all, I just came back, and there is no time to clean up.

This image of refugees fell in the eyes of the Qin family, and it only provokes ridicule.

Hearing what Xiao Bass said, Wesley’s fist was clenched tightly.

This shameless woman!!!

“No, Qin Wentian what do you mean by coming back? I tell you, the Qin family has no place for you! We will not accept a prisoner stepping into the house.”

Qin Fengliang sneered.

Qin Wentian is Wesley’s real name.

Wesley sneered: “The purpose of my return this time is very simple, that is, to get back everything that belonged to me back then!”

Wesley’s icy eyes swept over everyone who went to Qin’s house.


But everyone laughed.

Look at him like an idiot.

Qin Zhantian said: “Get back everything that belongs to you? My position? And your fiancée? You even imprisoned me for twenty years?”

“Why do you take it back? Do you have that ability?”

Chapter 1164

“Qin Wentian, you were a reptile on the ground eight years ago. After half a year in jail, can you still become a real dragon?”

“Zhantian has always been your nightmare, the existence you fear most, and the insurmountable mountain! No matter how hard you try, you can’t catch up. You know this better than anyone. In the past eight years, Zhantian is stronger. Now! Will you have a chance when you go to jail?”

“Get back everything that belongs to you? I tell you, it is the strongest person like Zhantian who is worthy of my Xiao Bass, not a sinner like you!”

Xiao Bass stuck in Wesley’s heart like a knife.

I blamed myself for being blind and seeing this woman wrong.

I thought she was the only one in this life…

“Qin Wentian turned your back, dare to threaten here? I tell you, you must never step into the gate of Qin’s house!”

Qin Fengliang wanted to shut out Wesley.

“What do you mean?”

Wesley looked at grandpa Qin Longfei.

Qin Longfei looked angrily: “Yes, in order to guarantee the reputation of my Qin family, you can no longer enter the Qin family. I can give you a sum of money, enough for your life. You leave the capital!”

Wesley smiled miserably, then looked at his parents: “Parents, what do you mean?”


The weak parents froze and didn’t say a word for a long time.

The meaning is obvious, they can’t be the Lord.

“You leave, you will no longer be the Qin family from now on!”

Qin Longfei announced this decision.


The family is so indifferent to themselves.

The key is that he did nothing wrong.

Instead, he served Qin Zhantian in jail for twenty years.

But was treated like this.

“Okay, this is the end of the matter! I also understand that I will come to the Qin family again tomorrow, when I will step on Qin Zhantian, and let the entire Qin family crawl under my feet!”

After Wesley finished speaking, he turned and left.

The Qin family’s swearing and mocking sound came from ears.

Think of him as a madman and a brain-dead.

The purpose of Wesley coming to Qin’s house tonight is mainly to see the attitude of his family towards him.

If good!

If you know you are grateful to him, welcome him.

This matter will be resolved peacefully.

On the contrary, he will use tough methods.

That’s why he branched out Levi.

After all, if Levi comes here, he will directly take the Qin Family!

So he came first to see the attitude of the Qin family.

But disappointed!

Endless disappointment!

Not only was no one grateful, but mocked him, and even prevented him from entering the gate of Qin’s house.

Qin Zhantian and his fiancé Xiao Bass insulted him!

Grandpa and uncle wouldn’t let him in!

Weak parents are even more indifferent to the sidelines!

Then he has nothing to worry about!

Tomorrow, the Qin family will be turned upside down!

This evening, Levi and Qin Beishan and others had a very happy conversation.

The attainments of the eight Chinese medicine practitioners in the field of medicine are simply invincible.

The eight people have not encountered any intractable diseases that can make them difficult.

When talking about Frank Feng, Shane Zhen and Yao Wang unexpectedly knew him.

Gufeng is a family of medicine, comes from an ancient school of medicine, and has origins with them.

“Everyone says that my ancient medical skills in Morendam are lost, that is because they are ignorant! Or at their level, they have no access to these ancient medical skills!”

Shane Zhen Brown Dingwen sneered.

This is true.

Many people do not have access to certain things, so they think there is no.

In fact, it is not, it is out of his reach.

“God of War, please contact us if you have any trouble in the future!”

Several people laughed.

After dispersing, Levi and Wesley merged.

“Boss, I’ve decided, and I will flatten the Qin family tomorrow!”

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